17 Decorative Throw Pillows For Blue Couch (With Images)

The blue couch is a widely popular furniture option! Being versatile, it adds color to the room and blends well with every home interior. However, you can further add a statement to your blue sofas by splashing some great neutral or accent pillows.

Throw pillows or cushions add a needed zing and character to your plain basic blue sofas. They are a game-changer as they can transform the entire look of your living room at the snap of your finger. And today, we’re digging out the best throw pillows for you.

Here are 17 beautiful, simple, and quirky throw pillow options for your bold blue couch, along with some helpful tips and FAQs!

Neutral Throw Pillow Ideas To Go With a Blue Couch

1. Elegant White Throw Pillows for Brightness

NordECO HOME Luxury Soft Faux Fur Fleece Cushion Cover Pillowcase Decorative Throw Pillows Covers, No Pillow Insert, 18" x 18" Inch, White, 2 Pack

A white throw pillow brings a gush of freshness to the surrounding. Moreover, when placed on the navy and light blue sofas, they bring in a perfect sky-inspired color palette, resulting in a breezy interior.

Go for a minimal look by just placing textured faux fur, woven, embossed, or 3D decorative large white pillows on either side of the sofa. You can also decorate your sectional sofas the same way by placing a bunch of textured plain pillows of various sizes on different angles.

Or you can opt for a quick reno by going with a bunch of blue abstract or geometric prints for modernity! You can also use blue farmhouse striped pillows with other light-neutral patterned and textured cushions and round it up with a lumbar pillow in the center for a Mediterranean cottage style. Don’t forget to explore more unique throw pillow types for couch.

2. Monochromatic Blue Couch Pillows

Booque Valley Decorative Pillow Covers, Pack of 2 Super Soft Elegant Modern Embossed Patterned Cushion Covers Throw Pillow Cases for Sofa Bed Car Chair, 20 x 20 inch(Navy Blue)

A blue throw pillow is a cozy and bright option. You can add the same shade of blue pillows and sofa to get a monochrome style. For instance, if it is a light blue couch, go for light blue pillows; the same goes for all the tones – navy blue, teal, or pastels.

You can even go for lighter shaded floral or geometric patterned decorative blue cushions on a darker blue couch; this will help you create a harmonious contrast and break into various tones of blue. This pairing will transform your house into a dreamy modern oasis!

3. Blush Cushions for a Cozy Look

NordECO HOME Pack of 2 Throw Pillow Covers Cases - Square Decorative Cushion Covers for Sofa Couch Bed Home Decoration, 18 x 18, Pink

Blush square pillows will give an ideal high-end warmth to the blue couch. You can place velvet or glitter blush pillows on a deep ocean blue couch for a luxurious glam-up style!

Or you can splash in some textured pompom, quilted, macrame, velvet, tasseled, or corduroy fluffy blush pillows of different sizes and shapes on the sky blue sofa for a warm cottage look.

Moreover, you can even go for gold-lined decorative square and lumbar blush cushions on a navy blue couch for an expensive deluxe look! Thus, blush gives a soft contrast that is soothing to the eyes as well as offers beautiful interior designs!

4. Lovely Beige Throw Pillows for Coziness

MADIZZ Set of 2 Soft Plush Short Wool Velvet Decorative Throw Pillow Covers 18x18 inch Beige Square Luxury Style Cushion Case Pillow Shell for Sofa Bedroom

A beige throw pillow brings in gorgeous contrast to the blue hues of the sofa. It is an excellent option to pair with a warm blue sofa. You can play around by placing macrame, tasseled, and tufted boho pillows on a navy sofa for a bohemian cottage style that is classic and artistic.

Or, if you have a teal or turquoise sofa, you can place beige textured pillows for a beachy vibe. You can even add these cushions to a teal accent piece such as a chair for elevation. Moreover, go for a gold-striped interest beige pillow with velvet deep blue pillows on a dark blue sofa for a luxurious look!

“Quick tip: When arranging the throw pillows, go for a minimum of five cushions and plan accordingly. Decide a base size and round it up with different sizes and shaped pillows of complementary colors.”

