15 Exquisite Front Door Colors For An Orange-Brick House (With Pictures)

Orange bricks are extremely popular as building materials. But, what will make your orange-brick house stand different from the rest? A contrasting front door color, of course! Appropriate front door colors are the cheapest ways to transfigure an orange brick house into a style statement of your choice and boost its curb appeal. But choosing one door paint can indeed be bewildering.

If you feel the same, look no further as we have explored the color wheel to curate 15 classy front door colors that will add a color pop to your orange brick house. So, without further ado, let’s dig the list.

A List Of Trend-Setting Front Door Colors For Orange Brick Houses

1. A Regal White Front Door

White Front Door

A white front door is a bang-on trendy choice for orange brick homes that can steal the limelight. Generally, a white front door with metal hardware looks Victorian, but you can customize the look with glazing for a modern house.

A white paint like ‘Simply White’ by Benjamin Moore tones down the saturation of bright orange-red brick and looks cleaner. Alternatively, a warmer white like ‘Swiss Coffee’ will look rustic with an orange-brown brick and strike the right balance.

2. A Versatile Dark Gray Front Door

Gray Front Door

Gray is a flexible color that allows you to choose between a traditional or modern exterior for your house. Though a simple dark gray door will look new-classical in design, it will look vintage when combined with golden hardware. On the other hand, your gray door will appear contemporary if you use a lot of glazing and white trim.

The blue undertones of a dark gray like ‘Amherst Gray’ by Benjamin Moore will accent orange brick softly, while a muted dark gray such as ‘Gray Owl’ will neutralize the vibrancy of orange and appear more balanced.

3. A Timeless Black Front Door

Black Front Door

A black front door strikes the hues of an orange brick wall and designs a modern exterior that will remain trendy for ages. Hence, if you are unsure regarding the design style, jet-black paint will be the best front door color for you. A dark ‘Black Satin’ paint by Benjamin Moore will powerfully accent orange brick hues and look solemn and mysterious.

However, a black front door may darken the exteriors and seem unfriendly. Try using a dark gray like ‘Wrought Iron’ by Benjamin Moore to neutralize this effect. Alternatively, you can even use glass glazing to welcome light inside and enliven the exterior.

4. An Animated Wythe Blue Front Door

Wythe Blue Front Door

An under-toned wythe blue balances the coarse texture of an orange brick house and looks smooth and refined. A wythe blue door pairs gorgeously with orange-red brick and provides a soft accent. Wythe blues like ‘Rhine River’ or ‘Woodland Green’ by Benjamin Moore allow a bright exterior and curate a friendly entry.

5. A Luxurious Navy Blue Front Door

Navy Blue Front Door

A navy blue front door looks dominant with orange brick and depicts the colonial look of the 19th Century. Navy blue is a chic, sharp door paint color that adds luxury to orange brick exteriors but looks sophisticated. A navy blue front door looks outstanding with golden hardware and white trim.

An ‘Old Navy’ paint by Benjamin Moore is a bold color that will pair well with all hues of orange brick siding, but a ‘Polo Blue’ is a similar color that looks more luxurious with a lesser dramatic effect. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Newburyport blue’ to build a powerful contrast.

However, a navy blue front door may not look trendy with orange-red brick. Instead, choose a shade of royal blue that designs modern Scandinavian exteriors. A bright blue door will powerfully contrast the orange-brick house to give a typical countryside exterior.

6. A Quirky Teal Front Door

Teal Front Door

A teal paint is a perfect choice for homeowners who want to add a twist to everyday homes. Teal has slight undertones of yellow that blend with orange brick to look united. It is a peppy, bohemian color that enlivens home exteriors and adds a softer contrast to orange brick.

A ‘Teal Tone’ paint by Benjamin Moore will cool down the vibrant orange brick and design a modern, north-facing brick house. A ‘Dark Teal’ is a more saturated shade of the same color that strikes a heavy contrast but still appears friendly and appealing.

7. A Deluxe Dark Green Front Door

Dark Green Front Door

Dark-green is a saturated, balanced hue that follows the color scheme of Rococo design while being luxurious and stately. An on-trend dark green color like ‘Hunter Green’ by Benjamin Moore will strike a powerful contrast with orange-red brick and add dynamism to the exteriors.

However, a dark green front door pairs off only with bright orange bricks and might look overwhelming with an orange-red brick house.

8. A Rooted Bright Green Front Door

Bright Green Front Door

A bright green front door is suitable for traditional orange brick homes, adding a pop of color to the exterior. Like teal, green contains undertones of yellow that unite with the orange for a cohesive look. Though a green front door seems sophisticated, it can look bland with the wrong hardware, so choose wisely.

