Best Colors That Go With Gold (20 Combinations With Images)

Metallic style interiors have already set the charts soaring due to their rich, regal looks and lavish tone. Gold is one such popular metallic accent that makes homes bright, elegant, rich, and retro and is one of the top choices for home decor, given its inherent ability to blend effortlessly with various colors from the color wheel.

Though gold works exceptionally well as the base color and accent color under various light or dark settings, it is challenging to pull off its bold tones, intensity, and shine that can easily look audacious on incorrect pairing. But, the right colors will help gold stand out and look crisp and neat.

And, to help you pick the right match to suit your style, we have listed down 20 colors that go with gold and its different shades. So, let’s get started.

Stylish Colors That Go With Gold

1. Black & Metallic Gold

Black Room With Gold Accents
Black & Gold

A dash of sleek gold accents is all you need to revitalize your black home decor and add a regal, luxurious touch that updates your home instantly. Gold adds the much-needed shiny contrast and a high-end effect to black, whereas black provides a dark backdrop to gold and helps it stand out.

Thus, the color combo is a boon to achieving an elevated effect with minimal accessories and can even magically blend to curate different styles. For instance, go with gold couches and pillows against plain black walls for a grand Victorian feel. Or, if you wish to go minimal and eclectic, add sleek, streamlined gold accessories and furniture legs to crack the pop.

Moreover, you can also use gold as the primary color for your feature walls and add black lamps, couches, and statement furniture for a vibrant jewel-toned look. And, if you do not want striking visuals, just use a lighter wall color like beige, cream, or taupe and add darker golds for a sophisticated, modern, and neutral design.

Quick Tip: You can use lighter shades of black like charcoal or ebony for your walls or use textured wallpaper to avoid a dominant and formal attire.

Check out the best shades of black to go with gold:

  • ‘Black Jack’ and ‘Black Beauty’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Off Black’ by Farrow and Ball

2. Beige & Gold

Beige Living Room With Metallic Gold Accent
Beige & Metallic Gold

Beige walls can make a space look casual, modest, and plain. Hence, pairing beige with a radiant gold color is a quick way to add a glossy sheen and a high-end upscale to beige decor. This color combo will look seamless and balanced, ensuring a lavish aura for living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms.

The best way to use this color palette in your space is by using beige as the primary color for your walls and floors with sleek, golden accent furnishings and upholstery borders. The simple trick will not only add a shiny look to the earthy beige but will make spaces look more spacious and clutter-free, with a touch of royalty.

Additionally, if you feel your space is devoid of color, you can add rose gold or green gold shades to strike a subtle contrast with beige and ooze a modern, eclectic effect. And, if it still looks bland, go with orangish or pinkish shades of beige to add more color to the neutral setting.

Quick Tip: Pick darker shades of beige for a traditional or transitional attire with pure gold accents while picking lighter beiges for a modern, well-blended look.

Best shades of beige to match with gold:

  • ‘Golden Beige’ and ‘Creamy Beige’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Savoury Beige’ and ‘Safari Beige’ by Valspar

3. Red & Gold

Gold and Red Modern Living Room Ideas
Red & Gold

Red and gold are a match made in heaven for royal and luxurious interiors that steal the bet for retro, traditional, and transitional design styles. The duo looks warm, vibrant yet contrasting, and adds a lovely mansion or palace-like feel to high-end kitchens, living rooms, and even bedrooms.

Remember that the darker the red, the more traditional the look. Hence, a deep red or maroon wall color will curate a dominant, Baroque look with a yellow gold accent, whereas a rose-red or crimson will look more transitional. In contrast, a bright cherry red will look cosmopolitan or global with white gold accents or curate a maximal look with yellow gold.

However, if you want to break the warm vibe of gold and red in your space, mix and match other colors like gray, lavender, sage, or mint for a cohesive, balanced look.

Best shades of red to match with gold:

  • ‘Red Oxide’ and ‘Ladybug Red’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Classic Red’ and ‘Radiant Red’ by Valspar

4. White & Gold

White Living Room Interior With Metallic Gold Accents
Neutral White & Gold

White and gold make for a cordial, harmonious pair and look clean and crisp with a slight hint of new-classical interior design. A faded golden color breaks the monotony of simple white walls, adding a layered and contemporary look that instantly updates your living rooms, bedrooms, and halls.

