17 Amazing Color Curtains To Go With Tan Walls

The tan-colored walls always seem to draw practically everyone’s attention. This color enhances the overall appearance of the area and blends in well with nearly any primary color. Tan walls are famous in home decor because they exude a sophisticated and relaxing vibe.

If you’re looking for curtains to match your tan walls, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a collection of some stunning curtain colors that will go perfectly with your tan walls.

Top Curtains Color For Tan Walls

1. Bright White Curtains

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When it comes to curtains, white is the most elegant and lovely color. This color complements every shade of the wall, furniture, and accessory in the room, giving it a luxurious impression. When you combine white curtains with tan walls, the result is a fresh and stylish room. Furthermore, white curtains are always in style.

Light hues provide the impression of a larger, more dynamic space. If your walls are a lighter, neutral tone like tan, white curtains are a good choice. They go well with all shades of tan, making them an excellent curtain color choice for your home.

You can attempt several white tints such as snow-white, Creamy white, blush white, peach white, and many more if you want to step up from white while keeping your space basic.

2. Shades Of Blue Color Curtains

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If your apartment has tan walls, blue curtains will completely transform it. Blue is a vibrant and inspiring color, making it ideal for study rooms and offices. The blue curtains go well with various tan colors, including Great Beige, Cosmic Latte, Cream, Unbleached Silk, Tuscan, Buff, Khaki, and so on.

To give your rooms a regal impression, you can use matching throw pillows and bedsheets. For more decor ideas for bedding, check out these trendy bedding colors for tan walls.

You can play around with several colors of blue, such as Navy Blue, Dark Blue, Sky Blue, Sea Blue, and others, to find which one works best with your tan walls.

3. Burgundy Curtains

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When you pair burgundy-colored curtains with tan walls, they stand out the most and accentuate the attractiveness of your rooms. The color combination of tan and burgundy is quite appealing and eye-catching, making it an excellent choice for living rooms and guest rooms.

If your walls are lighter hues of tan, you can create a beautiful contrast in your home by choosing rich burgundy tones and vice versa. It will also bring your room’s colors into perfect harmony.

Because the color burgundy implies power and ambition, you can include it in your workstation as well. Matching decorative accessories will complement the entire ambiance of your space.

4. Brown or Chocolate (cocoa) Curtains

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The use of dark and light tones has become increasingly popular in recent decades, as it delivers the surroundings a stunning impression. When your walls are tan or beige, any hue of brown looks fantastic.

Brown curtains are popular in interior decorating because of their elegant appearance. They also go well with dark-colored furnishings, providing a captivating atmosphere in the area. In addition, you can experiment with different brown hues to create a well-balanced color combination for your bedrooms or living rooms with tan walls.

5. Black Curtains

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Black is one of the most popular colors for curtains. And surprisingly, it works well with all the popular shades of tan walls, including Natural tan, Early tan, Rich tan, Golden caramel, and so on. When you pair black curtains with lighter shades of tan, it gives your space a striking look.  

Black curtains can shield direct sunlight, making them an excellent choice for a shift worker’s bedroom. In addition, Black curtains also go nicely with various furniture shades and home décor items in your rooms. If you want dark drapes for your tans walls, Black curtains are the one for you.

6. Yellow Color Curtains

No. 918 Montego Casual Textured Grommet Curtain Panel, 48" x 84", Yellow

Yellow, which is the “color of happiness,” never fails to brighten up a space. It also can lift your mood, making it an outstanding color option for your curtains. Your living room and bedroom will appear larger and more radiant with brighter yellow shade curtains.

If you have dark furnishings, choose darker yellow tone curtains to create a perfect balance in the colors around your rooms. On the other hand, if you want to give a brighter look to your room, you can use light yellow shade curtains to highlight the sensation of spaciousness in your room.

7. Charcoal Grey or Grey Color Curtains

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A room with grey curtains has a rich appearance. Grey is an excellent color scheme to use in specific designs since it gives the room a sophisticated and dynamic look. When you combine grey curtains with tan or cream walls, you’ll find a perfect urban appearance for your space.

The various tints of grey, including charcoal grey, light grey, etc., complement warm beige, golden beige, and other shades of tan walls. In addition, grey curtains add simplicity to the room while creating a restful ambiance, making them the first choice among several homeowners.

8. Tan Color Curtains

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Tan tones will never go out of style when it comes to painting your home. This color has been fashionable for a long time and continues to remain so. When you employ matching or contrasting curtains, tan walls give off a remarkable aspect to the interior of your home.

If you don’t like combining colors, you can always choose curtains that are the same color as the rest of the room. When you couple the curtains with matching accessories like bed linens, couch coverings, and tablecloths, your rooms will appear just as stunning.

However, you can use colors like Rich Ginger, Caramel, Cappuccino, and so on for your curtains if you want to add a little twist while keeping your decor simple.

Printed Tan Curtains also work well with different shades of tan walls and add liveliness to the space.

9. Sage Green Color Curtains

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If your home has tan walls, use various shades of green for your drapes to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Different shades of green, such as Sage Green, Olive Green, Celadon, and others, work well with tan walls.

