15 Exquisite Throw Pillow Ideas For Black Couch (With Images)

Black sofas, being a neutral staple and stain-resistant, are a popular choice for households. But do you know that you can further upscale your black sofas with various throw pillows?

Throw pillows bring a gush of freshness to the family space by adding colors, textures, and patterns while providing a character to the living room. Hence, it becomes a crucial decor element that can transform your dear space entirely.

But if you can’t find the perfect pair of pillows for your black settee, we are here to help. Here are the top 15 throw pillow color ideas for your black couch, along with some valuable tips and FAQs.

Lovely Neutral Throw Pillows For Black Couch

1. Black Throw Pillows for a Monochrome Look

NordECO HOME Set of 2 Throw Pillow Covers - Burlap Linen Trimmed Tailored Edges Decorative Cushion Covers for Bed Home Decoration, 18 x 18, Black

Black throw pillows are a unique and unconventional idea. They blend seamlessly with the black couch, giving a stunning modern industrial look. However, you can keep it minimal by placing a few black geometric and abstract decorative pillows on either side.

Or you can use large and comfy plain black linen pillows as a base pillow and add bright neutral boho farmhouse interest pillows for a cottage style. Nevertheless, you can just splash in a pack of geometric square pillows all over for a cozy modern look; that will suit sectional sofas too.

2. White Throw Pillows for a Serene Touch

MADIZZ Set of 2 Soft Plush Short Wool Velvet Decorative Throw Pillow Covers 16x16 inch White Square Luxury Style Cushion Case Pillow Shell for Sofa Bedroom

A white throw pillow brings in a burst of brightness that can elevate your black sofas. As it provides a stark contrast to the shades of black, you can add substantial plain black and simple white pillows as base pillows for a minimalistic touch.

With a large white pillow, you can add different patterns and medium-sized dark neutral textured pillows such as tufted, leather, and different abstract print or polka dot decorative pillows.

Moreover, you can use additional neutral interest pillows to break the black and white monotone. They will provide various interior styles like modern, bohemian, and contemporary looks to give the best appeal to your living space. Check out more interesting throw pillow types for a couch here.

“Quick tip: To make your small and dull family space look bigger, go for light wall paints, glass, and mirrored walls. This will make space for reflections and give you an illusion of bigger space.”

3. Beige Pillows for a Boho Style

MIULEE Set of 2 Decorative Boho Throw Pillow Covers Linen Striped Jacquard Pattern Cushion Covers for Sofa Couch Living Room Bedroom 18x18 Inch Beige

A beige throw pillow brings neutrality to the intense dark tones of the black sofa. In addition, it gives a calming warm, homey vibe to the surroundings.

Different textured beige throw pillows such as tufted, macrame, and tassels, along with some dark patterned medium-sized pillows, will blend perfectly and give a boho contrast to the black sofa.

This arrangement will surely give a cottage or farmhouse feel in your living room that is cozy and comfortable to be in. You can also play with comfy giant plaid cotton beige pillows and add contrasting neutral corduroy pillows for a beautiful modern look.

4. Olive Throw Pillows for an Intense Character

Phantoscope Pack of 2 Velvet Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Soft Solid Square Cushion Case for Couch Green 18 x 18 inches 45 x 45 cm

An olive throw pillow brings an earthy close-to-nature character to your living room. In addition, olive brings a dark high-end contrast to the black couch and sofa, making them unique.

With this color scheme, you can use the same size square-shaped pillows in different colors with olive cushion-like browns and neutrals. But, if you cannot play with many colors, involve a lot of patterns and textures for the needed elevation.

Moreover, you can go for either velvet, satin, and faux furs for a glam style or opt for subtle patterns like pompom, florals, and rustic linen farmhouse throw pillows. Finally, round up the look with a written embroidered lumbar cushion.

“Quick tip- To make black sofas look even more beautiful, you can paint your walls in neutral shades and have soft furniture around. This will give you a comfy, elegant interior.”

