What Curtains Go with Red Walls? (12 Color Ideas)

The color red is notable for its elegant, eye-catching, and statement-making appearance. When employed in home decor, bright red colors can drastically alter the entire appearance of your area. When your walls are red, your room looks gorgeous but choosing curtains to highlight these lovely red walls can be tricky since you must be very attentive.

To assist you with the same, we’ve compiled a collection of creative curtain options to go with the red walls. Here are some attractive curtain colors to use in your home.

Best Color Curtains for Red Wall

1. White Curtains or Sheer Curtains

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White is a primary and eternal color that goes well with all the red shades and tones. Sheer curtains are the perfect window treatment when you want your space to be naturally bright. These lighter curtains will add a gentler, more relaxed vibe to your living or bedrooms.

White curtains will balance the vibrancy of red walls, producing a sophisticated, chic atmosphere for you. If you do not want to worry about what shade of red you have on the walls, sheer white curtains are an unfailing option.

2. Beige Curtains to Accent Red Walls

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Beige works well as an accent color against red walls. It’s a warm, neutral color that balances off a bright, vibrant wall color like red. Curtains in sand beige or olive beige go well with vibrant red wall colors. Warm beige curtains can accommodate dark reds, such as maroon or barn red, and create a welcoming space.

Beige and red is a sleek color combination, with the beige complementing and neutralizing the other red interiors.

3. Gray Curtains for Depth

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Gray is a soothing, dull color that may easily balance out the room’s overwhelming red background, presenting a clean, elegant, and balanced aesthetic. Your space will have more depth added to it when you use dark gray curtains for the deep red walls. Charcoal gray is a perfect curtain color for muted red as well as bright cherry or prime red walls.

The rich, warm gray tones like iron-gray or taupe will create a warm ambiance against vibrant crimson walls. For a powerful and rich aesthetic, red and gray is excellent color palette. Color-coordinated upholstery accessories can be used to offer a final touch to the space.

4. Black And Red Combination

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If you can handle dark decorative elements in your room, then black curtains are an excellent complement for red walls. Although black is too strong of a color to use in décor, it is a good accent color for red background, resulting in a dramatic, moody feel. Black curtains go well with both primary and muted red shades.

If you have a light shade settee in your living room, adorn it with red and black cushions to create dynamic aesthetics. You can use an abstract art wall with red, black, and white hues to add visual appeal to your red walls.

5. Red Curtains for Monochrome Theme

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Some people enjoy having their rooms designed with only one accent color. If you’re one of them, use crimson curtains to complement your red walls. You can choose between curtains that are the same shade of red as the walls or ones that are lighter or darker. If your walls are ruby red, for example, maroon or burgundy curtains in the same color family will provide visual flair.

You can also choose light or dark brown furniture and decorate it with matching or contrasting decor items, depending on the look you desire for your rooms.

6. Yellow Curtains for Vibrant Rooms

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Because red and yellow are so near on the color wheel, they make a lovely interior design combo. Curtains in various shades of yellow can be used to compliment red walls and create an attractive aesthetic.

Use pale or light yellow tones like mellow yellow to provide a burst of vivid color to your drapes without making the room too saturated. Try light yellow-orange tones like marigold to make your cherry red decor more playful.

If the vibrancy of the red and yellow color scheme is too much for your eyes, dark furnishings and accessories can help balance it out.

7. Blue Curtains for Contrasting Interior

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Bring your red walls in the spotlight using the stunning blue curtains in your room. Blue, a complementary color of red, will create striking contrast in your decor.

To provide depth and balance to the area, use drapes in deep blue tones like midnight, navy, or indigo blue against subdued red walls. Light blue curtains are preferable if you want to create a mellow contrast in your area. Cool blue drapes will look stunning against cool dark red walls, such as burgundy.

Blue is just as powerful as red, so combining the two hues to decorate a room can be tricky. However, if you choose the appropriate blue tones, they will compliment your red walls like no other.

8. Green Curtains for Natural Feel

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Green curtains offer a good natural, inviting feeling in a room with a crimson background. Warm greens like dark olive or sage green will look great on drapes if your walls are warm red colors, while mint green drapes will turn dramatic aesthetics more refreshing. In addition, the muted red walls will pop under deep green curtains.

It seems like Christmas when green and red are coupled, and it’s a cheerful color combination. Green curtains are ideal for creating an earthy, welcoming atmosphere in your home and are compatible with nearly any interior design style.

9. Brown Curtains for Warmth

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Brown curtains are a great way to tie your décor with your dark red walls. This color will provide depth to the room without overdoing the red tones on the walls. In addition, warm red wall colors like crimson, cherry, and ruby red will look stunning with curtains in dark warm brown hues.

Brown curtains will help create a welcoming, comfortable, and stylish home decor. If your room has dark red-brown furnishings, use white or light-colored accessories to brighten the space and provide a sense of harmony.

10. Purple Curtains for Royal Touch

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Purple is a royal and rich color to use in home decor. It’s a sophisticated curtain color to pair with deep red wall colors like burgundy. Purple curtains will create a smooth transition from the background to the accent color. If you want to achieve color harmony in your space, choose a purple curtain with richer red undertones.

You can use different curtain materials, such as textures, silk, or velvet, to create extra depth and interest. To create a visual balance, you can choose light shade furnishing for your room.

11. Patterned Curtains for Red Walls

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If you want to step up the plain single color curtains, the following excellent option is patterned curtains. Use attractive patterned curtains to complement the gorgeous red walls in your room. You can choose different patterns like polka dots, geometric patterns, minimal abstract shapes, so on.

Light-colored curtains with a red pattern are the most basic way to go about patterned curtains. However, if you want a dark, dramatic interior, you can pick dark curtains.

12. Floral Curtains for Retro Look

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Use floral curtains in vibrant colors to complement your red walls and give the space a fresh atmosphere. Floral pattern curtains are a fun way to create a nostalgic but stylish look in your home. Choose light shade curtains for a balanced effect if your home has a dramatic motif, such as red and blue or red and yellow.

Select drapes with large and broad floral prints to make it appear less busy if you have a small room.

There are many innovative ways to complement your room’s lovely red walls. One practical approach is to pair the appropriate curtains with the wall color and style. Use this guide to pick the best matching curtains to accentuate your red walls and the overall aesthetic of your home.