15 Best Cabinet Colors For White Appliances (With Images)

Chic, stylish and minimal, white appliances are a timeless option for experimental kitchens that switch styles frequently. Surprisingly, white appliances adapt to any style, from new-classical to modern and industrial. However, since they are so versatile, it may seem tiring to find the right color cabinet to match your crisp white kitchen. But we’re here to help.

We dug the color wheel and curated about 15 exquisite cabinet paint colors that effortlessly match your white kitchen’s visual appeal. So whether you long for a monochromatic look with simple white cabinets or need a color blast with red or blue cabinets, we have covered all the best possible options and some FAQs for your convenience.

Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Color Ideas To Complement White Kitchen Appliances

1. Imperial Black Cabinets

Quartz Countertops

Black cabinets and white appliances go hand in hand and coordinate well. While black cabinets add a bold personality and character, the white appliances balance the darkness of black cabinets and brighten the space. Thus, a black cabinet is an excellent choice for a retro-modern, high-end look in your kitchen when paired with white appliances.

Generally, deep, greenish-black wooden cabinets look more formal yet luxurious with white slate appliances, while dark jet-black steel cabinets add a soft, eclectic touch with white stainless appliances. On the other hand, a reddish cabinet paint like Valspar’s ‘Black Raisin’ looks cohesive with warm white appliances and curates a mid-century modern design.

Alternatively, a veined cabinet laminate like Wilsonart’s ‘Black Alicante’ will add a soft, textured look and look ultramodern with bright silver or steel hardware.

2. Monochrome White Kitchen Cabinets

Gold Hardware

An all-white look comes with its own set of benefits. For example, white cabinets look more airy and spacious and offer an ultra-modern monochrome look with white appliances. They also make the kitchen look bright and uncluttered and help curate various transitional and contemporary styles, depending on the hardware and backsplash tile you choose.

You can complement your white-washed stainless steel appliances with a cool white cabinet for a shiny, modern look. Alternatively, if you have slate appliances, add a warm white or cream cabinet for a homey farmhouse feel. And if you want a united look, use the same shade of white for both the cabinet and appliances, but add dark hardware for visual depth.

Alternatively, you can also use a designer cabinet laminate like Wilsonart’s ‘Arctic Voyage’ to offer a textured look to your white cabinets. Moreover, since white cabinets are prone to staining, a waterproof cabinet paint or laminate will be conducive for easy cleaning.

3. A Supple Beige Cabinet Paint Color

Golden Handles

Go for beige cabinets if you need a soft, sober, modern kitchen with your white appliances. A beige cabinet warms up the white kitchen appliances with a natural, earthy tone, making the space look cohesive with a french or farmhouse kitchen design. Moreover, beige contrasts white with a soft accent and is an ideal option to make large kitchens look composed.

A yellowish-beige cabinet will look more fresh, modern, and eclectic with your white appliances, while a dark beige cabinet will look more laid-back and classical. Similarly, an orangish-beige cabinet paint like Benjamin Moore’s ‘Apricot Beige’ will look minimal and industrial, whereas a light beige, latex painted cabinet will look more shiny and eccentric.

You can also pair beige cabinets with a bright white countertop, silver hardware, and a dark-colored backsplash tile for a chic, modern appeal.

4. A Coherent Taupe Cabinet Color

Cherry Red Hardware

Taupe cabinets are sharp, modest, and contemporary. They add a little color to the otherwise plain white appliances and modernize them with a stark eccentric appeal. Generally, a lighter taupe cabinet looks more balanced with white appliances, but a darker taupe adds a smoky, European feel that suits an English countryside kitchen design.

You can complement your steel cabinets with a high-gloss, lighter taupe cabinet paint for a more shiny and industrial look. And, if you have wooden cabinets, prefer a brownish taupe cabinet for a soft Tuscan appeal. Alternatively, you can use a designer cabinet laminate like Wilsonart’s ‘Ashbee Oak’ for a textured look to add more contrast and visual depth.

5. Adaptable Gray Kitchen Cabinets

White Hardware

Paint your cabinets with bold gray enamel paint for a bright, minimal, and elevated look that draws attention to your white kitchen. A gray cabinet adds more personality and visual depth to the space. Still, it offers the flexibility to design traditional, transitional, and modern kitchens, depending on the hardware and backsplash tiles you choose.