Here, you can use white as the primary color for your walls and floors and add golden rugs, blankets, couches, or even statement furniture to anchor the whole look. Plus, this duo will bring ample natural light to your space and give a shiny, cosmopolitan look that draws class and coziness to high-traffic areas like entry foyers, decks, and verandahs.

You can also achieve a lovely art-deco look by blending different shades like orange, pink and purple with white and gold. This color palette will look much more creative, airy, and artistic, making the best of compact spaces.

Quick Tip: Since white is a bright color, you can pair it with muted shades of gold like Rose-gold or White gold, for a monotone look, without going overboard.

Here are the best shades of neutral white to match gold:

  • ‘Pure White’ and ‘Natural White’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Ultra White’ and ‘Bistro White’ by Valspar
  • ‘Vibrant White’ by Behr

5. Rust & Gold

Lavish Rush and Metallic Gold Living Room Ideas
Rust & Gold

Rust exudes luxury, glamour, and sophistication. It is the best bet to add a regal touch to simple faded gold accents and gives the perfect showy and high-end look with a transitional design style. This color creates a striking backdrop that makes the gold accent stand out and aids more visual depth and dimension.

With this color combination, you have the flexibility to achieve different styles and home layouts. For instance, you can pair smooth rust or burnt orange walls, floors, or curtains with textured or floral gold accents for an eccentric look. Or, you can design an ultra-modern home using the pair as accents with beige or gray wall color.

However, if you need a royal, mansion-like look, pair golden curtains, rugs, or blankets with dark rust walls, or use heavy golden chandeliers, fans, and warm white lights against simple rust-colored ceilings. Alternatively, you can even use a green-gold accent for a nature-inspired look with an earthy rust color.

Here are the best shades of rust to match gold:

  • ‘Umber Rust’ and ‘Dark Auburn’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Rust’ and ‘Rio Rust’ by Behr
  • ‘Rusted Earth’ by Valspar

6. Blue & Metallic Gold

Living Room Decor With Blue Sofa and Gold Accents
Blue & Metallic Gold

Blue is a stunning complementary color to metallic gold that tones it down and adds a lovely, casual approach to the design. Gold works gorgeously with all shades of blue, but royal or classic blue shades design moody interiors, whereas lighter shades of blue look tranquil and curate nautical spaces.

Nevertheless, blue and gold is a classic combination to display class, luxury, and a regal upscale with your living rooms and dining areas and will help you design various glamorous styles like Hollywood regency, glam, and new empire. The trick here is to use blue as the base color and accent it with shiny golden strips and textures for a quick revamp.

Alternatively, you can use muted shades of gold like white gold, green gold, or rose gold for the walls and accent it with bright blue statement furniture, rugs, curtains, or blankets for a unique maximal look.

Best shades of blue to match with gold:

  • ‘California Blue’ and ‘Washington Blue’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Blue Burst’ and ‘Blue China’ by Valspar

7. Forest green & Metallic Gold

Metallic Gold and Forest Green Living Room Ideas
Forest Green & Metallic Gold

Forest green looks trendy but a little traditional with golden, but it is a quick tap to display class, luxury, and sophistication in living rooms, lobby areas, and entry foyers. Since it’s a cool color, it looks serene and composed with metallic gold and helps give a dusky, nature-inspired decor.

A sleek golden texture or upholstery gives a Baroque look against plain forest green walls, but you can add another secondary color such as beige or light gray to aid a transitional look.

Similarly, accents of different metallic colors like copper and rust will curate a shiny jewel-toned look, whereas bright greens like emerald green will look more modern.

Overall, green and golden is a high-end and regal color combination used to add a formal, mansion-like approach to the home decor and can blend effortlessly with various styles such as Baroque, Victorian, Georgian, and new-classical, based on the shade of green used.

Quick Tip: Another way to add forest green accents is to use dark leaf plants and succulents in a space. Plus, they will also soften the overall look for you.

