15 Garage Door Colors For A Beige House (With Images)

A beige house looks very welcoming, and it is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of design styles. But since beige is a neutral color, it needs a complementary garage door to add dynamism and visual interest to the exteriors. The right garage door color does not only boost the curb appeal but takes care of the design and visuals, especially for soft beige exteriors.

Thankfully, beige pairs well with a range of colors. But, with such a huge list, it might get confusing if you are unaware of the style that each color brings. So, today, we are here to help you with a list of 15 garage door colors to revamp your beige exterior. Let’s get started.

Garage Door Colors That Make A Beige House Exciting And Appealing

1. Regal White Color Garage Door

White Door

A clean and crisp white folding garage door is an excellent color to enliven the muted undertones of beige and have bright, clutter-free exteriors with maximum curb appeal. White is adaptable as a garage door color and looks traditional with a white-washed wooden garage door and more modern with steel shutters and door opener.

However, a white garage door is susceptible to staining and requires maintenance and repainting frequently. Hence, if you want a maintenance-free color, an earthier cream paint is your next close call.

Here are some of the best shades for a white garage door:

  • ‘Pure White’ by Sherwin Williams: A neutral white shade that subtly contrasts with beige for an eclectic door style.
  • ‘Brilliant White’ by Benjamin Moore: An optic white with a bluish tone that looks excellent with light beige brick.

2. A Soothing Cream Garage Door Color

Cream Door

The shades of cream color garage doors pinpoint a modern, industrial design and look cohesive with the warm undertones of beige. The duo curates a snug yet bright exterior that allows the other house elements to stand out. This color scheme blends gorgeously with many front door colors that go with a beige house, making it a handy option.

Here is a gorgeous shade of cream paint by Sherwin Williams:

  • Choice Cream: It is a bright cream with a pinkish undertone for countryside homes.

3. Neoteric Black Garage Doors

Black Door

Black doors, in general, make your beige siding dominant and maximal but add a contemporary flair that catches attention. Moreover, black will look formal with beige siding but adds a powerful contrast and sophistication. However, since it is an overwhelming paint, it is advisable to pair yellow trims and a black front door for a uniform look.

Here are the best shades of black paint from the color wheel:

  • ‘Black Evergreen’ by Behr Paints: It is a greenish-black shade to complement light beige siding and green or white trim paint.
  • ‘Blackberry Wine’ by Benjamin Moore: A dark, purple-like black that will complement dark beige siding for a dramatic appeal.

4. A Verdant Bronze Brown Garage Door

Brown Door

Rustic bronze brown guarantees a farmhouse aesthetic with beige and caters to a monochrome color scheme with a subtle contrast. It looks its best when used in verdant countryside homes with an American overhead door style. However, avoid lighter bronze shades as they might look dull with beige; rather, go for espresso or chocolate brown tones.

Here, we have the best Bronze brown to go for:

  • ‘Protege Bronze’ by Sherwin Williams: It is a darker shade of bronze brown paint color to pair with light beige brick houses.

5. Organic Olive Green Garage Doors

Olive Green Door

A crude olive green paint is a great choice for garage doors of uncluttered homes of the Ranch architectural style. This color achieves cohesion with the warm beige and blends naturally with the surroundings. Moreover, the accent color has a neutral tone that matches any dark trim without overwhelming the look.

Pick this gorgeous olive green by Behr paints for your garage door:

  • Fertile Green: It is a brownish-green to contrast light beige siding with a similar trim color.

6. Timeless Sage Green Garage Doors

Sage Green Door

The sage green is polished and natural paint color, and hence, it softens the dark beige siding and curates a chic Georgian look. The cool color enlivens dark beige siding and looks seamless with a matte finish on a wooden folding door. Overall, a sage green garage door color looks neutral and industrial.

Check out the best shade of sage green for your shutters:

  • ‘Clary Sage’ by Sherwin Williams: It is a grayish-green paint color that will offer a sophisticated, modern look with beige.

7. A Monochrome Beige Garage Door Color

Beige Door

A soft beige garage door blends harmoniously with beige siding and curates a simple, monochrome aesthetic of a Craftsman-style beige house. Being versatile, it goes with both matte and glossy paint finishes and other accent-colored exterior elements. Finally, add a contrasting color front door and trim to dynamize your beige exterior.

Pick this gorgeous shade by Sherwin Williams for your beige color scheme:

  • ‘Basket Beige’ by Sherwin Williams: It is a mid-tone beige paint for an all-beige look for your neutral exteriors.

8. Opulent Charcoal Gray Paint For The Garage Door

Black Door

A retractable, charcoal gray aluminum garage door by Fagan door is a flawless option to revamp a beige house with bold curb appeal. The paint will strike a powerful contrast with beige siding and generate enough focus for the other exterior elements. This combination of beige and gray will make your home look industrial and urban.

Here are some of the recommended shades of charcoal gray paint by Benjamin Moore:

  • Tavern Charcoal: It is a darker gray shade with a brownish undertone that contrasts with beige siding elegantly.
  • Charcoal Slate: It is a cool color to contrast warm beige houses and looks the best with similar beige, black, and brown trims.