A light, bluish-gray steel cabinet will add an industrial personality to your white kitchen appliances. On the other hand, a dark gray wooden cabinet will look new-classical, especially with polished bronze hardware. Alternatively, a textured laminate like Wilsonart’s ‘Carbon EV’ is your best bet for a smoky, electric vibe with your kitchen cabinetry.

6. Natural Solid Wood Cabinets For White Appliances

Brown Countertops

Wood cabinets are the quickest tools to bring warmth and traditional attire with a grainy look. They offer a rich and homey feel and help you design various styles like farmhouse and Scandinavian with ease. Moreover, a light natural wood cabinet looks more seamless and modern, but a dark cabinet adds a lovely, colonial ambiance with white appliances.

You can add a beautiful countryside feel with soft Alder or light oak cabinets. But dark hickory or orangish maple cabinet will look snug and rustic. Alternatively, golden honey oak cabinets will add a color blast to cool white appliances and are a great choice to accent your kitchen island. Then, enhance them further with dark brown hardware for a natural look.

7. A Verdant Chocolate Brown Kitchen Cabinet

Gold Handles

Chocolate brown cabinets are more traditional, regal, and luxurious. They not only add a woody, rustic feel to simple white appliances but give your kitchen a rich colonial or Baroque ambiance. Moreover, the color adds a powerful contrast to the white and is the perfect choice for a layered look with your upper cabinets.

But, of course, the key here is to complement dark brown steel cabinets with cool white appliances for an eccentric ambiance and yellowish-brown wooden cabinets with warm white appliances for a blended look. Alternatively, you can even curate a rich new-classical look with a dark brown laminated cabinet and polished chrome or brass hardware.

8. Vibrant Red Kitchen Cabinets

Red Cabinets

Red cabinets are the key to dynamic, vivid, and ultra-modern kitchens. They not only add a powerful pop of color to white but provide an eclectic kitchen design that catches attention quickly. Bright cherry cabinets look the best with neutral white appliances, but rustic rose-reds feel easier on the eyes and offer you a soft, layered look.

A bright crimson red cabinet might feel flashy with warm white appliances, but it suits a dynamic, fusion-style kitchen design. On the other hand, a deep cranberry red cabinet will design a simple farmhouse kitchen. Alternatively, you can add a scarlet red, patterned cabinet laminate like Wilsonart’s ‘Hotspot’ to catch more focus for the kitchen island.

And if a bright red cabinet feels too saturated and overpowering, try alternative rust or copper cabinets for a rustic look with your white appliances.

9. A Lively Yellow Cabinet Color

Yellow Cabinet

Yellow cabinets look gorgeous as they bring more natural light to the kitchen and add a soft pop of color that warms up the white appliances. Moreover, a yellow cabinet looks refined and helps design many modern, eclectic, and Mediterranean styles with similar warm white appliances.

Generally, muted mellow yellow cabinets look more modern and electric with white appliances, while dark yellow cabinets look warm and Mediterranean in design. On the other hand, a brownish-yellow cabinet will add a soft Tuscan look to white appliances. You can also opt for a laminate like Wilsonart’s ‘Maroochy Brooch’ to get a rich, textured look.

Moreover, if your stainless steel appliances have a glossy appliance finish, compliment them with a yellow latex cabinet paint for a shiny, sunny look. And, if you have matte, slate appliances, use a yellow enamel cabinet paint for a chic look.

10. A Serene Green Cabinet Color

Silver Colored Handles

Green is a trending yet soothing and serene hue that oozes a gorgeous natural and tranquil vibe in the space and adds the perfect contrast to white appliances with a sober zen kitchen design. While muted sage green and olive green cabinets are ideal for mountain or cabin houses, dark blue-green cabinets look luxurious and traditional with white appliances.

If you have warm white, matte-finished slate appliances, add a brownish-green or olive cabinet for a soft, farmhouse look. And, if you have refined stainless steel appliances, add a bright green or emerald green cabinet for a neighborly Georgian feel. Alternatively, you can pick dark, hunter-green cabinets for an elegant Baroque look with cool white appliances.

11. Soothing Mint Kitchen Cabinets

Mint Cabinet

Mint is a soft, calming but eccentric cabinet color that cools down the warm undertones of white appliances and designs a fresh, airy, and neutral space with a refreshing Rococo design. A mint cabinet not only adds a natural touch to enliven simple white appliances but adapts seamlessly to both traditional and modern design styles, depending on the hardware.

