13 Best Cabinet Colors To Go With Repose Gray Walls

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray is a warm gray paint color famous for its versatility and neutral look. With a slightly green and accessible beige undertone, this adaptable color looks gorgeous on walls, especially in modern kitchens, and coordinates well with a gigantic palette of cabinet colors.

However, finding the best cabinet color for your repose gray walls can get confusing with so many options. Of course, you can create an eclectic vibe with accent cabinets, but neutral cabinets like white and black will look equally appealing. So, we have gathered 13 cabinet colors that revamp your SW repose gray walls and help you design your dream kitchen.

Cabinet Colors To Set The Trend For Your SW Repose Gray Kitchen Decor

1. Imperious White Kitchen Cabinets

Tan Hardware

White is a great neutral color for cabinets for a warm and cohesive ambiance with repose gray paint. It makes the kitchen look brighter, comfortable, and luxurious, especially with shiny brass hardware. In addition, white cabinets remove the clutter off your repose walls and look minimal with a slight hint at Japandi style kitchens.

Generally, a warm white paint color like ‘Soft Chamois’ by Benjamin Moore blends well with the warmer repose gray paint and aids a sophisticated look. However, a cool white paint would be a better choice if you have neutral, Comfort gray walls and stainless steel appliances in your kitchen.

Moreover, an enamel-based, glossy white paint will bring a modern and refined look to your steel cabinets, while a matte finish paint will look rustic with wood. But, since white cabinets require maintenance, it’s advisable to go with earthy, wipeable laminates like ‘Frosty White’ for a timeless look.

2. An Accessible Beige Kitchen Cabinet Color

Tan Hardware

Accessible beige looks enduring with almost everything, including organic repose gray walls, and styles a casual, boho-chic kitchen. Generally, darker beige paint color like a ‘Boulder Beige’ by Valspar gives a relaxing, eclectic vibe with repose gray walls, whereas lighter shades of beige look more fresh and lively.

But since beige is an earthy, natural color, it syncs with the tones of wooden cabinets and designs a Scandinavian kitchen with wood. On the other hand, if you have steel cabinets, you can use neutral but textured laminates like ‘Flax Linen’ by Wilsonart for a country-side look. Finally, add dark brown hardware to complete the look.

3. Imperial Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black Cabinets

If you are after a regal Baroque look with your repose gray kitchen, a black cabinet color will help you look more sophisticated and luxurious. Being a darker shade itself, black strikes a powerful contrast with lighter repose gray and demonstrates a superior, minimal vibe that works gorgeously for modern kitchens.

A warmer oil-based, high gloss black enamel paint will bring a shiny and classy look to your steel or PVC cabinets. And if you have wooden cabinets, you can go for a shade of neutral black like ‘Tricorn Black’ by Benjamin Moore, or pick a charcoal gray like ‘Black Alicante’ laminate for a textured look.

However, black cabinetry might look wistful as a whole. Hence, ensure adequate natural light in your kitchen and use light shade hardware for balance.

4. A Cohesive Gray Cabinet

Gray Cabinet

A warm but dark shade of gray like gauntlet gray guarantees you a sophisticated and modern approach to kitchen design while making your house look industrial and eclectic. Gray cabinets look monochrome with repose gray walls but curate a salient neutral look that adds to the visual appeal.

Moreover, warmer gray paints like ‘Stonington gray’ or ‘Mindful gray’ finished with an oil-based enamel will make your steel cabinets look modern and classy. Alternatively, cool gray textured laminates like ‘Carbon EV’ will help add a subtle contrast to repose gray walls and design a transitional kitchen with smooth, dark brown hardware.

5. Vintage Brown-Colored Kitchen Cabinets

Laminates Countertop With Brown Cabinets

Brown paint is a suitable option if you like a sober but appealing farmhouse style look with your wooden cabinets. The color looks gorgeous with the brown tones of repose gray paint, or even a light Sherwin Williams agreeable gray paint, and adds a luxurious statement to the cabinetry.

An elegant, darker shade of brown like ‘Hasbrouck Brown’ by Benjamin Moore will offer a smoother, industrial look with repose gray, and a wood-like ‘Persian Cherry laminate’ will add more texture. Alternatively, if you have dark-grained hickory or walnut cabinets, you can skip the paints and use transparent stains for a Scandinavian design.

6. Tranquil Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Blue Cabinets

A fresh and peppy blue paint is suitable for accentuating your repose gray or SW agreeable gray walls with nautical, bohemian, or country-side kitchen design. A faint shade of pastel blue like ‘Sigh’ by Valspar will add softness to your coastal room, while vibrant paints of royal blue will look more dramatic and fusion-styled.

Blue is a serene but vibrant color and looks even more dynamic with the other shades of repose gray like worldly gray, gray owl, and Dorian. Furthermore, add a white backsplash, white trim, and shiny stainless steel hardware for a chic look.

7. Extravagant Navy Cabinets

Golden Colored Handles

Navy is a bolder, darker shade of blue that looks refined and luxurious with steel cabinets and makes repose gray walls regal and organized. The paint has a slight Baroque style accent that makes cabinets look traditional, especially with antique brass and bronze hardware.

However, if you want a transitional look with your navy cabinets, choose a brighter, cerulean-like shade of navy like ‘Indigo Cloth’ by Valspar and complement it with silver hardware. Moreover, a deeper shade of navy laminate like ‘Navy Legacy’ will add a textured look that stands out against your repose gray walls.

