Can You Mount a TV on Drywall? (How to Do It With & Without Studs)

TVs are the crux of entertainment in living rooms. Every family buys a TV and strives to upgrade it, regardless of room size. And purchasing a television is still easy, but mounting and installing it is tedious. And, if you have drywall, it becomes even more challenging to mount a TV on it.

Studless Mount a TV on the Wall Wit...

Drywall, also known as plasterboard, wallboard, or gypsum board, is a thin, fiber-reinforced board pasted on thick cardboard or backing sheets. Thus, many people are skeptical about mounting the TV on drywall and often undervalue its weight-carrying capacity. So, let’s bust the myths and find the answers below.

Yes, you can mount different types of TVs like Curved TV, Flat-screen TV, or LCD TV on drywall with the help of mounting plates, concrete screws, and studs. However, you should use stronger toggle bolts, anchors, and wall studs to mount a TV that’s more than 100 pounds in weight.

Is a Drywall TV Mounting Worth It?

TV Installed on Drywall

Yes, mounting a television on drywall looks cleaner and organized and conceals all the wiring behind the wall plate. Plus, it offers more flexible placement and takes lesser space than a conventional TV stand.

Takes Lesser Space and Fits EasilyAdditional cost of $200-300
Furnished look and Concealed WiringThe framing can come down due to heavy moisture seepage
Flexible Installation and ViewingDifficult to Repair and Access
Prevents the TV from overheatingLabor and Cost Intensive

Is Drywall Strong Enough to Hold a TV?

Drywalls are fragile but durable and dynamic enough to hold up to 100 pounds with the proper hardware. You should use a 1 ½ inch nail for 20-40 pounds TVs, toggle bolts for 30-50 pound TVs, and Molly bolts or Steel hollow wall anchors for heavier TVs over 100 pounds.

Quick Tip: Always hammer the 1 ½ inch screw or bolt at an angle of 45° in the drywall for greater efficiency, strength, and support.

Can You Mount All Kinds of TV on a Drywall?

Fixing the Bolts in TV Mount

Drywalls are undoubtedly brittle than any conventional brick or concrete wall but can support different television sets with the help of the correct TV mounting bracket and drywall anchor. So, let’s discuss the different types of TVs and their installations.

1. Can You Mount a 55-inch TV on a Drywall?

Weight of a 55-inch LCD TV: 45 – 50 pounds.

Yes, you can mount a 55-inch flat-screen TV on drywall using different drywall anchors like toggle bolts or molly bolts with a butterfly-shaped pin for better hold. However, don’t mount it directly to the wood or metal stud; always use a TV wall bracket. 

Precaution: Always use toggle bolts with vast mount TVs and place them at an equal distance from the mounting hole for uniform weight distribution. And, pick a molly bolt if you have a heavier, full-motion mount television set. 

Can You Mount a 60-Inch TV on a Drywall?

Weight of a 60-inch TV: 50 – 60 pounds.

Mounting a 60-inch TV on drywall is tough, but you can do it with the help of a heavy-duty TV bracket, toggle bolt, and a mounting plate. Pick ⅜ toggle bolts to anchor the TV against standard half-inch dry walls. But you may use a ⅛ molly or lag bolt to mount the TV against thicker, one-inch drywall.

Caution: Mounting a 60-inch TV on a single stud may buckle your drywall and cause it to come down. Hence, always use 4-6 toggle bolts that snap open and redistribute the weight to a larger area.

3. Can you mount a 75-inch TV on a Drywall?

Weight of a 75-inch TV: 80 – 100 pounds.

Yes, you can safely anchor a heavier, 100-pound TV on drywall, but its installation is trickier and needs professional help. Additionally, you cannot mount it with any toggle anchor, and you need specialized molly bolts and hollow wall screws that expand and flatten in the mounting hole.

Quick Tip: You can add a small sleeve anchor to your mounted TV for greater fastening and permanent adhesion to your drywall stud.

How to Mount a TV on Drywall with Studs?

Wall Studs

Even though it’s the drywall that anchors the actual TV mounting plate, it’s the wall stud that bears the weight of its anchors and provides support. Hence, it might be handy to know how to mount a TV using studs. And, you can follow the instructions to do so efficiently.

