15 Curtain Color Ideas to Match Your Blue Walls

A room with blue walls is quite visually appealing. The color blue and its variations are among the best options for creating a modern and elegant interior design. The soothing color, when paired with complementary hues, becomes joyful and dynamic. Now, if you’re looking for curtains to complement your gorgeous blue walls, you’re at the right place.

We’ve put together a list of excellent curtain colors suggestions for you. So, choose the suitable curtains that accent the blue theme in your rooms, and you’re good to go.

Curtains That Go With Blue Walls

1. White or Sheer Curtains

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White and blue is a timeless color combination that looks amazing in any decor. White curtains are a wise option for a room with blue walls. If you prefer an open, light-filled space, sheer curtains are the way to go. Sheer white drapes complement the pastel and light blue walls in the rooms, giving them a soothing effect. These curtains simply draw attention to the area while keeping it light and airy.

Choose fabric white curtains like cotton or silk curtains for deep blue wall colors like navy blue or royal blue for a richer modern appearance. White curtains add simplicity to the space while keeping it bright and modern.

2. Light Blue Curtains Combination 

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If you believe that matching the curtains to the walls is uninteresting, you may be incorrect. Blue-hued monochromatic themes can steal the spotlight. Pair Light blue curtains with dark blue walls and vice versa. This minimal transition in-wall and curtain shades will allow you to showcase both hues equally.

Pair your blue walls with the same blue-colored drapes for a fashionable and harmonious look. Finally, add blue accessories like pillows and tablecloths to your furniture to give your rooms a posh look.

3. Green Curtains

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Blue and green, being neighbor colors, work beautifully with each other. So for your room with blue walls, try green-tinted curtains to create a refreshing and vivid atmosphere. Cool green shades for curtains can offer a seemingly pleasant look to your décor with dark blue walls. However, you can pick warmer greens for curtains to give your room a bold contrast.

Pick green curtains for your living and bedrooms with blue wallpapers to create more natural surroundings. If you have dark brown furniture, use green and blue cushions to give your space more coastal vibes.

4. Gray Curtains

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Using gray curtains to complement your magnificent blue walls is an excellent way to add a sophisticated touch. Light gray curtains are a good complement for pale colors like pastel blue, smoky blue, or sea lavender to create a calm and serene look in your space, while dark gray shades will provide an exciting contrast.

To complement dark blue walls, go with warm light gray tones like Taupe or charcoal gray curtains. Finally, select patterned cushions and bed linen with blue and gray touch to finish the trendy look. This modern color scheme is best for contemporary households and workspaces.

5. Beige Curtains

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Choose beige curtains to accentuate your room’s blue walls, and you’ll get a modest yet elegant interior. Because beige is a soft and neutral color, it will complement the pale blue wall colors. To make your curtains blend in with a blue decor, choose beige colors with blue undertones, such as mist beige, while Warm beige-toned drapes are ideal for creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Beige curtains can pull off any interior design style, be it modern, retro, or industrial. Blue and beige are unique color combinations that can create a gentle contrast and ultimately modify the look of your space.

6. Yellow Curtains

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Because yellow and blue are complementary colors, they make a striking interior decorating combination. Yellow curtains can help to lighten up a room with dark blue walls.

Use vibrant curtains, such as bright yellow or lime yellow to create a stark contrast with deep blue walls in your home. If your walls are teal, you can use yellow curtains with an orange undertone. This color palette will boost the interiors and create fascinating vistas in the living room. In addition, you can pick complementary bed linens and pillowcases to accent the overall look.

7. Orange Curtains

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Orange is another exciting color option for drapes to match the gorgeous blue walls. Use mild orange hues with light blue wall colors to create a pleasant contrast in your room. This mix is both soothing and amusing. On the other hand, bright orange hues like marigold and tangerine will ooze a bold contrast against the dark blue walls, creating an exciting appearance.

Orange and other vibrant colors can help complement the chilly tones of blue, creating a striking mix. This may seem to be an uncommon color palette, but it will surely spice up your interiors. To create balanced visuals, add color coordinating accessories in your room.

