13 Best Front Door Colors For A Brown House (With Photos)

A brown house uplifts home exteriors on its own and guides homes towards an extra portion of curb appeal. Different shades of brown like wood brown, brick brown, etc., are flexible enough to complement various colors and are a popular choice for modern homes. However, it might get a little bit tricky when it comes to matching shutters with a brown home exterior.

With tons of color options, it can be overwhelming to choose the perfect front door color that matches the elegance of your modern brown house. But, we’ve got your back. Here are 13 outstanding front door color ideas to revamp your exteriors.

Front Door Colors That Complement A Brown House

1. An Animated Yellow Front Door

Yellow Front Door

Yellow highlights warmer undertones as efficiently as brown and is a bold door color for sensational houses that steal the limelight. A yellow front door enlivens the exteriors of a rustic brown house and invites light into the space. Trendy yellow shutters offer cleaner, bold volumes for tropical Mediterranean homes with a tint of cheerfulness and excitement.

A bright yellow on a brown brick home can overwhelm. Hence, choose muted yellows like Benjamin Moore’s Hepplewhite Ivory for brown brick sidings. Or, if you have rustic brown paint exteriors, add a bright yellow door to curate industrial-styled homes.

Furthermore, brighter yellow shutters will reinforce bland brown siding and help them steal a passerby’s glance.

2. A Corresponding Brown Front Door

Brown Front Door

Brown front doors accompany brown sidings to revamp your home with a cozy, close-knit vibe that oozes warmth. As a thumb-rule, combine dark browns like Marshlands by Benjamin Moore if you have pastel brown brick siding and vice-versa to curate a homogeneous but dramatic entry door that steals the limelight.

If your brown house has non-uniform bricks that illustrate an array of various secondary colors, choose a toned-down pastel brown front door that complements the diverse hues. Alternatively, choose an on-trend Bronze tone shade for brown industrial houses that need a frequent dash of color.

3. A Lenient Mint Green Front Door

Mint Green Front Door

Mint green shutters pair wonderfully with subdued browns of the mid-century modern aesthetic to create a strong style statement. Mint green with brown offers a primitive countryside vibe that stays light and fresh.

Choose the on-trend Minty green by Benjamin Moore if you reside in an area with many brown houses but want to be unique and refined.

4. A Perpetual Black Front Door

Black Front Door

A black front door is a classic choice for modern transitional homes that crave a grand, authoritative entry. A trendy black front door complements all tones and textures of brown and adapts well to any design style. A black door with wooden paneling will stimulate a vintage vibe, whereas, with glazings, black shutters promote a modern house.

Darker blacks like Benjamin Moore’s Black Panther contrast well with wooden sidings and curate a countryside ambiance. But, if you do not want a complete black look, go for darker grays like Iron mountain for a zen-style house that stays sophisticated.

5. A Cohesive Red Front Door

Red Front Door

A red door is an age-old option for monotone exteriors that dwell on good luck and appear inviting since the Baroque times. Traditional brown houses, as a fact, prefer bright cherry red front doors to achieve the perfect dynamism. However, with buzzing contemporary homes, you can choose muted reds like Benjamin Moore’s Moroccan red to establish composure.

Alternatively, brick shade coordinates with the volumes of brown and signifies a balanced look. Perfect for monochromatic houses that steal the glance, Benjamin Moore’s Brick red will complement any tones of brown and visualize clutter-free, uniform spaces.

6. A Poised Marine Green Front Door

Marine Green Front Door

A serene marine green or sea green is a picturesque alternative for typical Bohemian homes that need the apple of public eyes. This verdant accent paint color adds a muted drama to a brown house while being trendy and elegant.

Explore Benjamin Moore’s Seafoam green for a neutral option, or choose the North sea green, a turquoise-like shade to crack the pop.

7. A Regal Navy Blue Front Door

Navy Blue Front Door

If you want an on-trend, magnificent door, look no further than a navy blue front door braced with a white trim and chrome hardware. Perfect for transitional exteriors, Benjamin Moore’s Old navy paint color will stand the test of time and complement any shades and textures of brown.

Despite being imperial, darker blues can appear somber for sensational houses on the coast. In such cases, you can use cerulean blue, Wythe blue, or royal blue for an exterior door that conceives focus.

Moreover, bright blues will break down volumes and transfigure your brown house as a snug, extroverted place.

