13 Amazing Curtains Colors to Go with Yellow Walls

Yellow is a bright and joyful hue to use in your home decor. It exudes a sense of coziness and warmth while also adding a splash of color to the space. When you paint your walls yellow, you must have a keen eye while choosing curtains. So, if you have a room in your house with yellow walls and are wondering what curtains you should use, we’ve come up with thirteen excellent curtain color options to accent the walls.

13 Best Color Options For The Curtains Used With Yellow Walls

1. Sheer White Curtains for Bright Yellow Walls

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Sheer white curtains go well with bright yellow wall colors like sunny yellow or lemon yellow. These curtains let in much natural light, making the space feel lively and airy. If you want to create laxer surroundings, sheer curtains are a great option.

Choose white solid fabric curtains for deep yellow walls like banana yellow to achieve a more balanced appearance. For a space with yellow walls and dark furnishings, white curtains are an excellent choice. You can play with the yellow color palette for bed sheets, cushions, and carpets to create a warm, bright environment.

2. Yellow Curtains

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Employ yellow curtains to match your yellow walls for a more cohesive interior décor. Sheer yellow draperies will give a softer touch to the area, while fabric curtains will ooze a classier look. You can add visual interest to this monochromatic color scheme, using a different shade of yellow for the drapes than the walls to differentiate them.

You may, for example, use brilliant yellow curtains to complement a dusty yellow background. If the yellow-on-yellow combination is too much for you, add a touch of another dark complementary color, such as blue, to your decorative accessories to create a stunning balance.

3. Brown Curtains for Rich Yellow Walls

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A classic color combination of yellow and brown creates a delightful atmosphere for you. Rich brown drapes, such as chocolate or chestnut brown, will complement the rich yellow walls beautifully. If you want to contrast a mustard yellow theme, use cool browns like penny brown and brunette. Use reddish-brown drapes with an orange-yellow wallpaper like marigold.

Mocha brown curtains will highlight not only your dark yellow walls but also your dark brown furniture. To give your room a beautiful finishing touch, use contrasting pillows, bed linens, and bedside runners for this color scheme.

4. Blue Curtains for Different Shades of Yellow

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The colors blue and yellow come together to create a stunning color scheme. Blue is a wise color choice for curtains because different tones of blue may attractively accent different shades of yellow. Depending on how you want your room to look, you can choose a darker or lighter shade of blue.

Try navy blue curtains against pale or dusty yellow walls for a warm and soothing contrast. To go with mellow or buttercream yellow, choose light blue curtains. The rich blue curtains will complement your room’s golden and mustard yellow walls, giving it a striking appearance.

If you have light-colored furniture, the combination of blue and yellow will brighten up your area—select complimentary items to enhance the room’s visual attractiveness.

5. Gray Curtains for Light and Dark Yellow Walls

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Gray, as a neutral shade, can magically complement almost any other color, predominantly yellow. For a room with vivid goldenrod yellow walls and pale yellow walls, rich colors like dark slate grey, iron, or pebble grey are appropriate curtain colors. To create a modest contrast in a lively area, try lighter grey hues against vivid yellow walls.

Gray curtains will provide a sense of balance in your space while also highlighting your bright color scheme. If you have lighter-colored furniture, use dark grey pillows and vice versa, along with complementary bed linens and a gray rug to add a bit more oomph to the overall aesthetics of your room.

6. Beige Curtains

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Beige is a warm and neutral color that blends beautifully with yellow. Pair beige curtains with yellow walls to create a homely and welcoming ambiance. If you want a brighter and lighter interior, light beige drapes with pale yellow walls are a good choice. They are also excellent options for dark yellow walls like mustard yellow.

You can balance the sharpness of the yellow background in your space while giving it a more contemporary look by applying these curtains. Another benefit is that beige drapery will complement both light and dark furniture. To create a stylish living room or bedroom for yourself, use beige cushions on the sofa and matching bed linens and pillowcases.

7. Orange Curtains for Bright Yellow Walls

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Orange and yellow are complementary hues that combine to create a lively, warm color scheme. To complement your room’s brilliant yellow walls, choose rich orange curtains. These drapes exude vitality and energy, making them an excellent choice for living rooms and dining rooms.

Orange curtains will complement warm yellow tones well, creating color harmony in the room. If you have a white couch or loveseat in your living room, add bright orange cushions to create a lovely and vibrant color palette.

8. Shades of Red for Mustard and Gold Yellow Walls

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Red and yellow are complementary colors, making the two shades a great match. Maroon curtains, a brownish-red tone, are an excellent window treatment for rich yellow wall colors such as gold or mustard yellow. These curtains will give your room a more classic style by creating a striking contrast against the yellow background.

For vivid and playful home decor, bright red curtains will blend perfectly with bright yellow walls. Likewise, yellow cushions will draw attention to your beautiful dark brown furniture. Finally, to achieve color harmony in your room, pick red-tinted bed sheets and bedside runners.

9. Teal Curtains for Yellow Walls

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To create a refreshing look in your house, pair teal curtains with yellow walls. Teal drapes go well with light yellow walls, such as dusty yellow and rich yellow walls. Teal is a blend of cold and warm tones. The color pairs well with warm and cool yellow tones of yellow. Lighter teal curtains create a calming atmosphere, while darker teal curtains create a strong contrast. To complete the vivid décor of your yellow room, add teal cushions to your grey or light brown sofa and teal and yellow-tinted flannel sheets to your bed.

10. Green Curtains for a Natural Feel

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Green curtains are the finest choice for a room with beautiful yellow walls and a view of the outdoors. Both dark and light-yellow wallpapers will look fantastic with dark green drapes. Green serves as an accent hue for the yellow motif, resulting in a vibrant living or resting area.

Warm green tones like sage green and dark olive green will work well with dark yellows like mustard or banana yellow. To create a striking contrast with the rich yellow walls, choose dark green colors for curtains. For a unified look, use matching bedsheets and other accessories.

11. Purple Curtains

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Purple is another opposite color to yellow, making it a great match for yellow walls. You can pick rich purple shades for curtains to accent your light yellow walls. The dark purple shade will offer a crisp contrast with bright yellow walls like sunny yellow and golden yellow, while pale purple will add a softer touch to the area. Pick yellow and purple cushions to adorn your furniture to give your room a lovely modern feel.

12. Floral Curtains for Visual Interest

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Floral curtains are a great way to enhance the vividness of a room while adding more visual interest to it. Pick floral curtains with white or off-white background and yellow floral prints to match your yellow walls. If you want a contrasting theme for your rooms, you can go with red, blue, purple, and other shades for curtains.

For dark yellow walls, floral curtains are a great match as they add vibrance to the room’s overall look. For a more retro appearance, accent your interiors with yellow-tinted floral print bed sheets and cushions.

13. Textured Curtains

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To add more richness to your room with yellow walls, go for textured curtains. Both the light and dark colors are suitable for this classy window treatment. For a bold statement-making appearance, choose dark shade textured curtains like brown or rich gray, and for a brighter room, select light shade textured curtains to complement your yellow walls.

You can use textured cushions to add a little more oomph to the space, creating a lovely modern living and bedroom.

This guide can come in handy if your room has yellow walls and you’re trying to figure out what specific colors will go with them without looking too busy. You can select the fabric and color scheme of the curtains according to your preferences. All you have to do now is choose the correct colors to complement your yellow walls, and you’ve got yourself a dream house.