5. Blue Cushions for a Timeless Look

MIULEE Pack of 2, Velvet Soft Solid Decorative Square Throw Pillow Covers Set Cushion Case for Sofa Bedroom Car 18 x 18 Inch 45 x 45 cm

Blue throw pillows are versatile as they help you create numerous interior styles when paired with a comfy black couch. In addition, different shades of blue give a variety of elevations and appeal. The key here is how you arrange the various blue tones.

For instance, you can put together indigo patterned blue lumbar pillows with dark neutral square-sized pillows while finishing the look with round textured cushions for an indigenous look.

Or you can even opt for dark blue velvet pillows with light-colored patterned cushions for a glamorous appeal. Nevertheless, for a classic beachy vibe, you can also prefer plain teal throw pillows as a base with patterned teal pillows as an interest pillow.

6. Blush Throw Pillows for a Neutral Look

Fancy Homi Pack of 2 Decorative Throw Pillow Covers with Pom-poms, Soft Corduroy Solid Square Cushion Case Pillow Cases Set for Couch Sofa Bedroom Car Living Room (18x18 Inch/45x45 cm, Blush Pink)

A blush pillow cover gives an artistic feminine look to the black couch. In addition, it provides a subtle, neutral color contrast to the dark tone. However, add extravagant pillows like faux furs and glitters if you want a glam look.

Moreover, to get a luxurious, high-end character in your home, go for linen blush pink large pillows as a base and opt for other light neutral cotton pillows to get a sober, elegant contemporary look.

Or you can even go for a whimsical look by using different light and dark tones of blush, textures, and patterns such as tufted tassels and decorative pillows. It will give a light, dreamy look to your room.

7. Gray Throw Pillows for an Industrial Interior

Uhomy 2 Packs Home Decorative Luxury Series Super Soft Faux Fur Throw Pillow Cover Cushion Case for Sofa or Bed Gray Ombre Fluffy Double Side, 18x18 Inch 45x45 cm

Gray throw pillows give a stunning smoky hue to the black shades of the sofa. They do not bring a pitch-dark aura but provide a stylish, sophisticated dark decor. With this color palette, you can go for a soft look using light gray tufted, woven pillows with a woven throw blanket for a minimal style.

However, you can even use corduroy lumbar light gray pillows at the corners with light-textured neutral-colored cushions. Finally, you can round this look by placing patterned and solid dark neutral pillows in the center to create a countryside farmhouse interior.

While playing with this color scheme, try to avoid dark gray pillows to restrain a gloomy effect.

Accent Throw Pillows For a Black Couch

8. Pink Throw Pillows for a Glam Style

Phantoscope Pack of 2 Velvet Decorative Throw Pillow Covers Soft Solid Square Cushion Case for Couch Pink 18 x 18 inches 45 x 45 cm

Pink pillows add a color blast to the black couch and create a lovely balance. This color combo does wonders and gives a magical aura to the living space. Also, you can experiment with this color palette in various ways.

For instance, you can go all out using a large printed pink and neutral square and lumbar pillow combination; it will give you a fancy playful vibe. Or else, just keep it simple by putting varying size plain satin cushions on either side.

Moreover, you can even go for hot pink or Fuchsia embroidered throw pillows and other dark patterned neutral pillows to get a modern style that is charismatic and enchanting.

9. Orange Throw Pillows for a Pop of Color

Anickal Set of 2 Fall Orange Lumbar Pillow Covers Rustic Linen Decorative Throw Pillow Covers 12x20 Inch for Sofa Couch Decoration

An orange throw pillow brings a burst of colors to the neutral black sofa. It gives a playful animated vibe and provides a much-needed character. You can use a few lumbar orange interest pillows with a bunch of large base neutral pillows to get a family-friendly style.

Or you can go minimal with a few orange tasseled pillows on either side of the sofa; this will give a contemporary look. However, for a fantastic adventurous interior, use velvet orange and silver pillows to provide a needed zing.

