23 Colors That Go With Black (Best Combinations With Images)

Black is the most common and widely popular color for home decor. Being a neutral choice, it blends well with every possible color to create the best interior. It might be a dominant color to use, but it can do wonders for your space!

Though black signifies the pitch dark tone, you can also experiment with onyx, black olive, jet black, and charcoal shades on the color wheel. Black is a statement in itself, but when paired with the right colors, it can totally revamp any space.

So here we provide you with the top 23 colors that go with black to help you get the perfect interior. Following it are some valuable tips and FAQs to lend you a helping hand.

Trendiest Colors That Go With Black

1. Black & White

White and Black Modern Living Room Interior
Black & White

Black and white make the most famous and tried and tested color combination. The white color gives a striking contrast to the black, elevating the whole space. It breaks the darkish tones, thus lighting up and creating a modern contemporary look.

You can use white as a base element by painting the walls white, having white marble flooring, and adding a black accent sectional sofa for a balance. Or if you want a more industrial touch, do the vice versa. Use black or dark charcoal as the base or secondary color and white as the accent one.

However, black and white can look monochromatic. So you can add bright, colorful accent decor elements, wood furnishings, plants, or accent lights to break the monotone.

A list of the best shades of white to pair with black:

  • ‘Atrium White’ and ‘French Canvas’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘White Flour’ by Sherwin Williams

2. Black & Navy Blue

Navy Blue and Black Living Room Ideas
Navy Blue & Black

The Black and Navy blue color scheme oozes luxury and warmth. It is a dark yet soothing color that also has a high-end vibe. Navy blue blends flawlessly with the charming black color providing a glamorous Hollywood industrial design.

Navy blue with black and white is a versatile, comforting color combo. Hence, you can use them in the living space, dining, bedroom, etc. But if you feel this duo is too heavy, you can always use black in small accent elements like lighting fixtures or decor elements like throw pillows and rugs.

However, two dark colors would need a break and a stark contrast. So you can complement them with gold accent lighting. You can also paint your wall white or have huge white accent paintings on your wall to break the darkish character.

Stunning navy blue shades to pair with black:

  • ‘Hale Navy’ and ‘Polo Blue’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Chimney’ by Behr
  • ‘Naval’ by Sherwin Williams

3. Black & Red

Black & Red Living Room Ideas
Black & Red

Black plus red is a vivid, striking, and eye-catching color combination. Red gives a strong contrast and provides a colorful, eccentric touch to the black. This striking duo will ooze a bright on-the-face eclectic home interior and bring a needed oomph.

However, to avoid an over-the-top situation, you can tone down the look by complementing the red and black interior with white furnishing and a lot of natural and accent lighting.

Being an undaunted blazing duo, they will uplift the mood and give positive, motivating energy in the living room or kitchen. Also, try to avoid this combo in toddlers’ rooms or bedrooms as they can be stinging to the eyes.

Here are popular red shades to match with black:

  • ‘Greenhow Vermillion’ and ‘Chili Pepper’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Fireweed’ by Sherwin Williams

4. Charcoal Black & Dark Brown

Charcoal Black & Dark Brown Space
Dark Brown & Charcoal Black

Charcoal is a smoky black shade that blends beautifully with brown providing a perfect contrast and balance. This laid-back combination does not strike the eyes and offers a sophisticated feel. Using this duo, you can get the best industrial and farmhouse interior ever.

As Brown and deep charcoal limit the play in the interior, you can always accentuate the look of the space with textures and accents. For instance, instead of a cotton or linen brown sofa, go with a textured leather couch with black textured throw pillows or rugs for a statement. Explore more rugs ideas for a brown couch here.

Similarly, don’t leave your charcoal or black accent walls plain but add accents of brown elements, rustic brown clocks, frames, or accent lighting. Moreover, with brown, you can add a lot of wood furniture to your space for a Mediterranean feel.

Famous brown shades to pair with deep charcoal black:

  • ‘Coffeehouse Chocolate’ and ‘Charlton Brown’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Tanner’s Brown’ by Farrow and Ball

5. Charcoal Black & Copper

Copper and Black Living Space Interior
Copper & Charcoal Black

Copper is rustic and lustrous. It gives a stark contrast to the dark elements in the space and uplifts the sheen. The shiny metallic color complements the dark charcoal black seamlessly and creates a balance. This duo will add a beautiful high-end industrial drama to your interior.

Let the dark charcoal take center stage while working with copper as the accent element. This will give you a dark canvas to play on and add the needed copper touch for a subtle glow.

