Best Garage Door Colors For Blue House (14 Colors To Try)

Deciding on a garage door color for your blue house may seem like a trivial task, but remember that the garage door has a significant impact on curb appeal. If your house is painted blue, you already have an exterior color that adapts to different designs. In such a case, the garage door color becomes even more crucial as it may break the style if not paired correctly.

From the appearance to the temperature and aesthetic, the garage door color affects a blue house in every possible way. So, if you are unsure about what color to pick for your garage shutters, we are here to help. Here is a list of 14 trendy colors, along with some tips and tricks that will complement the exterior of your blue house.

Garage Door Colors That Will Set The Trend For Your Blue House

1. Autocratic White Garage Doors

White Door

Crisp and uncluttered, sectional white garage doors brighten the exterior color and look sophisticated with Craftsman-style blue homes while blending gorgeously with many design styles of choice. A warm white paired with richer navy blue tones will look more Baroque, whereas cool white looks playful with teal blue.

Apart from breaking the monotony of blue brick and offering a smooth break from the texture, a white garage door will accent blue powerfully and build clean but dynamic exteriors. Additionally, white shutters look crude and cottage-like with wood but appear more refined with steel.

Here are some of the best shades for a white garage door:

  • ‘Mayfair White’ by Behr Paints: A greenish, modern white paint that cools down richer navy blues and goes with green, blue, and black cars.
  • ‘Ibis White’ by Sherwin Williams: A warm-toned white that complements light blue siding and goes with contrasting red and green cars.

2. Enticing Brown Garage Doors

Brown Door

A brown overhead door transitions a blue house to a traditional attire and looks snug and appealing with a new-classical design. Brown garage doors will add warmth and natural coziness to the light blue siding, whereas they look rustic with richer navy blues. Generally, muted browns go with a darker shade of blue, while dark browns complement teal blue siding.

Here are the best shades of brown to try out:

  • ‘Tarnished Treasure’ by Sherwin Williams: It is a muted brown that goes well with white, black, silver, and blue cars but needs a white trim color to stand out.
  • ‘Tudor Brown’ by Benjamin Moore: It is a dark espresso brown for traditional exteriors with white, gold, yellow cars, and white trim.

3. Natural Wooden Garage Doors

Wooden Door

Crude wood garage doors look stylish and classy, despite being stained or unstained and add drama to the blue exterior color. They warm up a cool, wythe blue siding, while their richer grain and textures maintain balance and tone down a blue brick. Overall, a wood garage door looks natural with a farmhouse design style.

Here are some stains for wooden garage doors by Miniwax:

  • Transparent: Use it with rich, dark-grained woods like walnut or mahogany and a warm white trim.
  • Weathered Gray: It is a crisp stain that mimics the look of aged wood and looks industrial with a blue exterior paint color.

4. Domineering Black Doors For The Garage

Black Door

Black shutters revive a contemporary aesthetic with a blue house and result in dominant, minimal spaces that catch attention. The popular color looks elegant and is the perfect choice for light blue urban exteriors. However, avoid pairing black with a dark navy blue, as the combination might look bland and gloomy.

Moreover, use sleek, steel roll-up doors with black paint to avoid an overwhelming look.

Here are the best shades for black garage doors:

  • ‘Inkwell’ by Sherwin Williams: It is a bluish-black that looks cohesive with light blue siding and similar blue, black, white, and silver cars.
  • ‘Jet black’ by Benjamin Moore: It is a darker shade of black that looks good with accent color cars and a balanced white trim.

5. A Dainty Gray Garage Door Color

Gray Door

Longing for a trendy garage door for a timeless look with a blue house? Try a gray garage door! Not only will the duo of blue and gray add depth to the exterior paint, but it will pull off an eccentric and playful vibe simultaneously. Moreover, a bluish-gray garage door will cater to a neutral, cohesive statement while making the house look industrial and modern.

Here are the recommended shades of gray by Sherwin Williams for your garage door:

  • Monorail Silver: It is a neutral color to contrast dark blue siding and accent color cars. It looks good with a gloss-finish on steel.
  • Rain Gray: It is a bluish-gray that looks cohesive with light blue and blue, black and white cars.

6. Supple Beige Garage Doors

Beige Door

Tudor-styled, side-hinged beige garage doors are a great color choice for earthy, country-style houses with a soft accent. Beige warms the blue siding and takes a modern, Craftsman-style attire with light blue but looks colonial with navy. Overall, beige makes the blue exterior more formal, rustic, and neat.

Here is the best shade of beige by Behr Paints:

  • French Beige: It is a muted, slightly grayish beige for light blue siding and brown, white, or red cars.

7. A Sublime Cream Garage Door Color

Cream Door

A yellowish cream, ranch-style garage door oozes an eclectic aura while seamlessly blending with the blue siding and adding warmth. The cream is an easy-to-maintain paint color and has a neutral tone that looks industrial and contemporary. Moreover, it makes the blue house look bright and clutter-free, adding a soft accent.

Check out the best shade of cream for a gorgeous garage door:

  • ‘Cherish Cream’ by Sherwin Williams: It is a fresh cream paint that looks nautical with teal blue but transitions to a traditional attire with navy.

8. A Saturated Leaf-Green Garage Door Color

Leaf-Green Door

Blue and green form a gorgeous analogous color scheme that adds a color blast to the exterior and modernizes it. A saturated leaf-green paint looks the best with refined matte finishes on wooden folding doors and designs cottage-style ranch homes with striking contrast.