Alternatively, if you have greige-like, mindful gray walls, choose a grayish shade of navy blue like ‘Office Blue’ by Valspar for a minimal, shaker style ambiance.

8. A Supple Peach Cabinet Paint Color

Peach Cabinet

If you want a fresh, maintenance-free alternative to white but want a more traditional look with your wooden cabinets, peach paint color is your next close call. Peach complements the warm tones of repose gray walls and designs a bright but low-key kitchen space of a new classical style.

Peach paint looks fresh and vintage, especially with shiny golden hardware, but you can go with a more pinkish tone like Sherwin Williams ‘Palish Peach’ for a more transitional and eccentric look. Alternatively, you can achieve a brighter, industrial type look with a light yellow or cream shade laminate like ‘Manitoba Maple’ by Wilsonart.

9. An Exquisite Salmon Cabinet Paint Color

Give your SW repose gray kitchen a soft, playful feel with ornate salmon cabinets that are a versatile option for different kitchen designs. A darker, vermillion-like salmon adds a perfect pop of color to repose gray paint and curates a modern, industrial look. However, a lighter salmon goes back to the times of art-deco, especially with golden hardware.

Nevertheless, salmon is a suitable choice to accent repose gray walls and looks even brighter with high-gloss finishes on steel cabinets. But, if you have a wooden cabinet, pick a textured, light salmon laminate like ‘Limber Maple’ for a smooth finish.

10. Cheerful Yellow Cabinets

Yellow Cabinets

Yellow cabinets are the quickest tools to visually expand a cramped kitchen and make it look more spacious. Yellow looks dramatic with repose gray but strikes the right balance for a trendy industrial look with the perfect pop of color. Generally, muted, pastel yellow shades offer an eclectic look to your cabinetry, while deep yellows look Mediterranean.

If you have crude wood laminates, a deeper shade of yellow like ‘Sunspark’ by Valspar will give a trendy and sunny look, whereas a fresh, textured laminate like ‘Maroochy Brooch’ will break the monotony of repose gray wall color. On the other hand, if you have steel cabinets, pick high-gloss latex paints for a modern look.

11. Flashy Red Color Kitchen Cabinets

Red Cabinets

Modernize your repose gray kitchen and set the trend by adding red cabinets for an ambiance that stands out and steals attention. Red adds dynamism to repose gray paint, making the cabinet perfect for several styles such as modern, fusion, and mid-century. Moreover, red and gray are complementary colors that pair well and appear warm together.

If you have steel or aluminum cabinets, you can use a high-gloss, crimson red like ‘Classic Red’ by Valspar for a dynamic look or go with muted cranberry shades for a rustic farmhouse effect. Alternatively, you can achieve an eclectic look with your wooden cabinets by adding a deep, maroon-like laminate like ‘Port’ by Wilsonart.

12. Organic Leaf-Green Cabinets

Glossy Transparent Knobs

Natural leaf-green paint is your best bet for organic, soft, visually appealing repose gray walls. A warmer, grayish shade of leaf-green will look transitional, especially with golden hardware, but a darker, cooler green shade will curate a modern look with steel hardware.

If you have steel or PVC cabinets, use a darker, high-gloss shade like ‘Hunter Green’ by Benjamin Moore to look eclectic and luxurious. On the contrary, you can pick a brownish olive green for a country-style design with wooden cabinets. Alternatively, you can achieve a refined, transitional look with greenish, frosted glass cabinets and steel hardware.

13. A Lavish Purple Kitchen Cabinet Color

Purple Cabinets

Try purple cabinets for a playful, shabby-chic look with repose gray walls and make your kitchen bright and sophisticated. A purple cabinet contrasts the warm tones of repose gray and looks dynamic but balanced. Moreover, it is a good-to-go option for many design schemes – bohemian, eclectic, and even Baroque!

A darker, bluish shade of purple like ‘Exotic purple’ by Benjamin Moore looks vintage and goes back to the colonial era, especially with a matte finish paint. On the other hand, a high-gloss lavender paint looks industrial in design and anchors the kitchen with a subdued pop of color. Valspar’s ‘Lilac lane’ is a suitable option for this shade.

How To Select The Right Cabinet Paint Color With Repose Gray Walls?

  • Consider the paint color of the other kitchen elements like flooring, appliances, and countertop, and choose a paint that complements them. For example, if you have a wooden floor, add brown or yellow cabinets for a cohesive look.
  • Consider the amount of natural light in the room. Darker colors like brown might look black and feel cramped in a poorly lit room.
  • Select dynamic, high-gloss finishes with steel cabinets, and go for classic matte finished with wood.

Can You Use Sherwin Williams Repose Gray For Your Walls And Cabinets?

Avoid using the same color for your walls and cabinets as it might look uninteresting, especially with a tone as earthy as Sherwin Williams repose gray. Instead, use the paint color for the trim and use a darker or lighter shade like Edgecomb gray, Classic gray, SW mindful gray, Light french gray, or Dorian gray as the primary cabinet color.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets?

While the total expenditure depends on the type of paint, the number of cabinets, and the finish you choose, it roughly amounts to about 3-10$ per square foot.

Repose gray is a versatile paint color and will strike the right visual balance with many neutral and accent colors. While bright, saturated paints look dramatic, pastel colors like lavender seem to be the most obvious choices for a soft interior. Neutral colors like beige and brown look traditional, while accent colors like red and yellow take on modern attire.

Thus, repose gray paint adapts itself to various design styles, just like a neutral gray kitchen. So, if you are looking for cabinet color ideas with gray walls, look no further.