12 Gorgeous Curtain Colors to Match Your Red Couch

A bold red couch or sofa may quickly become the focal point of your living space. It accents the overall personality of the room. However, to highlight this furniture, you must select the best-suited curtain colors to create a visual interest in the area. We’re here to assist you in the same way. So read along as we unwrap this list of unique curtain colors that suit your red couch.

Your room’s overall appearance depends on the colour and design of your furnishings. If you choose attractive red furniture for your home, you’ve made the right decision.

Curtains That Go With Red Couch

1. Golden Colored Curtains

KoTing Blackout Golden Curtain Drape for Bedroom 1 Panel Gorgeous Solid Gold Curtain Grommet Top Drapes 84 inch Long 42 84

When you have a magnificent red couch or lounger, gold curtains are one of the top choices for your living room. The golden yellow color complements red, making it a good match for a stunning red sofa. This curtain color works well with most light-colored wallpapers and enhances the assertiveness of red furnishings.

Gold curtains alone have a majestic and royalist feel to them, but when you pair them with attractive scarlet red furnishing, the effect is astounding. Complement this color palette with matching cushions or pillows to create a soothing uniformity in the space.

2. Beige Colored Curtains

Deconovo Beige Blackout Curtains for Bedroom 84 Inch Long - Rod Pocket Curtains Drapes for Living Room, Beige, 42W x 84L Inch, 2 Panels

Beige is another classy curtain color that goes well with a gleaming red sofa set or a fashionable red leather couch. Light beige curtains will create a neutral and calm background, bringing the red furnishing under the spotlight.

Beige curtains are popular because they go with a wide range of dark and light-colored furniture and wallpapers. Consider matching color-coordinated cushions and rugs with your red furniture to enhance the overall appeal of your apartment.

3. Brown Colored Curtains

Sun Zero Barrow Energy Efficient Rod Pocket Curtain Panel, 54 in x 84 in-1, Mocha Brown

Do you have white walls or other neutral color walls with a gorgeous brown or red settee in your living room? If yes, then brown drapes should be your first choice. These curtains look fantastic against light-colored walls and dark-colored furniture.

Brown curtains will enrich and complement your red couch, giving your lovely home a tremendous visual appeal. To give your red loveseat a charismatic appearance, use brown or red-tinted carpets and cushions.

4. Red Colored Curtains

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Red curtains are the way to go if you want a monochrome interior design. These curtains will give accompany your stylish red couch, highlighting it even more. Also, if you have warm shades on your walls, this red-on-red combination will create a unified look in your space.

Add some diversity to your home using contrasting cushions, rugs, and flannel sheets to balance the impact of your blazing red couch. Give your apartment a spectacular red accent using crimson curtains.

5. White or Sheer Colored Curtains

DWCN White Sheer Curtains Semi Transparent Voile Rod Pocket Curtains for Bedroom and Living Room, 52 x 84 inches Long, Set of 2 Panels

White fabric or sheer white curtains are an excellent match for your red furnishings. Sheer drapes will keep your space bright and open, and soften the sharpness of the bold red couch or settee, while the fabric white curtains add more texture to the room.

You can use whites or off-white shades for your carpets, cushions, and bed linens if you want to make your red couch the focal point of the room, keeping the rest of the interior basic.

6. Black Colored Curtains or Blinds

Sun Zero Barrow Energy Efficient Rod Pocket Curtain Panel, 54" x 84", Black, One Panel

Who doesn’t love the beautiful and elegant duo of red and black? Black curtains will highlight your red furniture beautifully, making it the center of attention in the room. Although black curtains or blinds may appear superior to red furnishings, the effect is breath-taking when you combine them with magnificent décor visual elements.

These curtains let in very little light and air, keeping the interior warm, fashionable, and current. Dark curtain colors look well in large spaces and create a modern, dynamic mood. To complement the general decor of your home, choose black pillows and rugs.

