14 Best Garage Door Colors For Your Green House

Though uncommon, a plush green house color lays the foundation for an exciting and dramatic exterior color scheme. Green paint color transitions from a regal to playful look, thus adapting gorgeously to country-side and modern house designs. But, what will revamp it even more, is the right color garage door that forms about one-fourth of the visual mass.

Thankfully, a green house pairs well with many garage door colors, and we have gathered 14 of the most trending combinations from the color wheel for your convenience. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

Exquisite Garage Door Colors To Complement Your Green House

1. A Swanky Brown Garage Door Color

Brown Door

A Tudor-style, side hinged brown garage door warms the otherwise aloof green exterior and brings richness to it. Both green and brown are natural colors, and hence, they complement each other to give a nature-inspired look. Moreover, if your house has a sage green exterior, brown shutters are the safest choice.

Brown goes with various shades of green color and looks bold and welcoming with a typical country-side aesthetic. Alternatively, you can use a wooden garage door that looks the same as brown but has a rich texture that looks more sophisticated.

Here are the best shades of brown to try out:

  • ‘Van Dyke Brown’ by Sherwin Williams: A chocolate-like brown that goes well with light green houses and white or silver cars.
  • ‘Cougar Brown’ by Benjamin Moore: This mid-tone garage door paint looks rustic with a white trim and yellow, black, and white cars.

2. A Stately Black-Colored Garage Door

Black Door

Black is a darker shade for the garage door but blends gorgeously with light green houses, looking maximal and Baroque. Black strikes a powerful contrast and looks more stately, bold, and formal. However, since black is a dominant color, it’s recommended to pair it with white trim for a balanced look.

Here are the best shades of black from the color wheel:

  • ‘Jet Black’ by Behr Paints: A rich and deep black shade that goes with many colors of cars and trims but looks the best when painted on steel.
  • ‘Black Iron’ by Benjamin Moore: This shade is a toned-down, cool version of black that goes with blue, green, and silver cars.

3. Elegant White-Colored Garage Shutters

White Door

An on-trend, bright, and the minimal white garage door will make your house look spacious and sober from the outside with the typical aesthetic of modern homes. White looks crisp and chic with all shades of green and delivers a villa-type look with a strong wood garage door and eclectic attire with a steel overhead door.

In general, white warms the green exterior color and looks more luxurious with a soft contrast. However, white paint requires maintenance from time to time, and thus, be sure to choose waterproof paints for easy cleaning.

Here are some of the closest shades for a white garage door by Benjamin Moore:

  • Oxford White: It is a neutral shade of white that goes with black or gray trim and blue, black, or silver cars.
  • Swiss Coffee: A warmer yellowish-white or creamy white that looks good with a wooden garage door and similar yellow, red or golden cars.

4. Versatile Gray Garage Doors

Gray Door

A gray garage door allows you to experiment with the exterior, looking industrial with warm green exteriors and more traditional with emerald greens. Moreover, this door color offers a highly modern and stylish look with cool, light green shades.

Gray shutters go well with many door materials and contrast green softly but look the best with a modern, steel overhead door.

Here are some of the recommended shades of gray garage door color:

  • ‘Stonington Gray’ by Benjamin Moore: A neutral garage door color to complement cool greens and black cars when paired with a white trim color.
  • ‘Mineral Gray’ by Sherwin Williams: A cool color to balance warm green siding with a white or dark-blue trim paint.
  • ‘Moonlit Orchid’ by Sherwin Williams: A warmer gray to neutralize rich, emerald green siding and go with red or orange cars.

5. An Earthy Beige Garage Door Color

Beige Door

Tudor style beige garage doors are so versatile with a green house that they blend seamlessly with many design styles, decluttering the facade and looking formal. A yellowish beige looks more Tuscan and contemporary with a green house, whereas a brownish beige color looks more traditional and rustic.

Here is the best shade of beige to try out:

  • ‘Comfy Beige’ by Behr Paints: It is a fresh, warm shade of beige for similar black, brown, white, silver, or red cars and a warm white trim color.

6. Supple Cream Shutters

Cream Door

If you are obsessed with the brightness of white but want a heavier color that does not require much maintenance, then cream is your best bet. The cream looks cohesive with warmer greens and designs zen-styled, minimal garages that are bright and clutter-free. Moreover, the color looks natural with a neutrality that blends seamlessly with green siding.

Check out the best shade of cream for a gorgeous garage door:

  • ‘Creamy Mushroom’ by Behr: A muted, yellowish-brown cream for a modern look with white trim and red, blue, green, or silver cars.

7. A Contrasting Orange Garage Door Paint

Orange Door

A bright, carriage-style orange garage door can invite more natural light to your garage, thus reducing the need for artificial light. It warms up the undertones of green color and looks classy with a fusion door style. Alternatively, pick burnt oranges for an industrial look that oozes modern attire without overpowering the design.

Here is the best shade of orange for your garage door:

  • ‘Monarch Orange’ by Behr Paints: This earthy shade infuses a Mediterranean vibe with brown trims and goes well with white, black, silver, and beige cars.

8. Tranquil Blue Garage Shutters

Blue Door

Blue forms a coherent color scheme with a green house, anchoring the exterior with an informal but sophisticated style statement. Generally, bright cerulean blues look more playful with a green house, whereas darker navy blues add dynamism but look stately. Though each shade of blue designs a different style, it guarantees a tranquil and trendy green exterior.