One of the additional perks of choosing an orange throw pillow is that it oozes a colorful, refreshing element to the already darker black sofas. This bold color scheme will provide a cheery, bold, and bright aura to your living space.

“Quick tip- To soften the look of your black furniture, use different shapes of pillows like round and lumbar. Also, use neutral curtains and soft portraits and paintings in your living room.”

10. Red Throw Pillows for a Bold Look

BeBen Throw Pillow Covers - Set of 2 Pillow Covers 18x18, Decorative Euro Pillow Covers Corn Striped, Soft Corduroy Cushion Case, Home Decor for Couch, Bed, Sofa, Bedroom, Car (Red, 18X18)

A red accent pillow brings a needed splash of color. It balances the black shades of the sofa as well as creates a popular color palette. And of course, you can never go wrong with red and black.

So, you can keep it basic, as red is already a statement color, and place some large and comfy plain red textured cushions such as velvets, corduroy, and light faux furs. They will create a bold ring to the minimal style.

You can even play with black and white geometric patterned large base cushions and add a pop of red interest cushions to get a contemporary look. But if red is too bright for you, you can always go for wine shades or a burgundy.

11. Teal Throw Pillows for a Beachy Vibe

Top Finel Decorative Throw Pillow Covers 18 x 18 Inch Soft Particles Velvet Solid Cushion Covers with Pom-poms for Couch Bedroom Car 45 x 45 cm, Pack of 2, Teal

Teal is a unique option. Teal throw pillows with a black couch give out a distinctive character to the living room. In addition, you can arrange a pack of abstract patterned cushions all over your black sofa for a modern look.

Or you can opt for a glam look with ombre faux furs while going for a boho style with tasseled and tufted pillow patterns. You can even play and add other accent color pillows with teal for a quirky, eclectic look.

For example, orange or pink with teal will give out an ecstatic vibe and elevate your black sofa to a whole new level. When experimenting with other accents, make sure the color palette works.

12. Multicolored Couch Pillows for Quirkiness

sykting Farmhouse Outdoor Throw Pillow Covers Cotton Canvas Teal and Green Pillow Covers 18x18 inch Decorative for Couch Sofa Patio Porch Flowers Pattern Pack of 2

Multi-colored throw pillows bring a colorful, playful character to the neutral black sofa. They give a burst of colors and patterns to the austere surroundings. In addition, you can splash different colors of the same color family to elevate the look.

Note down to only go with a color palette; for instance, if preferred a pastel color palette, go with pastel tones, or if you have chosen a light color scheme, go with different soft color pillows.

Moreover, you can even play with different colored large patterned pillows to get an eclectic style and whimsical feel. So, for an over-the-top look, go with colorful pillows.

“Quick tip- To decorate your living space with dark furniture, opt for accent lighting and bright colors and make room for a lot of natural lighting by using translucent curtains.”

13. Gold Throw Pillows for a Luxurious Look

MIULEE Pack of 2 Decorative Velvet Throw Pillow Cover Soft Gold Pillow Cover Soild Square Cushion Case for Sofa Bedroom Car 18x 18 Inch 45x 45cm

Gold throw pillows provide a high-end vibe to the black sofas. In addition, they bring a rich and deluxe character to the space around. You can use gold glitter pillows with other silver and accent glitter pillows to create an upscaled glam style.

Or you can go with patterns; for example, you can prefer black and white gold decorative geometric striped cushions to avoid the on-the-face look and get a subtle majestic style that won’t compromise the comfort.

14. Yellow Throw Pillows for a Sunny Vibe

Home Brilliant Throw Pillow Covers 18x18 Set of 2 Super Soft Couch Pillow Covers Decorative Striped Corduroy Mustard Throw Pillows for Couch Bed, 18 x 18 inch, Sunflower Yellow

A yellow throw pillow brings a ray of sunshine to the dark tones of the black couch. It will give a pop of vibrancy and warmth to the living space. You can go for large neutral cushions as a base and add plain linen yellow pillows as interest on either side.