9. A Stately Navy Blue Shutter

Blue Door

Beige is a warmer shade of light brown, and hence, a rich navy blue will add a bold personality to beige with a striking color blast. Navy blue shutters design solemn colonial houses and look stately in their style statement. Moreover, it dramatizes the exteriors with a contrasting white or cream trim and sparks visual interest.

A list of the best shades of navy blue paint:

  • ‘In the Navy’ by Sherwin Williams: A grayish navy blue for homes with a Baroque architectural style and light beige house.
  • ‘Old Navy’ by Benjamin Moore: A dark shade of navy that complements beige colonial houses.
  • ‘Navy Blue’ by Behr Paints: A comparatively fresh navy blue paint for coastal garage doors and light-colored vehicles.

10. A Stimulating Teal-Blue Garage Door Color

Teal-Blue Door

Teal is another fresh and cool color that enlivens bland beige siding and allows you a bright and peppy house exterior. High-gloss finishes in teal paint look gorgeous with steel garage doors and design crisp nautical houses with beige siding. The bold color goes well with all shades of the beige house, while a navy blue trim dramatizes its look further.

Check out the best shade of teal for your shutters:

  • ‘Tropical Teal’ by Benjamin Moore: It is a greenish shade of dark teal paint that pairs with dark green or blue trims and dark-colored cars.

11. Snazzy Red Garage Doors

Red Door

Red and beige form a tetradic color scheme, and the duo is nothing short of style, contrast, and drama. A red roll-up shutter in steel looks excellent with beige, while its gloss spruces your beige house and adds contrast. With modern and trendy attire, red garage doors catch the attention and spark visual appeal with an eclectic garage door style.

Here are the top shades of red paint to go for:

  • ‘Heritage Red’ by Benjamin Moore: It is a vibrant shade of red that goes with a salient white trim.
  • ‘Bravado Red’ by Sherwin Williams: It is more like a burnt orange shade and achieves a farmhouse exterior with beige.
  • ‘Red Willow’ by Behr Paints: This shade is a rustic version of red for modern, industrial exteriors with dark-colored vehicles.

12. A Burnt Orange Paint Color

Orange Door

A burnt orange garage door color will subtly transition your dark beige exterior to a farmhouse design style, making it brighter with robust wood tones. Orange and beige complement each other’s warm tones and coordinate well, looking dynamic but not overpowering. Alternatively, pick burnt orange paint for an industrial look with light beige siding.

Here is the best shade of orange for your garage door:

  • ‘Monarch Orange’ by Behr Paints: This burnt shade of orange complements beige gorgeously with brown trim paint.

13. A Lovely Pink Garage Door Color

Pink Door

Pastel or bright pink paint is a suitable choice for modern but experimental houses that want to be the showstopper of the street. For example, a pink carriage-style garage door will guarantee a playful exterior with light beige and make the home look more friendly and welcoming. However, bright pinks might look child-like, and hence pastel pinks shades are recommended.

Here is the best pastel pink paint for your shutters:

  • ‘Comical Coral’ by Sherwin Williams: This paint looks modern with light beige siding and contrasting dark-colored trims.

14. Ethereal Purple Garage Door Color

Purple Door

The classic duo of beige siding and purple shutters looks royal and lively at the same time and works for both traditional and contemporary exteriors. A darker shade of purple will look colonial with dark beige, whereas a light lavender looks modern with faint beige siding. Overall, purple paint modernizes a simple beige and steals the limelight.

Here are the best purple shades from Behr paints:

  • Courtly Purple: It is lavender-like paint that will look excellent on wooden folding shutters against a beige exterior.
  • Academy Purple: Dark and saturated, this shade looks traditional with a sophisticated white trim.

15. Mellow Yellow Garage Doors

Yellow Door

The delicate tone of a mellow yellow door blends seamlessly with beige exterior paint and provides a balanced contrast without overwhelming the look. Yellow shutters design a trendy Bohemian aesthetic with light beige and look lively and dramatic, especially with black and dark navy blue trims. On the other hand, they look Mediterranean with dark beige and brown trim paint.

Here is the best mellow yellow by Benjamin Moore:

  • Hawthorne Yellow: It is a soft but electric shade that revamps beige sidings and goes with dark cars.

Which Is The Best Garage Door Material For A Beige House?

The best material depends on the color that you choose for your garage door. Choose a wood garage door if you go with natural tones like brown and green, while you can go with steel or vinyl if you choose dark accent colors like red, purple, and teal.

What Is The Best Paint Finish For Garage Doors?

If you have dark beige exterior paint, you can go with matte or semi-gloss finishes that won’t overpower the look of your beige house, but it’s advisable to use high-gloss finishes with accent color garage doors and light beige siding for a chic look.

Beige is a neutral color itself, and hence it needs the key to the right color garage door for trendy exteriors with an earthy paint. Of course, conventional garage door colors like white and black look gorgeous with beige, but contrasting colors like red and purple will modernize your house and steal the limelight on the street.

Thankfully, a beige house pairs with various accent garage door colors. Hence, it will pair well with the above list and guarantee a perfect look. White is another exterior color that needs the ideal garage door to upgrade the look. So, if you are looking for garage door colors for your white house, look no further.