5. Subtle Gray Pillows for a Navy Couch

MIULEE Pack of 2, Velvet Soft Solid Decorative Square Throw Pillow Covers Set Cushion Cases Pillowcases for Sofa Bedroom Car18 x 18 Inch 45 x 45 cm

Gray cushions bring a sober sophisticated look to the entire surrounding. They tone down the brightness of blue hues and create a cozy modern look.

You can splash in some plain textured velvet and corduroy pillows and match them up with other light and dark textured cotton cushions for a contemporary look. Or you can simply place gray linen pillows with other accent color cushions for a trendy modern look.

You can also add a few velvet, dark, light, and pastel color pillows along with gray cushions for a luxurious, high-end look that won’t compromise comfort but create a shiny upraised aura!

6. Brown Throw Pillows for a Teal Blue Sofa

TangDepot Set of 2 Handmade Decorative Solid 100% Cotton Canvas Throw Pillow Covers/Cushion Covers, 45 Colors Available - (16"x16" 2 Pieces, Coffee)

Brown throw pillows provide neutrality to every color couch and surroundings. They add a pop of color to the teal giving it a neutral look and style. You can splash in plain brown cotton pillows with other teal printed cushions for a farmhouse effect. However, brown is a versatile color, and you can pair it with other shades of blue.

You can place abstract printed brown pillows with plain teal pillows and light neutral macrame cushions for a cottage look. They will offer a beachy character and a cozy-comfy vibe and appearance! This arrangement will surely provide a perfect balance between accent blues and neutral browns.

7. Olive Cushions for Neutrality

Phantoscope Pack of 2 Velvet Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Soft Solid Square Cushion Case for Couch Green 18 x 18 inches 45 x 45 cm

Olive pillow covers offer an earthy mood and natural vibe to the blue sofa. They provide a subtle contrast to the blue tones and give a simple, homey aura! Since blue and green are color wheel neighbors, they look composed and gorgeous together.

You can place neutral olive linen or cotton pillows with accent cushions in various square and lumbar shapes and sizes. It will give a modern and grounded look that has new as well as ancient feels.

In addition, you can always use velvet texture olive pillows with other light-neutral earthy shaded velvet cushions for a luxurious glam look in your living room!

Accent Throw Pillows for Blue Couch for a Splashy Style

8. Bright Yellow Throw Pillows for Vibrancy

Top Finel Decorative Throw Pillow Covers with Pom Poms Soft Particles Velvet Solid Cushion Covers 18 X 18 for Couch Bedroom Car, Pack of 2, Mustard Yellow

Yellow throw pillows bring a burst of sunshine to the blue couch. Moreover, it provides a vivid peppy character to the living space. You can go simple and place plain yellow cushions as an interest cushion over neutral patterned pillows for a contemporary look!

You can also play around with plain yellow linen or cotton cushions with other accent color pillow covers such as red, orange, or hot pink to get a zing and colorful, eclectic style.

However, for light teal couches, go for printed yellow cushions with other light-colored textured pillows for a timeless beachy contemporary style for your home!

9. Orange Throw pillows for a Dark or Navy Blue Sofa

Anickal Set of 2 Fall Orange Pillow Covers Rustic Linen Decorative Square Throw Pillow Covers 18x18 Inch for Sofa Couch Decoration

Orange throw pillows are vibrant and zingy. They provide a peppy and lively character to the sophisticated blue sofa. However, you can keep it minimalistic by placing shiny velvet orange cushions on either side and rounding it up with a bright accent throw blanket!

Or just go all out and mix and match plainly textured like corduroy, faux fur, or rib knit pillows with other bright colored cushions for an eclectic touch and a whimsical vibe. This option will surely give you a unique and colorful look in your dreamy living room.

“Quick tip: Go for those colors that complement the curtains for a put-together cohesive look. Also, avoid a matchy-matchy scenario, but use the same fabric for the cushions.”

10. Plush Pink Throw Pillows for Blue Couch

WLNUI Set of 2 Pink Fluffy Pillow Covers New Luxury Series Merino Style Blush Faux Fur Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Square Fuzzy Cushion Case 18x18 Inch

A pink throw pillow is a dynamic idea. It is a quick way of introducing warmth to your blue couch. You can play with it and explore different dimensions such as interior styles and characters! For instance, you can use hot pink cushions to give a high-end vibe and a luxurious look for an ocean blue couch.