Here is the best leaf green shade from the color wheel:

  • ‘Botanical Green’ by Behr Paints: A slightly reddish-green that balances vibrant blue siding with a cream, beige or white trim paint.

9. Perky Turquoise Garage Doors

Turquoise Door

A retractable turquoise garage door can freshen the entire exterior and add a calm and tranquil vibe with a monochrome look. Turquoise pairs well with all shades of blue siding and enhances the visual interest with a coastal garage door style. The accent color looks the best with a high-gloss finish and a light gray or white trim.

Here is the best shade of turquoise for your shutters:

  • ‘Tibetan Turquoise’ by Behr Paints: It is a vibrant turquoise to complement white, black, and silver cars and similar turquoise blue house color.

10. Radiant Orange Garage Doors

Orange Door

Farmhouse style, orange, wooden folding garage doors design a complementary color scheme with blue, and hence, strike a powerful contrast that catches attention. Though orange pairs gorgeously with all shades of blue, a rich, saturated orange goes with navy, while a burnt orange looks more rustic with light blue or blue-green shades.

Complete your orange garage door with white trim and silver hardware if you need a rustic, countryside look. Whereas, ensure to add a flashy purple front door if you long for a fusion-style house. A bright orange garage door will boost the curb appeal with a modern and saturated accent.

Here is the best shade of orange from the color wheel:

  • ‘Joyful Orange’ by Behr Paints: This bright paint glorifies a Mediterranean house and contrasts white, brown, and black cars.

11. Magnificent Maroon Garage Doors

Maroon Door

An eccentric shade of maroon garage door color brings out the royalty in blue and boosts the curb appeal. Unlike fresh reds, a maroon garage door looks regal and luxurious with pastel blues and gives off a laid-back, Baroque look. However, it might appear melancholic with the navy. Hence, complete the garage door with white trim to add balance and brightness that counters the effect.

The best shade of maroon by Behr paints for your garage door color:

  • Formal Maroon: It is a rustic shade that looks good with a traditional overhead door and white, black, beige, or gold cars.

12. A Lustrous Yellow Garage Door Color

Yellow Door

A bright, glossy yellow sectional garage door can immediately spruce up the home exterior while looking exciting and engaging. Yellow garage doors add a color blast that helps a blue house catch the limelight. The color appears modern with all shades of blue but beholds a countryside aesthetic with light blue.

However, if a bright yellow makes you anxious, you can go for muted yellows like mellow or pastel yellow for a more sophisticated look.

Here are Benjamin Moore’s paint shades for a yellow door:

  • Golden Straw Yellow: It is a mellow yellow shade that goes with light-blue countryside houses and black, silver, and green cars.
  • Warriors Yellow: It is a bright, dynamic hue that contrasts a rich navy blue siding and dark, accent color cars.

13. Dynamic Red Garage Doors

A flashy steel red door in high-gloss paint is a trendy choice with blue exterior paint. Red will not only make a garage door more exciting and appealing, but it will strike a bold contrast that boosts the curb appeal of fusion-style homes. Finally, complement a red garage door with a red front door and add a white trim to look balanced.

Here are the top shades of red paint from the color wheel:

  • ‘Travers Red’ by Benjamin Moore: It is a rustic, cranberry red for vintage Georgian houses and goes with silver and white cars.
  • ‘Real Red’ by Sherwin Williams: It is a red paint to achieve a color blast with blue siding and light-colored vehicles.
  • ‘Chimayo Red’ by Behr Paints: It is a burnt brick shade that accents black and silver cars and looks industrial and modern.

14. A Peppy Salmon Garage Door Color

Salmon is a closer shade to pink, and a roll-up salmon door in steel guarantees a bright and lively exterior, especially with muted cornflower blue houses. The accent color makes the home more welcoming and friendly and looks nautical but modern.

However, if you want a more faded color for an industrial light blue house, you can choose the light coral paint for a more chic look.

Here is the best shade of salmon for your shutters:

  • ‘Smoky Salmon’ by Sherwin Williams: It is a bright Salmon color that goes with different shades of blue siding and white, black or silver cars.

Tips And Tricks To Pick The Right Garage Door Color For Your Blue House:

  • Let your garage stay in sync with the paint color of the other house elements like the front door, roof, and window shutters. For example, if your blue house has a salmon front door, go with a similar salmon garage door color for cohesiveness.
  • Check if the paint color is compatible with the materials for the garage door. For example, wood needs to be white-washed before painting it with an accent color like red.
  • Use a high-gloss finish for a sophisticated look with steel or aluminum and matte finishes with wood for an industrial exterior.
  • Add a contrasting color trim to look trendy with the garage door while going with white trim color for a flawless, neutral exterior design.

What Is The Cost Of Painting A Garage Door?

While the total expenditure depends on the type of paint, size of the garage door, and the finish you choose, it roughly amounts to about 1-3 dollars per square foot. Thus, the overall cost might range from $100 to $700.

Blue is a bold color, but the right color garage door can enliven a blue house and curate a vibrant, cohesive color scheme with the siding. Though blue is quite a daunting paint color, it thankfully pairs well with many colors that help it create a style statement of its own.

Of course! A blue house looks elegant with neutral colors. But, we surely cannot neglect the dynamism that accent colors bring in these trending times. So, select a hue from our list and boost the curb appeal of your blue house. And, if you need garage door color ideas for your green home, we’re here to help.