11 Best Color Curtains to Go With Orange Walls (With Images)

Orange is a bright, warm color that fills the room with positive energy and inspires fun. An orange wall adds to the style quotient of the homeowner and speaks highly of their taste and élan.

Windows on orange walls add to the room’s brightness by letting the natural light in and styling an orange wall with curtains that add to the décor and bring finishing to the room. Curtains come in different materials, patterns, styles, and colors deciding to choose the right color for curtains.

But you have come to the right place to find the best ideas for curtain colors to go with your orange walls. So many options range from plain white to flora patterns, from sheer beige to blackout brown, that fit perfectly.

In this article, we put together the 11 most fantastic color ideas to help you choose the suitable curtains for orange walls in your home. So read on to check out the range of color options and add zing to your room.

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1. Solid Sheer White Curtains To Liven up the Room

white curtains for orange wall
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The white curtain goes with every color, and orange is no exception. Your wall paint color may have any shade of orange; a sheer solid curtain can liven up the room with natural light.

The curtain gives you privacy without blocking any sunlight and makes the room look spacious. Wind flow is also far superior with sheer curtains compared to any other material.

The sheer white curtains look especially great with lighter shades of orange accent wall like coral and blend inThe contrast adds style and depth to the room with the darker shades like tomato or orange room.

2. Tan Golden Medallion Sheer Curtain Gives Royal Look

Tan Golden Curtains for orange walls
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The medallion print in tan and golden shades add a classical royal look to your orange wall. The sheer fabric of the curtain allows sunlight to enter the room abundantly, while the pattern gives extra privacy.

When used with blinds or a set of semi-sheer white curtains, this curtain can help you provide complete privacy with control over the amount of light you let in the room. These curtains go well with lighter shades of orange.

3. Jubilant mood with Cream Pom Tassel Curtains

Cream color curtains for orange walls
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Pom Tassel reminds one of the joys that are hidden in small things. The semi-sheer curtains with patterns and pom tassel in cream colors add a sporty and jubilant mood to the room. These dark curtains are especially recommended for kids’ bedrooms or study rooms.

The cream color blends in with the orange background seamlessly. When used with darker curtains in a pair, these can help you control the light and privacy of the room for a sound sleep.

4. Beige Solid Blackout Curtains

Beige color curtains for orange walls
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The rooms require privacy and complete sunlight blocking so you can rest without getting disturbed. In addition, The beige color is soothing for the eyes, and the thermal texture keeps the environment temperature within the room stable.

With these beige blackout curtains, you can ensure complete privacy and complete blocking of outside light – day or night. In addition, they look incredibly stunning with bright orange and dark orange shades.

5. Sundress Striped Semi-Sheer Curtain for Coastal Look

Striped curtains for room with orange wall
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The beach and coast remind one of the laid-back life, rest, and quality time with friends and family. This sundress or sunshine cool colors semi-sheer patterned curtain brings a coastal look and feel to the room with orange walls.

The large backdrop of an orange wall acts as the evening sky, with the striped curtains adding shades and reminding one of the wavy sand formations. The semi-sheer pattern protects the privacy and lets enough sunlight enter the room to brighten it up.

6. Solid Green Room Darkening Curtain for Open Spaces

Solid Green crutains for orange wall
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The open areas in the home like the veranda, sunroom, or foyer are especially susceptible to elements. These dark curtains are perfect against the orange outer walls to let you sit in the tranquillity of open spaces without the harsh sunlight disturbing you,

The orange adds to the brightness of the open space, while sea green curtains bring its warmth a notch down. These elements (UV, mildew, water, and sunlight) resistant curtains are perfect for areas exposed to the weather.

7. Yellow & Blue Floral Room-darkening Curtains

Yellow & Blue Floral for orange color walls
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The yellow and blue floral pattern curtains are suitable for any room with orange walls and provide ample privacy. Even when drawn, these curtains let the sunshine come into the room, providing natural light without its heat.

These curtains can match most of your brown furniture because of their dual-tone colors, predominantly yellow. The glitz and abundance exhibited by these curtains fill the room with joy. Give your blue walls a traditional and classical look with floral pattern curtains.

8. Spice-Colored Jacquard Chenille Curtain for Elegance

Spice Colored curtain for orange walls
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The timeless jacquard-woven finish of this chenille curtain provides a new dimension and a royal feel. The spice color merges well with shades of orange and darker shades that add to the room’s traditional look and feel.

The room darkening curtains can block sunlight on the brightest of days and keep your room cool. The woven finish bounces the light in all directions. Therefore, the room never feels dampening. Dark shade makes them especially useful for rooms needing privacy, like bedrooms.

9. Golden Matte Velvet Curtain to add Richness

Golden Matte Velvet Curtain for orange interior
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The light-blocking golden-colored room’s matte curtains add to the richness of the room exponentially. The solid and plain velvety finish of the curtains is reflective and shiny. Against an orange wall color, these curtains merge yet stand apart.

These golden velvet curtains can help you a lot to add luxury and elegance in one stroke. Especially suited for living rooms, drawing rooms, and bedrooms, these curtains add a shimmer to the surrounding. In addition, the cotton & polyester velvet blend is smooth on the touch.

10. Multicolored Wildlife Curtain for Rustic Look

Multicolored Wildlife Curtain for orange color
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The rustic-looking wildlife pattern curtain brings the wilderness nearer to your suburban home and adds to the enigma of an alpine cabin. With a black bear and moose featuring snow-capped mountains surrounded by evergreen trees, it brings alive the jungle in your room.

The native motifs evoke a traditional and rustic spirit of outdoor living. With a liner, this sheer curtain provides added sun protection and privacy. Telling tales of jungle and tribes would be much more fun with these curtains in kids’ bedrooms or playrooms.

11. Light Blocking Gradient Color Curtains for Bedroom

Gradient Color Curtains for orange color room interior
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These thermal insulated drapes come in gradients of shades of orange to white. You can use these curtains in two arrangements, with the white section of both curtains facing towards the center of the window, as shown in this image.

Or you can reverse the pattern with the white curtain, the boundaries of the window, and the orange part in the center. These room darkening curtains are made of thermal insulated material to keep the temperature of the room intact. This two-tone ombre patterned curtain panel adds style, simplicity, and elegance to your windows.

Being a dominant color, not too many cool color options go with orange unless they blend in.  Keeping all this in mind, we show that you can experiment with room darkening and sheer curtains of different shades of orange, yellow, and gold. You can also easily add a sporty look with this orange color, as orange denotes energy.

If you were confused with the orange color and styles of the curtains that go with orange walls, hopefully, this article helped you. Just pick your best color, and you’re good to go! But if you’re struggling to decide which type of curtain you should go for, then we’re here to save you with our guide on types of curtains. Hop on it now!