21 Colors That Go With Red (Combinations With Images)

Just as a bright, dazzling ruby is a must to add shine to your adornments, the red color is irresistible for adding charm and boldness to your interior design. From a bright crimson red to a muted cranberry red, it’s a wonder how different shades of red curate different styles from minimal to maximal. This versatility of red makes it a popular choice among homeowners.

When paired with the right shades from the color wheel, red helps design quirky, dramatic, and contrasting spaces that quickly catch attention. And, to help you in your color selection, here are 21 trendiest colors from the color wheel, along with some do’s and don’ts, to revamp your red home and add more life and spirit to the unruly color.

Trendiest Colors That Go With Red

1. Black & Red

Black & Red Living Room Ideas
Red & Jet Black

Red and black have been the most tried and tested color combinations for ages and are the perfect tool to add a bold accent to your neutral interiors. The duo enhances the visual depth of your space and provides a high-end, regal look that glorifies get-together areas like living and dining.

Overall, a dark jet-black looks new-classical, formal, and maximal with a bright cherry red, but you can even pick a muted warm black or charcoal gray for a soft mid-century modern look. You can further complement this combination with golden accents for a luxurious Baroque design.

Since black and red are bold colors, limit their use to accent pieces like rugs, blankets, pillows, and chairs in a room and balance them off with neutral color walls or floors. But, if your room still lacks the needed zing, you can add a scarlet red accent wall for a striking pop of color.

Quick Tip: You can soften your black walls by adding more texture. Also, use bright pendant or accent lights to avoid dark, moody interiors.

Check out the best shades of black to go with red:

  • Jet Black’ and ‘Black Berry’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Paean Black’ by Farrow and Ball

2. White & Red

White & Red Living Room
Red & Neutral White

A dash of red has the power to revamp your all-white interior and add a smooth persona, making it the best bet for modern, minimal interiors. A bright cherry red adds a bold, bright, and trendy attire to crisp white, making spaces look more spacious than usual.

Moreover, this high contrast color combination enhances the visual appeal and catches attention quickly, making it perfect for family and guest rooms. And since it appears bright and breezy, it can complement smaller areas like reading rooms, bathrooms, and lobbies.

You can also achieve a softer English Heritage look by matching a muted cranberry red with warm white walls. This duo will look much more sophisticated and rustic, perfect for open spaces like decks and verandahs. And, if you have a nice, bushy lawn, don’t hesitate to pick a bright red sofa and add white throw pillows for stylish outside seating.

Quick Tip: Pick solid color home decor items instead of textured or patterned ones for a bold, minimal look with a red and white color scheme.

Here are the best shades of white to match red:

  • ‘High Reflecting White’ and ‘Snow Belt’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Polar White’ and ‘Paramount White’ by Valspar
  • ‘Mirage White’ by Behr

3. Gray & Red

Red Living Room With Dark Gray Couch
Red & Dark Gray

Gray and red make a classy, cosmopolitan color combination for a crisp, minimalist look and is the savior for interiors of high-end villas and apartments. Red immediately catches attention when paired with the tertiary color and works incredibly well for many design styles like eclectic, new-classical, and transitional.

For instance, a vibrant color palette of bright red and dark gray curates a bold Art Moderne look that suits private areas like bedrooms and bathrooms. On the other hand, a bright scarlet red injects a color pop to lighter grays and makes common spaces like living rooms, halls, dining, and reading rooms look more spacious and sharp.

You can go for blue-gray walls with a rustic red accent color for shabby-chic home decor. Or, if you have a soft gray couch, fling scarlet red throw pillows to add a bold personality. You can also check more throw pillow ideas for a gray couch here.

A list of the best shades of gray for a modern appeal with red:

  • ‘DustBlu’ and ‘Lazy Gray’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Heather Gray’ and ‘Silver Gray’ by Behr
  • ‘Lamp Room Gray’ by Farrow and Ball

4. Cream & Red

Living Room With Cream Walls, Couch & Red Pillows
Red & Cream

The cream is an earthy, maintenance-free alternative to white that adds a subtle contrast to red but keeps the ambiance softer and easy on the eyes. So, if you are longing for a warm, relaxing feel with a rich new-classical design, go for cream.

You can use the cream as the primary color for walls, floors, ceilings, or even cabinets and add a bright red accent to your furniture, curtains, blankets, and rugs for an eccentric, casual vibe. And, use a darker shade of cream or an alternative beige to curate a homey, cottage-style feel with your bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Additionally, you can blend other accent colors like sage green, yellow, wood tones, and orange with red and cream for a friendlier, boho-chic ambiance.

