13 Exquisite Cabinet Colors to Complement Gray Floors (With Pictures)

Gray flooring looks spotless and minimal. And it is indeed a popular choice for people who want to add a conservative character to their kitchen space. A gray floor looks balanced and crisp in itself, but choosing the proper color of kitchen cabinets is essential to complement the overall kitchen decor with a soft, relaxed look that catches the eye.

After you’ve decided on a gray floor, you must decide whether you want a beautiful, blended look or a dramatic contrast that stands out. And your neutral gray floor, combined with the right cabinets, will help do that. So if you want fool-proof cabinets color ideas to match your gray floors, check out these 13 colors to instantly design your dream gray kitchen.

Trendy Kitchen Cabinet Colors That Revamp Your Gray Floors

1. Imperial Black Color Kitchen Cabinets

Black Cabinets

Black cabinets are incredibly bold and exaggerated. But, their neutral nature adds dramatic contrast to light gray flooring and justifies many styles from Baroque and new-classical to modern and industrial. A shiny, black satin paint color looks retro with polished brass hardware, but soft enamel paint adds a contemporary appeal with stainless steel hardware.

Moreover, a cooler, greenish-black cabinet like Sherwin Williams ‘Green Black’ adds a lovely, luxurious look with light gray flooring and warmer reddish-black cabinets design colonial kitchens. You can also go for charcoal black laminate cabinets if you want a timeless look with your gray vinyl floor and balance it with bright hardware and backsplash.

2. Cohesive Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Gray Cabinets

Go for a gorgeous monochrome look in your kitchen by pairing your gray floors with elegant similar gray cabinets. Gray, especially, blue-gray cabinets will offer an ultramodern and high-end feel with your light gray floors. These cabinets give a refined, eclectic look, perfect for various design styles like industrial, modern, or zen.

A cool, light gray like Valspar’s ‘Orchid Ash’ will complement a dark gray flooring and add a spacious feel to the entire kitchen. But, warmer and darker gray cabinets might look snug and packed. Moreover, you can opt for greenish shades of gray for a lovely industrial look and bring out a casual vibe, while brownish-gray cabinets will look more formal.

If you have rustic gray porcelain or ceramic tile flooring, it’s best to go with high-gloss enamel paints for cabinets that bring shine to your gray kitchen. And, if you have wood floors, you can go with enamel paints or textured laminates for your cabinets to maintain the rustic feel.

3. A Contemporary White Cabinet

Granite Countertop

White kitchen cabinets are a popular choice as they make your gray kitchen feel light, uncluttered, and spacious. White cabinets are highly versatile and will match well with all shades of gray flooring. But they look more modern and sophisticated with rustic vinyl plank flooring. Nonetheless, white cabinetry gorgeously matches all kinds of gray floors.

If you need more shine and contrast on your cabinets to complement your dark gray floors, neutral white latex paint is the best choice. Whereas a warmer, cream-like white cabinet will blend seamlessly with light gray flooring. Moreover, you can go for a veined, textured laminate like Wilsonart’s ‘Anzio Marble’ for your gray ceramic tile floors.

4. Supple Beige Kitchen Cabinets

Beige Cabinets

Beige is a soft and muted color that brings soft, snug, and homey vibes with a light gray floor and is ideal for eccentric countryside homes. Besides, it adds a natural and casual tone, making the kitchen more neutral and refreshing. But, since it’s a warm color, it might look worn-out and outdated if you have a dark gray floor. So, choose wisely.

Overall, beige looks seamless with light gray flooring, but you can even impart a grainy, rustic look with a textured beige cabinet laminate. And, if you have gray hardwood flooring, you can paint your cabinets with greige or cream paint for a more cohesive look. Finally, you can achieve a cottage look with brown hardware and a rustic backsplash.

5. Hearty Natural Wood Kitchen Cabinets

Natural Wood Cabinets

Natural wood cabinets are your best bet if you want a rich, grainy, and textured look with your kitchen cabinets. They not only give out a rustic feel, but their neutral earthy tones help design various kitchen styles like the Mediterranean, Scandinavian and mid-century modern. Further, they blend well with all shades of gray floors and look exceptional with each.

