17 Unexpected Yet Best Color Curtains That Suit Teal Walls

Have you ever painted your walls teal, either at home or at work? Then this blog is for you because it will assist you in finding the perfect curtains to accentuate your teal walls. Picking the right curtain color to complement the color on your walls can completely transform your space. Read along to find the perfect curtain colors for teal walls.

Curtains That Go With Teal Walls

1. Pink Curtains

DONREN Pink Blackout Curtains for Girls Room - Room Home Decoration Privacy Protection Thermal Insulated Blackout Window Drapes with Rod Pocket (Set of 2 Panels,42 x 63 Inch Length)

Pink curtains are a popular choice for home decor. These curtains merge well with a variety of teal hues and provide a peaceful impression in the room, making them suitable for bedrooms and children’s rooms.

To match your teal walls, you can choose several shades of pink, such as baby pink, dark pink, and more. This color scheme can give your home a lovely appearance.

2. White Curtains

NICETOWN Curtains 84 inches Long - (Pure White) 52 by 84 inches, 1 Pair, 50% Light Blocking Grommet Drapes/Draperies for Living Room

A blend of white and teal is the ideal color scheme for your living room with teal walls. This color combination in a darkly lit, shabby bedroom will refresh the space and open it up, resulting in a clean, elegant look. This combination also works well in an office area with teal walls.

3. Yellow Curtains

LEMOMO Yellow Thermal Blackout Curtains/52 x 84 Inch/Set of 2 Panels Room Darkening Curtains

Yellow is one of the finest curtain colors options as it provides a splash of brightness into your space. Since not every place has access to a direct sunlight stream, this curtain color is a perfect choice for such areas and will undoubtedly brighten your teal-colored interiors.

You can also use yellow pillowcases and bedsheets to complement the yellow curtains in your bedrooms. This shade is also suitable for living rooms. 

4. Mustard Curtains

Yakamok Mustard Yellow Room Darkening Grommet Window Drapes Thermal Insulated Light Blocking Blackout Curtains for Bedroom(52Wx84L,2 Panels)

Mustard curtains, when contrasted with teal walls, can entirely transform the appearance of your room. In addition, you might not need to add any other complementing interior design because the mustard and teal shades enhance each other so well. 

Since the mustard curtain absorbs most natural light, the primary source of illumination in the room is artificial light, which you can adjust. As a result, this curtain hue is ideal for kids’ rooms and even your bedroom if you work in shifts.

5. Brown Curtains

Sun Zero Barrow Energy Efficient Rod Pocket Curtain Panel, 54" x 84", Chocolate Brown, One Panel

Introduce brown curtains and some dark hue furnishings to make the teal walls of your rooms more vivid. 

Brown’s rich tones contrast beautifully with teal’s vivid vibrancy. To add a splash of colors to your area, you can pair this unique color combination with a brown sofa and teal cushions or any other bright shade of your preference.

6. Light Blue Curtains

KEQIAOSUOCAI Light Blue Blackout Curtains 84 Inch for Living Room - Grommet Window Drapes Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Mint Green Curtain for Bedroom, Sky Blue, 2 Panels, 52 x 84 Inches

Blue curtains will provide visual appeal to a room that has mostly a neutral tone. You can use either patterned or curled blue curtains to add a unique look to your space.

Moreover, the blue-colored drapes that hang around the house will aid you in overcoming insomnia, anxiety and improving focus. As a result, you should keep them in your home’s workstation as well as your bedroom.

7. Grey Curtains

Yakamok Room Darkening Gray Blackout Curtains Thermal Insulated Grommet Curtain Panels for Bedroom, 52W x 84L, Grey, 2 Panels, 2 Tie Backs Included

Grey curtains, particularly metallic grey curtains, can significantly complement a bedroom with teal-colored walls. The basic grey keeps things classy, while the metallic grey can add to the room’s enigma and mystery.

Light grey curtains are all the rage these days since they offer depth to a space without being too dark and are neutral.

8. Green Curtains

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Solid Grommet Top Blackout Holiday Decorative Curtains/Drapes for Kid's Room (1 Pair, 42 x 63 inches in Fresh Green)

Green curtains provide a distinctive touch to the space when you match them with teal walls. Similarly, Lime green and sea-foam green shades are excellent complements to an area with light walls. 

The energy and vibrancy of turquoise or teal come together elegantly when contrasted with the calmness of lighter shade green color curtains. If you have white blinds in your room, choose green curtains for a calming taste.

9. Teal Curtains

KEQIAOSUOCAI Teal Blackout Curtains 63 Inch Length for Bedroom - Grommet Room Darkening Summer Curtains Drapes Panels for Living Room School, 2 Panels, 52W x 63L

Teal has the most profound variations that blend beautifully with blue, green, and black, which is why these curtains look incredibly unique on teal walls. Teal curtains are a great alternative if you don’t want anything too loud or vibrant but want to add some fun to your bedroom. 

Teal curtains are neither too bright nor too dark, and they give your room just the right amount of softness and brightness. They also provide a very pastel look and a complementing color to the rooms with teal walls. 

