Best Colors That Go With Yellow (20 Pairings With Pictures)

Yellow color is a magical color to use in interior design. It is a warm, dynamic shade that adds brightness and sunshine and instantly uplifts the mood of your space. Moreover, yellow extends an added flexibility that adapts gorgeously to both traditional and modern design styles, making it a timeless choice for one and all.

However, since yellow is a bright color, many people often limit it to the accent pieces of a space. Hence, it becomes imperative to match the right colors that sync with the interior design and accentuate the vibrant pops of yellow.

And to help you with this, we dug the color wheel and brought 20 colors that are a match made in heaven with yellow. So, let’s get started.

Trendy Colors That Go With Yellow

1. White & Yellow

White and Yellow Living Room
Yellow & White

A splash of yellow is all you need for a lovely boho-chic look with an all-white interior. A pale yellow color looks playful yet sophisticated with a crisp white and gives a soft, sunny, and shiny feel of contemporary homes.

Moreover, the color combination is a quick tool to enliven spaces, which means that it will make compact spaces look more spacious while it will anchor the look of large spaces like living rooms and halls.

You can also achieve a warm, Mediterranean, or Tuscan look by matching yellow furniture with warm white walls. The duo will look much more earthy and rustic, thus working wonders for semi-enclosed spaces like the verandah and courtyards. However, if used in the interiors, the combination will offer clean, clutter-free rooms and boost the modern appeal effortlessly.

Quick Tip: If your space has a shiny yellow couch, add light gray rugs, textured white walls, and neutral color throw pillows for an eyecatching living room.

Here are the best shades of neutral white to match yellow:

  • ‘High Reflecting White’ and ‘White Snow’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Ultra White’ and ‘Bistro White’ by Valspar
  • ‘White Glove’ by Behr

2. Black & Yellow

Black and Yellow Room Ideas
Yellow & Warm Black

A bold color combination of black and yellow is an excellent choice for a maximal house and adds more personality and character to the home decor. The duo not only revitalizes the space but adds a sharp contrast that looks high-end and striking.

However, you can pick soft, warm black, or charcoal black for a friendlier, casual look for living rooms and family spaces. Use this as the base color for couches and floors, and add yellow throw pillows and area rugs for a bold and deluxe modern living room.

You can use a shade of neutral black for a modern, eclectic look with mellow yellow or choose a warm black for a luxurious, colonial vibe with deep, mango yellow. It’s also advisable to use more neutral colors like beige, cream, tan, and white in the room to enhance the contrast of yellow further.

Quick Tip: Since black is a comparatively dark color, ensure adequate natural light or use bright pendant lights in the space to avoid a shadowy effect and acute contrast.

Check out the best shades of black to highlight the pop of yellow:

  • ‘Jet Black’ and ‘Black Beauty’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Off-Black’ by Farrow and Ball

3. Taupe & Yellow

Taupe and Yellow Room
Yellow & Taupe

Taupe is a gorgeous neutral staple that will balance yellow’s bright tones and vibrancy and result in a serene cottage or modern homely interior. With a soft contrast, this gray-brown color will exude an eccentric aura that suits well in contemporary homes.

Furthermore, taupe is flexible, which means you can pair different shades of taupe with varying shades of yellow.

For instance, both light and dark taupe work exceptionally well with rich mustard yellow shade and curate different styles like Scandinavian, Traditional, and Hygge. In addition, since taupe is a sober, neutral shade, you can use it as a foundation color for your walls, floors, or furniture and add a pop of yellow accent on curtains, throw pillows, or even rugs.

Here are the best shades of taupe to match with yellow:

  • ‘Smoky Taupe’ and ‘Topeka Taupe’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Cherry Taupe’ and ‘Badlands Taupe’ by Valspar

4. Gray & Yellow

Light Gray and Yellow Interior Decor Ideas
Yellow & Light Gray

Yellow and gray make a vibrant color combination to look at, but its crisp, high-end look works like magic for minimal, contemporary homes. Bold and dynamic, yellow curates high contrast and a pop of color with gray that works well for eclectic, industrial, and mid-century modern design styles.

Additionally, you can flawlessly use any shades of gray with yellow. Dark blue grays are a smart option to curate an elegant Victorian look for guest areas like the living and dining rooms. But, lighter shades of gray are equally popular for a soft, calming vibe that suits private spaces like bedrooms and home libraries.