Or you can splash baby pink abstract decorative pillows with other light-shaded pillows on a turquoise couch for a fancy animated feminine touch and a great contemporary look!

Moreover, you can add faux fur pink cushions on a light blue sofa as an interest pillow with other accent cushions for a playful vibe to provide a modern colorful architectural look and feel!

11. Green Throw Pillows for a Close to Nature Effect

MIULEE Pack of 2 Luxury Faux Fur Throw Pillow Cover Deluxe Decorative Plush Pillow Case Cushion Cover Shell for Sofa Bedroom Car 18 x 18 Inch Green

Green throw pillows bring freshness and liveliness to a blue couch. Bright green cushions are excellent options to achieve a chic decor. You can add embroidered, abstract, and geometric printed green cushions to a navy blue sofa for a new and up-to-date trendy modern look!

However, you can even try textured and printed green sofa pillows as an interest cushion with other light-neutral base pillows to give a tinge of color to the hues of the basic blue sofa.

Or mix and match velvet green and blue pillows on a sectional sofa and round it up by adding accent-colored printed cushions for an upscaled effect and a colorful traditional design.

12. Vivacious Violet Throw Pillows for Drama

Deconovo Velvet Throw Pillow Covers, Set of 2, 16” x 16” Dark Violet, Soft Square Pom-poms Hidden Zipper Cover for Living Room

Violet decorative throw pillows look animated and dramatic. They provide an extra statement to the blue sofas and are able to give a punch of color! You can add plain velvet or light faux fur textures with other violet printed cushions on sofa sides for an elevated appeal!

However, you can even use violet linen throw pillows with indigenous as well as sizeable abstract print pillows and finish it off by placing pastel faux fur throw pillows for an added glam and feminine style. This dramatic, unique combo will surely not disappoint you!

13. Red Throw Pillows for a Pop Of Color

NordECO HOME Luxury Soft Faux Fur Fleece Cushion Cover Pillowcase Decorative Throw Pillows Covers, No Pillow Insert, 18" x 18" Inch, Wine Red, 2 Pack

A solid red pillow gives a bright hue to the blue couch. It can entirely take your living room to the next level. You can add plain square red linen pillows with beautiful light-neutral floral printed cushions on a light blue sofa for a traditional look.

Moreover, you can even place red velvet pillows with other bright velvet colored pillows and add pastel-colored cushions of different sizes and shapes for a glamorous look that will stand out in your family space.

Or splash a pack of plain red cushions with red patterned pillows on a powder blue sofa to give it a cottage casual, cheery look. This is a versatile option, as blue and red are a classic combination!

14. Multi-colored Throw Pillows for a Diverse Style

YUKORE Pack of 2 SimpleDecor Jacquard Geometric Links Accent Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Cushion Case Multicolor 18X18 Inch Red

Multi-colored pillows are bright and vibrant. They add a pop of color and a lot of visual interest to the plain blue couch. For your bright blue settee, you can add a vibrant color palette using oranges, reds, and yellows for an eclectic style.

Or you can go for a pastel color scheme and add printed soft yellows, blues, and pinks for a feminine touch and a cheery contemporary look. You can even go for a combo of darker and deep shades for a cottage style!

Moreover, go for those color schemes that suit your home interior or the color found in your decor for a cohesive put-together style!

15. Teal Cushions for a Teal Blue Couch

Kevin Textile Pack of 2 Faux Fur Pillow Covers Throw Pillows Cases, Luxury Series Plush Cushion Case Mongolian Style, Gradient Teal 18 x 18 inches 45 x 45 cm

Teal throw pillows are a soft and vibrant option. They give special uniqueness to the living space. For example, you can place plain velvet or corduroy textured teal pillows on a dark teal or blue sofa for a high-end look. Or go vice-versa by placing dark textured teal pillows on a turquoise or light blue couch.

However, you can even go monochrome by putting together plain on plain, same shade pillows and couch. In addition, for a traditional look, you can place printed teal pillows on the sofa for a serene aura! So for an out-of-the-box option, opt for a teal cushion!

“Quick tip: For sectional sofas, you can add a minimum of seven pillows and, depending, can even go for more. Also, place a pack of contrasting colored and printed pillows at different sofa corners for a clean look.”

