14 Cabinet Colors For Black Stainless Steel Appliances

Sleek, shiny, and polished black appliances are the trendsetters of these high-end, modern, and minimal times. They are fast replacing traditional stainless steel appliances and are the present-day tools to ensure a clean, ultra-modern vibe in the kitchen. However, once you have a chic set of black appliances, it’s time to think about the color for the cabinetry.

The cabinet color can certainly make or break the style of your kitchen if not correctly paired with black appliances. The dark hues of black appliances go well with various cabinet colors and add a bold persona to the interior design. Thus, to help you make the right choice, here are 14 cabinet colors that design the hottest kitchen trends.

Trendy Cabinet Colors That Pair Well With Black Stainless Steel Appliances

1. Imperious White Kitchen Cabinets

Black Handles

A contrasting color scheme of black and white certainly holds all the cards for providing a refined, definitive finish to your kitchen design, with a chic, bright and classy appeal. Additionally, white cabinets add more depth to the kitchen, thus making it look spacious and bright with a modern or new-classical kitchen design.

You can match your black stainless steel appliances with a cool white cabinet for a crisp look with a minimal industrial finish. Or, use white or off-white cabinets for a warm french country feel with your black slate appliances. And, if you have a shiny charcoal gray appliance finish, use a designer cabinet laminate like Wilsonart’s ‘Arctic Voyage’ to add some texture.

Finally, since white cabinets are susceptible to staining, it is better to stick to waterproof paints or laminates that allow a wipeable surface for easy cleaning.

2. Sublime Cream Cabinets For Black Appliances

Dark Gray Handles

Pick cream cabinets if you need a softer cabinet color to tone down the heaviness of jet black appliances. Cream cabinets not only add a charming personality to somber black appliances but also add an ethnic touch that curates a mid-century modern kitchen design.

A fresh, off-white, or cream cabinet will look more bright, modern, and appealing with black stainless steel appliances, while a dark cream cabinet might look transitional and earthy. Similarly, a pinkish cream cabinet paint like Benjamin Moore’s ‘Cream Puff’ will look shiny and industrial, whereas a light cream cabinet laminate will add a gorgeous designer look.

You can also play with kitchen elements like a wooden countertop, golden hardware, and rustic backsplash tile for a homey, farmhouse kitchen design.

3. An Orderly Taupe Cabinet Color

Gray Cabinets

Taupe cabinets bring a neutral, modest tone against the dark setting of black appliances. They neutralize the dark tones of black and allow a stark boho-chic contrast that sets a casual style in the kitchen. Generally, a lighter taupe cabinet gives a lovely villa-like look with black kitchen appliances, whereas dark taupe cabinets look more transitional and colonial.

Complement your black stainless steel appliances with high-gloss, light taupe cabinets for a shiny, eclectic look. On the other hand, if you have black slate appliances, use a brownish taupe or alternative beige for a warm Mediterranean feel. Alternatively, use a textured laminate like Wilsonart’s ‘Astro Strandz’ to add more contrast and a patterned look.

4. Cohesive Gray Cabinets

Gray Cabinets

Gray cabinets add a sophisticated industrial style look to the kitchen and are the right tools to uplift your kitchen cabinetry. Of course, Gray cabinets look slightly monochrome with black but add a smoky, layered look that adapts to several kitchen styles. The key here is to use a lighter gray cabinet for an eclectic look and a dark gray cabinet for a traditional ambiance.

Pick a greenish-gray steel cabinet with your high-gloss, jet-black stainless appliances for an ultra-modern kitchen design. And, if you have matte black kitchen appliances, use a warmer gray cabinet for a regal, transitional look. Alternatively, choose a yellowish-gray cabinet paint or an alternative greige to add an eccentric, mid-century modern feel to your black kitchen.

5. Monochrome Black Cabinets

Marble Countertops

An all-black look might seem dominant and overpowering when thought of but looks regal and exceptionally classy in reality. The trick here is to use a similar shade of black for the cabinetry and appliances and then complement it with contrasting wood tones, backsplashes, and flooring to catch the limelight and more character to the space.

Generally, charcoal black wooden cabinets look cohesive with black slate appliances and add a classy but formal, Baroque style. On the other hand, a greenish-black cabinet complements the cool tones of black stainless steel appliances and adds a lovely Georgian feel when completed with a bright white marble countertop and backsplash tile.

