What Color Curtains Go With Ivory Walls (7 Cool Ideas)

You have chosen Ivory, a warm color that has been used for centuries to represent purity, simplicity, trustworthiness, and reliability. The simple white color has many neutral shades, but ivory still stands out as one the most elegant options around.

The ivory color is warmer than white but softer than cream and darker compared to an eggshell. Though it is not quite as simple a color as white or black, you can easily experiment with ivory. It is a fun neutral color to play with while decorating your room.

Wall color plays an essential role in setting the tone of your décor and design. The timeless ivory is a versatile color that can be the dominant color in your scheme or quickly go into the background.

If you are wondering what color curtains go with my ivory walls, your search ends here. Check out these fantastic seven ideas and open your mind to limitless color combinations of curtain colors to complement your ivory, neutral color space.

Best Color Curtain Ideas to Go With Ivory Walls

1. Tones of Off-White Blend in Perfectly with Walls

If you are a true believer in simplicity, then these off-white patterned blackout thermal curtains are a perfect fit for your rooms. You can enjoy the elegant look of ivory walls and a dash of shades of white with Jacquard geometric motif and soft feel of the fabric.

The use of off-white will give continuity to your theme and still stand out against the backdrop of ivory walls – a darker neutral shade of white. You can also use these curtains with beige walls, white walls, and cream walls.

2. Gray Curtains Add Depth and Composure to Room

LEMOMO Grey Blackout Curtains/52 x 84 Inch/Set of 2 Panels Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Curtains for Bedroom…

Gray is a soothing color that is neither too dull like cream nor in your face like black or red. Shades of gray have been used to add depth to any painting, and when you decorate your windows on the ivory or cream color walls, you do just that.

These blackout drapes are simple yet elegant, dark but not dominating, and have flair. The showcased design from Amazon can instantly outline a window on ivory walls in your bedroom, living room, or verandah.

3. Linen Blend Beige Color Curtains Add Style & Elan

Linen has always been the fabric of style, luxury, panache, and flair. The same goes with the warm beige color. Theis blended piece of art from Anthropologie is crafted by blending these two epitomes of style and flair.

Added viscose gives the fabric strength and durability to withstand elements like dust, sunlight, and water. The rich texture and refined yet rustic tone of the beige color would undoubtedly add to the overall style quotient of your rooms and your home. The curtain is sober enough to be used in offices, outer open spaces like verandah, and cabins alike.

4. Mocha to Beautify Walls and Windows with Contrast

MIULEE Blackout Curtains for Bedroom Living Room Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Grommet Top Solid Light Blocking Drapery Set of 2 Window Panels 52 x 84 Inches Mocha

These sheer curtains in mocha color bring life to your walls and windows. This lighter shade of brown can easily complement your wooden windows in original brown tones. The dark color gives you enough privacy, while the sheer fabric weaving allows sufficient natural light to keep the room well-lit.

The mocha color curtains also complement many other color walls, like orange walls, gray walls, green walls, and yellow walls. In addition, the dark curtains add a mystique look to the room that you can contrast with your off-white or light natural brown furniture linen. This color combination is unorthodox, and that is why it is one of our favorites.

5. Black Geometric Patterned Semi-Sheer Curtains

Black is one of the versatile colors that go with anything. These curtains with black geometric patterns on a white curtain background bring out the beauty of simplicity. When put in the backdrop of ivory walls, beige walls, or cream walls, these curtains look alive.

The semi-sheer curtains allow sufficient sunlight to come into the room while protecting you from the direct glare. Use these curtains in the living room, offices, open areas, and significantly smaller rooms to give them the feel of a larger space. Use of sparse brown furniture or white or off-white furniture upholstery will add to the continuity.

6. Hunter Green Velvet Blackout Curtains For Contrast

Lazzzy Blackout Velvet Curtains Hunter Green 84 inch Thermal Insulated Drapes for Dinning Room Darkening Window Treatment Rod Pocket Home Decor Living Room Set of 2 Panels

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Add the royal look with dark hunter green velvet curtains. These full blackout curtains can enhance any space with their velvety shimmer and richness. Keep the room completely dark with these maximum light filtration curtains with thermal insulation and noise reduction features.

If you do not wish to add any overstated or bold design elements to the room, adding these alone could change the tone and tenor of the room. The velvety texture brings a new aspect of depth and dimension to an understated ivory wall.

These cool-colored curtains can also match up with white walls, light green walls, yellow walls, and beige walls.

7. Rust Color Valencia Printed Drapes

Rust is a shade of brown that has a rustic flavor to it. When you drape your windows in this bold shade of brown color with Valencia patterns, you can bring a piece of middle-aged Spain to your bedroom that was synonymous with luxury and ease of living.

These one hundred percent cotton panels allow natural light in gentle measurements to keep the temperature of the room stable. These wide rust color curtains are used with wide rods and add a nice, warm, and classical touch to ivory walls. These curtains also go smoothly with orange walls, white color walls, and sheer curtains.

The idea of decorating with ivory-colored walls as the backdrop is exciting, and we love every inch of it. The strong foundation allows you to be straightforward with cream, off-white, and white colors. And at the same time, you can experiment with darker and brighter colors like orange, brown, and red.

The ivory walls also allow you to easily beautify and redecorate the room in an entirely new look and feel, just by replacing curtains and choosing the upholstery in complementary colors.

We hope you loved reading this article as much as we enjoyed piecing it together with inputs from a few of the best curtain collections.

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