If you have a lighter bluish-gray floor, you can choose mahogany, walnut, or espresso cabinets to add a dramatic contrast. And, if you have warm gray floors, choose red oak or bright cherry wood for cohesion. Alternatively, if you have dark gray floors, pick lighter oak or pine cabinets, or go with a faint engineered wood board that strikes a balance.

6. Primitive Chocolate Brown Color Cabinets

Chocolate Brown Cabinets

If you are looking for a retro-modern or transitional setup, chocolate brown color cabinets will work the best. The color brings a natural and earthy tone and adds a lovely high-end English style feel to the kitchen cabinetry. Moreover, it adds a perfect contrast to gray flooring and designs cozy country-side houses and mountain cabin kitchens.

High-gloss, chocolate brown cabinets will add a shiny, homey look to the space, whereas a dark brown laminate adds some texture. And, for a modern, industrial look with your steel cabinets, add some pendant lights and use latex paints for a subtle sheen. Lastly, ensure adequate natural light to avoid an edgy cabinet.

7. Buoyant Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

Orange Cabinets

Yellow color cabinets are the quickest tools to make a small gray kitchen look more spacious and luxurious while adding a warm, retro-modern ambiance to the space. Yellow adds a striking contrast that revamps your gray floor and curates a soft farmhouse look. You can further tone the color with a granite countertop that styles an eclectic kitchen.

Yellow paint comes in various hues, but a mellow yellow will work best for adding a splash of color to dark gray flooring. However, if you have a reddish-gray floor, go with deep yellow shades for your cabinets to achieve a sunny, Mediterranean feel. Furthermore, you can pair ochre laminated cabinets with your gray laminated floors for a countryside look.

Alternatively, pick bright gold paint for your kitchen island if you need a villa-like ambiance. Then, style it with minimal accessories and a veined, light gray countertop to avoid an overpowering look.

8. A Flashy Red Kitchen Cabinet Color

Red Cabinets

Are you longing to add the perfect color blast to your gray floor? Try red kitchen cabinets, a picture-perfect combination for several modern, eclectic, contemporary, and fusion design styles. A bright shade of cherry red will look more dynamic and classy, while a dark, maroon shade will look retro-like and Baroque, making it a versatile option.

If you have a simple, light gray floor, pick rustic, cranberry red cabinets for a toned-down, farmhouse look, and go for a brighter cherry red cabinet for a lovely high-end European feel with your dark-gray floors. Alternatively, you can use a softer, scarlet red cabinet laminate like WilsonArt’s ‘Candy Apple’ for a smooth but industrial look.

9. Vibrant Orange Kitchen Cabinets

Orange Cabinets

Orange and gray go hand in hand. Orange adds a vivid pop to the gray floor, but the flooring keeps the balance in check. Thus, an orange cabinet is an excellent choice for a subtle, blended look with a modern outlook. Besides, shades of brick orange add a lovely farmhouse vibe to your kitchen, while dark oranges behold a contemporary aesthetic.

For a smooth transitional look with gray textured wood flooring, a soft orange enamel paint for cabinets with an eggshell finish will work best. If your floor is a simple dark gray, a high-gloss orange cabinet will add a bright, industrial touch. Alternatively, pair your light gray ceramic tiles with a matte, burnt orange cabinet for a more rustic appearance.

10. Regal Pastel-Pink Cabinets

Peach Cabinet

A pink cabinet adds a lovely, chic, and feminine look to your cabinetry and brings a royal, high-end ambiance with neutral gray floors. This classic duo complements each other well and looks fresh and luxurious, especially with shiny latex paint. Moreover, a pink cabinet helps you design various styles, from transitional and art-deco to modern and industrial.

If you have a light gray floor, add a dark salmon-like pink and shiny brass hardware for a rich, art-deco look, or use muted shades of pastel pink for industrial kitchen decor. But, if you have dark gray floors, prefer grayish pinks like Valspar’s ‘Quartz Pink’ or use an alternative coral for a cohesive look.