A list of the best shades of cream that go with red:

  • ‘Butter Cream’ and ‘Gentle Cream’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Homey Cream’ by Valspar

5. Tan & Red

Tan & Red Living Room Interior
Red & Dark tan

Tan is a rustic, earthy shade with a slightly masculine vibe that works well as a foundation color and lets your red statement color stand out. With a subtle contrast and a soft, cozy feeling, this color matches with different shades of red and adds a visual depth to simple, dull spaces.

For example, you can pair a light tan with a vibrant Crimson red for a bold, dynamic, but casual appeal to your living rooms. Or go with a darker tan for a luxurious transitional look with a deeper shade of red. This combination has the right warmth to make enclosed spaces feel more comfortable and open spaces more composed.

Alternatively, you can add dark tan furniture to your rose-red walls for a striking, global look and some dark wood or black accents for a lovely Asian feel.

Quick Tip: Tan is an earthy color. So, when choosing a shade of tan for your upholstery, always use a mate, cotton, or wool fabric that helps it stay organic.

Best Tan shades with Red:

  • ‘Softer Tan’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Tan Suede’ and ‘Sun Tan’ by Valspar

6. Blush & Red

Living Room Ideas With Red & Blush
Red & Blush

Blush and red are monochromatic colors. But while red adds a lively, utopian feel to blush, blush adds a soothing and tranquil fleck, making it an unmistakable pairing for bedrooms and living rooms with a soft feminine charm.

Moreover, blush blends with all shades of red but looks high-end and minimal with darker, deeper shades of red that add a dramatic pop of color to it.

Furthermore, to prevent an all-red look and avoid your spaces from going overboard, match neutral color accessories like beige or cream curtains, rugs, and pillows for a vintage, eclectic look.

Quick Tip: Match your blush walls with dark red or burgundy red accessories for a bright, youthful, and art-deco look with your private spaces like bathrooms and walk-in wardrobes and revitalize them with golden accents for luxury.

Most popular shades of Blush to go with Red:

  • ‘Powdered Blush’ and ‘Youth Blush’ by Behr
  • ‘Blushing’ and ‘Cosmetic Blush’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Baby Blush’ by Valspar

7. Yellow & Red

Red Couch and Yellow pillows in Living Space
Red & Bright Yellow

Go for a complementary color scheme for your modern, eclectic home with a vibrant color combination of yellow and red. These warm colors pair exceptionally well and give a composed, balanced feel that anchors the look of spaces like kitchens and drawing rooms.

Moreover, yellow is a versatile color that pairs with different shades of red to curate different interior styles. For example, bright yellow designs a global home with bright, scarlet red but takes on a Mediterranean scheme with dark red. Pale, mellow yellow also works well with rose reds for an industrial appeal.

Alternatively, you can match a deep red with a mustard yellow for a rich Art-modern look. Here, you can use deep red as the primary color for your accent wall and add yellow rugs, carpets, or chairs for a crisp contrast.

Chic shades of yellow to match with red:

  • ‘Hawthorne Yellow’ and ‘Sulphur Yellow’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Yellow Mustard’ by Valspar

8. Navy & Red

Red Couch With Navy Blue Throw Pillow Ideas
Red & Navy Blue

Both navy blue and red are complementary colors. While navy tones down the playful approach of red, red neutralizes the traditional vibe of navy blue and modernizes it to suit the current times. Thus, this duo is an excellent combination for bold yet transitional living rooms and bedrooms.

Moreover, navy or dark blue is a flexible color that combines with dark red for a stately, Baroque look that suits private areas like bedrooms and libraries. On the other hand, a grayish navy blue color looks sleek and modish with scarlet red and will blend like magic for an ultra-modern living room.

Quick Tip: Since navy is a darker color, don’t forget to add some crisp metal accents, pendant lights, and clerestory windows to avoid a sharp contrast.

Trendy shades of navy blue to contrast with red:

  • ‘Club Navy’ and ‘Dark Navy’ by Behr Paints
  • ‘Scotch Blue’ by Farrow and Ball

9. Olive Green & Ruby Red

Olive Green & Red Living Room
Ruby Red & Olive Green

Olive green is a serene, organic accent color that builds a complementary color scheme with red. This color gives a nature-inspired, cozy look to spaces. However, this combination can be tricky to pull off, and the key here is to use light-textured surfaces or fur or velvet upholsteries to maintain balance.

Nevertheless, a Ruby red and Olive green color scheme is the best bet for refined Bohemian, cabin, and eclectic styles. You can use this pairing for bathrooms, living rooms, and balconies. Moreover, you can also pair a dark olive green with a rustic Cranberry red for a cozy cottage-like feel to your interior.