Best shades of green from the color wheel:

  • ‘Chrome Green’ and ‘Jade Green’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Greener Grass’ and ‘Green Sea’ by Valspar

8. Navy & Gold

Living Room With Dark Blue Furniture and Metallic Gold Accent
Navy & Metalic Gold

Navy and gold express leisure, lavish, deluxe-like appearance and add a high-end, ultra-modern look to any design. Since both are complementary colors, they blend well, providing a modern and minimal industrial design.

You can complement your dark navy blue or grayish navy walls with sleek, streamlined golden accents to add a touch of mid-century modern design. This color palette looks intense, moody, and elegant, perfect for adding class and luxury to living rooms and bedrooms. You can further accent it with light wood tones to add depth and dimension.

Moreover, you can also curate a friendlier, nautical look by adding a fresh secondary color such as white, beige, or taupe to the home decor.

These colors will tone down the formalness of navy and gold, making the space feel relaxed and homey. Alternatively, if you have yellow gold accents, you can use shades of grayish-navy to add more contrast and accentuation.

Quick Tip: Since navy blue is a heavy color, you can add more texture or white strips to make it look balanced with gold. Similarly, you can also add bright spotlights or pendant lights to add a cheery feel to navy blue.

Trendy shades of navy blue to contrast with gold:

  • ‘Club Navy’ and ‘Dark Navy’ by Behr Paints
  • ‘Scotch Blue’ by Farrow and Ball

9. Teal & Gold

Blue Furniture & Dark Wood Floors Ideas
Teal & Metallic Gold

Teal is a gorgeous cool color with a bluish-green undertone that looks flawless with golden hues, adding a funky but regal tone to the space. The key here is to use lighter shades of teal for a modern, nautical style home and go with darker shades of teal for transitional decor.

Nevertheless, teal never fails to add the extra oomph and grandeur when paired with gold and makes enclosed and semi-enclosed spaces look more breezy and uncluttered. Apart from being a flexible foundation color, teal works equally well as an accent color to rose gold walls and will curate a rich, English Heritage look.

Alternatively, you can even use lighter turquoise or cyan accents for a bright, beachy, but industrial look against gold.

Quick Tip: Introduce beige or buff accents and some light wood tones for an airy and uncluttered Scandinavian look with the yellow color gold.

Popular shades of teal to complement gold:

  • ‘Empress Teal’ and ‘Tucson Teal’ by Behr
  • ‘Tidal Teal’ by Valspar

10. Cream & Metallic Gold

Cream Living Area With Golden Yellow Accents
Cream & Metallic Gold

Cream and metallic gold might seem a monotone combination at first glance, but it hits the right chord for rich and eccentric interiors with a hint of transitional new-classical design. The combination looks soothing to the eyes and is the perfect tap to make bedrooms, guest rooms, and relaxing spaces feel homier.

However, if you want to employ this combination in your living rooms, adding other elements like black lights, lamps, or rugs is advisable to break the monotony and elevate the look. Or, you can even keep it minimal with a yellowish shade of cream wall color and green-gold accents for a neutral, contrasting look.

Overall, cream and gold look bright and spacious together, and this duo will undoubtedly bring more natural light and luxury to your space, making your home look expensive in no time.

Best Cream shades with Metallic Gold color:

  • ‘Pineapple Cream’ and ‘Cherish Cream’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Cream Puff’ and ‘Cream Cake’ by Valspar
  • ‘Opal Cream’ by Behr

11. Blush & Gold

Blush and Metallic Gold Living Room Ideas
Blush & Gold

Blush is a muted, pastel version of pink paint that looks rich, refined, and worldly with gold and adds a deep contrast to it. This pairing will add a youthful feminine charm to the space and bring extra character and a bold persona with a lavish art-deco look.

However, blush is an accent color, and it is advisable to limit it to statement furniture rather than as the foundation color for walls. This will keep your space balanced with a chic look. You can use blush rugs and couches in your living rooms and accentuate them with sleek gold accessories for a rich, luxurious feel.

