15 Unexpected Yet Best Color Curtains For Purple Walls

We know when it comes to the interior of your new home or renovation of your existing house, you always want to try something new, classic, and elegant. That’s why many people paint their walls purple in excitement and buy a purple-colored sofa chair or a purple bed.

But, at last, what they get stuck with is how to liven up space with purple color walls, what home decor ideas will look sterling and which color curtains will compliment purple walls!

Having a team of interior designers and interior editors, we understand your problem and present you with a unique curtain combination that will look apt with purple. We would also clarify your doubts on several color combinations through this article.

So, here we bring you 15 gorgeous curtain ideas that go well with purple walls. Let’s begin our journey with colors.

15 Amazing Curtain Ideas that Go Well With Purple Walls

1. Candy Orange Curtains

Candy Orange curtains with purple wall
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As the color theory says, opposites attract. Likewise is the case with purple walls and orange curtains. The unbelievable orange and purple color combination will drive you crazy. The mixture is for the ones who love to stand out among the rest.

Give an oomph effect to the modern-day architecture with the trendiest orange sheer curtains. This unique idea takes your bedroom interior to the next level.

2. Harmony In Pink

Light Pink Solid Blackout Curtains for Purple wall
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There is some sort of richness and elegance when we talk about purple and pink. They go perfectly well together.

This extraordinary combination is perfect for a living space where the light is ample; it creates magic. Design your living room having purple and lavender walls with pink curtains.

The idea is a big hit for traditional and modern-day architecture.

3. Deep Dark Plum

Dark Plum Curtains for Purple Wall Interior
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Create a tone-on-tone design in any room with deep dark plum curtains for purple walls. Thinking of this might make you feel uncomfortable but leave it to designers and get outstanding results.

A deep purple can also be considered if your walls are light purple. It is a modern-day choice for a flawless contemporary look.

4. Blue Magic

Blue color curtains for purple wall
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A pretty purple lilac wall blossoms more with baby blue curtains. Opposite of the same such as a blue wall and purple bedroom goes well enough.

It is a traditional sort of interior perfect for any space in homes. Give a touch of antique mirrors, and you are good to go.

5. Peace with White

white color curtain for purple wall
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White is a king of colors that can quickly gel up any color. It gives an elegant, peaceful vibe to your home decor.

Decorate your living space, workplace, or even bedroom; it is a choice for all room types. 

It goes well when you need a minimalist yet impactful interior for your space. If you have a gray wall right adjacent to your purple wall, this white curtain can really give a better accent to the purple wall.

6. Wooden Brown

Wooden Brown Curtains for Purple Wall Room
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Are you looking for timeless decor? Try brown wooden curtains for purple walls, and get compliments on your fantastic home decor choice. When clubbed together, wooden brown and purple colors serve the purpose of traditional, modern, and minimalist decor.

Wooden brown curtains reflect the sense of intimacy and are great for the bedroom interior.

7. Neutral Fun

Neutral Fun curtains for purple painted wall
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Stick to the right neutrals in case of lilac walls or a lavender wall. Give your room decor a monochrome look with subtle colors.

Embellish your walls with a neutral color curtain and choose antique candle stands, mirrors to make this look-alike of the ancient times. It is perfect for the living space or the hallway area.

8. Daffodils Yellow

Daffodils Yellow curtains for purple color wall
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Do you love bright shades? If YES, then this choice is for you. Daffodil yellow never fails to surprise with beautiful lavender or purple.

Create a modern interior with the two and augment the living space in your home. The brightness of the daffodils curtains with the subtleness of purple walls is a perfect match. Maybe even a lighter shade than the one shown above with patterned curtains can accent a wall of purple.

9. Olive Green

Olive Green Curtains for light purple wall
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Olive sofas and curtains go well with purple or lavender walls and bedding. Rarest yet, the eye-catchy combination is olive green and purple. These two colors compliment each other so well.

So just intensify your living room, bedrooms, or kitchen with the sophisticated combination of olive and purple.

10. Metallic Rose Gold

Metallic Rose Gold Curtains
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The two colors, rose gold and purple are a perfect blend to showcase richness and composure.

Purple-painted walls with metallic rose gold curtains look sophisticated together without disturbing the overall sweetness of the space. A painting in red can enhance the overall look.

Whether choosing a minimalist or a modern look for your home decor, this choice is perfect. In addition, the look is fantastic for living rooms.

11. Pastel Yellow

Pastel Yellow curtains for purple wall
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When in doubt, choose pastels. You can never go wrong with pastels. Yellow pastel shade enhances the look of your lilac walls. The reasons being the same tone of the serenity of both colors.

Purple bedding with yellow curtains is a big hit for private bedrooms and hotel bedrooms. Pastel yellow goes so nicely with the purple walls throughout and enhances the modern outlook.

12. Charcoal Black

Charcoal Black curtains for lavender and purple wall
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Ever thought of incorporating black curtains for purple lilac walls? Just give it a thought; because this combination will turn out to be superb together.

Black is meant to deepen the vibes. Choose ultra-sheer curtains or black velvet curtains for amplifying your living space and making it elegant.

Try placing a purple sofa chair on a tight corner of purple walls with black curtains to add more spice. The entire look and feel of your living room will change.

13. Forest Green

Forest Green Curtains for Dark Purple Wall
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To give a sexy allure to your home interior, just give it a try to forest green curtains with purple walls. The combination of forest greens and purple is beyond your imagination.

Leave your guests awestruck with the mesmerizing combination for your living space. The look is perfect for satisfying the thirst for a modern interior.

14. Bright Red

Bright Red curtains for light purple interior
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The combination of red and purple will leave all the nonbelievers wrong. Leave this combination to the designer and see the wonders.

The bright red and purple will give a stunning modern look to your home decor. And will make you believe the magic in diffusing the bright colors together.

15. Glittery Gold

Gold curtains combination with purple wall
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A solution for the purple or lavender walls lies in glittery gold curtains. The gold curtains are not unique but a perfect way to stand out from the lot.

It is a contemporary style look that brightens up the whole decor. It is the ultimate choice for decorating living space and gasping compliments.

The above ideas were carefully curated by designers and are used in real life for a good look. I hope these ideas thoroughly blend with the query related to purple walls. Choose any of these ideas to amplify your home decor. But before you decide on the curtains, make sure your bedding complements the walls. Confused? Then check out the best bedding colors that go with purple walls.