8. Red Curtains

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Red and blue work well together to create an eye-catching composition in home decor. However, although the two colors complement each other well, the combination may be too loud and dazzling for the eyes in a compact living room or bedroom. As a result, picking the proper red tone is critical.

For both pale blue and navy blue walls in your room, light red tones like coral and light orange-red are wonderful curtain selections. The light shade will moderate the vibrancy and give the room a lovely appearance. If you want a dynamic appeal in your area, choose dark red drapes. For a striking contemporary effect, use matching décor accessories.

9. Pink Curtains

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Pink shades like pastel pink, baby pink are some of the best curtain colors for a room with blue walls. Pink and blue make a gorgeous combination that adds a visual appeal to your space.

If you have light shades of blue on walls, pale pink curtains might work wonders for you. This mild color scheme is perfect for children’s rooms, living, and bedrooms if you want to add a soft touch to your décor. Go with dark pink or magenta shades to create a bold contrast against darker shades of blue walls.

10. Cream Colored Curtains

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Blue walls make a strong statement in any room. However, neutral colors like cream are ideal for achieving a good balance in the room. Choose ivory, soft stone, or barley white cream curtains for light blue walls to create a relaxing atmosphere in your living and bedroom. If you have turquoise blue or teal walls, a lighter shade like soft cream is an excellent pick for curtains to complement the walls.

Cream, in contrast to blue, has warm tones, making it a wonderful complementary hue. To give your space a gorgeous and sophisticated appeal, use lighter curtains like cream along with cream-colored accessories like cushions, bedside runners, bed linens, etc.

11. Brown Curtains

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For sophisticated home décor, the combination of blue and brown is a fantastic choice. Brown’s neutral tones provide subtle contrast and balance to the cold blue tones. If your room has pale blue walls, choose lighter browns for your drapes. Solid brown colored curtains with deep blue walls provide a rich appeal to your area. To make a visually appealing décor, use patterned pillows with blue and brown colors.

12. Striped Curtains

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Striped curtains are popular in home décor because they add amusing visuals to the room. Choose striped drapes to accentuate your stunning blue walls and offer some excellent aesthetics to your space.

If your walls are painted in pale or light blues, navy blue drapes with white vertical stripes are a fantastic selection. You can also pick drapes with horizontal or diagonal lines to add emphasis to your bluish walls. On a sophisticated leather white couch, employ blue and white cushions to harmonize the room’s overall aesthetic.

13. Floral Curtains

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Although blue is a gorgeous shade, your rooms might be a little mundane with blue walls all around. To match them with your walls, you can pick curtains with a touch of matching or darker blue shades in their floral prints. If your room is small, you can use curtains with broad patterns and softer shades to avoid overwhelming interiors.

Floral curtains are available in various vibrant shades and patterns. So add a little oomph to your space with the right floral print curtains to give your monotonous room a touch of freshness.

14. Geometric Print Curtains

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Geometric print curtains are another unique curtain option for adding charm to your interiors. The various prints, such as circles, lines, and other geometric designs, give the space a delightful vibe. Choose drapes with minimal or straightforward patterns to keep your area looking clean and basic. These curtains can look great with both contrasting or matching shades as the wall. The best option is to use a lighter shade curtain to draw attention to the prints and the beautiful blue walls.

15. Textured Curtains

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Textured drapes give a room more depth and visual charm. The richness of textured draperies enhances the depth of blue tones on the walls. For textured curtains, choose to complement neutral tones like gray, tan, and beige. To achieve a pleasing harmony, choose light blue textured curtains for dark walls.

People are drawn to these textured curtains, and they create a lasting impression on their eyes. These drapes will add to the space’s overall personality and are a good pick for sophisticated home decorating.

When coupled with the right curtains, your blue walls will look even more magnificent. If you want a gentle touch in your room, go for lighter colors; otherwise, bold colors go well with blue shades on walls. To generate stunning aesthetics, choose a curtain color that compliments your gorgeous blue walls.