What Color Hardware Goes With Blue Cabinets (12 Stylish Options)

Blue is a tranquil cabinet color that has gained popularity to boost the visual appeal of a kitchen. Blue cabinets come in different shades, and each one caters to a different style of interior design. Of course, the design style will largely depend on the shade of blue, but appropriate hardware elements will accentuate the kitchen cabinet further.

Blue is a versatile color and pairs well with many different hardware colors, including metals and accents. If you are baffled by numerous options, read on as we dig 12 trendiest hardware color combinations that will either seamlessly blend with your blue kitchen or create a pop of color to dramatize your home decor.

Hardware Color Options That Complement Blue Cabinetry

1. Deluxe Golden-Colored Handles, Knobs, And Pulls

Golden Colored Handles

Golden cabinet hardware with rich metallic contrasts is the first and the most popular choice for blue cabinetry. Gold hardware pairs off with all shades of blue, especially grayish blues and rustic navy blues. It looks bold, bright, and imperial with blue cabinets and takes back to the times of the Art-Deco.

Golden hardware with dark blue cabinets looks vintage. Hence, you can add bright kitchen elements like a marble countertop or stainless steel appliances to design a transitional kitchen. Alternatively, you can limit the use of golden hardware for your kitchen island and look traditional in design.

Smaller golden knobs with light blue cabinets look more modern. Knobs accent the blues softly and do not overpower the look. Finally, add a lot of glass to your blue cabinets and complete a contemporary blue kitchen.

The best materials to guarantee a golden touch:

  • Polished Brass Hardware and Brushed Nickel Handles
  • Carbon Steel Pulls finished with Golden Champagne Plating
  • Zinc Alloy Handles with Gold Copper Brushing
  • Copper Knobs with Brushed Brass hardware Finish
  • Aluminum Handles with Gold Oxidation Finish (budget-friendly)

2. Avant-Garde Silver Handles And Pulls

Silver Handles And Pulls

Silver is a chic, neutral color that modernizes an indigo blue shaker cabinet and sets the trend for a blue kitchen. Silver hardware works with all shades of blue and complements its cooler tones to look serene and composed. Silver looks the best on flat pulls and handles, but you can use glass-coated silver knobs to welcome luxury.

Typically, silver handles and pulls look modern. However, they appear retro-like with dark blue cabinets and may need supportive elements like a bright backsplash and countertops for a contemporary look. Alternatively, you can even expose the screws of silver pulls and handles and curate an industrial design style for your blue kitchen.

Here are the best silver materials that look timeless and modern:

  • Brushed Nickel Knobs and Handles
  • Zinc Alloy Handles with a Silver Chrome Finish
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet Handles

3. Classic Black Colored Handles And Knobs

Black Colored Handles

Black hardware is a suitable choice for modern blue shaker cabinets that work with minimal accessories. Though black pairs off with all shades of blue, it looks the best with gray and light blues that do not overpower. Moreover, black handles ooze sophistication and look stately on cabinet doors.

If you pair black hardware with dark blue cabinets, they might not be easily visible. Hence, it is the perfect choice for people who do not want their handles to pop. On the other hand, black hardware will add a striking contrast to light blue cabinet doors and look more dynamic.

Finally, if you choose black hardware, be sure to invite light to the space. Use a marble countertop or glass panels to balance the slightly melancholic black hardware.

Here are the materials that support a black finish:

  • Stainless Steel Handles finished with Black Dye
  • Black Curved Wire Pulls with Pewter Green Cabinets
  • Zinc Alloy handles with Black Oxide Finish
  • Zinc Alloy handles with Black Oxide Finish

4. Adaptable Gray Handles And Pulls

Gray Handles And Pulls

Gray is a chic, crisp hardware color for lower cabinets that shy away from the limelight. This versatile paint color looks traditional with dark blues and contemporary with light blues. Typically, gray handles and pulls warm up the blues. Hence, if your cabinets have a stained oak interior, they will look more warm and eclectic with gray.

Gray hardware offers soft contrast to the blue and looks sophisticated and composed. Moreover, it complements the clean, uncluttered shaker cabinets for a minimal look. Gray hardware will adapt to the looks of both traditional and modern blue kitchens, making it a timeless choice for kitchen cabinet hardware.

Here are the best materials for gray cabinet handles and pulls:

  • Zinc Alloy Handles with Gray Plating
  • Alloy Steel with Gray Polish
  • Brushed Nickel handles and Pulls
  • Ceramic Handles with Gray Paint
  • Aluminum Handles and Pulls
  • Satin Nickel Silver Cabinet Pulls

5. Elegant White-Colored Pulls And Knobs

White Colored Pulls And Knobs

White is a crisp, clean color that complements the bright accents of blue and helps kitchen cabinets look more modern and bright. White hardware pairs well with all shades of blue and add a soft contrast that does not overwhelm.

White knobs curate a modern, dynamic look for navy blue kitchen cabinets, whereas they stay more muted for grayish-blue kitchen cabinets.

Here are some of the materials that offer a white finish:

  • Plastic Handle with a White Finish (budget-friendly, but not long-lasting)
  • White Ceramic Handles and Pulls (cost-effective)
  • Aluminum Handles and Knobs with a White Finish
  • Oakwood Knobs with a White Paint
  • White Porcelain Knobs
  • Zinc-Alloy Handles with White Finish

6. Uniform Blue Knobs And Pulls

Marble Countertop

Blue color knobs pair off seamlessly with blue kitchen cabinets and look monochrome and cohesive. Avoid using the same shade of blue for the knobs, and always select a shade that is one tone higher or lower to ease visibility.