Alternatively, you can pick a supple mint green to accent your rugs, blankets, throw pillows, and even the wall highlighters if you need a bright, industrial decor with a light red color.

A list of the best shades of olive green that go with red:

  • ‘Raintree Green’ and ‘Green Brook’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Green Curry’ by Valspar

10. Teal & Rustic Red

Teal & Rustic Red Living Space
Rustic Red & Dark Teal

An on-trend teal and red color palette is the best bet for peppy and Jewel-style interiors and brings a fun element to your space. Teal adds dramatic contrast to red and a more casual approach that blends effortlessly with various design styles.

For example, a darker teal or sea-green gives an affluent English Heritage look with a rustic red such as Scarlet red or Crimson. But a light, pastel teal, or azure blue will help you achieve a serene nautical color scheme that perfectly anchors large areas like entry foyers, halls, and dining.

Furthermore, an alternative cyan will curate a stylish Bohemian look with similar cool colors like blue, green, and purple as the primary color and a deep, dark red accent.

Popular shades of teal to complement red:

  • ‘Calypso’ and ‘Intense Teal’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Vardo’ by Farrow and Ball

11. Beige & Scarlet Red

Beige & Red Living Room
Scarlet Red & Beige

Beige is a robust, easygoing neutral color that neutralizes the bright tones of red and results in an eccentric Asian feel with a homey yet colorful attire. The color does provide a supple contrast to red but looks royal, electric, and the right tool to design mid-century modern interiors.

Furthermore, beige is versatile, and both dark and light shades of beige will pair with different shades of red to curate different styles like new-classical, hygge, and eclectic. And, if you want your contemporary house to be the star of the show, match a light beige with scarlet red for a truly trending and inspiring living room decor.

Finally, since beige is a soothing neutral color, use it as the primary color for your walls and ceiling, and pick red as the secondary color to accent your curtains, throw pillows, and rugs. You can also check some inspiring color ideas for throw pillows with a beige couch here.

Here are the best shades of beige to match with red:

  • ‘Barely Beige’ and ‘Adobe Beige’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Savoury Beige’ and ‘Vienna Beige’ by Valspar

12. Magenta & Bright Red

Red Living Room With Magenta Couch
Bright Red & Magenta

Magenta exudes a dominant aura and modifies the lively red ambiance to a rich, mansion-like space. The color combination does look monotone, but their different undertones contrast each other perfectly for more balance and visual depth.

Magenta goes well with all shades of red but takes on a high-end, mid-century modern look with a bright red color, adding more luxury and sophistication to family spaces, halls, and living rooms. On the other hand, it curates a traditional, new-classical look with yellowish vermillion and scarlet red shades.

You can use magenta for accent walls and paneling if you need a vibrant, dazzling interior and introduce deep red and other rick colors for an intense, mysterious ambiance.

Quick Tip: You can tone down the vibrant color palette of magenta and bright red by adding golden, copper, or light wood accents for a beautiful transitional attire.

Here are the best shades of magenta color to go with a bright red:

  • ‘Wine Country’ and ‘Merlot’ from Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Twilight Magenta’ by Benjamin Moore

13. Peach & Candy Red

Living Room Ideas With Peach & Red
Candy Red & Peach

Peach is a soft, soothing color that adds much-needed grace and a youthful zing to red. It helps balance the saturation of bright reds and offers breezy, dream-like interiors. Moreover, peach or salmon is flexible and works smoothly as the primary color and accent color for typical Hygge homes.

Peach looks bold and beautiful with a dark maroon-red, making it the perfect choice for bedrooms, halls, and semi-enclosed spaces like decks and patios with a new-classical approach. You can enhance this duo further by adding sleek black or metal accents and some neutral color elements like white and beige to streamline the look.

Quick Tip: Peach and red are both accent colors. Hence, always add natural wood tones, or use a light texture for an easygoing ambiance.

Stylish shades of peach to go with red:

  • ‘Peach Kiss’ and ‘Peach Encounter’ by Valspar
  • ‘Salmon Peach’ by Behr Paints

14. Burnt Orange & Bright Red

Burnt Orange & Red Modern Interior
Bright Red & Burnt Orange

Burnt Orange is an analogous color to bright red and is the right tool to bring an earthy, intense vibe. It is a rustic, toned-down version of orange that neutralize the drama of bright red and adorn a sophisticated, balanced look. This pair will add comfort and coziness to bedrooms, halls, and pantries.