7. Blue Colored Curtains

MIUCO Semi Sheer Curtains Poly Linen Textured Solid Grommet Curtains 84 Inches Long for French Doors 2 Panels (2 x 37 Wide x 84" Long) Navy Blue

You have two possibilities with blue curtains to accompany your fashionable bright red furniture. First, to create a peaceful environment in the space, use a lighter shade of blue for your drapes. The soft blue or sky-blue drapes will beautifully balance the red accent.

Bold colors like dark blue or navy-blue curtains are ideal if you want your area to appear highly vivid and active. Dark blue curtains increase the red leather furniture’s existing intensity and cheek.

Consider implementing complementary couch and rug colors to fit this red and blue color scheme. You can also use various matching accessories in your room.

8. Grey Colored Curtains

Sun Zero Becca Energy Efficient Grommet Curtain Panel, 40 in x 84 in, Grey

Complement your gorgeous apartment’s rose furnishings with exquisite gray curtains. Light grey curtains will give a soothing and sophisticated touch to your home, while dark gray colors will contrast the red couch, creating an intense atmosphere in your apartment.

Taupe drapes can be mixed and matched with a variety of wall colors, couch or sofa colors, accent cushions, and other design elements. The minimalism of these drapes gives the space a vibrant but serene appearance. This classy color palette of red and gray is perfect for the workplace.

9. Mint Green Colored Curtains

Yakamok Treatment Blackout Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Solid Grommet Curtains/Drapes for Bedroom,Bonus 2 Tie Backs Included (Aqua,52x84-inch)

To create captivating aesthetics in your residences, pair your red couch with light mint green curtains. These curtains will add a fresh feel to the room while complementing the striking red furniture to give your room a startling and dynamic appeal.

These curtains would look fantastic in practically every room in the house. Try adding color-coordinated decorative accessories to this red and mint green color scheme to transform the style of your lovely home completely.

10. Purple Colored Curtains

MYSKY HOME Blackout Curtain for Bedroom, Grommet Room Darkening Curtain, Amazing Triple Weave Thermal Insulated Curtain, 1 Curtain Panel ( 52 x 84 Inch, Royal Purple )

Purple drapes, believe it or not, can drastically modify the look of your red furniture when paired with scarlet red accessories. If your home has light wallpapers, dark purple or mauve curtains will stand against dark walls, whereas light purple curtains will blend in.

Because lilac curtains express grandeur and energy, they go well with crimson. This combination will create a cohesive aura in the room.

11. Patterned Colored Curtains

Melodieux Moroccan Fashion Thermal Insulated Grommet Room Darkening Curtains for Living Room, 52 by 84 Inch, Off White/Grey (1 Panel)

Patterned curtains are a great pick if you have a neutral wallpaper and a radiant flushed sofa or couch in your living room. You can choose curtains with red or contrasting colored patterns to match the blush red couch. Choose unique designs to add some visual interest to your space

When you have curtains with lovely patterns hanging in your room, you may not need a plethora of decorative accessories to make the room stand out.

12. Floral Print Colored Curtains 

Lush Decor Room Darkening Window Curtain Panel Pair Leah Floral Insulated Grommet, 84" L, Blue

When it comes to home decor, floral pattern curtains are another excellent option. To enhance your elegant red couch or sofa, pair it with red-tinted flower print drapes. Use contrast tinted curtains with floral motifs if you want to create a strong contrast in your space, or go with similar hues if you don’t.

The floral print curtains provide your homes with a vibrant aesthetic appeal and blend in with various wall hues and furniture shades. Cushion cases and rugs with prints are also great additions to this modern look.

The red furniture in the room has a dominating and robust stance. Although you are free to choose brighter or darker tones for your curtains, the colors exhibited will undoubtedly enrich the interiors. Furthermore, to complement the fashionable leather furnishings and the general ambiance of the surroundings, you can add numerous decorative elements such as lamps, wall arts, plants, and much more.