What Color Curtains Go With Pink Walls? (8 Amazing Ideas)

When it comes to interior design, pink is a trendy color. It is a perfect mix of strong and delicate. Pink is a great color to employ in homes because it can uplift your mood while relaxing your eyes. Furthermore, the countless shades of pink make matching accessories to pink walls a breeze.

There are various textures, materials, colors, and qualities available to choose the best curtains that add beauty to your space. You can complement the pink color on the walls with different curtains. Choose the ideal curtains for your home from this list of the best curtain colors for pink walls. 

List Of Colors That Look Cute With The Pink Walls

1. Try Pink On Pink Combination

LEMOMO Baby Pink Bedroom Blackout Curtains/52 x 84 Inch Long/Set of 2 Curtain Panels/Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Curtains for Bedroom

Pink curtains are an excellent and straightforward approach to giving a fresh modern style to the pink decor of your home. This beautiful pink-on-pink blend is ideal for bedrooms and especially for girls’ rooms.

Using curtains that are the same color as the walls is an excellent idea to give your home a magical impression. Pink curtains with pink walls are famous for their gorgeousness. This combination looks even more lovely when paired with matching interior decorative accessories like bed linens and pillowcases.

2. Sheer Curtains With Pink Wall

GoodGram 2 Pack: Basic Rod Pocket Sheer Voile Window Curtain Panels - Assorted Colors (White, 84 in. Long)

Pink walls and white or sheer drapes are a great match. Adding high-quality sheer curtains to your rooms with pink walls can improve the overall look of your home. If you want your space to be basic yet exquisite, white on pink is the perfect combination for you.  

Sheer curtains allow most of the natural light to pass through, keeping the room constantly bright. But, of course, if you are concerned about the transparency of the sheer curtains, you can always couple them with blinds. Sheer curtains are the finest pick if you prefer minimal decorating accessories in your room.

3. Use Floral Curtains With Pink Walls

Lush Decor Room Darkening Window Curtain Panel Pair Leah Floral Insulated Grommet, 84" L, Coral and Gray

Follow the latest floran curtain styles to make your home fashionable. To make a fantastic mix, you can use several shades with gorgeous flower patterns to complement your pink walls. There is a wide variety of floral prints for your curtains to pick the best combination for your home’s interiors.

If you have light pink wallpaper in your rooms, these light floral curtains will undoubtedly enhance the elegance of your home. This combination adds vibrance and comfort to the environment, making it suitable for living rooms and bedrooms.

4. Add Blue Curtains With Pink Walls

BGment Blackout Curtains for Bedroom - Grommet Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Curtains for Living Room, Set of 2 Panels (42 x 63 Inch, Navy Blue)

Pink is a decent color, and It can be challenging to find the perfect drapes for pink walls. However, a very light shade of blue can be an excellent choice for your curtains to match the light pink color on your walls. You can also use a dark blue shade for your curtains to create a contrasting color combination in rooms. 

The blue and pink colors balance each other ideally to give a decent look to your interiors. Blue color cushions can also enhance the overall appearance of your room. You can use this color combination in your bedrooms, living rooms, and children’s rooms. 

5. Try Yellow Curtains With Pink Walls

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Another excellent option for matching your pink walls is yellow curtains. This vibrant yellow and pink combination may infuse your surroundings with energy and excitement. In addition, the yellow curtains with different patterns never fail to create a royalist effect in your home. 

You can use additional matching interior accessories like sofa covers, bed linens, and pillowcases to compliment the entire essence of your room. Since both colors are decent, yellow and pink make a great color scheme for living rooms and bedrooms. 

6. Green Curtains With Pink Walls

NICETOWN Holiday Decor Thermal Insulated Solid Grommet Blackout Curtains/Drape for Living Room (1 Pair, 42 by 84 inches, Olive Green)

When it comes to Pink walls, there are no better color options for curtains than green, which is because green tint can dominate the pink hue while having an equivalent influence on the eyes.

Moreover, the elegance of the green curtains will complement the softness of the pink walls. The pink and green color scheme gives a dreamy essence to the surroundings. Since green curtains are highly appealing and provide a sense of calm, you can use them in both living rooms and bedrooms.

7. Bring Bright Color Curtains With Pink Walls

6 Piece Rainbow Sheer Window Panel Colorful Backdrop Bright Curtains Set for Playroom, Nurseries, Bedroom & More Lime, Orange, Red, White, Bright Yellow, Navy Drapes- 84 inch Long Panels

Bright colors bring happiness and hope into your life. They can instantly cheer up your mood, making them an excellent option for curtains. The colorful curtains combine with a wide range of furniture and accessories and give the room a cheerful impression.

To give your rooms with pink walls a stylish appearance, choose natural hues for your drapes. Adorn your home with colorful and peppy draperies and brilliant lights to make an ideal vibrant blend with the pink decor of your rooms. Bright color curtains are suitable for all areas of homes. 

8. Unique Turquoise Curtains With Pink Walls

Deconovo Grommet Blackout Curtains Bedroom, Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Window Curtain, Turquoise,42x63 Inch, 1 Panel

Use turquoise curtains to create a one-of-a-kind design for your home with pink walls. To match the curtains and walls, use this color combination on pillows and bed linens.

The gorgeous turquoise curtains contrast nicely with the peacefulness of the light pink walls, giving the space a fresh feel. The color scheme is ideal for bedrooms and study spaces, and it will look fantastic in slightly dim lighting.

So, if you want aesthetic curtains for your pink walls, you can surely go with turquoise curtains.

Enjoy the beauty of pink walls in your home with the above-mentioned unique color combination and more. These lovely shades and designs will give your walls and house a new vivid look. Whether you go with pink, blue, yellow, green, or turquoise, make sure the colors go nicely with your existing decor and create an appealing look to your space. 

If you can’t decide on a specific hue, go with neutrals for your curtains. You’ll never go wrong with them because they work well with a variety of wall colors. So, pick curtains that suit the classy look of your pink walls the best.