For example, if you have dark blue cabinets, explore lighter shades like cobalt blue or sky blue knobs and design a bohemian blue kitchen. On the other hand, if you have light blue kitchen cabinets, choose dark navy blue hardware to add contrast.

Here are the best materials for a monochrome look:

  • Ceramic Knobs with a Blue Finish
  • Wooden Knobs Painted with Blue Paint
  • Transparent Glass Knobs Fused with a Blue dye
  • Cabinet Knobs of Blue Agate Stone Slices

7. Animated Pale Yellow Knobs And Pulls

Granite Countertop

Pale yellow is a muted shade of bright yellow that complements the cool blues and warms the space. Pale yellow goes well with many blues, from dark navy blues to bright cobalt blues.

However, avoid pale yellows with light blues as the design may look uninteresting. Instead, use them to accent your kitchen island and enjoy Mediterranean design right away.

Here are the best materials for pastel yellow pulls and knobs:

  • Ceramic Knobs with Pastel Yellow Finish
  • Wooden Knobs Painted with Pastel Yellow Paint
  • Transparent Glass Knobs with Muted Yellow Dye
  • Mellow Yellow Leather Pulls

8. Crude Dark-Brown Handles And Knobs

Dark-Brown Handles

Brown hardware is an earthy option for traditional blue kitchens that adds a striking contrast and oozes class. Avoid pairing dark brown hardware with bright blue or navy blue cabinets as those won’t be easily visible and might look mismatched. Add them to light blue cabinets instead, and design a nautical kitchen with minimum accessories.

Here are the best materials for brown hardware:

  • Oil-rubbed Bronze Handles and Pulls
  • Brown-Colored Leather Pulls
  • Walnut Wood Knobs and Handles (Dark Brown)
  • Natural Wood Knobs and Pulls with a Walnut Finish
  • Ceramic Knobs Painted with a Brown Color
  • Cast Iron Knobs with a Rustic Brown Finish

9. Lavish Reddish-Brown Handles And Pulls

Reddish-brown copper hardware complements the warm red tones of cobalt-blue cabinets and hints at a traditional kitchen. Copper is a bright, metallic color that adds a powerful contrast to blue kitchen cabinets. However, copper cabinet hardware may look somber with dark blue cabinets and might not pair well. Hence, choose wisely.

Here are some materials for reddish-brown knobs and pulls:

  • Copper Handles and Knobs with a Satin Finish
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze Knobs and Pulls
  • Zinc Alloy Handles Custom-Painted with a ‘Copper Pearl’ Paint by Sherwin Williams
  • Stainless Steel Knobs and Pulls with a Brushed Rose-Gold Finish

10. Supple Cream-Colored Hardware

Cream Colored Hardware

Cream is a maintenance-free, earthy paint color for Craftsman-style kitchens. The cream looks the best with dark navy blue cabinets and may look bland with light blues. Moreover, avoid pairing cream hardware with brighter shades of teal blue as it might look naive and child-like.

Here are the best options for cream hardware:

  • Ceramic Knobs and Handles finished with Cream Paint
  • Oak Wood Knobs and Handles
  • Dutch Wood Knobs
  • Rubber Wood Pulls and Knobs with a Transparent Stain Or Wood Wax

11. Verdant Beige-Colored Handles And Knobs

Beige is your go-to color combination for minimal blue cabinets that do not overpower. Beige pairs exceptionally well with all shades of blue, from navy blues to wythe blue cabinets, and each of them curates a different design style.

Beige hardware looks solemn with rich navy blues, while it feels as light as a typical nautical interior design with light or wythe blue cabinets. Moreover, beige hardware will hint at a Scandinavian vibe with light blue cabinets, stainless steel appliances, and a marble countertop.

Here are the best options for beige-colored hardware:

  • Ceramic handles or knobs painted with beige paint
  • Oak Wood Knobs and Handles
  • Rubber Wood Pulls and Knobs with a Transparent Stain Or Wood Wax

12. Serene Olive Green Kitchen Cabinet Knobs

Olive green is a relatively sober color to balance the saturation of teal, turquoise, or wythe blue cabinets and look calm and balanced. The paint suits both matte and high-reflectivity finish but looks the best on slender, reflective handles.

However, avoid using olive green knobs on navy blue, Hague blue, or cobalt blue cabinets as they might dominate the overall design style.

Here are the best materials for olive-green knobs and handles:

  • Ceramic Handles With Olive-Green Paint
  • Nickel Handles With A Chrome Polish
  • Olive-green Fused Glass Knobs
  • Leather Cabinet Door Pulls 

Should You Use Handles Or Knobs With Your Blue Cabinets?

Blues are bright and saturated paint colors themselves. As a thumb rule, choose long, slender kitchen hardware with metallic hues or neutral colors to balance the saturation. On the other hand, if you prefer accent colors for your cabinet hardware, use smaller knobs that do not overpower and balance the saturation.

What Is The Difference Between Silver And Gray Hardware For Your Blue Kitchen Cabinetry?

Silver HardwareGray-colored Hardware
It has a shiny, high-gloss finish.It has a classic Matte finish.
It appears modern in style.It is an adaptive tone – looks traditional with dark blue cabinets, whereas modern with light blue cabinets.
It needs supportive elements like the correct backsplash and countertop to complete the look.It completes the look with minimal accessories.
Silver hardware is a little more expensive than typical gray hardware.It is affordable and cost-effective.

Indeed! Blue cabinets are versatile enough to pair with different paint colors, but your choice of hardware color will help boost the design appeal of your kitchen. Of course, blue cabinets pair well with neutral and accent colors, but it is crucial to analyze the kitchen design, color, and accessories before finalizing the hardware color.

Looking for more hardware color ideas for your Green Cabinets? We’re here to help.