Materials Required to Mount a TV on Drywall with Studs:

  • Stud Finder
  • Mounting Plate
  • TV Wall Mount Kit
  • Power Drill
  • Tape Measure
  • Coarse-threaded screw for a wood stud
  • Self-tapping screws for a metal stud
  • Pencil

Step 1: Locate the Studs using a Stud Finder

Analyze the location and mounting holes of your TV. Use a good quality stud finder and find 2-3 studs to anchor the TV and brackets. Mark those spots with a pencil.

Step 2: Mark the Holes Using the TV Mount Kit

Generally, a TV mount has many holes over it. So, place it against the wall and mark the holes that line up with the studs.

Step 3: Drill Holes on the Marks

Use a drill with a diameter ⅛ shorter than the diameter of the screw and cut horizontally through the marked holes.

Step 4: Screw the Mount onto the Wall

Place the TV mount against the holes you drilled on the wall, put the screws, and tighten them with a socket wrench.

Step 5: Hang the TV Bracket to the Wall Mount

Finally, screw the bracket to the back of the TV, clip it to the wall anchor and complete your mounting dream. And you can further adjust or rotate your TV mounting bracket for better visuals.

Can I Mount a TV on a Drywall Without Studs?

Drywall Anchors to Mount a TV

Smaller drywalls and partitions are often installed without studs or other frames. Though these cannot hold larger, 100-pound TVs, you can safely mount smaller 25 – 30 inch TVs using some tools and hardware equipment. So, what are these tools? Let’s find out.

1. Use a Drywall Anchor

What Is It: Drywall anchors are a group of 8-10 screws – expanding anchors, lag bolts, and conical bolts, that help anchor objects to thinner dry walls with the help of wing-like grooves that lock an object in place.

How to Do It: Put the TV wall mount kit against your drywall and mark all the mounting holes at a distance of 2-inches from each other. Now, drill holes, insert a sleeve and tighten it using a disposable pull tool. This will provide additional strength to the wall anchor and won’t loosen it while installing the TV.

2. Use a Mounting Plate

What Is It: A mounting plate is a portion of a hinge, latch, or handle that mounts a TV to the drywall. These mild steel or stainless steel plates have pre-drilled holes that allow you to install clamps, shovels, and other TV axes efficiently without a TV wall mount kit.

How to Do It: Put your mounting plate on the drywall and add a wall anchor to help it stand in place. Now drill holes according to the guide on the plate and install all your TV cables and brackets. Also, remember to choose a plate with a color that perfectly complements and blends in against the wall.

Quick Tip: Use smaller mounting plates roughly 3 X 1-inch in size that hide behind the height and width of your TV and don’t disturb your aesthetic.

3. Use Toggle Bolts

What are These: Toggle bolts or toggle anchors are butterfly-shaped screws that expand in the mounting hole, thus forming braces against the drywall surface.

How To Use Them: Place your mounting plate against the drywall and mark all the hole positions with a pencil. Drill the toggle bolts on these holes and add a hollow sleeve anchor to help them expand more.

Once braced adequately, this mechanism will have almost negligible external force impact, reducing the risk of the TV falling or crashing.

Quick Tip: It is best to use a hollow anchor with toggle bolts for a solid clasp to the wall. Also, avoiding a full-motion mount that can stress the walls is better.

4. Apply Molly Bolts

What are These: Molly Bolts are metal-encased screws with an iron anchor that holds onto hollow drywalls and supports medium-weight TVs up to 60 -80 pounds.

How To Use Them: Molly bolts come in two variations – Pointed and Non-pointed. While pointed Mollys have a sharp tip and can be hammered directly onto the wall, a non-pointed molly needs pre-drilled holes and suits hollow plaster walls. 

However, don’t forget to tighten your molly bolts with a socket wrench, as this creates a solid anchor at the back of the wall and braces the wall bracket.

Caution: Avoid a tilting mounting plate and use a hollow anchor for better and safer results.

How to Mount TV on Drywall Without Stud

Installing TV on Drywall Using TV Mount

For drywalls that do not have studs, you can mount the TV using different drywall anchors available to you. So, arm yourself with the tools mentioned below and follow the steps to complete your TV mount.