You can complement your light gray walls with lovely yellow accent furniture and curtains for a bright, composed look. Or, if you have gray couches or chairs in your room, add mustard yellow or mellow yellow rugs to add more visual interest. You can also check more rug color ideas for a gray couch here.

A list of the best shades of gray for a modern appeal with yellow:

  • ‘Smoky Blue’ and ‘Grays Harbor’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Shutter Gray’ and ‘Euro Gray’ by Behr
  • ‘Parma Gray’ by Farrow and Ball

5. Beige & Yellow

Beige and Yellow Room Ideas
Yellow & Dark Beige

Supple beige is a great complementary color to deep yellows and is your best bet for a soft neutral but earthy look that looks seamless in any space. The color combo creates subtle contrast and composes a warm color scheme that suits cozy transitional houses.

Beige results in a monotone, mid-century modern look with yellow, and you can even add lighter shades like turquoise, pink, and teal for a colorful, farmhouse-style ambiance. But, a darker beige color will look more earthy and curate a simple Tuscan style look that suits calm spaces like sunrooms, lobbies, and meditation rooms.

However, if you want a lively and creative space, opt for pinkish and orangish beige shades to add a dash of color against yellow. You can also pair a yellowish-beige for modern, monochrome living and dining rooms with yellow.

A list of the best shades of beige that go with yellow:

  • ‘Just Beige’ and ‘Apricot Beige’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Beignet’ by Valspar

6. Chocolate Brown & Yellow

Living Room Ideas with Brown and Yellow
Yellow & Chocolate Brown

Both Chocolate brown and yellow are warm colors. Thus, the two colors blend gorgeously with each other, resulting in a cozy, earthy appearance for larger living rooms. Moreover, chocolate brown oozes a gorgeous contrast against yellow, giving a lovely cottage-style look.

Overall, chocolate brown looks homey with yellow, but you can even use a darker walnut brown to add an Asian or dark glamour feel to your living room. Since brown is a neutral color, you can use it as a base color for your walls and floors, and add a pop with bright yellow throw highlighters, throw pillows or rugs, and some metallic gold accents.

Quick Tip: Too much of a chocolate brown decor might look dull and uninteresting. So, make sure that you balance pastel yellow accents and add other light color elements like white, beige, and cream to elevate and brighten the look.

The best shades of chocolate brown to match with yellow:

  • ‘Chocolate Candy Brown’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Bitter Chocolate’ and ‘Chocolate Powder’ by Sherwin Williams

7. Coral & Yellow

Coral and Yellow Living Room Ideas
Yellow & Light Coral

Coral is a beautiful accent color for a soft, delicate, and minimal appearance with yellow. The two bright colors complement each other perfectly and add a smooth feminine charm that suits family spaces like living and dining rooms with a comfortable and easy on the eyes tone.

Additionally, the color combo is a match made in heaven for experimental homes, which means that you can curate different looks by matching different shades of coral with yellow.

For example, a rich, deep coral matches the tones of a dark yellow color and results in a luxurious art-deco, Georgian or English Country look. On the other hand, you can use a lighter shade of coral for a bright, flowering look with pastel yellows that suit transition spaces like passages and lobbies.

Quick Tip: You can use light coral walls with yellow furniture for a funky look with kid spaces and complete the look with light gray rugs and curtains.

Most popular shades of Coral to go with Yellow:

  • ‘Red Coral’ and ‘Coral Expression’ by Behr
  • ‘Animate Coral’ and ‘Coral Bead’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Vintage Coral’ by Valspar

8. Royal Blue & Yellow

Royal Blue and Deep Yellow Living Space Interior
Yellow & Royal Blue

Pick a bold yet contrasting color scheme of yellow and a bright, saturated royal blue to invite brightness and a crisp, boho-chic ambiance. Blue is a cool color that balances the warmth of yellow and adds a soft coastal vibe without being dominant or redundant.

This color combo looks its best with open or semi-enclosed home spaces like the verandah or decks and adds an exotic Hawaiin appeal with velvet throw pillows, couches, and upholstery.

However, a color combo of blue and yellow might feel too striking in private spaces, and hence, it’s advisable to limit it to accent pieces rather than the full base color.

Quick Tip: If you pick a contrasting color scheme of royal blue and yellow in your living room, add white or cream color walls for a modern and crisp appeal. Plus, they will also balance the look for you.