16. Gold Pillows for a Glossy Style

Eternal Beauty Set of 2 Sequin Decorative Pillow Cover Gold Throw Pillow Covers for Couch Sofa Throw Pillows 18 X 18 Inches

A gold accent pillow is a gorgeous addition to your blue couch. It brings a glowy shiny effect to the surrounding. In addition, you can place velvet, glittery, or leather gold and silver cushions with the blue sofa for a high-end look.

Or you can just go for blue and gold foil geometric cushions for a toned-down modern contemporary style. It will bring a beaming sheeny aura to your family space. And one of the additional perks of choosing this option is it goes with every blue shade!

You can also add gold round satin, spandex, or velvet pillows on either side for a minimal and elevated appeal. This will give you the needed bling in your living room!

17. Silver Throw Pillows for a Glittery Look

Avigers 18 x 18 Inches Grey Silver Plaid Cushion Case Luxury European Throw Pillow Cover Decorative Pillow for Couch Living Room Bedroom Car

Silver pillows give a sheen to the simple blue sofas. Moreover, they can uplift the aura and mood of this furniture to a new level. You can opt for glittery square and lumbar silver pillows with blue velvet pillows for a glam, festive effect.

You can even go simple by placing silver velvet pillows on different sofa angles for minimalism. However, you can use silver abstract patterned cushions with blue and other neutral plain or printed cushions for an exquisite traditional style! This combo will give an expensive touch to your family space.

Throw Pillows for a Blue Velvet Couch

  • Deep Velvet Throw Pillows: Velvet cushions are the best option for a velvet couch. They ooze up a gorgeously soft, comfortable look and make a statement on their own. Thus, you can go with pastel, dark and bright colors such as blush, dark greens, and yellows!
  • Printed Linen/Cotton Throw Pillows: Breathable pillow fabrics like linen or cotton give a break to the velvety texture. They create a cozy home that has a balance between drama and comfort. You can go with different pastel prints such as teal or yellow for serenity with this option!
  • Neutral Boho Throw Pillows: Boho throw pillows in neutral shades like beige with other pops of color will surely brighten up the space and give a cottage look. For this, you can go with tufted, tasseled, pompom, and macrame pillows for a cozy style.
  • Pastel Glittery Throw Pillows: Glittery, polyester throw pillows add bling to the already glamorous blue velvet sofas. To avoid an over-the-top aura, go with pastel colors such as blush, powder blue, baby pink, or peach for a toned-down effect.
  • Earthy Faux Fur Throw Pillows: Faux fur throw pillows add a soft drama to the velvet couches. They break the velvety nature of the blue sofa with their animated texture. Hence, you can go with earthy tones such as olives, browns, and beige for a close-to-nature look.

Tips for Choosing Throw Pillows for a Blue couch

  • Consider the shades and undertones of your blue couch. For instance, Some color throw pillows such as teal cushions look better on a teal blue sofa than on a navy blue one.
  • If you want a vibrant space, avoid going with the same color found in your interior. But experiment with contrasting colors and coordinating patterns and textures.
  • Mix and match dark and light-shaded cushions on the blue couch for a cohesive look to add the needed drama and an animated vibe.
  • Make sure the option you choose does complement your interior design and structure. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you style a navy blue sofa?

You can style your navy blue sofa with rustic elements, such as a wood coffee table and bronze accessories. Also, play with throw pillows that complement the color and textures of your home for an elevated appeal!

What color goes best with a blue sofa?

Blue, being versatile, goes pretty well with all colors. But yellows, whether pastel, mustard, dark, or light, go perfectly with all shades of blue- navy, teal, and powder blue. This is a perfect combo with equilibrium that gives an overall cohesive appearance to the neutral color.

What color wood goes with a blue couch?

As earthy tones blend greatly with blues, you can opt for a close-to-nature look with dark woods such as mahogany and wenge. But for lighter and brighter alternatives, go with white oak, walnut, and maple wood furniture like a coffee table, etc.!

Throw pillows can change your living room entirely, giving a gorgeous aura and appearance. Various patterns, colors, and textures blend in with the blue couch to give several interior styles and designs.

The above-mentioned throw pillow ideas won’t disappoint you but rather help you create your dreamy family space with a lot of character and personality. Moreover, you can further upgrade your space by introducing matching curtains. So check out these gorgeous curtains colors for a blue couch to design your dream home.