Light, pastel-like mint cabinets look more bright and serene, and hence, they are the best choices for a modern and industrial kitchen. On the other hand, a darker mint cabinet gives a regal Victorian look with warmer white appliances and shiny brass hardware.

12. A Tranquil Blue Kitchen Cabinet Color

Blue Cabinet

Blue looks exceptionally clean, balanced, and uncluttered against white. Blue cabinets not only add a soft contrast and a rich charisma to white appliances but exude an informal and casual aura that adds depth to the overall look. Generally, bright royal blue cabinets look bohemian in design, while light, pastel blue cabinets will look friendlier and nautical.

You can paint your steel cabinets with a grayish-blue color for a contemporary look with your white appliances. And, if you already have wooden cabinets, pick light blue paint for a crisp, coastal look. Alternatively, you can add an ultramarine blue cabinet laminate like Wilsonart’s ‘Woolamai Brush’ for a textured look with a serene countryside kitchen design.

13. A Stately Navy Kitchen Cabinet

Wood Countertop

Navy might seem like a dominant choice for your kitchen cabinets at first glance, but it is a great cabinet color to accent your kitchen island. Navy adds a powerful contrast to white appliances but gives off a regal and luxurious finish that looks gorgeous in traditional kitchens, especially with golden or transparent hardware and a white backsplash tile.

A dark navy paint looks best when paired against wood in typical Baroque kitchens. But, if you have steel or PVC cabinets, try grayish-navy paint for a fresh, industrial look. Lastly, ensure adequate natural light in the kitchen to avoid an edgy look, or use an alternative indigo cabinet laminate to look more bright and balanced.

14. Peppy Teal Kitchen Cabinets

Dark-Brown Handles

Add a soft, playful, coastal vibe to your steel cabinets by painting them a bright shade of teal paint. Teal cabinets will quickly enliven your space and help you design various bohemian, fusion, and nautical styles with ease. Moreover, they add soft contrast to white appliances and are quick tools to modernize them, especially with chic stainless steel hardware.

A bright teal cabinet will offer an ultramodern, industrial look with your white appliances, whereas a darker teal cabinet will look balanced and nautical in style. You can also choose an alternative turquoise or cyan cabinet if you want a toned-down option for an eclectic kitchen design.

15. Saturated Orange Kitchen Cabinets

Orange cabinets look vibrant and rustic with white appliances, but the kitchen design style depends on your orange shade. While burnt orange cabinets look homey and soft with warm white appliances, bright vermillion orange ones steal the bet with their shiny and dynamic fusion style kitchen design.

You can paint your steel cabinets with bright orange latex paint or use a yellowish-orange cabinet laminate like Wilsonart’s ‘Orange Grove’ for a sleek, refined finish against white-colored steel appliances. And, if you have wooden cabinets, use a darker citrus orange for a sober Mediterranean kitchen design.

Alternatively, use a burnt orange cabinet to crack a subtle pop of color with white appliances and curate a farmhouse look. You can even play with rustic brown or bronze hardware and a bright cream backsplash tile to enhance the look.

Should You Match Your Kitchen Cabinets With Your Kitchen Island?

There is no fixed rule for this, but you can use a similar shade for your cabinets and kitchen island to anchor the look if you have a large kitchen. However, you can also add a layered look with an accent color kitchen island with neutral cabinetry. For example, if you have plain white cabinets, you can use a navy or red kitchen island for a chic, trendy ambiance.

Should You Use White Kitchen Cabinet Hardware To Match Your White Appliances?

You can use white cabinet hardware with dark cabinets like navy or black. But, if you have soft beige or neutral color cabinets, it’s best to pick contrasting hardware that adds more depth to your cabinetry and white appliances.

Are White Appliances Outdated?

No, white appliances are, in fact, a timeless option and go well with several design styles, including modern kitchen design. The key here is to use a warm white appliance if you want a traditional look and pick cool white appliances for a contemporary ambiance.

Having white appliances is like using a new diary; you have the freedom to choose and design the style you want with different cabinet colors. In addition, white is an effortless color to pair with and goes well with any color that adds more drama. Nevertheless, white appliances look modern with accent color cabinets and otherwise take on a transitional look.

Moreover, you can also choose similar white cabinetry to curate a trendy, monochrome look with white appliances. But, achieving a top-notch kitchen design is not only about the cabinet colors. What about the hardware? So, if you are searching for hardware color ideas for white cabinets, look no further.

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