Decorative Throw Pillows For Tan Couch (17 Ideas With Pics)

Tan sofas and couches are perfect pieces of neutral furniture. They are a great addition to your sweet home. However, to transform your living room into a family space, you will have to pull up your socks.

And the best thing you can do is create magic with neutral and accent throw pillows for a tan couch. As they add a needed character and accentuation to your living space, they will reflect your personality through the decor.

So here are the 17 best throw pillow options for your tan couch, along with valuable tips and FAQs to make your job a tad bit easier.

Sophisticated Look With Neutral Throw Pillows for Tan Couch

1. White Throw Pillows for a Contrast

Fancy Homi Pack of 2 White Boho Decorative Throw Pillow Covers with Pom-poms, Soft Corduroy Solid Square Cushion Cases Set for Couch Living Room Bedroom Sofa Car (18x18 Inch/45x45 cm, Pure White)

White pillows being a neutral color, provide a stark contrast to the tan couch. They elevate the look and help you to achieve a cohesive style. Since white is a flexible color, nearly all types of throw pillows look marvelous with it.

You can add white farmhouse and tasseled pillows on either side of the sofa for a Scandinavian interior. Or you can add a faux fur white lumbar cushion as an interest pillow over a bunch of large bright accent base pillows. This will give a pop of color and a needed drama to the surroundings, providing a playful style.

Moreover, white plain and striped pillows with indigenous and nomadic cushions will offer a unique traditional style. This look will definitely highlight your personality from the decor.

2. Navy Blue Cushions for a Stylish Interior

MERNETTE Pack of 2, Corduroy Soft Decorative Square Throw Pillow Cover Cushion Covers Pillowcase, Home Decor Decorations for Sofa Couch Bed Chair 18x18 Inch/45x45 cm (Striped Dark Blue)

Navy blue throw pillows are a lively option for your tan sofas. They provide a deep contrast and a perfect break to the tan hues of the couch. You can go for plain large fluffy linen cushions with neutral farmhouse pillows for a cottage style.

You can also add a blue velvet pillow with neutral geometric pillows and faux fur pillows. This will give you a coordinated look with a play of textures, giving a farmhouse feel.

However, you can also go minimal by using plain navy blue and other neutral throw pillows of different sizes arranged structurally for a chic Scandinavian effect in the living room.

3. Black Throw Pillows to Bring Coziness

TangDepot Cotton Solid Throw Pillow Covers, 18" x 18" , Black

Black throw pillows bring a dramatic touch to the tan couch. Tan and black look like a match made in heaven as they blend flawlessly. You can put black velvet or linen pillows with small neutral farmhouse cushions for a modern Pinterest look.

You can even go for stone-washed black plain and patterned geometric pillows with other light neutral cushions for a trendy up-to-date contemporary style. Finally, you can add bright accent pillow options with a patterned black pillow for a colorful interior.

Another interesting style is to put large and comfy plain black linen cushions with other dark neutral pillows at different angles for a sectional sofa to get a shabby chic style. You can even place them on an accent chair for a put-together living space.

“Quick tip: The best way to accessorize your tan living room is by placing a beautiful circular coffee table or a golden metallic center table. They put together all things structurally and give a stunning cohesive appearance. So, a single piece of furniture can make your look.”

4. Olive Pillows for an Accentuation

MERNETTE New Year/Christmas Decorations Corduroy Soft Decorative Square Throw Pillow Cover Cushion Covers Pillowcase, Home Decor for Party/Xmas 18x18 Inch/45x45 cm, Olive Green, Set of 2

An olive sofa pillow creates a rich yet sober contrast and blends flawlessly with the tan couch. It will provide a welcoming aura to the family space. You can go minimal by placing a lumbar tasseled olive pillow with another plain neutral velvet cushion for a mid-century modern look.

Or you can add olive checkered cotton pillows with other light neutral geometric and paisley farmhouse cushions arranged in a triangular structure for a Mediterranean Scandinavian style. So if you want an Instagramable look, this is a go-to option.

5. Blush Throw Pillows for a Soft Break

Top Finel Decorative Throw Pillow Covers for Couch Bed Soft Particles Velvet Solid Cushion Covers with Pom-poms 20 x 20 Inch 50 x 50 cm, Pack of 2, Blush Pink

Blush throw pillows give a softer, dreamy, and feminine touch to the tan sofas. They elevate the living room exuding a subtle contrast. You can go with all different toned plain blush and neutral linen cushions for a great Scandinavian artistically classic home interior design.

