What Color Countertops Go With Blue Cabinets? (Top 26 Colors & Materials)

Blue is an “all eyes on me” color, from having its distinctive character to adding a sense of tranquility; this is the perfect color for homeowners that seek comfort and peace from their home decor. With the versatility of this color, selecting it for your kitchen cabinet design is an ideal choice. However, the next step is to match the countertop to cabinet colors. So, if you’re stumped as to what color countertops go with blue cabinets, we’ve got your back!

Here are 26 of our stunning kitchen countertop shades and options to team it up with your blue cabinets and elevate your kitchen space.

Top 26 Finest Countertop Colors & Materials for your Blue Cabinets

Top 7 Laminate Colors to pair with Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Laminate Countertop

From the multiple reasons to love laminates, the most striking reason is that it’s inexpensive, and the quality is never compromised. A laminate won’t even flinch, chip, or crack under heavy conditions. They can be cut into any shape and size, providing an incredible solution for kitchens with complex dimensions. Finally, the minimalistic look that laminates offer to the kitchen makes it impossible not to love them.

Among the various laminate colors, here are the top colors that will add charm to your blue cabinets.

1. Light Gray: The urbane pair of light gray and blue cabinets is sure to give a soothing ambiance to your kitchen space. We’d advise you to pair light gray with darker shades of blue to give that stark contrast. 

2. Pastel Yellow: There’s a reason why you see pastels everywhere in 2022. Its subtle nature makes it blend with almost any color. Pastel yellow on navy blue kitchen cabinet would be a fun play of a lively color palette, giving a chic kitchen decor. 

3. Green: On the other side, choose green if you’re looking for a more organic palette. Green on blue cabinets would indicate nature to your kitchen space. 

4. Pure White: If you want to avoid the feeling of closing the kitchen space with dark colors, opt for adding white. This will make your kitchen theme lighter. You can also top this up with open white shelves to form uniformity. The pure white countertop goes well with navy blue and light blue cabinets. 

5. Brown: With a brown countertop, it’s easier to spruce up your kitchen. Dark cabinets would add that retro flair everyone’s with. The combination can bring luster to any space.

6. Sage green: An electric shade of sage green can definitely bring out the beauty of blue cabinets. If you have a contemporary kitchen design theme in mind, think no more and choose the duo. 

7. Lemon Yellow: Pair lemon yellow with lighter shades of blue cabinets for balanced color composition. The pair will allow you to go bold with color while still keeping it minimalistic.

Top 4 Captivating Marble Countertop Colors for Blue Cabinets

Marble Countertop

Marble has a lot to offer. The unpretentious beauty of marble with blue cabinets lends timeless grace to any kitchen. Since marble is manufactured from sedimentary rock (a natural process), each slab is unique in appearance, longevity, and durability. The marble countertop is sure to add a lavish feel to your cooking space.

If you’re considering marble countertops for your blue kitchen cabinets, here are the top 4 colors to help you make a good decision.

1. Two-Tone White: Longing for something modern that will stay in trend for years to come? Pair the blue cabinet with the two-tone white. Not only will this duo add depth of hues, but it can pull off a chic and relaxed vibe.

2. Light blue: Gorgeous blue shade marble can give an eclectic aura while seamlessly blending with the rest of the kitchen space. The simplicity of the color combo keeps the hues from becoming overwhelming.

3. Black: Black would easily help you hide all that cooking stains from your countertops. Additionally, it is capable of standing out with its boldness when paired with navy blue cabinets. 

4. Light green: Light green can allow your blue cabinet to shine through! This color collaboration is for someone looking for a maximalist theme and some playfulness in their kitchen space. It can also be used for your kitchen island, acting as a feature piece. 

Here are our top picks for Marble types for your Kitchen Countertops.

1. Emperador Marble: If the above marble color inclined you towards maximalism, opt for Emperador. The slab of this marble features its irregular pattern and beautiful veins. 