Alternatively, you can go for gray or white walls or checkered rugs to make your blush and golden accents stand out and uplift the space. And you can also pop some bronze-gold curtains to add the necessary zing for a transitional living room.

Quick Tip: Add yellowish or pure gold accents for a modern, sober space with blush furniture, or pick bronze-gold accents to look vintage but elegant.

Stylish shades of Blush to go with Gold:

  • ‘Opal Blush’ and ‘Apricot Blush’ by Valspar
  • ‘April Blush,’ ‘Youth Blush,’ and ‘Noble Blush’ by Behr Paints

12. Light Gold & Dark Gold

Living Room With Dark Gold and Light Gold Colors
Light Gold & Dark Gold

Light gold and dark gold look cohesive and monochrome together. The duo brings a shiny and sunny look to the space, adding little contrast and a sheen that gives a jewel-toned look. Such a combination adds a lovely Asian feel to the areas, being the best bet for bedrooms, living rooms, and even guest rooms.

You can add a little bit of color to your light Benjamin Moore Heirloom Gold walls by adding a dark rose gold or green gold texture that adds more visual depth. And, if you have dark or pale gold walls, add light or white gold rugs, cushions, curtains, or lamps for a shabby look. You can also check more curtain color ideas for gold walls here.

Best Light Gold & Dark Gold Combinations to try:

  • ‘Classical Gold & Different Gold’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Gold Tone & Gold Finch’ by Valspar

13. Taupe & Gold

Taupe and Metallic Gold Living Room Decorating Ideas
Light Taupe & Gold

Taupe and gold is the combination for the neutral lover in you! These two complementary colors will blend well and look homey, oozing an ultramodern attire that works well for Japandi, Bohemian, and Scandinavian styles. Moreover, the slight contrast between them will offer more sophistication and a layered look.

You can curate a breezy, uncluttered interior by using a lighter taupe as the foundation color and accenting it with pure gold or rose gold accessories. Or, you can look monochromatic by introducing more pale gold accents like furniture legs, frames, and vases that curate an industrial interior for workspaces, study rooms, and offices.

Another perk of using this color palette is that there will always be enough room to add pops of secondary accent colors like pink, green and purple for a creative and artistic space.

Thus, taupe and gold are flexible options and adapt to different looks, from funky and casual to minimal and geometric, based on the other accessories.

Best shades of Taupe from the color wheel:

  • ‘Taupe of the Morning’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Cherry Taupe’ and ‘Badlands Taupe’ by Valspar

14. Burgundy & Gold

Living Room Interior With Burgundy Furniture and Metallic Gold Accents
Burgundy & Gold

Burgundy looks rich and mesmerizing with gold. Since it is a warm color, it accents gold in a regal and vibrant way, adding the necessary charm and sophistication to the space. Moreover, burgundy and gold are trendy combinations nowadays since they offer a timeless look, adapting to traditional and modern designs.

The trick here is to use lighter, more reddish shades of burgundy for striking visuals with contrasting modern appeal and choose plum or darker burgundy paints for traditional attire. And you can also add neutral color walls like white, beige, cream, or gray to ooze a transitional look and anchor the overall home decor together.

Quick Tip: Burgundy might look too vibrant as a primary color, and hence, if you want neutral interiors, use burgundy and gold as accent colors for a clutter-free, breathable space.

Stylish shades of burgundy to go with gold:

  • ‘Ancient Burgundy’ and ‘Antique Burgundy’ by Valspar
  • ‘Fine Burgundy’ by Behr Paints

15. Purple & Gold

Living Room With Purple Sofa and Golden Accents
Purple & Metallic Gold

Purple is a regal and high-end match for a traditional ambiance with gold. Since both are shiny, royal colors, they have the potential to uplift any space and work as a great tool to display class and luxury in guest spaces and living rooms.

No doubt, purple looks gorgeous with all shades of gold like yellow gold and green gold, but you can add an orangish-gold accent to add more contrast and a classical feel against the cool color.

Additionally, if you have a rose-gold accent in your space, pick different shades of purple like plum, lavender, or berry for a rustic, Georgian ambiance. But, if you have a white gold decor, a shade of deep purple or alternative mauve will give a sober, industrial look.