8. A Stimulating Turquoise Front Door

Turquoise Front Door

Though slightly eccentric, a turquoise paint door is your go-to option for a humane, flexible front door that works well for breezy nautical brown houses. Turquoise shutters enliven a brown siding and create a perfect pop with their serene accents.

Benjamin Moore’s Mexicali turquoise is a fresh and vibrant shade for cordial spaces, whereas the Jamaican aqua is a muted alternative for an introverted, southern living brown house.

9. An Orderly White Front Door

White Front Door

A solemn white front door with a brownstone siding delivers sophistication and is the best front door color for homeowners who do not want to experiment. A white front door is ideal for crisp, uncluttered volumes resulting in zen-styled homes. A Benjamin Moore Chantilly lace white will never miscarry a brown siding, irrespective of its shade and texture.

10. A Timeless Gray Front Door

Gray Front Door

An on-trend gray door is another global option for dark brown homes that want to stay neutral and minimal in their style. Dark gray shutters with chrome hardware complement the naturally dark undertones of brown and provide a colossal alternative for french country homes that ooze class.

Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea gray is an option that caters to dark brown walls with white trim. Alternatively, use the Nightfall gray if you need a gray door paint color that showers the same elegance for pastel brown walls.

11. A Supple Cream Front Door

Cream Front Door

A yellowish-white ‘Rich cream’ by Benjamin Moore is an exquisite door color for light browns. The cream is a pastel-like exterior color that appears lush and promotes sophistication for primitive french-country houses.

If you want to accentuate the design further, add opulent golden hardware and pair the door with white trim.

12. An Affable Tan Front Door

Tan Front Door

Grab a buzzing tan front door color scheme right away if you have a light-brown stone house and enjoy the understated pops of typical Bohemian homes.

Tan blends the undertones of orange and the overtones of white, and hence, a saturated exterior paint color like Benjamin Moore’s Tucson tan will spruce the coarse textures of stone walls and contrast the neutral hues of brown.

13. A Charismatic Orange Front Door

Orange Front Door

Orange, a bright color that syncs in with the tones of brown, is a buzzing choice for south-facing, fusion-style, brown brick homes that want to rule the spotlight. Orange is a different, unconventional color for brown siding and forces a slight uniform appearance.

However, you can create dramatic contrasts by using a vibrant shade like Benjamin Moore’s Rumba orange against dark brown walls. However, if dark tangerines make you anxious, use a muted version like the Tangerine fusion of the same hue.

Can You Add An Exposed Wood Front Door To A Brown House?

Organic Brown Front Door

Yes, if you need a crude, rustic, popular front door color that mimics the muted browns, add a bare wooden door and enhance the curb appeal of your home. It is best to stain the doors with subtle contrasts and craft a snug and inviting front door for a brown house.

Pair dark brown sidings with a light oak wooden door for a chic Scandinavian palette for vintage homes. You can pick a mahogany wood door for the rest of the brown hues combining it with lighter Beachwood stains for a nautical house or richer Rosewood stains for a new classical house.

What Are The Best Paint Colors For The Front Door Of A Brown House?

A white front door will always work well with a brown house, irrespective of the shades of brown used. If you have a grayish brown home, use turquoise, navy blue, mint green, or cream for the shutters. Alternately, use reds or blues for reddish-brown and go with browns and grays for a modern front door of yellowish-brown homes.

Tips For Choosing Front Door Colors For Brown House

  • While selecting a front door color for a brown house, analyze the tones of brown used for the siding. Use neutral door color for darker brown walls, and pair accent doors with lighter browns to crack the pop.
  • If you have no room for experimentation and want an entry door color for a neutral home, do not waste time trying paints and use bare wooden doors with lighter stains straight away.
  • When selecting a paint color for a front or a garage door, always consider the trim color. White trim colors will complement a brown house exterior, irrespective of the front door hue.

Door color ideas for brown walls generally depend on the tones of brown used, and though very selective, they work well with different colors. Select accent paint door color for modern design styles like fusion and industrial design for lighter brown and go classic with blacks or blues for a darker, timeless old house front door.

Soft, airy colors like turquoise and mints work well for brown stone homes, whereas vibrant ones catch the eye of brown brick sidings, and wooden doors will offer an earthy and rustic exterior.

Looking for more front door ideas for vibrant exteriors like yellow or red brick houses? There is something for everyone in the box.