What Color Rug Goes with a Teal Sofa (15 Modern Ideas)

Teal is a modern color that can be used to design a variety of interior styles by combining it with other colors. This color looks fantastic on pillows, curtains, and even walls. But decorating elements like rugs with a teal sofa can be trickier. So, we’ve listed the 15 best rug color options to complement your living room furniture.

Best Color Rugs Go With a Teal Sofa

1. A White Rug for a Crisp Look

Fluffy Soft Kids Room Rug Baby Nursery Decor, Anti-Skid Large Fuzzy Shag Fur Area Rugs, Modern Indoor Home Living Room Floor Carpet for Children Boys Girls Bedroom Rugs, White 4 x 5.9 Feet

Combine a white rug with your teal couch to create a modern and dynamic living space. White will not only balance your teal sofa’s dramatic vibes, but it will also smoothen the aesthetics.

A white fluffy shag area rug will soften the boldness of teal and offer a soft underfoot. It’s a good option for a less crowded corner of your living room. However, A white solid synthetic or flat woven rug is a more durable option.

You could also go with a white rug with a tinge of teal or navy blue in modern geometric, Ikat, or plaid patterns. The multicolored carpet will look great with your teal couch.

2. A Softer Atmosphere with a Cream Rug

Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection Area Modern Plush Rug Lush & Soft, 5 ft 0 x 8 ft 0, Ivory

If white is too daunting to care for in your busy room, the color cream is a lifesaver. Pair your teal sofa with a cream or ivory solid shag rug for a more modern, sleek look.

A luxurious cream woolen rug will also look stunning against your teal upholstery. Choose a Moroccan cream rug or a Persian rug to add a traditional touch to your modern space.

3. A Teal Rug for a Consistent Look

Noahas Luxury Fluffy Rugs Ultra Soft Shag Rug for Bedroom Living Room Kids Room, Child and Girls Shaggy Furry Floor Carpet Nursery Rugs Modern Indoor Home Decorative, 6x9 Feet, Teal Blue

If you like monochromatic or color-coordinating themes in your space, get a single-color teal rug to match your teal sofa. If your room has an accent teal wall color, a teal rug will combine all elements to finish a unified, appealing look.

A solid synthetic shag teal carpet is ideal for a high-traffic living area. Choose a teal woolen rug for a soft underfoot feel.

If you want to add more variety, choose a modern abstract carpet or a trellis pattern rug in teal with hints of white, beige, or ivory. These designs will let you experiment with neutral colors without overdoing them.

4. Adding Depth with a Gray Rug

Home Dynamix Premium Sakarya Traditional Medallion Border Area Rug, Gray, 7'8"x10'7" Rectangle

Gray and teal are a powerful and eye-catching color combination for home decor. A dark-gray rug is an excellent option to add depth to your living space and the stunning teal sofa.

Gray rugs look great with various designs and patterns, such as traditional Medallion rug designs, Moroccan rug designs, oriental prints, trellis, shaggy, modern abstract, or geometric patterns.

Gray is the best rug color for your modern room with light gray walls. With so many options, you can find a perfect rug for your space.

5. A Beige Rug for Balance in the Room

SAFAVIEH Florida Shag Collection SG455 Scrolling Vine Graceful Swirl Textured Non-Shedding Living Room Bedroom Dining Room Entryway Plush 1.2-inch Thick Area Rug, 8' x 10', Cream / Beige

Beige is a neutral shade that goes well with various colors, including teal. A light beige rug is the best bet to offset the sharpness of your teal furniture, creating a more balanced interior design.

A high-low textured beige carpet is an excellent choice for a medium-traffic area, adding interest to the room.

You could choose a rug with different designs such as Ikat, chevron in a combo of beige and a darker shade such as blue or charcoal gray. Using a two-color scheme will tie the entire look of the room together.

6. A Brown Rug to Create a Warm Ambience

LOCHAS Ultra Soft Indoor Modern Area Rugs Fluffy Living Room Carpets for Children Bedroom Home Decor Nursery Rug 5.3x7.5 Feet, Brown

If you prefer warm spaces that exude a homey vibe, pair your magnificent turquoise sofa with an elegant solid brown shaggy rug.

A modern geometric dark brown carpet is an excellent choice for a wholly modern and sophisticated decor. These carpets feature various shades of the primary color, adding interest to the space.

Choose a vintage distressed brown rug or a cottage print rug if you enjoy traditional design elements in your decor.

7. A Black Rug for a Bold Look

Unique Loom Trellis Frieze Collection Area Rug-Modern Morroccan Inspired Geometric Lattice Design, 5 x 8 ft, Black/Ivory

If you’re a fan of black, choose a single-color black carpet to go with your teal furniture. If you have a light and neutral wall background in your room, this color rug will provide a great visual and intense contrast.

Get a chevron or trellis rug in black and white or black and gray for a more exciting look. You can also choose a multicolor carpet with black and other color combinations.