Best Royal Blue shades with Yellow:

  • ‘Loyal Blue’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Peek-A-Boo Blue’ and ‘Cravin’ Cobalt’ by Valspar

9. Turquoise & Yellow

Turquoise and Light Yellow Room Ideas
Light Yellow & Turquoise

Consider adding a dash of turquoise for a quirky but trendy look that updates your home decor instantly. Not only does turquoise add a soft pop against yellow surroundings, but it freshens them up with the added flexibility to fit into various interior design styles.

For example, a bright, cyan-like turquoise will look even more lively and industrial when matched with a light, pastel yellow like SW Friendly Yellow. In contrast, a darker turquoise gives a regal, jewel-toned look with bright banana yellows.

Furthermore, a deep turquoise paired with contrasting colors like gray, mellow yellow, and ivory can help you achieve a nautical interior decor.

Popular shades of turquoise to complement yellow:

  • ‘Turquoise’ and ‘Bubble Turquoise’ by Behr Paints
  • ‘Vardo’ by Farrow and Ball

10. Red & Yellow

Red Couch and Yellow pillows in Living Space
Yellow & Scarlet Red

Go for a bold, dynamic color scheme of a bright cherry red and deep, saturated yellow for your modern, eclectic home. Since both of these colors are warm, they will complement each other well and help seek more focus and attention for large indoor common spaces and drawing rooms.

Undoubtedly, the classic color combo of red and yellow is an excellent accent to your space, but you can flawlessly use this color palette as the foundation color too.

For example, you can curate a striking, fusion-style look with light yellow walls and rose-red furniture or a modern, global look with a pale yellow wall and contrasting scarlet red furniture.

Chic shades of red to match with yellow:

  • ‘Ruby Red’ and ‘Ladybug Red’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Red Bliss’ by Valspar

11. Azure & Banana Yellow

Living Room with Yellow and Azure Accents
Banana Yellow & Azure

Azure and Banana Yellow work together when you want a bright, quirky, and funky space, especially with playful areas like the kid’s room, decks, and patios. Being a soft, cool color, Azure adds a subtle contrast to warm yellow and gives off a moody, layered ambiance.

Moreover, azure or light blue is a versatile color, which means that it will go with both light and dark shades of yellow. Thus, you can freely use different shades of azure to create a balanced look with your couches, throw pillows, rugs, and curtains against your yellow walls. Overall, azure will accent yellow paint and give off a comical yet sophisticated look.

Stylish shades of azure to match yellow:

  • ‘Azure Tide’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Azure Lake’ and ‘Deep Azure’ by Behr

12. Navy Blue & Yellow

Navy Blue Couch With Yellow Throw Pillow Ideas
Yellow & Navy

A crisp and chic navy blue color will arouse a stately, royal, and luxurious look with yellow color and is your go-to option for an authentic transitional interior. Navy, being a cool dark shade, adds a tone of formality to yellow and designs stark, minimal ambiances for the living rooms and bedrooms.

Moreover, navy is versatile enough to pair with various shades of yellow to curate lovely interior styles that suit different spaces.

For instance, a grayish navy gives a high-end, ultramodern living room with muted pale yellow and mellow yellow shades. In contrast, a dark navy complements a metallic golden, resulting in a compact Victorian look for private spaces like bedrooms or reading rooms.

Quick Tip: When designing with navy, don’t forget to add some crisp metal accents for a shiny, luxurious look. Use golden accents for a traditional look, and pick stainless steel accents for industrial space.

Trendy shades of navy to contrast yellow:

  • ‘Elegant Navy’ and ‘Very Navy’ by Behr Paints
  • ‘Scotch Blue’ by Farrow and Ball

13. Emerald Green & Mustard Yellow

Emerald Green and Yellow Room Interior
Mustard Yellow & Emerald Green

Emerald green is your best bet for a grand, mansion-like look with an earthy color like mustard yellow. Both of these colors coordinate generously, and while emerald green adds a regal, luxurious look, mustard yellow prevents it from going overboard.

The combination of yellow and emerald green looks balanced, classy, and high-end, giving a touch of glamour to guest spaces, halls, and living rooms. Emerald green also works well with muted shades of Pale Yellow and curates a minimal, industrial decor.

You can use emerald gold as the primary color for a striking interior or as an accent to enliven your pale yellow interiors.

Quick Tip: You can complement the vibrant color palette of emerald green and mustard yellow with rustic wood tones and white rugs for a Boho-chic look.