Green curtains have a calming effect, making them suitable for a bedroom, living room, or child’s room. Alternatively, if you prefer greens, these curtains are perfect for you. It would be best if you used matching bed sheets, unique types of throw pillows and adequate lighting to create a captivating environment,

10. Mauve Color Curtains

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Mauve curtains are an ideal choice for tan walls. These curtains look extremely decent and balance the vibrance of the surroundings. In addition, the outstanding color combination of tan shades and mauve gives a rich appearance to your rooms.

Choose the right shade of mauve curtains to complement tan walls and the furnishings of your room. Doing this is essential because mauve color curtains might not compliment every shade of the furniture. However, you can go for lighter shades of mauve if you have dark furnishing and dark shades of tan on your walls.

11. Floral Print Curtains

Sun Zero Kara Floral Print Energy Efficient Rod Pocket Curtain Panel, 54" x 63", Stone

The floral print curtains will complement almost any wallpaper and give your space a refreshing, vibrant appeal. You can choose from the different floral patterns and shades of curtains that accentuate your decor the best.

You can match the tan walls with colored curtains with floral prints of numerous colors, including red, blue, dark brown, green, white floral print, and many more. Floral curtains are ideal for living rooms, as it creates a fresh atmosphere.

12. Printed Curtains

H.VERSAILTEX Blackout Curtains 84 Inch Length 2 Panels Geometry Print Curtain Drapes for Living Room Thermal Insulated Grommet Window Curtains for Bedroom - Modern Geo Line Taupe and Red

Printed curtains are a great option to give your space a stirring and sensational appearance. You can choose from a wide range of geometric prints that work with your tan walls the best.

Printed curtains are popular in home decorating as they provide a cheerful look to the eyes. However, you should be careful while choosing the printed curtains, making sure the prints do not ruin the elegance of your space. You can also use similar printed bed linens and pillowcases to give an adventurous impression to your rooms.

You can use a variety of print designs for your tan walls, such as lines, checks, parallel lines, symmetrical lines, zigzags, squares, circles, and so on. The important thing is to match the design or material to the room’s color scheme.

13. Blind Curtains

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If you want simplicity and elegance, blinds are the way to go. Blinds can beautifully combine with all color combinations, making them ideal curtains for all the rooms in your home.

If your home has tan walls, couple them with blinds for the window curtains, which provide adequate privacy and effectively block out light. Blinds work well with tan walls since they come in a variety of colors and wood tones.

Blinds are dark curtains made of bamboo, vinyl, or aluminum slats, which you can adjust according to your requirement of light in the room. Generally, blinds are fitted with cords or drape-up mechanisms to raise or lower them, which typically eliminates the need to move the entire blind unless you need to open the window beneath.

14. Two Shades or Gradient Curtains

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Shaded or gradient curtains are currently the most popular type of curtain. The gradient curtains have a darker and lighter shade of the same color blend. These curtains are a fantastic fit for tan walls and create vibrance in the room.

Choose a gradient that enhances the tan color scheme on your walls. There is a variety of materials for gradient curtains. Consider picking net curtains or a lighter fabric that allows light and air to pass through if you want your room to be open and aerated.

15. Sheer Curtains

Window White Sheer Curtains 84 Inches Long 2 Panels Sheer White Curtains Clear Curtains Basic Rod Pocket Panel Other Beige Grey Purple Pink 63 72 95 108 Inch Bedroom Children Living Room Yard Kitchen

Another great curtain choice for tan walls is sheer curtains. Sheer curtains are translucent, lightweight fabric curtains that merge marvelously with all shades of tan, giving your home decor a splendid impression.

Sheer curtains add softness and brightness to your rooms and go with a wide range of furniture and decorative objects, such as table lamps and bed linens. If privacy is an issue, you can use blinds with sheer curtains.

16. Textured Curtains

jinchan Linen Textured 95 inch Long Room Darkening Greyish Beige Curtains for Bedroom Light Reducing & Thermal Insulating Curtain Panel One Panel

Different curtain textures that go well with tan walls include visual, tactile, and amplitude textures. Richly textured curtains may provide depth and warmth to a room, both visually and emotionally.

Use textured curtains to make your space look more impressive. These curtains complement a wide range of wall and furniture colors. It creates a beautiful mood when you drape translucent and textured curtains together in a room with tan wallpaper.

17. Classic Bedroom Window Shades

Redi Shade Original Room Darkening Pleated Paper Shade, 36 in x 72 in, 6-Pack, Gray

To embellish your home with tan walls, you can pick the classic bedroom window shades. Window shades are soft-fabric curtains that you can fix on the upper edge of the window frame.

As you elevate the shade, it wraps around the curtain rod, a string, or a roller and will allow you to view outside or let in light. Depending on the style and function, a shade either rolls along the rod or bunches up. Shades that go well with tan walls include:

  • Roller shades
  • Tie-up shades
  • Roman shades
  • Balloon shades

Your home is a pure reflection of your personality. So, choose the best curtain colors that complement your style and enhance the appearance of your interior. Since tan is a neutral hue for walls, You can select any lively color curtains to accent your tan walls.

There are no rules for what to pick and avoid when it comes to decorating your home. Go with what makes your space beautiful, and choose the best curtain options for your tan walls.

Aqua color is yet another unique color for walls. And if you’re struggling to find curtain colors for Aqua walls, your hunt ends here.