Generally, a Burnt Orange looks gorgeous with all shades of red but curates homey, Bohemian interiors with brighter shades of red like Scarlet and SW Real Red. You can pair a saturated orange accent for a fusion-style look with a dark red and complement it with neutral color rugs, walls, and blankets for a composed ambiance.

Alternatively, match bright orange throw pillows to create a layered look with a bright red couch and for creative yet modern furniture color combinations that steal the limelight. Complete it further with a regal rayon upholstery for a shiny look.

Most popular shades of Burnt Orange to go with Red:

  • ‘Amiable Orange’ and ‘Rumba Orange’ by Behr
  • ‘Brushed Orange’ by Valspar

15. Plum Purple & Crimson Red

Plum-Purple & Red Modern Living Room Ideas
Crimson Red & Plum Purple

Add a dash of a regal Plum Purple to your sober interiors with Crimson red to design intense, contrasting, but luxurious art-deco-style homes. Being a rich, intense cool color, plum-purple designs moody, introspective spaces with crimson-red, making it perfect for party areas and experimental halls.

Moreover, plum-purple adds more depth and a rich persona to red and works well when used with secondary colors like pastel green, beige, and taupe. This combination helps you design various styles like transitional boho, industrial, and Hollywood glam with ease.

Quick Tip: Red and purple are both accent colors. Hence, always add golden, silver, or wood accents and ensure proper lighting to maintain a balanced attire.

Rich, deep shades of plum-purple for a chic look with red:

  • ‘Purple Orchid’ and ‘Academy Purple’ by Behr
  • ‘Quixotic Plum’ by Sherwin Williams

16. Dark Brown & Bright Red

Dark Chocolate Brown & Red Living Room
Dark brown & Red

Dark brown is an organic, earthy paint color that looks cohesive with the warm tones of red and designs rustic but lavish neo-classical interiors when used with a bright red. Thus, the color is excellent for regal, transitional interiors and adds a supple contrast that looks homey yet appealing.

Overall, the brown color exudes a contemporary appeal to rustic red. Still, you can even use an alternative chocolate brown or chestnut brown for a lovely European feel of a french-country style interior. Moreover, use even darker walnut brown walls or accents if you need a lavish Victorian look with your red home.

The best brown colors that go with red:

  • ‘Hearthstone Brown’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Aurora Brown’ and ‘Fiery Brown’ by Sherwin Williams

Gorgeous Colors That Go With Dark Red

17. Taupe & Dark Red

Taupe & Dark Red Interior
Dark red & Light Taupe

Taupe is a calming neutral color that works exceptionally well against the vibrant tones of red. It’s an excellent choice for a homey, contemporary interior. Taupe accents dark red with subtle contrast and forms a complementary color scheme that suits modern, eclectic homes.

Generally, a lighter taupe results in a contemporary, bohemian look with dark red, but you can explore a dark taupe color with golden accents for a regal, mid-century modern space. This color also blends with a dark red and gives a Mediterranean look to meditation rooms, reading rooms, and lobbies.

However, if you want a smokey and high-end living room, opt for a grayish shade of taupe and match it with light gray floors, gray rugs, and slight wood tones. You can also use brownish-taupe walls for a french-country design with your living and dining rooms.

A list of the best shades of taupe that go with dark red:

  • ‘Tyler Taupe’ and ‘Deep Taupe’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Glamorous Taupe’ by Valspar

18. Golden & Dark Red

Golden Yello & Dark Red Living Space Ideas
Dark red & Golden

Dark red and golden yellow comprise a rich, royal pair that can work well for retro and vintage design styles. You can use this combination for any enclosed spaces like halls, bedrooms, and dining to reveal a touch of palace-like ambiance with a high-end, glamorous feel.

When used as the foundation color, a deep, maroon-red, and golden curates a dominant Baroque style look, but it will curate a softer transitional look if used as accents with other neutral colors like cream, beige and white.

Moreover, you can also pick metallic shades of golden to introduce a shiny pop of color against deep red and curate a maximal look. Metallic gold is one of the best colors that go with red.

Best shades of golden to match with red:

  • ‘Golden Delicious’ and ‘Golden Garden’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Golden Chime’ and ‘Golden Retriever’ by Valspar

19. Dark Hunter Green & Dark Red

Living Room Ideas With Hunter Green & Dark Red
Dark red & Hunter Green

Arouse the Christmas vibes all year round in your space with a bold, crisp color combination of hunter green and dark red. Hunter green and red are complementary colors, and hence, they accentuate each other and add a regal, luxurious tone to any space.