Or you can entirely go easy and get a bunch of geometric and abstract printed pillows for the sofa. They will give a blazing modern contemporary style that is classic and timeless.

Additionally, you can also mix and match light or pastel yellow pillows with neutral macrame, tassels, and pompom cushions for a cottage and farmhouse style. This is a go-to option for those who need simple and radiant home decor.

15. Bright Green Cushions for a Lively Look

Mixhug Set of 2 Cozy Velvet Square Decorative Throw Pillow Covers for Couch and Bed, Chartreuse, 18 x 18 Inches

Green throw pillows are a subtle accent element. With this color, you get a lot of shades – pastel, light, and dark green for your cushions. Bright and pastel green cushions will add a fresh vibe to your space and bright contrast to your couch, whereas dark or emerald green pillows will look more intense and dramatic.

Also, you can try different arrangements and get various interior styles with these cushions. For instance, go for patterned pastel green with other accent color pillows to create a dreamy living room. Or you can add dark green abstract decorative pillows for a traditional indigenous look.

However, you can even use plain light or sage green pillows with other simple neutral pillows for a sophisticated contemporary style. Moreover, green goes with every color, so it will not disappoint you.

Throw Pillows for a Black Leather Couch

Leather sofas are sturdy and robust. But the black being neutral helps to get a lot of color pillows onboard. So you can mix up different unique pillow sizes, textures, and patterns for elevation. Moreover, adding throw pillows on a black leather sofa will help soften the entire couch detailing.

  • Light Linen Throw pIllows: Linen throw pillows break the sturdiness of the leather. So it is better to prefer plain, light neutral, and pastel accent colors throw cushions such as mellow yellow, blush, and light teal pillows for a simple soft look. With this, you can get a cottage style.
  • Patterned Cotton Throw Pillows: Bright cotton throw pillows with patterns and textures such as velvets and abstracts will add drama and give an animated vibe to the family space. This is the best option if you want your personality to be seen through your interior.
  • Bright Faux Fur Throw Pillows: Faux fur pillows in bright accent colors like white, ombre teal, and yellow will give a glammed-up look and soften the leather finish of your couch. You can either go for accent colors or an ombre design to maintain a gorgeous cheery vibe.
  • Neutral Leather Throw Pillows: Leather on leather is an unpopular out-of-the-box idea. Not a lot of people try it. But adding neutrals such as brown and white leather cushions on a neutral black leather couch will provide needed contrast and an industrial interior.

Tips for Decorating a Black Couch With Throw Pillows

  • With a black couch, go all out for different colors, textures, and patterns, as everything will look good on a piece of neutral furniture.
  • Avoid darker shades to pair with black furniture, but if you go for black or gray, try and play with patterns and mix them up with different light color pillows.
  • You can also go unique and out-of-the-box by preferring colors that are not in your home interior with a black couch as they will give quirky feels.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you lighten a black couch?

You can lighten your black couch by going with light color throw pillows and throw blankets such as white, beige, cream, tans, and blush. They will provide light and bright contrast to the dark furniture.

How do you style a black couch?

The first styling element should be the accent and neutral throw pillows for your black couch. In addition, you should also prefer the right coffee table and lighting for a put-together professional and stylish look.

How do I make my black leather couch cozy?

As a black leather couch is sturdy, you can cozy it up by adding faux furs and tufted pillows to soften up the sofa and give the needed texture. Pillows and blankets will provide an additional drama.

Black couches are a piece of neutral furniture. Moreover, they are versatile as they look good with all kinds of home interiors. And the perfect accessory for these black sofas is throw pillows because they can tie the look together and give an additional charm.

The above-mentioned throw pillows will surely help you get your desired look and perfect interior decor with a black couch. And, if you are looking for interesting throw pillows ideas for a gray couch, we have something exciting waiting for you.