Here are the best shades of emerald green color to go with yellow:

  • ‘Hunt Club’ and ‘Clover’ from Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Hunter Green’ by Benjamin Moore

14. Mint & Pale Yellow

Mint and Light Yellow Living Space
Pale Yellow & Mint

Mint is a calm and soothing color that tones down the vividness of yellow and curates organic, nature-inspired places that are way softer on the eyes. Moreover, as mint is a supple tone, it can serve as the primary color for your walls and couches, with a pale yellow being the secondary accent for a fluid Rococo look.

Furthermore, a bright combination of mint green and yellow color can magically make small spaces look more spacious and hence, is the perfect fit for kitchens, utility rooms, and balconies. Additionally, you can blend other neutral colors like beige, white and light gray for a trendy Bohemian look.

Soothing shades of mint to accent yellow:

  • ‘Chilled Mint’ and ‘Mint Frappe’ by Behr
  • ‘Arsenic’ by Farrow and Ball

15. Hot Pink (Or Fuchsia) & Light Yellow

Living Room Ideas with Yellow and Hot Pink
Light Yellow & Hot Pink

Hot pink and light yellow are an unexpected combination but are an offbeat duo to add the needed oomph and a perky, feminine appearance. The contrasting, bright color combo does miracles to your common family spaces and adds an eccentric look with a colorful Asian feel.

When paired with yellows, hot pink spices up the bright space further and offers a modern animated look. You can add pendant lights and neutral tones like white, beige, and gray to balance its bold persona. Finally, hot pink is a loud hue; hence better limit it to accent pillows and chairs rather than using it as the primary foundation color.

Offbeat shades of hot pink to go with yellow:

  • ‘Pink Burst’ and ‘Sea Fan Fuchsia’ by Valspar
  • ‘Hot Lips’ by Benjamin Moore

16. Maroon & Canary Yellow

Yellow Couch and Maroon Rug in Living Space
Canary Yellow & Maroon

Add a stately maroon color to add an orderly, dominant tone to your playful yellow paint and curate luxurious spaces of Baroque interior design. The warm color scheme of maroon and yellow is a perfect tool to secure luxury family spaces and tie the look together.

Furthermore, maroon enhances the visual depth and looks luxurious with brighter canary yellows and gives a downtown abbey look when paired with silver jewel tones. And to achieve a transitional, eclectic look, add more neutral colors like black and brown to the color palette.

You can use this color scheme of maroon and yellow for a vibrant accent in your neutral space to add the needed zing.

Quick Tip: Maroon might look slightly melancholic in a poorly lit room. Hence, use large clerestory windows and bright focus lights to balance the look.

Deep shades of maroon to match yellow:

  • ‘Deep Maroon’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Maroon’ and ‘Formal Maroon’ by Behr

17. Sage Green & Banana Yellow

Sage Green Room with Yellow Accent
Banana Yellow & Sage Green

Sage green is a supple, organic cool color that contrasts the warm tones of yellow and creates a dramatic nature-inspired theme with vibrant accent colors like banana yellow. Moreover, the color is excellent for rustic, cozy cabin styles and Bohemian and contemporary spaces.

Sage green and yellow are complementary colors and create a mature, bright color palette that enlivens compact living rooms, kitchens, balconies, and even bedrooms.

You can also match sage green with a pale yellow color for a soft, industrial exterior. Nevertheless, it is a balanced color scheme to enhance the visual appeal and make spaces eye-catching.

A list of the best shades of sage green that go with yellow:

  • ‘Texas Sage’ and ‘Majestic Sage’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘New age green’ by Valspar

18. Lavender & Canary Yellow

Lavender and Yellow Interior Ideas
Canary Yellow & Lavender

Lavender is a charismatic, playful color that offers a solid contrast against yellow but looks softer and easy on the eyes. Moreover, lavender or lilac provides a flexible touch and can work both ways; as a foundation color and an accent one. The color combo is just the right choice for typical English heritage homes.

Furthermore, you can also include other light accent colors like peach, pink and sage green for a bright, colorful ambiance for your kid spaces and lobbies. Additionally, lavender takes on a bold attire with brighter Canary yellows, making it the perfect tap for living rooms, bedrooms, balconies, decks, and even office spaces with a mid-century modern design.

Quick Tip: Lavender and yellow are both accent colors. Hence, always add a tint of neutral colors or wood tones to balance the look and prevent it from going overboard.