Here are some of the best shades for a blue garage door color:

  • ‘Naval’ by Sherwin Williams: A darker shade of navy blue for a mid-century modern look with yellow, golden, silver, and white cars.
  • ‘Dark Royal Blue’ by Benjamin Moore: A stately blue that looks traditional and goes with white cars and white trim.
  • ‘Aviary Blue’ by Sherwin Williams: A color for slender carriage doors of modern farmhouses with black or brown cars.
  • ‘Mediterranean Breeze’ by Benjamin Moore: A contemporary color for an industrial green house exterior with white, black, or silver cars.

9. An Animated Sky-Blue Garage Door Color

Sky-Blue Door

A sectional sky-blue garage door is one of the best options, given its inherent ability to go well with all shades of green siding. Sky-blue paint adds a soft accent to the green color and makes it bright, just like supple nautical homes. Moreover, it creates a sublime effect and adds depth when paired with a black or dark gray trim.

Here is the best shade of sky-blue by Behr Paints:

  • Rio Sky: It is a modern shade of sky-blue with a slight green undertone that looks cohesive with green siding and similar green, brown and black cars.

10. A Peppy Turquoise Garage Door

A turquoise tilt-up and retractable steel door softens the dark green exterior and adds a dramatic fleck, making it light-hearted and friendly. With a powerful color blast, this paint can enliven green siding and boost the curb appeal with a soft, nautical look. The accent color looks the best with a high-gloss finish and dark blue trim.

However, turquoise looks a bit bland with light green siding, and hence, you could go with darker teal shades as a closer alternative.

Check out the best shade of turquoise for your shutters:

  • ‘Calypso’ by Sherwin Williams: The paint contrasts an emerald green siding and looks gorgeous with similar white, black, and silver cars.

11. Rustic Yellow Ochre Garage Door

Yellow Door

A rich, side-hinged yellow ochre garage door curates a typical, modern farmhouse style aesthetic for your home while keeping the facade more bright and uncluttered. Yellow ochre is a bright color that contrasts a pale green house and gives a relaxed and fresh feel to the garage door.

Here is the best shade of yellow ochre for your garage door:

  • ‘Palace Ochre’ by Benjamin Moore: It is a greenish-yellow ochre that takes on a monochrome attire with green and complements brown, black, white and silver cars.

12. A Vibrant And Cheerful Yellow Garage Door

Longing for a trendy door color that looks as dramatic as green? Pick a yellow sectional garage door and use a black trim color to highlight its accents. Yellow looks dynamic, bright, and lively with brownish shades of green like sage and completes a modern Boho-chic home.

Generally, bright yellows catch the limelight for your garage door, but you can go with pastel yellows for a soft, industrial look.

Here are the best shades of yellow by Benjamin Moore:

  • Hawthorne Yellow: It is a pastel shade for a soft, eccentric look with light green siding and black, silver, or brown cars.
  • Warriors Yellow: A vibrant yellow to complement the emerald green siding of coastal houses with white cars.

13. A Rustic Brick-Red Garage Door Color

Brick red is for a minimal yet contrasting Craftsman style exterior. The paint complements the warm undertones of an olive green house and designs gorgeous Georgian houses with a softer accent. The color looks its best with a matte finish on a wood garage door and mimics an earthy, natural look that enhances the visual interest.

Here is the best shade for a brick-red garage door:

  • ‘Red my mind’ by Behr Paints: This shade of red looks rustic when paired with a black or gray trim and silver, black or white cars.

14. Exhilarating Rose-Red Garage Door Color

Rose-red is a rustic version of red that brightens green siding and makes it more lively with a softer accent. The color looks bright and contemporary with a light green exterior and more eccentric with dark green. Moreover, it gives off a luxurious vibe with a gloss finish and brass hardware.

However, if you want a dynamic, fusion-style exterior with light green, you can go with a bright cherry red garage door, but ensure to use a light-colored trim to avoid an overwhelming look.

Here is the best shade of rose-red for your garage doors:

  • ‘Italiano Rose’ by Benjamin Moore: It is pinkish, toned down red that goes with white trim and white or silver cars.

Can You Use A Green Garage Door For A Green House?

Yes. A green garage door looks cohesive and monochrome with green siding and takes on a minimal, contemporary attire. However, ensure to choose a color that is one shade lighter or darker than the siding to ensure that your garage door catches attention.

For example, if you have light green siding, use a darker shade for the garage door and vice versa. Finally, complete the look with a white trim and steel hardware.

Do You Need To Match The Colors Of The Front Door And The Garage Door?

There is no fixed rule in exterior design, but experts recommend going with the same colors if you want a cohesive look or pairing opposite colors if you need a contrasting one.

For example, if you have an orange garage door, you could either go with a dramatic purple front door or use the same orange door for a uniform appearance.

Garage door colors enhance the visual interest of your home and are quick tools to catch the attention of the street. Though bright and dynamic itself, green color curates trendy exterior options with the help of modern accent colors and traditional neutral colors.

A green house looks as elegant as a gray house, and both of them blend gorgeously with different garage door colors and curate different styles. So, if you are looking for more garage door ideas for your gray house, we are here to help. Use the exquisite paint colors from our list and design your dream garage right away.