Tools Required:

  • Mounting Plate
  • Drill
  • Toggle Bolts
  • Screws
  • Pencil or Masking Tape
  • Level checker
  • Tape Measure

Step 1: Mark the Holes Using a TV Mount

Place the mount against the wall at your viewing height and mark three evenly spaced holes on the top of the mount. Then, mark two end holes on the bottom for screw support.

Step 2: Drill Holes into Drywalls on the Marks

Use a drill with a ¼ diameter and drill the holes horizontally through the marks.

Step 3: Slide Toggle Bolts into the Holes

Slide the toggle bolts into the holes, pinch the wings at the end of the bolt and press it into the holes you drilled.

Step 4: Press the Toggle Bolts’ Anchor into the Holes

Press the small circular plastic pieces on the bolt head into the mounting hole and bend them a little to fix them properly. These anchors will secure your bolt and prevent it from loosening.

Step 5: Screw the Mount into the Toggle Bolts

Hold the mount against the wall, line up the holes with the bolts, and then press the screws into each hole and tighten them with your hand. But never use a drill as they can overtighten and damage the drywall.

Step 6: Hang the TV Bracket to the Wall Mount

Finally, clip your TV to the hooks of the wall bracket, rotate it, and adjust it accordingly.

Things to Know While Mounting the TV on Drywall

Marking Spots for Drilling Holes on Drywall

Now that you can mount different kinds of TV on drywall, it’s time to learn crucial things, tips, and tricks to do so efficiently. Read below to know more.

1. Find a Perfect Location

Pick a mounting location that is at the center of your viewing angle and has the correct exposure. It would be even better if the place had a power outlet and a hollow niche to conceal all your wiring.

2. Inspect the Wall Condition

Inspect the wall to ensure there are no cracks or breakages on the wall. Also, ensure that the wall is moisture-free and strong enough to hold the TV. Additionally, never mount a TV on an aging wall as it might not handle the weight and come crashing down.

3. Keep a Tool Box

Before mounting the wall, make sure to keep all the required tools and equipment nearby. Some essential and basic tools you might need are a stud finder, a drill, sleeve anchor, wall plate, and a screwdriver.

4. Calculate Your TV’s Weight

Check the weight of your TV before mounting it on your wall. An average TV mount on drywall should weigh between 25 and 30 pounds. However, if the TV is heavier and exceeds the average weight, you should go for suitable anchors.

5. Determine the Type of Wall Mount to Use

Pick a fixed or vast mount for heavier and larger TVs while going with a full-motion mount for lightweight and smaller ones. Full motion mounts will allow you to tilt, extent, or swivel your mounting bracket, thus providing better viewing angles.

6. Track the Stud

Locate the wall studs using a stud finder and mark them with a pencil. Remember, studs are 16” apart on interior walls and 24” inches apart on exterior drywalls.

7. Get a Certified Technician

If you are unsure about mounting a TV on drywall, there is always enough time for you to call a certified technician. This will make your job easier as you would not have to worry about tools or the process.

How do I Know if my Wall is Drywall?

The best way to determine whether your wall is drywall or plaster wall is by doing the famous expert-advised pushpin test. All you have to do is push a pin into your wall, and if it pokes easily, it means you have drywall as it is relatively soft.

How Much Weight Can a Drywall Hold?

Thin drywalls can hold up to 1.2 to 1.6 pounds per square foot, whereas a thicker wall would hold 1.5 to 2.1 pounds per square foot. Hence, drywall can hold up to 20 pounds with a nail and up to a minimum of 50 pounds with an anchor.

Can I Screw Directly into Drywall?

No, it is not advisable to screw directly on drywall; it entirely depends on the object’s weight, but it is always better to use a stud or an anchor.

How much Weight Can I Hang on Drywall Without Anchors?

Drywall is brittle and fragile but can hold up to 5-10 pounds minimum and 15-20 pounds maximum without anchors.

Drywalls are rigid, long-lasting, and firm enough to mount TV of different weights and sizes. However, as they are a bit brittle, a lot depends on the hardware, technique, and condition of your drywall. Thus, the above guide would give a clear idea and in-depth knowledge about how to mount various TVs on drywall.

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