8. Vibrant Aesthetics with an Orange Rug

Artistic Weavers Odelia Area Rug, 7'10" x 10'3", Orange/Aqua

Teal is a fascinating color that lets you play with other bold and vibrant colors around it. If you like your space to be playful and energetic, a plain orange rug is a good choice.

Choose modern design rugs such as trellis and chevron in deep or burnt orange colors to add a cheerful and vibrant feel to your room.

A bohemian orange rug with a tinge of teal and other vibrant shades is also a good option for completing the boho look. You can design a chic interior by introducing a touch of orange into your decor.

9. A Pink Rug for a Cozy Feel

SAFAVIEH Dallas Shag Collection SGD257P Trellis Non-Shedding Living Room Bedroom Dining Room Entryway Plush 1.5-inch Thick Area Rug, 5'1" x 7'6", Ivory / Light Pink

Spruce up your room with a gorgeous modern plush shaggy pink rug to add softness and homeliness. A light pink rug will offer soft contrast to the teal couch, bringing it into the spotlight.

To create a more exciting look for your space, pair an abstract modern pink rug with other vivid colors. Whereas, if you want to create a bohemian interior design, a pink boho medallion rug is best suited.

10. A Yellow Rug to Go With Your Teal Sofa

Unique Loom Sofia Collection Traditional Vintage Yellow Area Rug (5' x 8')

If you like bright interiors, a touch of a bright color like yellow in your decor will definitely appeal to you. To create a striking contrast and balance in the room, pair a bright yellow solid rug with your stylish teal sofa.

Choose a modern design rug in deep yellow shades or a traditional vintage or Moroccan rug for a mid-century interior style for a chic look.

If you prefer soft underfoot, choose a stylish woolen or yellow silk rug to add aesthetic value to your living space.

11. A Green Rug for a Natural Feel

Unique Loom Solo Solid Shag Collection Area Modern Plush Rug Lush & Soft, 4 ft 0 x 6 ft 0, Grass Green

Place a synthetic fiber shag green rug next to a teal couch to introduce an earthy, refreshing atmosphere. Choose rugs in cool green tones to match the cool blue undertones of teal furniture.

If you need a rug for outdoor use, consider a synthetic shag plush green rug. Synthetic rugs are both comfortable and durable. You can also choose a modern design to enhance the visual appeal of the space.

12. Coastal Vibes with a Seafoam Rug

SAFAVIEH Dallas Shag Collection SGD258C Trellis Non-Shedding Living Room Bedroom Dining Room Entryway Plush 1.5-inch Thick Area Rug, 4' x 6', Seafoam / Ivory

To introduce refreshing coastal vibes into your living space, choose a stylish and modern seafoam rug for your teal sofa. Opt for a single-color seafoam rug to keep your room fresh and simple.

Rugs with exciting designs, such as trellis, geometric, and wavy patterns in seafoam or aqua color, are ideal for open space.

Because aqua and teal are similar colors, they work well together to create a serene and calming atmosphere.

13. A Blue Rug for a Splash of Color

Nourison Aloha Indoor/Outdoor Floral Blue/Multicolor Area Rug (6' x 9'), 6'X9',

Teal is very much related to blue, and surprisingly, they accompany each other well. Pairing a rich or navy blue rug with your teal couch will give your space a unified yet interesting look. With blue, you can try rug designs like boho, floral, trellis, medallion, and so on.

Blue is an intense color that can overwhelm the entire design of a room. If a solid blue rug is too bold and dramatic for your space, consider a light blue rug with a hint of white, beige, or cream.

14. A Maroon Rug for Color Richness

Unique Loom Sofia Collection Traditional Vintage Burgundy Area Rug (5' x 8')

Maroon is a beautiful rich color that works well with teal to create color-rich, sophisticated interiors. To complement your dark teal couch, choose a dark woolen or synthetic shag maroon rug. You can also go for a burgundy rug if you prefer that shade.

Choose a modern design rug with geometric prints if you want to go for a contemporary interior style.

A floral design maroon rug will give a more interesting and warm touch to the space. Accent your settee with a pillow set in both teal and maroon colors.

15. Add Visual Appeal with a Purple Rug

Merelax Soft Modern Indoor Large Shaggy Rug for Bedroom Livingroom Dorm Kids Room Home Decorative, Non-Slip Plush Fluffy Furry Fur Area Rugs Comfy Nursery Accent Floor Carpet 5x8 Feet, Grey-Purple

If you pick the right shade and design, a purple rug can do wonders for your room. Soft silk or woolen shag rug is an ideal buy for a royal purple rug.

This color also exudes a traditional vibe, making it a great color choice for vintage and antique medallion and oriental rug patterns.

Purple can create overwhelming visuals, but you can avoid this by choosing purple rugs with a tinge of lighter shades, such as an abstract rug with purple, beige, pale pink, and so on.

When combined with the right decorative items, such as the right color rug, a teal couch looks fantastic in any interior style ranging from boho to mid-century modern. With so many living room ideas for pairing a rug with a teal sofa or couch, you can now select the best-looking rug for your stylish teal furniture.