Overall, this combination looks contrasting and timeless, being the right tap for grand villas and mansion spaces.

Quick Tip: If you have a purple sofa, use shiny Rayon or Polyester upholsteries for a stylish, elevated look.

Best shades of purple to go with gold:

  • ‘Fully Purple’ and ‘Concord Grape’ from Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Purple Lotus,’ ‘Exotic Purple,’ ‘Dark Purple’ from Benjamin Moore

16. Gray & Gold

Gray Living Room With Faded Gold Accent Chair
Light Gray & Gold

Are you tired of the traditional vibe that gold emphasizes? Well, try pairing it with different shades of gray and instantly enjoy a minimal but ultra modern home decor. This color combination will add a sober, industrial look and extra charm to living rooms, bedrooms, and reading rooms.

Generally, all shades of gray like charcoal gray, blue-gray, and slate blend well with gold, but a lighter and cooler shade of gray helps design more modern and refined spaces. Plus, this neutral setting will also allow you to incorporate secondary colors like pink and teal for a truly colorful, eclectic interior.

You can also have a monochromatic home by mixing and matching light gray walls with similar white gold accents. Alternatively, you can use glossy silver paint or wallpaper for a bright, shiny look with gold, allowing more breathing room for your furniture.

Best Gray shades from the color wheel:

  • ‘Repose Gray’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Gray Shimmer’ and ‘Polar Star’ by Valspar

17. Brown & Gold

Dark Chocolate Brown & Red Living Room
Dark Brown & Gold

Brown is a rich, rustic, and bright neutral color that leans towards masculine home decor. But, it’s the best bet for monotone countryside houses shimmered in light gold accents. Brown looks homey, warm, and cozy, with the added flexibility to shape traditional and transitional design styles.

For instance, you can add pure gold accents to light brown wall color for a soft farmhouse or European home style. And, if you want some dark, impressive visuals, go with a chocolate brown foundation color and top it with contrasting rose gold accents.

You can even use a dark brown such as walnut or espresso with gold for regal Baroque or Victorian interiors. Brown is a warm color, so it will surely make your living rooms, dining, and kitchens look earthier and organic. Pair it with the right amount of golden accents, and you will have a truly unique and inspiring palette for your interior.

Quick Tip: An interesting way to use brown in a space is to add richer woods like mahogany, walnut, cherry, and maple instead of the conventional brown paint. Plus, this will give off a deep, textured look to your space.

Stylish shades of Brown to go with Gold:

  • ‘Brown Velvet’ and ‘Brown Bark’ by Valspar
  • ‘Bison Brown,’ ‘Classic Brown,’ and ‘Rich Brown’ by Behr Paints

18. Peach & Gold

Peach Furniture With Gold Accents
Peach & Gold

Peach is a muted, pastel version of bright orange. When paired with a similar warm color such as metallic gold, peach gives a bright, feminine contrast and adds more charm and personality to the design. So, it goes well with relaxing spaces like bedrooms, bathrooms, walk-in wardrobes, and even kid’s rooms.

The color combination of peach and gold is high-end and luxurious. It does not only look furnished and minimal but gives a crisp and chic aura that helps design various styles like art-deco, mid-century modern, and eclectic with ease.

You can also use peach as a base color and accentuate it with golden lamps, frames, and wall plates for a lavish look. Alternately, you can add another secondary wall color like dark green, red, or blue and accentuate it with golden stripes, patterns, or textures.

Complete this industrial look further by adding peach couches, chairs, or rugs, and use silky velvet upholsteries to look soberer.

Most popular shades of Peach to go with Gold:

  • ‘Modestly Peach’ and ‘Creamy Peach’ by Behr
  • ‘Certain Peach,’ ‘Teasing Peach,’ and ‘Palish Peach’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Peachy’ by Valspar

19. Gold & Lilac

Lilac Dining Room With Gold Accents and Lightings
Lavender & Gold

Lilac is a tranquil, playful color that adds a more casual touch to the stately gold accent and makes the overall look softer and easy on the eyes. Lilac and gold look dreamy, as if just out of a fairy tale, and give an illusionary, romantic feel to living rooms, dining spaces, and even kid rooms.