Or, if you want to break the typical style, go out of the box. It’s never too late to paint your wall copper and have copper accent lights with dark charcoal furniture. In any which way, this combo is best suited for living space and dining because it can look too gloomy for a cozy bedroom.

The perfect copper shades to match with charcoal black:

  • ‘Copper Kettle’ and ‘Copper Clay’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Copper Wire’ by Sherwin Williams

Quick-tip: If you have black walls, it is suggested not to leave them plain. You can place picture frames, artistic decor elements, or even put sofas or shelves for a cohesive look. Black bare walls will bring darkish gloominess to the space and make the room look cramped.

6. Black & Gold

Metallic Gold and Black Living Room Ideas
Metallic Gold & Black

Gold defines luxury, royalty, and oomph. It is the best addition to the basic black theme. This royal color gives the perfect high-end effect, a striking glowy sheen contrast, and a regal upscale to the black home. Want to create wonders in a single take? Gold is your go-to option.

With this duo, you name it, and it is served. For instance, go with texture and patterns if you want an eclectic feel. Or, if you wish to go minimal, just add a golden yellow statement piece to the matte black surrounding.

However, if royal drama is your dream, add massive golden chandeliers and vases to fulfill it. But if you feel that a dark interior is not exactly you, then take white as your base color and play with black paint and gold over it.

The most popular gold shades to combine with black:

  • ‘Fields of Gold’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Kingdom Gold’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Indian Yellow’ by Farrow and Ball

7. Jet black & Cream

Living Room Interior With Cream and Black
Jet black & Cream

Jet black is a pitch dark color. So you would expect any interior that uses black to have a slight darkish bend. However, the cream can change your thoughts and your home style. As a soft neutral color, the cream gives an unconventional contrast that lightens and brightens up the space.

So you can go with a cream interior theme with a black accent for a stunning modern, contemporary look. For instance, you can style a black accent wall and place minimalistic statement black decor objects in the living space.

Or you can keep it even minimal by having an all-cream home design with a touch of slight black, like a single black accent chair will look great. But if the cream doesn’t hit the right chord, you can always go with an alternative beige.

Best cream shades to match up with black:

  • ‘Slipper Satin’ by Farrow and Ball
  • ‘Swiss Coffee’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Natural Linen’ by Sherwin Williams

8. Charcoal Black & Olive

Charcoal Black & Olive Space
Charcoal Black & Olive

In layman’s terms, charcoal is a smoky version of black. This shade of black looks perfect when presented with a unique olive color and brings a warm, earthy contrast to the interior. This pairing is sure to provide a gorgeous texture and character to the space.

Olive is commonly an accent color, so it is wise to use olive for the needed accentuation and touch up to the modern charcoal architecture rather than as a base color. For example, you can use a statement olive wall, cabinet, couch, or cushions and the list goes on; in the kitchen and living room.

However, there are no definite rules in interior design. You can opt for a quirky Pinterest olive dominant design by painting all your walls the olive color and playing with black on it. But if olive does not go with your vibe, add chartreuse for a bright, uplifting mood.

Top olive shades to combine with charcoal black:

  • ‘Palmer Green’ and ‘Oregano’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Oak Moss’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Secret Meadow’ by Behr

9. Black & Hot Pink

Bedroom Ideas With Hot Pink and Black
Black & Hot Pink

Hot pink is the color for bold. When paired with black, this blazing shade provides a stark contrast and a stunning color pop. It brings drama and play to the home decor, leaving no minimalism. You are going all out if you have chosen an intense hot pink or a close neighbor, Fuchsia.

You can add a beautiful feminine touch to your home by adding black and pink floral wallpapers with pink accent furniture. Or you can simply use touches of pink in cushions, curtains, statement chairs, or couches in the black surrounding for a whimsical, eclectic style.

You can use this duo commonly in the living room or unconventionally in the bedroom. But if you feel fuchsia is heavy and tricky to work with, go for lighter alternative shades such as pastel pink or bubblegum pink to create a fantastic Instagramable look.

Popular Hot Pink shades to pair with black:

  • ‘Peony’ and ‘Hot Pink’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Hot Pink’ by Behr

10. Black & Gray

Black Furniture & Dark Floors Ideas
Black & Gray

Black and gray will give you a perfectly harmonious interior. No doubt, the two analogous colors blend flawlessly and offer subtle contrast. The slight shade difference between these two cool colors oozes depth and definition and designs gorgeous industrial decor.

You can go with the raw industrial style by having gray walls with black furniture. Or you can get smart and add light neutral cream or white colors like a cream couch to this all-dark interior for a contrast that can break the monotone.

