12 Amazing Color Curtains To Go With Wood Walls

We know how difficult it is to plan your home decor and style it with a curtain that complements your beige walls and wood walls.

Since cool colors play an essential role in decorating any house’s interior and exterior, it is necessary to plan it thoughtfully. Be it renovation or doing some modifications, or choosing dark curtains or accent color curtains, it is vital to have a place that looks elegant and at the same time offers peace to YOU.

But, what if you have wood walls! Are you confused about what color curtains go with wood walls?

Don’t worry; in this blog, we will suggest the most elegant and beautiful patterned curtain choices for you to decide. You will also get insights on which color suits most for your home or offices, along with a light touch of suggestions for greenery and internal materials.

12 Amazing Color Ideas For Curtains That Go With Wood Walls

Wood is a color of strength and reliability with feelings of comfort, warmth, and security due to originating from nature. Mixing all these good characteristics in our home creates a positive atmosphere. Let’s have a look at marvelous color curtains which blend with wood color walls.

1. Sheer White Walls Curtain

The Sheer White Tulle patterned Curtain will look great with carved wooden walls. A sheer curtain with beautiful designs are made up of very lightweight materials and these white curtain designs are transparent.

The most significant advantage of using a sheer white curtain is that it provides privacy. You can see things happening outside, but people cannot peep in and see things happening inside the house. That’s the best part of sheer curtain.

Sheer white curtains are very affordable and come with high-quality materials. That’s why they are highly recommended with wood walls. The white color forms a perfect balance between walls and curtains.

2. Walnut Cream

The sharp printed walnut cream color combination of the curtain with wood paneling will give a subtle but straightforward look to the room.

Use this color with a slightly darker wall which will give it a more appealing look.

The light and dark combination will also allow you to use light and dark color furniture and home decor items.

3. Intense blue curtain with orange-toned wood

Intense blue walls shade curtain and orange-toned colors are too opposite in the color circle. The bright intense blue wall tone curtains having highlights of orange-toned color will compliment your room. Further, it will make your wood walls paint color perfect for hanging beautiful paintings and canvases.

However, this blue curtain combination will not be suitable for bedrooms as you mostly prefer relaxing there due to the high contrast look. But do give this combination a try in your living room. You can also add a little spice with this exciting blue walls curtain color combination which will be great for your dining room and study rooms.

4. Olive Green

Are you a nature lover? Try Olive green curtains on your wooden walls. It will give you a sense that your house has been transformed into a treehouse-like you have seen in a movie. You can use an olive green wall with any kind of wood.

Olive green wall curtains will give good vibes, signify empathy, and relieve stress and the healing process, and improved focus.

Olive green curtains will positively impact your thinking, your relationships, and your physical health.

5. Coral pink

The combination of Coral pink curtains with wood walls will add a little warmth to your eyes and in the room since it has a perfect hint of yellow color mixed in.

It is a symbol of happiness, sagacity, and acceptance. In addition, Coral has properties that help in a sound sleep at night and helps in combat fear and helplessness.

It will be pretty suitable for dining rooms with brown furniture and a medium-sized aquarium to make them more lively and beautiful.

6. Smoke Grey

Color psychology suggests grey is a neutral color that signifies balance.

The combination of smoke grey curtains with brass curtain rods and wood walls will look extraordinarily balanced and cool.

These curtains placed in a beautiful and sturdy curtain rod will ensure a perfect look making your bedroom elegant. This shade is mainly used with darker shade wood walls to maximize colors’ union fully.

7. Shades of Brown 

Do you like solid and earthy colors? Try Using shades of brown curtains all at one time, i.e., and you can use tri- shades of a brown wall – “walnut, tortilla, and caramel.”

To use these shades, use Door panel patterned curtains which will leave a much more significant impact on the viewer.

Brown is a humble color that functions as a relaxing color. It positively influences our sleeping state and mood swings, and immune system.

8. Mellow Yellow

Yellow is the most radiant color of the colors out there, which gets more attention than any other color. Mellow yellow is a light shade of yellow whose curtains will look exceptionally well with light and dark wood paneling.

It will fill your heart with optimism, creativity, enlightenment, and happiness.

You can also add some plants to the room to get a more natural look with yellow curtains.

9. Beige with Goblet style patterned curtains 

For a more realistic look, use Beige, especially with goblet-style patterned curtains. To increase a good look, select a good fabric for your curtain with some designs on it.

Beige is very popular among interior designers. It says that you are not looking for any kind of attention. Instead, you just want to get mixed with the people.

10. Ginger Orange

Ginger, orange, and wood both are nature-based cool colors. It’s the reason why they are often used together and have perfect harmony towards each other.

The combination of ginger orange curtains with textured wood walls will make a perfect and beautiful view in your eyes.  

It will undoubtedly create spiritual freedom and help in managing your emotions.

11. Anchor Grey

Grey color is a safe color for nearly any room in the house, but it is primarily used in the bedrooms because it adds a soft and moody feel to our minds.

Using a grey curtain with wood paneling walls can develop a charming look that you have not imagined yet.

The truth is it has a very cooling and soothing presence. Try using sunflowers in vases near the grey curtains to experience a beautiful view.

12. Golden 

Gold is a color of triumph, success, and achievement. It is associated with compassion, magic, wisdom, and love.

It is a color of charm and makes your wood wall color even more charming. The combination of wood walls with golden drapery will create a more decadent look that will sparkle your eyes whenever the roman shade rays of sunlight fall upon the gold curtain.

Gold is a color that brings good luck. It’s the reason athletes are awarded gold medals.

Wood is a color of strength and reliability with feelings of comfort, warmth, and security due to originating from nature. Drape all these good characteristics in your home and create a positive atmosphere.

We hope you found the perfect door hanging curtains and window curtains, which touches your heart and ends your search about what color curtains go with wood walls. If you keep in mind the article you just read, it will minimize your work, including choosing a curtain color, finalizing the color scheme, and drapery panels.