10. Floral Curtains

Lush Decor Sydney Curtains | Floral Garden Room Darkening Window Panel Set for Living, Dining, Bedroom (Pair), 84” x 52”, Blue and Yellow, L, Blue & Yellow

When you use floral curtains in a master bedroom that features a specific teal color shade, they accentuate the room with a nice pop of color.

If neutral colors dominate your room, you can choose floral print curtains to add liveliness. Floral curtains are great options to pair with your turquoise or teal tinted walls as they make an accent color in neutral settings and provide an overall pleasant appearance to the space. 

11. Sheers Curtains

Window White Sheer Curtains 84 Inches Long 2 Panels Sheer White Curtains Clear Curtains Basic Rod Pocket Panel Other Beige Grey Purple Pink 63 72 95 108 Inch Bedroom Children Living Room Yard Kitchen

Sheer curtains are another fantastic option for a teal-colored room. These curtains can provide the perception of more space in compact places with limited floor space, making them ideal for small apartments with teal touches.

Sheer curtains are light and transparent, blending in with a wide range of interior designs shades. These curtains soften the brightness in your home and provide a calm atmosphere.

12. Teal Velvet Curtains

Living Room Velvet Curtains 84 Inch - Blackout Velvet Teal Curtains Heat & Chill Insulated Energy Efficient Panels for French Door, 52 x 84 Inches Long, 2 Panels

Your room is already elegant with teal walls. But, you can add to this elegancy by pairing the teal walls with velvet fabric curtains. The teal velvet curtains can add pricey and sophisticated features to your space. 

It’s necessary to understand the variations between different types and shades of velvet to choose the best curtain fabric. The most popular velvet curtains to pair with teal walls are Crushed Velvet, Stretch Velvet, Panne Velvet, Embossed Velvet, Chiffon Velvet, and more. 

13. Striped Curtains

Fragrantex Striped White and Grey Sheer Curtains 84 inches Long for Living Room Light Filtering Horizontal Stripe Voile Farmhouse Bedroom Window Panels Grommet Top 40" Wx84 L 2 Panels

Vertically Striped Curtains are an excellent choice if your room has teal walls with low ceilings and huge windows. The Striped curtains give an exciting appearance to the space with neutral shades.

Striped curtains have always been trendy when decorating the interior of homes since they are versatile and bring excitement to the area. In addition, these curtains will create pleasing color contrast in your home. Try the following striped curtain ideas with teal walls:

  • Horizontal striped curtains
  • Vertical striped curtains
  • Wide stripe curtains
  • Narrow striped curtains
  • Striped blinds

14. Geometric Printed Curtains

H.VERSAILTEX Blackout Curtains 84 Inch Length 2 Panels Geometry Print Curtain Drapes for Living Room Thermal Insulated Grommet Window Curtains for Bedroom - Modern Geo Line Grey and Navy

Forgo the boring curtains and opt for these geometric patterned drapes to add some bounce and vibrancy to your area. In a room with teal-colored walls, the colors and forms of these printed curtains offer a range of eye-catching effects. In addition, curtains with geometric prints can quickly grasp people’s attention and are ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, and children’s rooms.

15. Shades of Magenta

Ambesonne Victorian Window Curtains, Vibrant Monochrome Illustration of Antique Floral Swirling Motif Pattern, Lightweight Decorative Panels Set of 2 with Rod Pocket, 56" x 63", Magenta Pink

The vibrant magenta color instantly adds individuality and character to any area, making it a true show-stopper. When you combine Magenta tinted curtains with teal decor, it will immediately bring your room to life.

Magenta tones evoke excitement, enthusiasm, admiration, and optimism, making them an excellent curtain color for any room in the house.

16. Red Curtains

LEMOMO Red Curtains 52 x 84 Inch Long/Blackout Curtains Set of 2 Panels/Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Bedroom Curtains Drape

If you have teal walls in your kitchen or dining room, you can club them with blood-red curtains to transform the mundane look of the area. This combination is perfect as teal provides a peaceful and colorful appearance while red-color curtains stimulate energy and excitement, driving people to be more active.

The red color is closely associated with feelings of love and tenderness; therefore, you can use this bright color combination of teal and red in bedrooms. 

17. Orange Curtains

Deconovo 100% Blackout Fall Curtains, 84 Inches Long, Set of 2, Total Block Out Shades, Thermal Insulated, Soundproof Grommet Window Drapes for Halloween (2 Panels, 52W x 84L Inch, Orange)

Orange color facilitates change, brings comfort, and provides enthusiasm, making it perfect for interior decors. It contrasts beautifully with teal color walls. You can use orange curtains in the living room or in areas that serve as gathering spots for the entire family. 

To create a consistent ambiance in your rooms, select orange sofa cushions or pillowcases that match the orange curtains.

Contemporary living rooms are famous for their decent and basic furniture, tables, couches, and wall decor. But, regardless of where you use teal in your home’s interiors, it will always be a focal point. It adds elegance and vibrance to the contemporary surroundings.

Although all the colors blend beautifully with teal walls, It’s entirely up to your preference whether you want lighter or darker curtains in your home. Teal tint always functions as an effective attention-grabber, whether on furniture, curtains, or walls. So, which curtains go best with your teal-colored walls?