Or design a bohemian cottage style decor with blush velvet and faux fur pillows and tufted, macrame, pompom, or tasseled boho throw pillows. However, if you want a traditional look, go with blush plain and checkered cushions with a checkered throw blanket placed symmetrically.

6. Gray Throw Pillows for a Sober Design

WLNUI Set of 2 Light Grey Decorative Pillow Covers New Luxury Series Merino Style Faux Fur Fluffy Throw Pillow Covers Square Fuzzy Cushion Case 18x18 Inch

Gray throw pillow inserts add a needed accentuation and a subtle contrast to the neutral tan couches. Gray and tan make a classy, balanced color palette to uplift your living space. You can add paisley and gray floral cushions with neutral plain and striped linen pillows for a traditional effect in your family space.

Or you can opt for gray faux fur throw pillows with other abstract-designed cushions for a high-end fashionable glam look. Moreover, you can also add striped and patterned geometric cotton cushions with a linen throw blanket for a modern style.

You can further use gray and colorful nomadic cushions to create an indigenous, cohesive interior that screams your personality and adds character to your living room.

“Quick tip: If you want to update your sofa, deep clean it, add neutral or bright cushions, and throw blankets according to your choice for a novel grand appearance. Or change the upholstery and add the same new one or go all together for new fabric. This will give a new makeover to your living space.

Accent Throw Pillows for a Zest

7. Warm Yellow Pillows for Eclecticity

Top Finel Decorative Throw Pillow Covers with Pom Poms Soft Particles Velvet Solid Cushion Covers 18 X 18 for Couch Bedroom Car, Pack of 2, Mustard Yellow

A yellow throw pillow insert adds brightness to any surface. However, you will have to go for subtle warm undertoned yellow cushions for the perfect contrast on a tan couch. For instance, you can add titanium yellow corduroy pillows with dark neutral cushions for a trendy modern look.

Or you can also opt for mustard yellow velvet cushions with boho tufted and tasseled pillows with a macrame throw blanket for a dramatic bohemian cottage design. In addition, if you want an eclectic mid-century modern style, a yellow tufted cushion with bright accent pillows is an option.

8. Pink Cushions to Experiment

Phantoscope Pack of 2 Velvet Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Soft Solid Square Cushion Case for Couch Pink 18 x 18 inches 45 x 45 cm

Pink cushions add a pop of color and are the best accent option for a tan sofa. They break the neutrality of tan and open the space for creativity. You can go for a modern home interior by pairing plain pastel pink cotton cushions with colorful geometric pillows with a cohesive color palette.

However, for a more dramatized version for your tan couch, you can add pink nomadic and geometric pillows with other neutral nomadic cushions for an indigenous style. Also, you can opt for pink tufted pillows with macrame cushions for a bohemian look.

In addition, you can also achieve a stunning traditional design with pink paisley pillows paired with dark neutral cushions. So if you want to play around, pink pillows are for you.

“Quick tip: If changing your upholstery is a major rework, then paint your sofas. Whether leather, velvet, or vinyl, you can chalk paint all of them for a charming look. But try and test the method before you go all out.”

9. Green Cushions for an Eco-Friendly Effect

MERNETTE New Year/Christmas Decorations Corduroy Soft Decorative Square Throw Pillow Cover Cushion Covers Pillowcase, Home Decor for Party/Xmas 18x18 Inch/45x45 cm, Bean Green, Set of 2

Green throw pillows are a great addition to your tan couches. They provide a trendy color scheme and a close-to-nature effect to your living room. You can add green paisley and floral cushions with neutral striped pillows for a transitional style.

This look will help you get the best of both traditional and modern home styles incorporated into one. Moreover, you can even add a dark green velvet larger pillow and faux fur cushions to get an oozing high-end luxurious design.

Or you can even opt for a pastel green lumbar pillow with floral bright accent cushions for a feminine touch and a trendy girly Hollywood glam Pinterest style for your home.

10. Boho Cushions for an Obvious Bohemian Look

decorUhome Set of 2 Boho Decorative Throw Pillow Covers for Bed Bedroom Neutral Accent Cushion Cover Grey Tufted Woven Pillow Case, 20x20, Beige and White

Boho cushions add patterns and needed textures to the tan sofa. They provide a happening aura and character to the family space. You can add different colored large and fluffy tufted cushions for an animated dramatic cottage look.