2. Carrara Marble: Carrara is one of the rarest marble. Although they have a muted background, their grain can dominate the design. It is ideal for a white kitchen with blue cabinets, adding a statement look to the space. 

3. Levadia Marble: Want to look something beyond grains and veins on the marble? Place levadia white marble countertops for the unique mixture of spots and patterns.

Top 4 Granite Countertop Colors for Blue Cabinets

Granite Countertop

What’s the hype with granite countertops? The answer lies in the host of benefits, from unique vein patterns to incredible durability. Granite countertops promise to never chip or scratch, even with harsh everyday use, and to add timeless elegance to your kitchen.

Since granite is a natural material, every slab is unique in its way. This means you get a pool of colors to choose from; here are a few of our top favorites.

1. Purple: Fancy an alluring kitchen space? A dark blue cabinet with a light purple hue lends effortless glamour to the kitchen design. Some researchers have also proven purple to be associated with royalty, nobility, and luxury, bringing more power to the space.

2. Cream: The blue cabinet can come in the foreground while the cream countertop becomes a subtle background. The indistinct feel of soft cream will let the spots and grains of the granite stand tall. 

3. Sage Green: Sage green can refresh the entire kitchen space and add a calm ambiance. Sage green, when paired with light shades of blue, will give a sober and a garden-fresh look to the kitchen.

4. Grayish Black: Shifting to the modern kitchen look? Choose a grayish-black granite countertop that will not only help you achieve that contemporary look with blue cabinets, but it’s easy to clean and remove the oil greases too. 

Here are our top favorite picks for Granite Countertops that suit well with blue Cabinetry.

1. Imperial: If you liked the purple color countertop, go ahead and choose the imperial granite countertop. This granite, along with its dark grains, can perfectly cope with the rich blue cabinets. 

2. Caledonia white: With light blue cabinets being more on the modern side of the trend, Caledonia white granite might become your first choice that brings a voguish feel to the kitchen.

3. Moon White Granite: Dark blue cabinets with subtle moon white granite can create striking polarity to the uniform kitchen design. This will also help you create more visual space.

Top 5 Stunning Wood Countertop Colors for Blue Cabinets

Wood Countertop

First, let us assure you that wood can perfectly work as countertops. One of the best qualities of wooden countertops is they are affordable yet elegant. Wood countertops are also eco-friendly; made from reclaimed materials. They offer a modern-looking, efficient, gorgeous surface for your kitchen requirements.

The variety of color and texture options available is endless, making it easy to find your perfect match. Here are the top 5 picks that will blend perfectly with blue cabinets.

1. Natural wood brown: Let the wood bring out its true beauty with its natural hue. By avoiding coating the natural wood with color, its natural texture can shine. Also, this will help you get that soothing wood feel. This color goes well with light blue kitchen cabinets and offers a sober vibe to the space.

2. Beige: It’s impossible not to be dapper with beige and blue cabinets. This exquisite combination can perfectly coordinate with your modern kitchen. Light beige countertop prevents the space from becoming too dark.

3. Aquamarine Blue: The combination offers you to show off your blue hues. Light blue cabinets and dark blue can draw the visuals up towards the wood’s natural texture: Aquamarine blue and navy blue cabinets oomph up the space. 

4. Red: The right shade of red can immediately perk up even exhausted kitchen space. Even though red is bold, the lucidity of lighter blue cabinets can stop it from being overpowering.

5. Light gray: If you worry you’ll get tired of all blue cabinets, opt for a hue that rests on a more neutral side, like light gray. The somber hue will let the texture and warmth of the wood contribute to the design theme with dark blue cabinets. 

Favorite picks for Wood Countertops that suit well with Blue Cabinetry

1. Oak: This hardwood is durable and would offer a sleek design to your kitchen. It can also handle the moisture of a kitchen better than other wood, making it a handy option.

