15 Fabulous Curtain Ideas To Go With Green Walls

Green is a beautiful and pleasant color. There’s nothing quite as lovely as a room with green accents, whether it’s on the walls or the accessories. However, decorating your room with green on the walls can be challenging. But don’t fret! We’ve compiled 15 fabulous curtain picks to suit your green walls. Read along to unravel the best curtain ideas for your apartment.

Unique Curtain Ideas for Green Walls

1. Skin or Beige Curtains

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Beige is a gentle, soft, and neutral hue that will match your green walls beautifully. If you have cool green tones like seafoam and forest green on your walls, beige curtains might work wonders for your room. Lighter tones of beige on curtains will complement light shades of green, while dark shades will complement dark shades.

Beige curtains go well with green walls and provide a nice contrast, making them an exciting home décor alternative. If you have dark furniture, you can use beige cushions to highlight it.

2. Green on Green Combination

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Green curtains are the way to go if you want to create a harmonious and natural feel in your home. To get a precise balance of wall and shade tones, combine warm colors with warms and cool hues with cools. However, you can choose different tones of green to provide an interesting variation.

Matching your curtains to your wall shades is an easy way to give the room a style statement. You can even include green-tinted bedlinens and pillowcases, giving your room a refreshing and cohesive look.

3. Red Tinted Curtains

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Your area is already vivid with green walls, but the result is pretty striking when you pair this appealing wall color with vibrant hues like scarlet, orange-red, maroon, and others. Likewise, the red-tinted drapes look fantastic with solid and dark green walls, such as lime or olive green.

This color palette of reds and greens provides a diverse color range to select cushions, carpets, and other decorations.

4. Light Brown Curtains

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Choosing warm-hued green curtains to complement the warm-hued green walls is a wise choice. Light warm green tones, such as pistachio and olive, revitalize the area and allow for the use of other warmer shades, such as golden or light brown.

Warm on warm colors infuse the atmosphere with a sense of coziness and warmth. To give your room a stunning appearance, you can choose from various fabrics for your light brown curtains, including blinds, silk, and so on.

5. White or Sheers Curtains

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White curtains or sheer curtains are a perfect match for all kinds of hues. With green walls, sheers can work magically for your home. Sheer white curtains are a great pick if your walls are light green tints, while opaque and solid materials for white curtains are suitable for dark green walls.

Sheer curtains fill the room with natural light, highlighting the green accent on the walls. Try using matching decorative elements such as a white cushion or pillow on green bedsheets to give your home a classy look.

6. Blue Curtains

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The green color on the walls gives off a fresh and natural feel in the room. To add to this refreshing feeling, try blue curtains.

If your walls wear light and cool tones of the blue like mint green, light blue curtains are the best bet. This light-on-light hue will create a serene environment in your room, making it a perfect combination for bedrooms and living rooms.

Conversely, dark blue curtains can help feature the dark and cool green walls and give the area a bold and dominating look. This beautiful combination of neighbor colors creates a stunning interior design.

7. Grey Curtains

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Gray is one of the most popular curtain colors for a room with green walls. The various gray shades accent the green theme wonderfully and present you with a stylish and classy atmosphere. If your room has light green walls, light gray curtains will complement them beautifully.

Try paring rich gray curtains with dark green walls to add more richness to the area. Gray curtains are ideal for warm green wall colors since they can attenuate the warm tones. Add grey cushions with green patterns on your sofa or couch to complement the room’s entire decor.

8. Yellow Curtains

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The colors yellow and green are analogous, making a soothing color scheme. Dark shades of yellow like gold and apricot work well with warm green hues on walls. It creates a warm feeling in the space, making it an ideal color combination of bedrooms.

If you have dark, cool tones of green on walls, try cool and pale yellow tones for curtains to match the undertones of both shades. However, if you want to make your room stand out, pair bright yellow curtains shades with green walls. Then, employ matching yellow cushions to give your room a stunning finish. 

9. Orange Curtains

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Rooms with contrasting color schemes often make a powerful stylistic statement. To create a lovely contrast in your space, pair the bright and warm dark green shades, such as wasabi green and chartreuse green with burned orange or dark orange curtains.

When paired with light olive-green walls, pastel orange cotton curtains will make an appealing impression. Choose blind dark orange curtains if your walls have a warm solid green color to create a warm ambiance. Try this shade for your curtains to make a lasting impact on your visitors and guests.

10. Multicolored Curtains

Lush Decor Floral Paisley Window Curtain Panel (Set of 2), 84 in x 52 Pair, Blue

Gradient curtains are popular because they complement a wide range of colors and tones. If you can’t decide on a single hue to complement your green walls, you can opt for bi-colored or even multicolored curtains.

If you want a monochromatic design in your apartment, you can have your curtains in two distinct shades of green. Go for brown or red colors to create striking contrast in your decor. You have many color options for the rest of the decorative items when you have multicolored drapes.

11. Light Pastel Color Curtains

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Pastel colors are an ideal choice for accentuating green-tinted walls. Light pastel hues such as baby pink, peach, and coral can complement light or dark, cool tones of green on walls such as sage green, mint green, and so on. On the contrary, if your walls are a solid warm green color, try pastel blue, baby blue, grey curtains for curtains.

The distinctive feature of pastel-colored curtains is that they complement practically all green wall tones. Use color-coordinating bed linens, pillowcases, and cushions to add captivating sights to the interiors.

12. Floral Curtains

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Floral curtains convey a sense of freshness, making them an ideal complement to green walls. Floral curtains with blue, sage green or aqua green floral designs match the cool green tones on the walls wonderfully.

Floral curtains give the room a retro vibe. To enhance the overall appearance of your space, consider using floral bedsheets and pillow coverings in your bedroom. To add an appealing aesthetic appeal to the area, you can apply abstract wall art complimenting the green tint.

13. Geometric Patterned Curtains

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To make your primary green walls stand out, choose curtains with green geometrical patterns. On the other hand, if you want to keep your space fascinating but straightforward, choose white curtains with simple geometric patterns like circles and lines in the same green tones as the walls.

Gorgeous geometric patterned drapes will add some eye-catching visuals to your household. You can select these curtains to complement any interior design style, whether retro, modern, or industrial.

14. Layered Curtains

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Using double-layer curtains in your room can give it a majestic feel. To give your windows and door a classy look, choose a complementary color for the solid fabric curtain and overlay it with white sheers for green walls.

If you wish to make a dramatic statement in the room, select bold colors like blue, orange, red, and others for the fabric curtains and pair them with white sheers.

15. Tinted Sheers Curtains

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Tinted sheer curtains are a novel way to add unique visual accents to rooms. If your walls are a light warm green color, soft green-tinted sheers can work wonderfully for your doors and windows.

However, if you want to create a gentle contrasting tone in your area, choose other vivid tinted sheers such as orange, cream, off-whites, and so on. These colored sheer curtains will brighten up your space while radiating the liveliness of greens.

Green is a unique and popular color for interior design. However, you may not always be mindful of which colors complement the green on the walls. So, take advantage of these fantastic curtain ideas to pick the ideal curtains for your gorgeous rooms with green walls.