What Color Curtains Go with Coral Walls? (11 Ideas To Try)

Finally, you have selected the beautiful coral wall color, which symbolizes happiness, sagacity, and acceptance, for your home decor. But it is only one step you have cleared now; because a new challenge is already waiting for you – what color curtains go with coral walls.

And, picking the best color curtain that matches your gray walls, coral wall, coral paint, accent wall, and other coral color scheme is a time taking and challenging task.

It is obvious to have a state of mind filled with many color choices that suit your room and elevate your space. But still, a lot of hurdles jump in when you try to fix those imaginative thoughts and implement them in your house. Also, it’s challenging to narrow down those countless suggestions constantly running in your mind.

Don’t overthink about which color combination will go best with your coral walls! Will it be green curtains, pastel color curtains, mint green curtains, terracotta design curtains, charcoal grey curtains, or any other curtains of bright colors.

11 Best Color Curtains go With Coral Walls

1. Navy Blue

LEMOMO Navy Blue Blackout Curtains 52 x 84 inch/Set of 2 Curtain Panels Room Darkening Bedroom Curtains

The complementary color for coral color is navy blue. But they are also said to be a match made in heaven. Navy blue and coral colors create a striking effect and are beautifully paired.

Navy blue and coral colors are generally used as accent colors.

Navy blue curtains give the perfect dark tone required to match coral walls, and coral adds a touch of joy, making this combination the first choice whenever we think about the coral color.

Pro Tip: To balance the color of your room, try using accent color while choosing furniture and choose neutral color pillows or accent pillows with this color combination. An aquarium will be a very appropriate choice as it enhances the navy blue percentage in the room and will look unique.

2. Teal green

HOMEIDEAS Velvet Curtains Teal Blackout Curtains 52 X 84 Inches, 2 Panels Soft and Luxury Thick Darkening Curtains/Drapes, Thermal Insulated Pocket Back Tab Window Curtains for Living Room

Are you an open-minded person? Show your quality with Teal green color. It symbolizes that you are an open-minded person. 

Teal color and coral are complementary colors. Teal color profoundly possesses the optimism like that of green color and stable personality like blue color.

Teal green curtains and coral-colored walls make a natural pairing. They are both vibrant and full of life, which is why they are highly recommended for use with each other.

Pro tip: Try choosing throw pillows having different designs but have mint green, coral colors, and blue. You can also use mint green and use light and neutral furniture to give this an extraordinary and natural look.

3. Burgundy Red

Deconovo Solid Rod Pocket and Back Tab Curtains, Burgundy Red - Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains for Living Room, 52x84 Inch, Set of 2

Are you someone who stands by your moral code of conduct? Then, the Burgundy red color is one for you.

The burgundy color is a color that shows strength, confidence, creativity, love, ambition, courage. It also shows that you are passionate about what you have decided to do today.

When used with coral walls or in coral bedroom spaces, Burgundy curtains create a combination of light and dark shade. They look so perfect with each other and definitely would be an ideal choice to go with coral walls.

Pro tips: You can use maroon color sofas in your room with light-colored sheets to make your room more attractive. Also, add sceneries to your coral walls to stand out from others in terms of good interior decoration.

4. White color

JINCHAN White Curtains for Living Room Window Curtains 84 Inches Long Casual Weave Textured Privacy Long Curtains for Bedroom Window Treatments Sets 2 Panel Sets

White color is one of those colors that is necessary for our daily lives. White color is a neutral balance of the colors present in our rainbow. White color is a very calm color that balances the liveliness of coral color.

White color curtains with coral walls will give a fresh, modern, and crispy clean look. Since they are both somehow light colors but when light rays fall upon your window, especially in the morning, it will make your morning very cheerful and stress-free.

Pro Tip: You can use coral color walls and white color curtains combination more effectively with neutral colors in sparkling and muted hues. Since white and coral are light shades of colors, you can use brown color, i.e., wooden furniture in your coral bedroom, and add throw pillows of coral paint and warm colors to relish the look of your white wall designs.

5. Golden curtains

KoTing Blackout Golden Curtain Drape for Bedroom 1 Panel Gorgeous Solid Gold Curtain Grommet Top Drapes 84 inch Long 42 84

The golden color shows that you have high ideals, good understanding, and are an intelligent person. It is a royal color that also shows the excellence of one’s behavior.

Gold curtains and coral color walls combination is the most elegant choice. They make an excellent and long-lasting combination.

The shining traits of gold will cheer up the liveliness that coral color exhibits to create an impeccable view in front of the viewer.

Pro Tip: You can decorate your home using pastel colors since paste colors are considered the most common colors which provide a family feel. White color flower vases will look extremely good with this combination of golden and coral shades.

6. Lead Grey

Ultimate Gray Blackout Curtain Panels/Drapes for Living Room 84 inch Length Solid Energy Efficient Room Darkening Bedroom Curtains Thermal Insulated Grommet Top 52x84 inch

Lead Grey is a calm, balanced, and neutral color. Lead is a metal found anywhere in the environment, be it air, soil, and even our houses.