2. Teak: Teak wood countertops can withstand almost all kitchen conditions once worked upon. They do not shrink or change in different temperature conditions and are ideal for kitchens.

3. Mahogany: Mahogany can help you achieve that sumptuous and luxurious look with their reddish-brown stains. It is one of the most expensive materials and certainly the most show-stopping. 

4. Old Cherry: Cherry wood is an eccentric material; even light stained wood gets darker over a period of time. The red hue of the countertop will contrast the blue cabinets gorgeously. 

Top 6 Splendid Quartz Countertop Colors for Blue Cabinets

Quartz Countertop

People turn to quartz for its durability and versatility with its stunning design, textures, and patterns. Quartz countertops do not require any sealants, unlike marble, wood, granite, and offer a classy and transitional look to the kitchen. If you accurately want the appearance of a natural stone, quartz is for you.

They are nearly indestructible, making them friendlier to the kitchen environment. Quartz countertops are engineered products that give them a uniform appearance. Here are the top 4 quartz color options for your blue kitchen cabinetry.

1. Red: Red countertops would bring out the beauty of quartz, and the light hue of blue cabinets presents both contemporary and traditional kitchen design themes. 

2. Gray: Soft flecked gray quartz is similar to concrete and blends perfectly with contemporary design themes. With the color, you have the advantage of hiding those occasional stains while still not making the kitchen too busy and dark.

3. Black: Dark black countertop, in tones of charcoal, can look gothic and harmonize with other colors in your kitchen space too. Even if you have light or dark blue cabinets, black can fit right in.

4. Brown: Dark brown surely comes out a little more formal and classy than other colors. Brown countertops will work well in kitchen spaces that are too breezy with multiple openings and give an elegant appearance with blue cabinets. 

5. Mustard: Lighter hues of mustards give a casual and rustic vibe when combined with darker hues. You can achieve a Scandinavian or cottage-inspired vibe by pairing mustard and blue cabinets. 

6. Off white: Soft tones of white can be paired with soft hues of blue. This subtle rich combination will hold identity without longing for attention. Off-white countertops will always keep the feeling of being too austere.

Here are our top favorite picks for Quartz Countertops that suit well with Blue Cabinetry.

1. Eternal Calacatta Quartz: Brownish-gold veins with subtle white background makes this slab of quartz a statement piece. The combination will reflect elegance. 

2. Aria Quartz: With its asymmetrical and unique angles of veining, aria can contribute towards the maximalism theme of the kitchen.

3. Bourbon quartz: Want your countertop to be the dominating element? Opt for bourbon that can highlight itself with its organic spots.

Are blue kitchen cabinets trendy?

Yes, blue cabinets are one of those trends you shouldn’t worry about fading out. Architects and Interior designers always choose this color, as it is a traditional color for the countertop that helps reduce stress and bring tranquility.

Is blue good for kitchen cabinets?

Yes, Blue cabinets are undoubtedly the best color to opt for kitchen spaces. According to color psychology, it’s associated with calming feelings, and experts in design use it to evoke comforting feelings in a built environment.

What backsplash looks good with blue cabinets?

White subway tile is one of the most popular selections for the backsplash with blue cabinets. Many interior designers recommend pairing white and blue for the kitchen as they are trendy, contemporary, and eye-catching.

Is the blue kitchen cabinet color hard to maintain?

No, all hues of blue are very easy to maintain; it doesn’t matter if the blue is dark or subtle. Microfiber towels and general-purpose cleaner are all your kitchen space that needs to be clean.

In our final words, Stunning kitchen design incorporates bright colors; blue color is an exception to the tradition. Beyond being a countertop color, they can be applied in many places in the kitchen to amp up your home decor. There’s some charm to blue that is luxurious and trendy. So, use this guide to choose the right countertop for your kitchen.

Just like blue cabinets, maple cabinetry has its distinctive character. So if you’re looking for countertop colors for maple cabinets, we have something for you.