As a tip, if you are using light green paint by Benjamin Moore, add a white trim and use golden hardware to complete the vintage look. But, if you want to look more modern with a transitional design, add a lot of glass glazing and go for a cream-colored trim.

9. A Serene Olive Green Front Door

Olive Green Front Door

Olive green is a subtle, neutral color that looks organic with orange brick and gives a chic, countryside home decor. Hence, suitable for typical french-country style houses, olive green paints like ‘Palmer Olive’ by Benjamin Moore tone down the vibrancy of bright orange and look balanced.

A ‘Trailing Vines’ paint is a closer alternative of the same color for orange-brown brick that looks more rustic.

10. A Crude Wooden Front Door

Wooden Front Door

A solid wood front door or garage door saves costs and maintains its sophistication for many years to come. The natural orange tones of wood complement the shades of orange brick and look rich and monochrome. Darker woods like mahogany will look more traditional, while lighter woods and fiberboards will cater to contemporary exteriors.

You can use any wood stain of your choice to pair with orange brick, but a transparent one will look more organic. Honey Maple, Dark Walnut, Provincial and Jacobean are some of the stain colors that will complement orange brick siding and appear refined and polished.

11. A Vibrant Yellow Front Door

Radiant Yellow Front Door

A yellow door pairs unexceptionally well with an orange-brick house to give a warm exterior, like a Mediterranean entry appealing to guests. Yellow is a bright door color that helps homes look bright, cheerful, and sophisticated at the same time.

If you have an orange-brown brick exterior, go for bright shades of yellow like ‘Sunshine’ or ‘Viking Yellow’ by Benjamin Moore, whereas if you have a bright orange-red brick, use muted mellow yellow shutters.

Finally, complete the look with white trim and dark-colored hardware for your yellow door.

12. A Complementary Mustard Front Door

Mustard Front Door

Orange bricks generally pair well with similar mustard paints and look cohesive with soft contrasts. Mustard is a lively, maintenance-free color that suits south-facing houses that need a warm and inviting entry. Mustard yellow shutters will enliven your space and make the overall home look bright and fresh.

A ‘Spicy Mustard’ paint color by Benjamin Moore will softly contrast orange-brick and look more Mediterranean style in design. On the other hand, a ‘Yellow Marigold’ paint will promote a modern, Tuscan style wall decor with a white trim and metal door accessories.

13. A Vivid Bright Red Front Door

Red Front Door

A red front door makes an orange brick siding look more vibrant and welcoming. The mutually warm tones of orange and red complement each other and look cohesive for a modern home. Generally, a bright red door will work well with reddish-orange bricks, while a rustic tone will complement the accents of brownish orange.

You can choose ‘Ruby Red’ paint color to dramatize your exteriors and make them more fusion-style in design. Alternatively, use a muted, rustic paint like ‘Rapture Red’ if you want toned-down, cohesive red front doors of Craftsman-style brick homes.

14. A Stately Maroon Front Door

Red Front Door

Maroon paint is a bright color for traditional orange-brick homes with a lavish vibe. This balanced door paint color looks sophisticated and united with orange brick sidings for a slightly monochrome exterior.

A rich maroon paint like ‘Dinner Party’ by Benjamin Moore will complement saturated orange bricks and balance the look with minimal accessories. Finally, a white or cream-colored trim and chrome hardware will complete the luxurious look of your orange-brick house.

15. A Uniform Pumpkin Orange Front Door

Orange Front Door

A pumpkin orange front door is a suitable choice if you want a monochrome exterior with high contrast. A pumpkin orange paint complements the hues of the orange brick exterior, looks cohesive, and is perfect for south-facing homes that appear warm and inviting.

While a pumpkin orange like ‘Pumpkin Pie’ by Benjamin Moore will give a chic look, burnt oranges or red brick ones will curate a classy and trendy industrial exterior. In any case, pair a white trim with the door and add wooden hardware to look more rustic.

Fool-Proof Tips For Choosing Front Door Colors For Your Orange-Brick House

  1. If you have no time to spare for color experimentation, select neutral shutter colors like white, black, gray, or brown that stay timeless and look balanced on exteriors.
  2. It is crucial to test accent front door colors thoroughly before use. Paint a small strip on both sides of the entry door, and observe it at all times of the day to get a fair idea.
  3. Always pick up colors from your surroundings to stay cohesive. For example, if you stay in a desert area, it is best to go with a mustard yellow front door that complements the sand and does not look alien. 

Orange is a peppy hue in itself. So, even though the standard neutral paints pair well, we stress using accent colors to keep exteriors fresh, eye-catching, and trendy. Front door color is certainly not an after-thought, and with the correct color combination, you can create an inviting and appealing entry for your orange-brick house.

A beige house can also look as vibrant as an orange brick house if decorated with the right color accessories. So, if you’re looking for trendy front door colors for a beige house, we have got you covered.