Grey is an excellent color with absolutely no charm. But it has an elegance that depicts your class.

When combined with Lead grey curtains, Coral walls provide energy to the grey color, making it very suitable with coral walls.

Pro Tip: There will be spaces left between grey furniture and coral walls. For example, you can place charcoal grey sofas facing each other and another side another sofa of coral accents. Adding a coral accent in between grey furniture adds a positive vibe and makes the place more lively.

7. Coral Pink

Deconovo Solid Back Tab and Rod Pocket Curtains - Thermal Insulated Blackout Window Curtains for Living Room, 52x84 Inch, Coral Pink, 2 Panels

Coral Pink pink symbolizes that you have a kind and good heart. Its quirky color and longevity make it more interesting.

Coral Pink is a shade of pink color which is one of the most likable colors of all. It is a symbol of love. No one can hate this color.

The combination of coral pink color curtains with coral walls is an excellent choice since coral pink contains coral properties, i.e., dark color qualities. In addition, case coral acts as an accent color to maintain the color proportion.

Pro Tip: You can try furniture with light shades of pink for your rooms with coral accents. The Cream color is also highly recommendable with this arrangement. Agreeable grey will be an excellent choice for the color of the bed.

8. Woody Brown

Dark Chocolate Brown Curtains 84 Inches Long for Living Room 2 Panels Grommet Window Linen Textured Semi Sheer Curtains

Do you love nature? Brown is considered as a color of the earth that has all-natural properties.

The color psychology suggests that Brown color has a sense of strength and reliability. In addition, Brown is a warm color.  

The combination of wood-colored brown curtains with coral walls will add a little warmth to your eyes. It is the perfect combination that will provide you with a good night’s sleep and combat fear.

Vibrant coral is an accent color that instantly adds excitement and fun to neutral shades in color palettes.

Pro Tip: You must choose wooden furniture with brown shades as curtain color. Choose old-fashioned wood chairs with this setup. It will keep you close to nature. Also, try using peach since it goes well with brown color.

9. Beige shades

LEMOMO Light Beige Thermal Blackout Curtains/52 x 84 Inch/Set of 2 Panels Room Darkening Curtains

Coral paint looks extremely great when they are used with beige curtains. Beige is a grayish tan, yellowish-brown, or a pale to grayish-yellow.

The color Beige is calm, relaxing, and flexible. It shows that you are not looking to stand out. Beige is a symbol of the working world because it is most frequently used in every aspect of our life, especially in interior design.

When a color is effortless, it has very soothing effects and looks most appropriate.

Pro Tip: Make a room with coral accents and a wall with accessories like pillows, area rugs, landscapes, and lampshades. Use grey and lilac throw pillows and white bedsheets in your bed.

10. Purple curtains

Purple color is associated with nobility, royalty, mystery, magic, and sorcery.

LEMOMO Purple Blackout Curtains 52 x 84 Inch Length/Set of 2 Curtain Panels/Thermal Insulated Room Darkening Curtains for Bedroom

Are you a compassionate and charismatic person? If yes, do you get your perfect match? Purple is an excellent color to showcase your house.

The combination of purple color curtains with coral walls is most likely fun. But when their shade of proper proportion is used, they make a non-expected combination. Purple has a perfect shade of lilac, which is suitable here.

The purple personality comes from combining blue and red characters. Purple shows that you place others’ needs above yours, and you have made a good image and status in front of others.

Pro Tip: Try adding green in your room either by artistic works, fake flowers, and natural green things. It will increase the good vibe in your room. Decorate the walls by hanging handmade art and craft materials mostly of white color. It will add uniqueness to your coral room.

11. Lemon Yellow

DWCN Yellow Faux Linen Sheer Curtains - Grommet Voile Window Curtain Drapes for Bedroom Living Room 52 x 84 inches Long, Set of 2

Coral is one of the most favorite colors. It has a unique and distinctive nature. The coral color shows that it is one of the many qualities you wish to stand out from others. Coral color seems to uplift the optimism among the others. And to uplift, these coral color walls, lemon yellow, a bright-colored yellow color, is one of the best bright colors complementing your walls.

This bright yellow color is the most attention-grabbing color, and it symbolizes hope.

Lemon yellow curtains and coral walls make a simple but more relaxed look for your home.

Pro Tip: Divide the colors that you will put in your house in a 50-30-20 ratio to increase good experience in your coral bedroom, be it sitting reading a newspaper in the sunlight or waking up in the morning with the perfect amount of light coming from the window.

Here you have filled your creative minds with facts and knowledge that you come here to gain and narrow your list of colors to some extent. If you have, that’s excellent news. Congratulations on investing your time in something valuable.

If you haven’t given yourself some time, try to process and analyze what you just learned, and it will be just a piece of cake because now you are capable; just believe that you have made the right decision.

Don’t forget to utilize additional tips provided at the end of each color.