You can use this color combo to display a vivid, dazzling color palette in your living rooms, halls, and guest spaces and add a high-end feel. Moreover, Hunter green also works well with toned-down cranberry reds and curates a homey, eclectic decor.

Here, you can use hunter green as the foundation color for the walls for a rich, traditional look or use it as an accent color to neutralize the playfulness of red.

Quick Tip: Since hunter green and red are dark colors, use bright focus lights or hang off-white accent lights to avoid a cloudy effect.

Here are the best shades of hunter green color to go with red:

  • ‘Hunt Club’ and ‘Clover’ from Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Hunter Green’ by Benjamin Moore

20. Coral & Dark Red

Coral & Dark Red Living Room
Dark red & Coral

Coral and Dark Red might seem like an unexpected color combination. Still, it is an eccentric option for a blend of glamour and a feminine charm that curates a minimal, ultra-modern look for larger living rooms, reading rooms, and workspaces.

Additionally, the color combo is the right tap for experimental yet timeless spaces, and thus, you can curate different looks by matching different colors with coral and dark red.

For example, the color combination of coral and dark red will result in a sophisticated mid-century modern look when paired with other neutral colors like beige, cream, and taupe. But, if you add a pop of different accent colors like pale yellow, azure, or sage green, you can have colorful interiors that will enliven the kid spaces instantly.

Most popular shades of Coral to go with Dark Red:

  • ‘Red Coral’ and ‘Coral Expression’ by Behr
  • ‘Vintage Coral’ by Valspar

21. Lime Green & Dark Red

Dark Red Couch With Lime Green Pillows
Dark red & Lime green

Add a splash of fresh lime green with dark red for an off-beat, trendy look. Lime does not only build a solid contrast against dark red but brightens it up with the added flexibility to adapt to various interior design styles like modern, eclectic, and fusion.

Additionally, a bright lime color adds a powerful pop of color against dark red and looks refreshing and animated. You can go for yellowish lime color looks for a contemporary electric look with dark red. Furthermore, you can add more neutral colors like silver, gray, beige, and ivory for a futuristic decor.

Caution: Avoid using a neon lime to complement any shades of red, as the overall combination might look naive and overwhelming.

Popular shades of lime to complement red:

  • ‘Key Lime’ and ‘Lime Pop’ by Behr Paints
  • ‘Lavish Lime’ by Valspar

Do’s Of Decorating With Red

  • If you plan to use red for the walls, pick shades with a slight purple or blue undertone like SW Rambling Rose for a balanced look that does not overwhelm you.
  • Limit bright red to statement pieces like throw pillows, rugs, and blankets against neutral colors like beige, tan, and cream.
  • Always add a texture or pattern with bright red statement pieces to prevent it from going overboard and dominating the other neutral colors in the space.
  • Ensure adequate natural light, or hang pendant or accent lights when decorating with red, especially a darker red.

Don’ts Of Decorating With Red

  • Avoid pairing pastel shades like coral and blush with brighter scarlet and tomato reds as they might create a mismatch and look awkward.
  • Never use sleek silver or stainless steel furniture with bright red, as it might look low-key and subdued.
  • If you are using red decor in your kitchen, limit flashy, bright reds to accent your kitchen island; instead, use muted cranberry reds or dark reds for your upper and lower cabinetry.

What Colors Go With A Purplish Burgundy Red?

Burgundy red serves as an accent color for supple, transitional interiors. Hence, it will look seamless with soft neutral colors like cream, beige, white and taupe. But, you can also pair it with secondary colors like light olive green, golden, coral, and blush for a striking, global look.

What Colors Go With A Trendy SW Fireweed Shade?

SW Fireweed shade is a dark red and hence will go with white and cream for a homey, cottage-like feel or with a light tan or brown for a rustic, french country ambiance. Alternatively, bright accent colors like lime and turquoise will curate a dramatic, pop-culture-like look with SW Fireweed.

What Colors Go With A Popular BM Deep Rose Shade?

Deep rose is a bright color and can be used to accent other foundation colors like beige and taupe. On the other hand, you can complement it with a rich shade of navy, plum-purple, or magenta and add golden accents for a luxurious look.

Red is a trendy, stylish choice to use in home decor and serves as an excellent foundation color as well as a striking accent color. The key here is to pick the right shade of red and pair it with other warm colors like yellow and orange for a snug, cohesive statement or with cool accents like blue or purple for more liveliness.

Red looks gorgeous with every color mentioned in our guide. So, pick your favorite color combinations, and achieve your dream space within the blink of an eye. Yellow is a similar warm color that designs vibrant interiors, just like red. So, scroll through our related article on colors that go with yellow for more ideas for a bright interior design.