Stylish shades of lavender to go with yellow:

  • ‘Lavender Quartz’ and ‘Simply Lavender’ by Valspar
  • ‘Lavender Cloud’ by Behr Paints

19. Orange & Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow and Light Orange Room Ideas
Mellow Yellow & Orange

Orange and yellow are great coordinating warm colors, and while orange tones down the vibrancy of yellow, the yellow accent enlivens orange and adds a subtle pop of color. Thus, the combination looks warm and cozy, being the best tap for private spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, and dining areas.

Orange goes well with all shades of yellow but looks friendly and boho-chic with a softer, mellow yellow. Here, you can use a bright, saturated vermillion orange for a warm Mediterranean interior or go with a rustic brick orange for earthier cottage designs.

You can also complement this color pairing with beige color rugs, blankets, and even pillows for a soft farmhouse design.

Alternatively, add plush orange furniture against mellow yellow walls for a striking fusion-style decor. This color scheme will add the extra oomph to your space and exude a modern aura that catches attention.

Most popular shades of Orange to go with Yellow:

  • ‘Autumn Orange’ and ‘Adventure Orange’ by Behr
  • ‘Tangerine’ and ‘Inventive Orange’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Orange Toffee’ by Valspar

20. Purple & Bright Yellow

Purple Room With Yellow and Black Accent
Bright Yellow & Purple

A regal purple color revamps your yellow home decor with a classy, formal approach and results in a sophisticated ambiance with intense contrast. When matched with metallic gold, purple adds a high-end, art-deco look, but it looks more transitional and trendy with a bright yellow.

Moreover, being a playful color palette, purple adds the necessary charm and personality to design, and hence, it can balance high-traffic spaces like living rooms, dining, and guest rooms.

Another perk of using a combination of purple and bright yellow is its flexibility to go with dark and light neutral foundation colors like ivory, beige and gray, making it a versatile choice.

Alternatively, you can even use a plum-purple for a modern, industrial look with bright yellow or go with a grayish-purple for a vintage, Gothic look for your living room.

Rich, deep shades of purple for a chic look with yellow:

  • ‘Proper Purple’ and ‘Perpetual Purple’ by Behr
  • ‘Imperial Purple’ by Farrow and Ball

Tips For Decorating With Yellow

  • When decorating with yellow, use minimal design and decor elements. For example, prefer a simple, boxed sofa with bright yellow upholstery or simple, clutter-free yellow walls for a chic look that doesn’t overpower.
  • You can tone down the vibrancy of your bright yellow walls by adding a soft texture or wallpaper that breaks the shiny, sunny hue of yellow paint.
  • If you are pairing yellow with other accent colors like red and purple, always add dark and light neutral color elements or wood tones for a balanced look.
  • Consider the size of your room when choosing the right match with yellow, i.e, if you have compact spaces, prefer a duo of yellow and other light shades like white, beige, cream, etc to look more spacious.
  • Avoid an all-yellow look in your home decor; instead, go for closer oranges and beige if you want a subtle monochromatic palette.
  • Use shades of yellow with tinged woods like reddish cherry wood or white oak for a crude, Scandinavian, or farmhouse decor.

What Colors Go With A Bright Canary Yellow?

Canary yellow, in general, is an accent for modern, industrial interiors. Hence, it will go well with bright neutral colors like white, taupe, beige, and light gray. But, you can also pair it with accent colors like maroon, lavender, and green for a chic, transitional look.

What Colors Go With A Rustic Mustard Yellow?

Mustard yellow is a relatively darker color and the best bet for rustic countryside houses. Hence, natural colors like brown and emerald green look gorgeous with mustard. But, you can even use bold accent colors like hot pink and purple for a lovely transitional look.

What Colors Go With Sw Friendly Yellow Walls?

A Sherwin Williams Friendly Yellow is a soft and supple hue and hence will go with similar soft tones like white or beige for friendly home decor or with a muted red or brown for a typical Georgian look. Alternatively, cooler colors like mint, sage green, turquoise, and azure will curate a soothing Bohemian look with SW Friendly Yellow.

Yellow is a trendy but vibrant interior color that might feel radiant at first glance but is the ticket to chic, stylish interiors when paired correctly. The key here is to pick the right shade of yellow and match it with the correct neutral or accent color for a truly-inspiring space. And our guide will help you achieve that faster than you can imagine.

So, scroll through the guide, pick out the hue that matches your yellow color, and watch boring visuals transition to interesting ones. Gray is another gorgeous color for interior decor that pairs magically with a wide range shades. Want to know these shades? Hop on to our guide on the best colors that go with gray.

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