Moreover, a touch of earthy colors like brown, and a variety of wood furnishings, will provide warmth and a statement to a relatively solid monochromatic home. This combo looks the best in personal spaces like living offices and reading rooms. But it’s a versatile duo and can be used nearly anywhere in home decor.

The most famous gray shades for black:

  • ‘Naturel’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Gray Owl’ and ‘c Cliffs’ by Benjamin Moore

11. Black & Blush

Blush and Black Living Room
Black & Blush

Blush is a light, soft, toned-down version of pink. When paired with black, blush gives the perfect bright contrast and a stunning feminine glow. An overuse of blush in any home interior will never look over the top because it signifies balance.

You can get a perfect Instagramable modern contemporary home with this unique duo. Moreover, add a touch of white to this combo for a minimalist look. Since blush is a soft color, you can use it as a base color for your decor with black accents for airy interiors.

You can also go for an eclectic mid-century modern style by adding patterned elements, wallpapers, black velvet couches, and giant quirky black accent lighting. This will ooze drama and structure in your space.

The best blush shades to pair with black:

  • ‘Rose Water’ by Behr
  • ‘Warm Blush’ and ‘Rose Blush’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Rose Colored’ by Sherwin Williams

Quick-tip: Black generally oozes a dark, sleek industrial interior but if you are not a fan of dark homestyle, add pastel colors to give it a light contrast and an airy feel. Also, make sure to use those pastel colors as your base color.

12. Black & Taupe

Living Room Ideas With Taupe and Black
Taupe & Black

Taupe is a unique, unheard warm color. It has a purple undertone that leans towards beige. So if you want to ditch the standard beige and cream, taupe is the perfect neutral for you with black. It blends beautifully with black shades to create a warm, comfortable modern, and traditional home.

You can add black accent furniture or decor elements for a statement to an all taupe interior for a great conventional home style. But if you are in the mood to experiment, go with charcoal as the base and add taupe furnishings for a rather darkish bend.

This combo is best suited for living spaces, dining, and bedrooms as it provides warmth and incorporates a cozy feel and pleasant mood. This will give you a rich earthy tone for your home.

Here are the best taupe shades that go with black:

  • ‘Upper West Side’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Moth Swing’ by Sherwin Williams 
  • ‘Rustic Taupe’ by Behr

13. Charcoal & Burnt Orange

Burnt Orange and Black Living Room Ideas
Burnt Orange & Charcoal Black

Burnt orange is a medium to dark orangish shade. It blends well with charcoal black, providing a great color pop to the dark tones and a striking contrast to the smoky interior. You can achieve a dusky modern and contemporary look with this special duo.

One of the perks of this bold color combination is that you can use both charcoal and burnt orange as the base color. Because both the colors are not matte but shady, so you will get a perfectly balanced look.

And the most common pairing uses charcoal as accent wall paint and furniture with burnt orange accent decor pieces for a statement. This lovely pair can be incorporated into living spaces, kitchens, and, surprisingly, even in bathrooms.

The most popular burnt orange shades to match with charcoal:

  • ‘Calypso Orange,’ ‘Electric Orange’, and ‘Rumba Orange’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Caramelized Orange’ by Behr
  • ‘Obstinate Orange’ by Sherwin Williams

14. Charcoal Black & Sage

Modern Living Room With Sage Green Walls and Black Accent
Sage Green & Deep Charcoal

Sage is a gorgeous neutral shade with green and gray undertones. Since it’s a toned-down color, it offers a crisp contrast against black and dark charcoal and designs balanced home decor. Mainly, this duo will work wonders in the bedroom for a calming feel.

The best way to incorporate this pair into your space is by adding sage as a base color with black accent furnishings. This breaks the charcoal’s familiar darkish theme, providing a light neutral dominant character and setting. Sage is the best light accent for smoky blacks like Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black.

Additionally, if you feel your space lacks accentuation, then you can add accent plant vases for an eco-friendly close-to-nature effect. However, if sage looks too bland, you can go with alternative pastel green or mint green.

The popular sage shades that perfectly pair with black:

  • ‘Palace Green’ and ‘Sage Wisdom’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Lichen’ and ‘Breakfast Room Green’ by Farrow and Ball

15. Black & Peach

Living Room with Peach Walls and Black Accent
Peach & Black

Peach and black are a gorgeous Instagrammable color combination. Peach color gives a feminine color pop to the matte black interior. This duo can help you achieve a mid-century modern contemporary look to your space.

The most common way to pair these two colors is to use peach as the base color for an all-peach interior, with black accent lighting and wall decor elements for a dark contrast.

However, to break the monotonous flow, you can add earthy colors to the furniture and provide a gray touch to the space for a cohesive look and a put-together character. Also, if you feel peach is way too light, use a charcoal and coral combo for a similar yet smoky feminine touch.