Alternatively, if you have gray hardwood flooring, pick darker, richer shades of pink like Sherwin Williams ‘Tuberose’ for an eclectic vibe, or go with textured laminates for an eye-catching look.

11. A Tranquil Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Blue Cabinets

Soft, serene, and fresh, blue cabinets add a little color to simple gray flooring and offer a classy, industrial vibe to the space. While saturated shades of Cerulean blue appear modern and dynamic, a stately navy blue is a classic choice for traditional interiors. But, a crisp, light gray-blue will enliven a simple gray floor and make it balanced and composed.

If you have a light gray floor, complement it with a dark navy blue paint for the minimal, shaker cabinet look. And, if you have dark gray flooring, go with a pastel blue color that adds a light and casual tone. Alternatively, add a light-blue designer laminate to your cabinets for a textured look.

You can accent your kitchen island with a bright blue cabinet paint or an alternative teal to spark visual interest. Additionally, you can complement it with bright silver hardware for a beachy but ultra-modern look.

12. Serene Green Kitchen Cabinets

Green Cabinets

Green cabinets bring a natural, Asian feel with gray floors, and no wonder they are a trend nowadays! Light green cabinets make your kitchen look tranquil and composed, while darker green looks more stately and sophisticated. Overall, green goes well with all shades of gray flooring and helps you design modern and transitional kitchens easily.

Dark-gray flooring looks organic with muted mint and sage green kitchen cabinets, while light gray floors will achieve a lovely Georgian feel with dark olive and emerald green cabinets. Moreover, if you have gray vinyl floors, you can design shiny, pastel green cabinets for a modern, industrial look, while dark gray laminate floors will look transitional with a natural leaf green.

Alternatively, if you have gray porcelain tile floors, choose brighter citron shades to add a dynamic pop of color. Finally, you can complete a farmhouse look with a dark granite countertop and rustic hardware.

13. A Playful Purple Kitchen Cabinet Color

Mauve Cabinet

A trending choice for today’s experimental and futuristic kitchens, purple adds the needed charm and personality to the space and accents gray floors with striking contrast. Generally, muted, lavender shades of purple tone down dark gray floors and look modern and industrial, while a rustic plum-purple will offer an eclectic look to your kitchen island.

If you have a textured gray laminate floor, you can complement it with dark purple cabinets for a refined, intense look. On the contrary, gray ceramic tiles will pair gorgeously with grayish purple textured laminate cabinets with a subtle contrast. Additionally, you can adorn your purple cabinetry with golden hardware for a lovely colonial look.

Tips For Choosing The Perfect Cabinet Color With A Gray Floor

  • Pair pastel and muted cabinets with dark gray floors and vice versa to generate enough contrast.
  • Always stay in sync with the design style of your kitchen elements. For example, saturated and contrasting colors complement a modern kitchen, whereas a neutral color cabinet pairs well with a transitional kitchen design.
  • Consider the material of your gray floor while choosing the right shade. For example, natural colors like brown and green blend well with a hardwood floor, while accent colors work well with gray ceramic tiles.

Should Your Gray Floors Be Lighter Or Darker Than The Cabinets?

While the color of the floor ultimately depends on your preference and the style you want to create, it’s advisable to use lighter floors to enliven small kitchens and use dark gray floors to unite a large kitchen.

Also, darker cabinets establish more dominance and add a character to the space, while lighter cabinets feel friendly, like in the countryside. So, choose the one that fits the best in your style.

Gray floors are incredibly neutral and pair well with several cabinet colors, each offering a different style. Thus, if you want something unique, it’s essential to cross-check the vibe you want to create, the shade of your gray flooring, and the material, and match accordingly. Cool, warm, modern, traditional or eclectic, the choice is yours.

In short, gray floors are incredibly versatile, just like gray walls, and look gorgeous with any color that adds depth and character to their neutral tone. So, pick the right color that suits your taste and design your dream kitchen right away. Also, don’t forget to check our list of 13 cabinet colors for gray walls for more inspiration.