12 Best Color Curtains Ideas to Go With Burgundy Walls

Choosing the color of your curtains is not an easy task !!

We say that selecting the right curtain color is not an easy task because each color has its meaning and is used.

And, since you are reading this article, one point is clear that you have chosen or narrowed down Burgundy walls for your home.

Everyone wants to make their home a comfortable place to live in. That’s why a bunch of good ideas can help a lot in making good home styling decisions.

But there are common steps to keep in mind. For example, when selecting a curtain color, think about whether you want to blend color with just your window color or make it the room’s focal point. It will make things easier for you.

This article will let you know the 12 best color curtain choices to go with Burgundy walls that you have never reasonably expected.

Best Color Curtain Ideas to Match Burgundy Walls

Burgundy Color indicates a powerful personality. It shows that you stand with what you believe. With the presence of Burgundy walls, you will feel more refined. The most crucial trait of Burgundy is its compassionate side. The combination of these colors will give your home a luxurious look. To help you out, you are presented with the best color curtains. These will uniquely blend with your Burgundy walls.

1. Golden 

Want to try the royal look inside your home? Burgundy walls with golden color curtains are a perfect match for a rich and royal look.

Gold color relishes the eye, respect, friendliness, and heat that you simply tend to receive from others reciprocally for your kindness and love.

Pro tip: To get the most from burgundy walls and gold color curtains, try placing your bed beside the window using excellent blankets with dark colors like a brown maroon pillow. When you place brown furniture in the room, it elevates the color proportion.

2. Light Grey

When you are using dark walls in your house, neutral colors like grey are the first choice that comes to mind. However, lighter shade types like light grey curtains will be a perfectly balanced choice for this.

Generally, grey is a dull color, but due to the rich hue of Burgundy color, it decreases its emotionless traits and creates an exemplary view that will soothe your eyes.

Pro Tip: Ripple fold patterned drapery of grey color will be the most preferred choice with Burgundy walls. To design the floor, use a designer burgundy color carpet to give it a great look.

3. Emerald Green

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Now it’s time to try out some dark combination of curtains for your home. Emerald green color brings freshness, marvelous, great healing to all beings, and vitality to the spirit.

The combination of a green curtain and burgundy walls creates an intense and overwhelming look in the room.

Pro tip: To decrease the intense look in the room, use accent color objects like pillows, sceneries, and light color blankets, which will enhance the room’s vibe.

4. Ivory Cream

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The ivory cream color is not the most appropriate choice to go with Burgundy walls. However, it’s more of a must. Moreover, cream and burgundy are complementary colors to each other. 

The showcase of cream curtains with burgundy walls will look extraordinary and grab everyone’s attention.

Cream walls curtain combination with burgundy color wall radiate a pleasant and quiet hue that will help you relax.

Pro Tip: The cream color is best suited to use in bedrooms. Choosing a patterned Grommet curtain for your home along with warm color sofas and aquarium will be a great choice to decorate with.

5. Blush

The blush color is similar to our skin color and adds sensual and intimate connotations. It is a shade of pink color which is a symbol of universal love and unity.

Combining Blush color curtains with Burgundy walls adds sweetness to the room and brings out the innocent child hiding in your body. 

Pro Tip: With blush color curtains and burgundy, walls try using a single-seater burgundy sofa to add an excellent touch to the room.

6. Orange Peach

Are you someone who wants constant motivation and positivity? Then, the orange peach color will be the best choice for you.

The combination of orange peach curtains with burgundy walls will give you a powerful personality and strong mindset whenever you are lacking or feeling lost with the help of traits of these colors.

Pro Tip: Beige goes extraordinary well with both the burgundy and orange curtains. Therefore decorating other elements of your living room can be done using none other than beige colors.

7. Navy Blue

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Are you searching to give your home a professional touch? The best way to showcase a professional look requires adding Navy Blue to your interior decoration.

Navy Blue and burgundy are both warm and rich colors. Navy blue curtains and burgundy walls make a perfect match, and it is the #1 combination with burgundy color. They make a great pair.

Burgundy is used as an accent color with navy blue.

Pro Tip: You can hang white framed wall paintings on the burgundy walls, and place a beige color side table below it, which will get the most of navy blue curtains, complimenting your burgundy wall paint color.

8. Tangerine Yellow

Tangerine yellow color pairs wonderfully with any color you associate it with. Tangerine pairs quite well because of the orange shade present in it.

Burgundy and tangerine yellow are both warm colors that bind them in perfect harmony.

When sunlight falls upon the tangerine yellow curtain, the tangerine curtain absorbs some part of the sunlight and radiates a small wavelength of light inside the house, which will make your morning more sunshine.

Yellow is a very creative, energetic color, and it will make your decision-making abilities quick.

Pro Tip: One of the unique ways to decorate your room is with Sunflowers in the vase. It will increase the effect of tangerine curtains on burgundy walls by times.

9. Milky White 

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White contains all colors equally in the spectrum. It is the lightest color of all. Plus, the white color depicts the feeling of purity and safety. 

White curtains can be used with any color wall. Since you have chosen burgundy walls for your home, white curtains will be a perfect dark and light union of colors.

White attracts natural light, which makes him a good source of light in your rooms.

Pro Tip: Use shades patterned curtains in your rooms. These will look better than ordinary curtains.

10. Burgundy color

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By now, you must have noticed that you can easily match burgundy colors with neutral colors and light colors. But an exciting color combination is right under your nose.

The combination of burgundy walls with burgundy curtains adds a sense of unanimity.

Pro Tip: This B&B combination will be suitable for your dining room, along with brown furniture(dining table) and a white light chandelier.

11. Champagne

Champagne is a neutral shade that suits almost all the colors. It has resemblances to the beige color. 

Beige and champagne curtains are a sight for sore eyes when it comes to fabrics. However, its fabric is usually silk which makes it shining and catchy.

Champagne is a vintage color which makes it pair extraordinarily with burgundy color walls.

Pro Tips: Try using a champagne bedsheet in your bed to enjoy the softness of its fabric. Burgundy carpets will look great with sofas and tables.

12. Browny Tan

Burgundy and brown tan generally generate a rugged interior. Therefore, they are primarily used together where you want to stay comfortable. 

Pro Tip: You should try this combination in the study/library room. Choose shelves of dark brown furniture.

That’s everything you have to know when getting suitable color curtains for your home with burgundy walls.

Check out the pro tips mentioned in every curtain color suggestion. It will surely help you narrow down things fast and let you make better decisions with utmost confidence.