You can also include other pastel colors like mint, blue, pink, and sage green with this color scheme to make your space more colorful and creative with a Hollywood glam style.

And, if you want a brighter, industrial, office-space look with lilac, use it as the foundation color for your walls, throw in beige or white color furniture and add golden pendant lights for balance.

Quick Tip: Lilac and yellow are both accent colors. Hence, always add a tint of neutral colors or wood tones for balance and sophistication.

Stylish shades of lilac to go with gold:

  • ‘Lilac Lane’ and ‘Lilac Ice’ by Valspar
  • ‘Lilac Rose’ by Behr Paints

20. Rustic Gold & Bright Green

Green Furniture With Gold Accent
Bright Green & Rustic Gold

Bright green is another color to ditch the traditional vibe of gold paint color. Instead, it is a bright, playful color that coordinates well with gold, cracks a pop of color, and gives a beautiful nature-inspired space with a mid-century modern or eclectic design style.

Overall, the color combination of bright green and gold looks charming, contrasting but organic, and adds a welcoming, cottage-like look to living spaces, halls, and other get-together rooms with gold. Gold also works with muted shades of green like sage or mint green for a rustic, farmhouse, or french country-style home decor.

And, if you have pale gold or white gold statement furniture in your room, you can even add bright green walls, rugs, couches, or sofas for a trendy Boho-chic interior.

Here are the best shades of bright green color to go with gold:

  • ‘Green Belt’ and ‘Lucky Green’ from Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Jade Green’ by Benjamin Moore

How To Use Gold In Interior Design?

  • Gold is a glamorous shade, but it can be slightly overwhelming in home decor. So, it’s better to limit it to statement furniture, chandeliers, and other accent furnishings for a more modern appeal.
  • If you have a golden couch, use softer, silkier upholsteries like velvet, mohair, leather, or suede for more balance.
  • Always use warm white lights or lampshades with gold to help uplift its regal tone and more luxury.
  • If you still want to use a touch of gold for your feature walls or statement pieces, pick textured wallpapers, ceilings, or golden mosaic or terracotta tiles to avoid it from going overboard.
  • Mirrors or other glass elements are a must when designing with gold. They will look bright and cohesive and add a formal and rich tone to gold accents.
  • If yellow gold looks too bright and overwhelming, you can always tone it down by using alternatives like white gold, green gold, or rose gold. Alternatively, you can add a superior oil-bronze finish for a more rustic look.
  • Lastly, ensure that you spread your gold accents throughout the room, as they might look cluttered and overpowering otherwise.

What accent colors go with gold?

Gold is already a warm, accent color. Hence, it will look more rich and regal against dark, cool color backdrops like forest green, blue, navy, and purple, dark red. However, you can also use warm, pastel accents like pink and peach for a soothing, seamless interior.

What colors go with a popular SW Empire Gold?

SW Empire Gold is a comparatively brownish and earthy gold shade used extensively for farmhouse and cottage-style decor. Hence, it will go well with similar rustic shades like beige, cream, taupe, mustard, gray, and green for a seamless, organic ambiance.

What colors go with a rose-gold accent?

Rose-gold is a reddish, copper-like shade of gold and looks the best with contrasting, cool color accents like lavender, purple, blue, and green. You can even use it with neutral colors like white, beige, taupe, and cream for a well-blended and minimal contemporary look.

What colors look modern with gold?

Pure gold gives a rich, traditional look on its own. But, sleek and streamlined colors like gray, bright green, lilac, mustard, and blue will help you look more timeless and trendy.

Gold is a rich, royal and deluxe color, capable of curating a bold statement in any home decor. Indeed, gold can be tricky to pair with another color but goes with many warm colors, cool colors, neutrals, and accents to curate different looks and home decor styles. So, refer to our guide, pick the best shade that matches your gold accent, and you are good to go.

Black is another dramatic color that adds the same magnificence to interior design. It not only helps to connect the spaces but also adds a regal tone to the overall style. Want to use this color in your home? Then don’t forget to check out our list of trendy colors that go with black for more inspiration.