Or you can go with sizeable light-neutral pom pom pillows on one side of the sofa and throw a blanket on the other side for a structured minimalist bohemian touch. Moreover, you can mix dark neutral farmhouse square pillows with tasseled cushions for a farmhouse look.

However, if you want an eclectic bohemian cottage look, you can readily go for macrame pillows with colorful accent cushions and colorful carpets.

11. Turquoise Cushions for a Fresh Pop Of Color

NordECO HOME Luxury Soft Faux Fur Fleece Cushion Cover Pillowcase Decorative Throw Pillows Covers, No Pillow Insert, 18" x 18" Inch, Teal Green, 2 Pack

A turquoise decorative pillow adds the needed amount of color to the tan couch. Hence, it elevates the overall look and exudes a refreshing beachy character to the living room. You can go for plain linen cushions with geometric patterned turquoise pillows for a colorful modern style.

Or you can also opt for pompom turquoise cushions with floral bright accent pillows for an eclectic feminine touch to your family space. However, you can add faux fur turquoise throw pillows with neutral paisley pillows for an all-glammed-up look.

Moreover, if you want to experiment more, use turquoise cushions with two to three different colored plain and printed pillows for a loud, heavily animated, excellent home interior.

12. Teal Throw Pillows for Richness

Top Finel Decorative Throw Pillow Covers 18 x 18 Inch Soft Particles Velvet Solid Cushion Covers with Pom-poms for Couch Bedroom Car 45 x 45 cm, Pack of 2, Teal

Teal throw pillows provide a rich, luxurious touch to the tan sofa. You can add sizeable light-shaded neural jute cushions with teal velvet pillows and round it up with a macrame tasseled pillow in the center for a high-end cottage home style.

Or you can also opt for dark neutral farmhouse cushions with a dark teal velvet cushion on either side of the sofa for an intense, modern design. You can add teal faux fur cushions with glitter cushions and neutral velvet base pillows for glam.

13. Purple Throw Pillows for Depth

16x16 Throw Pillow Cases Purple: 2 Pack Cozy Soft Velvet Square Decorative Pillow Covers for Farmhouse Home Decor, DEZENE

A purple bold color throw pillow cover provides a stark contrast and a needed hue to the tan couch. In addition, it gives a color break and brings a cohesive ambiance to the living space.

You can use purple velvet pom pom cushions with lilac cushions and round it up with a pastel-shaded lumbar throw pillow in the center for an eclectic, whimsical style that adds glam and luxury to the home.

Or you can also go for a purple tufted pillow with lavender linen decorative throw pillows and other neutral farmhouse cushions for a stunning feminine interior style.

“Quick tip: To get a feminine touch to your masculine tan leather couch, go with textured faux fur, velvet, and glitter pillows for a Hollywood glam style. Also, go for pastels for a better appeal. Finally, add rose gold minimal metallic furniture and accent lighting for a statement.”

14. Multicolored Nomadic Cushions for Drama

Nomadic pillows bring an earth ambiance to the overall house. Not only that, they give a rooted ambiance and an earthy appearance to the tan sofas. You can add the popular geometric nomadic cushions all over the couch for an indigenous style.

However, if you want to add colors, use different colored nomadic pillows. But make sure to go for a cohesive color palette to avoid an off look. And you can even mix and match neutral farmhouse pillows with nomadic cushions for a great rustic cottage style.

15. Letter Pillows for a Personal Touch

Tillskuch Throw Pillow Covers Decorative English Letters Floral Pillowcases Velvet Soft Cushion Cover White Pillow Protectors for Sofa Bedding Car and Home Decor (Grey A)

Letter pillows are basically cushions that have something written over them. For instance, it can be a letter, a word, or a sentence. They will help you add your personalized touch and a character to your tan sofas.

You can add letter pillows as an interest element on either side of the sofa or with other neutral cushions. However, you can add this as a finishing touch to your decor by placing a lumbar word pillow in the center of the sofa.

Finally, add a letter or sentence pillow anywhere between the other cushions in any pillow arrangement. This will reflect your personality and add the needed zing to the home.

