What Color Curtains Go With Gold Walls? (12 Modern Ideas)

Gold is the color of happiness, warmth, and decency, and when used in interior design, it creates an exquisite and sophisticated atmosphere. To complete the aesthetic of your rooms with gold walls, you may also require matching curtains. We can assist you in the same way. Here’s a collection of lovely curtain color ideas to match your beautiful gold walls.

Best Color Options For The Curtains Used With Gold Walls

1. Sheer White Curtains and White Fabric Curtains

No. 918 Montego Casual Textured Grommet Curtain Panel, 48" x 84", White

White curtains are an excellent choice for creating color balance in a room with gold walls. If you want a bright and open space with a soft touch, go with sheer curtains, while textured or white fabric curtains will add depth to the room. White curtains can create a trendy metallic decor with both pale and rich gold walls.

If your living room and bedroom furniture are dark, white curtains will make it stand out by establishing a light background.

2. Red Curtains for Rich Gold Walls

Sun Zero Easton Blackout Energy Efficient Grommet Curtain Panel, 40x84, Red

Pairing gold walls with analogous colors like red is a wise idea because both hues have a warm undertone. Curtains in warm and dark tones of red, such as fire brick red or wine red, are great for complementing light and dark gold walls. The richness of these curtains counteracts the brightness of the gold walls.

To create a balanced and timid ambiance, combine light red drapes and coral-colored curtains against light gold walls. To add visual excitement to the area, pair scarlet red cushions with a light-colored couch or sofa.

3. Gold Curtains for Monochromatic Theme

Sun Zero Barrow Energy Efficient Grommet Curtain Panel, 54" x 95", Flax Yellow

Pair gold drapes with gold walls in your rooms if you want your dream home to have a complete metallic appeal. Dark gold curtains will look stunning against light gold walls, giving your home a royal feel. Choose a shimmering satin fabric for your gold curtains to obtain a retro look in your home. If your walls are a deep gold color, light golden yellow drapes will showcase them perfectly.

Use golden yellow pillows with reddish-brown furnishings to create a monochromatic tone in your space or white drapes with light furniture to give the room a striking light impression.

4. Beige Curtains

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Eyelet Top Room Darkening Panels/Curtains/Drapes for Bedroom (2 Panels, W42 x L84 inches, Biscotti Beige)

Beige is a neutral color that can soften the vibrancy of gold walls, resulting in a coherent living room or bedroom. To add depth to the overall appearance of the place, choose deep beige tones. Warmer beige hues will enhance the sophisticated design of gold curtains, creating a bright, contemporary appeal in your home.

Use dark pillows and bed linens for a room with gold walls, beige draperies, and light furniture to bring excitement, or if you have dark furniture, beige tinted accessories are the ideal choice.

5. Gray Curtains

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains for Bedroom (2 Panels, W42 x L63 -Inch,Grey)

Gray curtains are another excellent option for gold walls to create a more sophisticated home décor. Gray is a neutral color; it perfectly complements bright gold yellow shades like golden yellow and old gold. To create a delightful contrast in your decor, use rich gray tones like charcoal gray and dark slate gray for curtains against light gold walls.

For a visually harmonious room, choose mild-warm gray tones. Then, add a finishing touch to your home with gray and gold cushions on both light and dark sofas.

6. Brown Curtains for Golden Yellow Walls

Sun Zero Barrow Energy Efficient Rod Pocket Curtain Panel, 54" x 84", Chocolate Brown, One Panel

Brown curtains are an excellent complement for bright yellow walls since both colors are warm shades like gold. To create a stylish atmosphere, use rich brown curtain colors like chocolate brown, pecan, and mocha against deep gold wall colors like golden yellow and golden palm.

To complement light gold tones, use pale brown shades such as tan and tortilla brown for light gold drapes. If your furniture is dark, use a mix of pale golden and brown pillows on your couch to complement the overall appearance.

7. Yellow Curtains for Bright Gold Walls

LEMOMO Yellow Thermal Blackout Curtains/52 x 84 Inch/Set of 2 Panels Room Darkening Curtains

To complement the gold walls in your home, you can also add yellow-hued curtains. For matching curtains to your bright gold walls, choose strong yellow colors like turmeric, fire, or mustard. Because gold is simply a shining pale yellow shade, any yellow curtains will blend nicely with this wall color.

If you have dark furniture, use light pillows and bed linens to create a contrasting yet cohesive look in your room.

8. Orange Curtains for Gold Walls

Sun Zero Becca Energy Efficient Grommet Curtain Panel, 40 in x 84 in, Tangerine

Orange is another color analogous to gold, making it a suitable curtain color for bright and vibrant rooms. Dark orange curtains like burnt orange or red-orange are lovely compliments to light gold colors on the walls, creating a vivid mood for the room. A mellow orange color like caramel is a great way to balance out the gold hue on walls.

During the day, this color palette will provide brightly illuminated spaces. To tone down the brightness, employ dark or complementary decorating elements to complete your magnificent bedroom.

9. Green Curtains for Different Shades of Gold

LEMOMO Green Blackout Curtains for Bedroom Room Darkening Curtains/Draperies Thermal Insulated Living Room Curtains Green Curtains Set of 2 Panels (52 x 84 Inch, Light Green)

If you want to create a natural environment in your room, green curtains are a fantastic pick to pair with gold walls. When coupled with gold walls, green drapes such as emerald green or fresh lime will create a modern and vivid room. On the other hand, dark and warm green tones like sage green and dark olive green for drapes will bring a lovely contrast against brilliant gold walls in your living or bedroom.

For a warm and naturalistic home, try this color combination of gold and green. You may also use green cushions with light or dark brown furniture, and they will look great together.

10. Blue Curtains

Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains with Grommets - 52 x 96-Inch, Light Blue, 2 Panels

Because blue is a complementary color to yellow, the combination of blue and gold in interior decors looks dramatic and striking. Deep blues, such as navy blue curtains, will stand out against rich or soft gold walls, creating a powerful and warm contrast. You can also choose pale blue colors such as pastel blue, light gray-blue, or sky blue to complement the light gold walls.

This color combination will result in a stylish and sophisticated living room or bedroom. Decorate your mattresses and furniture with decorative accessories with complementary colors to complete the look.

11. Purple Curtains for Bold Contrast

LEMOMO Purple Blackout Curtains 52 x 84 Inch Length/Set of 2 Curtain Panels/Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Curtains for Bedroom

Now, purple stands directly opposite to yellow on the color wheel, which means it contrasts yellow and, therefore, gold. So, if you’re a fan of a strikingly contrasting décor, use royal purple curtains to complement your gold walls. However, if you want this bold color scheme without a strong contrast, you can use lighter shade curtains, like lavender or lilac.

If you have bright upholstery in your living room, use lilac and gold-colored cushions to highlight it, along with other color coordinating accessories.

12. Floral Curtains

Lush Decor Room Darkening Window Curtain Panel Pair Leah Floral Insulated Grommet, 84" L, Red and Orange

Floral curtains on gold walls will give vibrancy and a refreshing mood to your décor. If you want to keep your theme monochrome, choose white curtains with a yellow or gold flowery print and if you wish to add a splash of color to your decor, go for curtains with multicolored patterns.

Floral curtains will give visual interest to your room while also exuding a feeling of antiquity and freshness. To avoid an overwhelming atmosphere in your home, choose drapes with large flower prints.

Gold is a popular hue among interior designers and homeowners because it provides the interiors with a sleek metallic feel. As you can see, there are dozens of curtain colors that accent gold walls. So, pick the finest curtains to complement your room’s lovely gold walls, and you’ll have your dream home.