The top peach shades to match up with black:

  • ‘Paradise Peach’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Certain Peach’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Peach Shortcake’ by Behr

16. Black & Bright Green 

Bright Green and Black Living Space
Green & Black

Green is a soothing bright color. When paired with black, green provides the needed color essence and accentuation to the space. It breaks the monotonous look with striking contrast and the perfect color pop. With this pairing, you can achieve a darkish contemporary home style.

You can use green along with black for accent decorative elements in your home interior like accent chairs, sectional sofa, curtains, etc. However, if you are not really a fan of a matte black style, then add patterned green wallpaper for a statement wall to break the darkish vibe.

This combo will look the best in your living room or kitchen for a lively effect. Also, you can add rustic copper and wood furnishing to elevate the look and add depth and definition to your space.

Here are the popular green shades that go with black:

  • ‘Snow Cone Green’ and ‘Neon Green’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Green Neon’ by Behr

Quick-tip: One of the accent elements other than accent colors is green and leafy plants. You can place the indoor plant in your all-black home to provide a nature-friendly indigenous character. Or you can use accent wooden furniture to break the dark monotone.

17. Black & Teal

Teal and Black Living Room Interior Ideas
Black & Teal

Teal is a bluish-green shaded color that blends seamlessly with black, giving out an excellent contrast. You can use light teal as the base color accent to create a beautiful nautical interior, or go with a dark teal and black duo for a high-end luxurious Hollywood glam look.

You can paint all the walls teal and add black furnishing according to your taste. Additionally, add black accent decor elements here and there for a significant elevation and accentuation. Or, you can use a teal accent with a touch of black in a brighter space.

This color palette will look the best for living spaces, verandas, and porches for a breezy and refreshing feel. However, if you are looking for an alternative to teal color for your bedrooms, opt for dark cyan as it will not look crowded but will leave a breathing space.

The top teal colors that go with black:

  • ‘Largo Teal’ and ‘Teal Ocean’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Ballroom Blue’ by Farrow and ball
  • ‘Real Teal’ by Sherwin Willimas

18. Charcoal Black & Mustard

Living Room Interior With Mustard Yellow and Black
Mustard Yellow & Black

Mustard is a dark shade of yellow. Since yellow and black are complementary colors, they give an authentic and indigenous contrast to each other. As a result, you can achieve a lively color pop and a great mid-century modern interior with this pairing.

You can paint the accent walls with deep charcoal using it as the secondary color and then add pops of mustard furnishing and accent elements like cushions, wall frames, or a mustard accent chair for an eye-catching character.

This duo will best suit the living room and kitchen to uplift the mood. However, if mustard doesn’t ring your heart, then you can always go with a black and yellow combination for a more playful, eclectic homestyle.

The most famous mustard shade to match up with deep charcoal black:

  • ‘Nacho Cheese’ and ‘Spicy Mustard’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Cut The Mustard’ by Sherwin Willimas

19. Black & Cobalt Blue

Deep Blue & Charcoal Gray Living room
Black & Cobalt Blue

Cobalt is a bright blue shade that oozes luxury and boldness to the space. When paired with adequate light shades, Black and cobalt blue can do wonders in your living room, dining, and kitchen. This duo will elevate your space and create a high-end modern look.

However, try to avoid this color in your bedroom or children’s room as it will be really on the face and sting their eyes. And also, this duo can make your rooms look smaller, so it is preferable to use them in bigger spaces.

Cobalt blue gives a sharp contrast and a lively hue to black surroundings. You can paint the accent wall black and place a stunning cobalt couch for a needed accentuation. This is the most tried and tested design, so you cannot go wrong with it.

Great cobalt shades to combine with black:

  • ‘Twilight Blue’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Hyper Blue’ by Sherwin Williams

20. Black & Plum

Living Room Ideas With Plum and Black Accent Colors
Black & Plum

Plum is a purple shade with a brownish-gray tinge. It is one such versatile color that you can use both as an accent and the base color for your space. You can pair rich plum with black for a luxurious Hollywood glam or Jewel-style home style with a mysterious, intense ambiance.

You can go with the dark theme by taking black as the secondary color. Or you can paint your walls plum and add stunning black furniture. However, a dark plum sofa would look equally elegant with black throw pillows. Also, don’t forget to add cream and white accent elements to break the darkish situation.

Furthermore, if you want to give your interior an eclectic touch, you can add different bright pops of color as decor elements in the room.