16. Leaf Printed Cushions for a Pinterest Style

HGOD DESIGNS Palm Leaf Decorative Throw Pillow Cover Case,Palm Tree Cotton Linen Outdoor Pillow Cases Square Standard Cushion Covers for Sofa Couch Bed 18x18 inch Green

Leaf printed decorative pillows give an Instagram-worthy design to the entire home. They can change the look of your tan couches entirely. You can splash a large leaf printed cushion on one side of the sofa for a minimalistic modern home interior.

Or you can add dark green cushions with leaf-printed pillows on either side of the sofa for a stunning contemporary look that brings the correct amount of patterns and textures into the living room. Also, they will look brilliant on your accent chairs. So for a Pinterest home, These pillows are all that you need.

17. Round Throw Pillows for a Statement

Round Velvet Pillow for Couch Small Handmade Decorative Throw Pillow for Bed Bedroom 13.7” Dark Blue

Round Throw pillows add a needed dimension to the tan sofas. You can add round pom pom cushions with square farmhouse throw pillows for a pleasant Scandinavian cottage home style. Or you can add a round accent dark color pillow on one side of the sofa for a minimal look.

Moreover, you can add a round pillow as an interest element to achieve a statement to the couch with any pillow arrangement. In addition, mostly opt for knitted, pumpkin, crochet, knot ball, and handcrafted decorative cushions. So if you want to play around and get unique designs, go for exquisite round cushions.

Throw Pillows For a Tan Leather Couch

Leather couches are sturdy, robust, and masculine. On top of that, giving them a makeover becomes tricky. However, if you have a tan leather couch, it is a lot easier to style the neutral staple. So here are a few throw pillow options for your tan leather sofa that can work magic.

  • Plain Linen Throw Pillows: Linen throw pillows are breathable. They give a soft break to the tan leather couch, providing a liveliness to the living room. You can use plain neutral accent colors such as whites, browns, pinks, or yellows for a cohesive look.
  • Farmhouse Cotton throw Pillows: Cotton pillows with farmhouse patterns give the tan leather sofa a happening contrast and aura. They contain small motifs, stripes, and geometric prints that provide needed patterns and designs to the couch. So you can go for mainly neutral options like beige and black, etc.
  • Accent Boho Throw Pillows: Boho cushions bring a lot of textures and character to the surrounding. They add the needed oomph to the tan leather loveseat. You can go for neutrals like plain beige or bright colors such as yellow.
  • Deep Faux Fur Throw Pillows: Faux fur throw pillows provide texture to the leather couch. In addition, they add drama and give you an animated appearance. Even a single faux fur pillow between other pillows can make a statement. You can go with white, olive, or black colors for depth to the tan couch.
  • Dark Velvet Throw Pillows: Velvet pillows add the needed zing and glam up the whole living room. They provide gorgeous decor to the leather couch. You can prefer dark green, dark teal, or navy blue on a tan sofa for a more luxurious aura.

Tips for Styling a Tan Couch With Throw Pillows

  • As the tan is a neutral color, you would have to consider the undertones of the sofa’s shade before deciding on the throw pillow color.
  • Make sure to provide a lot of texture to break the heavy, bland look of the tan couch. You can use faux fur, velvet, and boho cushions for a lightened effect.
  • Also, match the cushions on your tan couch with the home interior to avoid an off look and get a visual interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my tan leather couch cozy?

The easiest way to make your tan leather sofa look cozy is by splashing some throw pillows and blankets. They provide a soft contrast and breathable space to the sturdy leathers. You can go for neutral textured and patterned cushions for a comfy feel.

How do you brighten a tan leather couch?

To brighten your tan leather couch, go for bright textured accent cushions, lighter walls, bright patterned rugs and curtains, and accent furniture for a cohesive style. This will give a brightened effect to your living space.

How do I lighten up my brown living room?

If you want to brighten your brown room, go with lighter woods, light walls, and breathable curtains, accentuate the space with minimal accessories and make room for large windows and bright accent lights. So, the key is to leave space for light.

Tan couch being a piece of neutral furniture, leaves a lot of room for decor. You can choose from various neutral and accent cushions that suit your character and reflect your personality for the makeover. They are the best way to give your family space a personalized touch.

So the above-mentioned throw pillow options will give you an idea to bring your dreamy home to life. However, if you want throw pillow ideas for a brown couch, we have great news for you.