The most stunning plum shades with black:

  • ‘Passion Plum’ and ‘Kalamata’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Plum’ by Behr

21. Black & Burgundy

Burgundy and Black Living Space
Burgundy & Black

Burgundy looks fashionable and lavish with black. Especially in the kitchen and living space, this dark reddish-brown wine color provides life to the black. This is a trendy combo as both the colors contrast perfectly to give traditional and modern home styles.

When playing with this duo, always add white color for a more balanced look. The white breaks the heaviness and crowdedness of these two dark colors and provides the needed oomph. You can also introduce a lighter burgundy color with the pairing for a transitional, cohesive look.

Use black and burgundy as accent colors in decor elements and furnishings with light, neutral walls to give a breathing space to your interior and tie the look together.

Here are stunning burgundy colors that go with black:

  • ‘Dark Burgundy’ and ‘Burgundy Rose’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Wild Currant’ by Sherwin Williams
  • ‘Burgundy’ by Valspar

Quick-tip: It can be tricky to get an earthy feel into a black industrial interior. However, olive and brown tones blend flawlessly with black to create a close-to-nature effect. Also, adding rustic raw wooden accent furnishings, plants, and Kane decor elements will help.

22. Charcoal Black & Emerald Green

Green Living Room With Black Settee
Charcoal Black & Emerald Green

Emerald green has bright blue and green undertones. This is a balanced color that is not too bright. But when paired with deep charcoal or black, emerald green can also look dark, so it is good to pair this duo with white color.

You can achieve a stunning modern contemporary design with this fantastic color combo. This is best suitable for living rooms and better to be avoided in bedrooms to not compromise on warmth and comfort.

Go with an all emerald green interior with black accents for a colored look to your home with pops of blush and pink shades. Or use white, deep charcoal emerald green equality to get an accentuation and an elevated style.

Here are the best Emerald green shades to pair with black:

  • ‘Pinelands’ by Benjamin Moore
  • ‘Billiard Green’ and ‘Sparkling Emerald’ by Bher

23. Onyx Black & Silver

Silver and Onyx Black Room
Onyx Black & Silver

Onyx and silver look stunningly gorgeous when paired together. Silver is the best bet for you if you want a shiny alternative to the gray color. This color combination will give a dark industrial interior with a luster, glow, and sheen touch.

However, if you want to break this darkish monotone in your home, you can mix and match black, silver, and white for a cohesive balanced look. Or, you can add rich colors like plum, deep blue, and emerald green along with steel furnishings and accent lighting for a high-end Hollywood glam decor.

This duo will suit the living space and dining area best for a needed elevation. And for a more silver finish to your space, you can add gray velvet sectional sofas for a lustrous character.

Tips on How to Decorate with Black

  • Use black as an accent color by placing black shelves, lamps, picture frames, etc. This will add visual interest, depth, and definition to the space.
  • If black is your dominant color, add rustic metals and wooden furnishing to break the dark monotone.
  • If the room becomes too dark with a lot of black in it, always add neutral colors like beige, cream, taupe, or an all-time classic white color for the contrast.
  • Try to place sleek elements like metal hanging lights or accent chairs for a sophisticated finish.
  • You can also use bright accent colors like bold fuchsia, orange, blue, or green to the black homestyle for a striking contrast and a playful accentuation.
  • For a soft, airy look, go with pastels like blush, pastel pink, or pastel blue that break the smokiness of dark black and provide a contemporary look.
  • Go for smooth floorings like tiles or concrete, primarily white or gray, for a cohesive look.
  • Black can make the room look cramped and small, so leave space for more lighting by adding sheer curtains and huge accent lights and getting glass panel doors.
  • Add stunning and charming black walls or doors for a more put-together complete design.

What colors go with black furniture?

If you have black focal furniture in your space, go with neutrals like beige, cream, taupe, or khaki to get a light contrast and sophistication. Also, white will not disappoint you and will do wonders for your space, as the black and white duo will create a perfect balance.

What accent colors will go with black?

You can add bold, bright accent colors like red, blue, orange, green, teal, yellow, and pink for a colorful, lively, peppy home. Or you can add pastel accent colors such as sage, peach, and blush for an airy interior.

How to create an industrial interior with black?

You can create an industrial interior by introducing dark shades like silver, gray, brown, copper, navy blue, etc., with black. These colors will give a darkish hue to provide a sleek artistic architecture.

Black is the most popular neutral color that blends with almost every color to provide stunning home styles. However, a perfect black combo will speak volumes about your personality and ooze a great character.

The above-mentioned colors pair brilliantly with black and provide a fantastic interior design to bring your desired dreamy home into life. Gray is another neutral color that’s popular in interior design. Don’t forget to check out our trending list of colors that go with gray. Happy Designing!