Alternatively, a veined cabinet laminate like Wilsonart’s ‘Black Alicante’ looks regal and colonial with polished brass or bronze hardware and an easy-going light wood countertop. Overall, an all-black look is an excellent choice for large traditional kitchens but might look overpowering in small kitchens. So, choose wisely.

6. A Natural Wooden Cabinet

Wooden Cabinet

Regal, grainy, and textured wooden cabinets are a perfect neutral staple to bring in a cozy farmhouse style look with black stainless steel appliances. They not only offer an earthy, comfy setting but work as a great accent against jet-black appliances. Generally, a light wood cabinet looks more fresh and contrasting, while a dark cabinet looks dominant.

Whitish Pine or Oak cabinets pop up against dark black appliances and curate a Scandinavian ambiance. On the other hand, a Golden honey oak or maple cabinet will add some color against the neutral black appliances. Alternatively, you can use dark-toned hickory or walnut cabinets and complete them with golden hardware for a classical kitchen.

7. Regal Brown Color Cabinets

Tan Handles

Brown color cabinets look earthy, cozy yet classy, and are a great tool to add charm to jet-black stainless steel appliances. They not only add a rich, luxurious touch to your cabinetry but ooze a neutral tone that looks seamless with various kitchen design styles like eclectic, farmhouse, french country, and mid-century modern.

If you have regular stainless steel cabinets, use light chocolate brown latex paint for a shiny and industrial look. But, if you have wooden cabinets, use a yellowish-brown or alternative tan cabinet for a rustic Tuscan ambiance. Alternatively, if you have a polished metal finish cabinet door, add an espresso cabinet laminate for a smooth, Victorian look.

8. A Dynamic Red Cabinet Color

Red Cabinet

Red and black have been an age-old combination, and no wonder red cabinets are an ideal, ultramodern choice with black appliances. A bright cherry red cabinet does not only look high-end and classy but adds a dramatic color blast that steals the limelight. Moreover, red cabinets help you design fusion, eclectic and contemporary kitchen styles with ease.

Add vibrant rose-red cabinets to create a vivid, high-contrast look with your black stainless steel appliances, and complete them further with polished silver hardware. And, if you have a matte black appliance, use a cranberry red for a rustic European ambiance. Alternatively, use a deep, maroon cabinet laminate and a golden countertop for a lavish, traditional feel.

9. Vibrant Yellow Kitchen Cabinets

Yellow Cabinets

Yellow cabinets exude a cheery, sunny, and modern aura in the space and add a lovely color blast that helps design modern, country-side kitchens. Yellow cabinets usually go well with shiny, black kitchen appliances and bring more natural light into the kitchen. Generally, bright, mellow yellow shades build a modern appeal, whereas mustard shades look rustic.

A bright lemon yellow cabinet looks dramatic and industrial, whereas a deep yellow cabinet curates a Mediterranean style in your kitchen with black stainless steel appliances. Moreover, brownish yellow-ochre cabinets add an organic Tuscan feel to your cabinetry, while light pastel yellow cabinets design a zen-styled kitchen with black appliances.

10. A Balmy Blue Kitchen Cabinet

Marble Countertop

Paint your cabinets a bright blue color for a lovely classical European feel and a playful charisma with soft, coastal vibes. Overall, blue cabinets add a casual vibe against formal black stainless steel appliances but look luxurious. Generally, rich cerulean blues look eclectic in design, whereas light, sky blues curate a modern, industrial look.

You can paint your wooden cabinets with a bright cerulean blue or wythe blue for a boho-chic look against planar black appliances. And, if you have PVC cabinets, use a faint pastel blue paint for gorgeous countryside vibes. Alternatively, pick cornflower blue or blue-gray steel cabinets if your appliance has a weathered metal finish.

Moreover, if you have shiny black stainless steel appliances, use high-gloss latex paint for a modern, nautical look. On the other hand, if you have a matte black appliance, use softer enamel paint for a countryside look. Moreover, avoid pairing navy cabinets with black appliances to evade a murky, overpowering look.

11. Perky Turquoise Kitchen Cabinets

Add a crisp, playful vibe and a pop of color to your black appliances by picking stylish turquoise or sea-green cabinets. Turquoise cabinets make the space more bright and chic and add a contemporary appeal that designs various styles such as industrial, bohemian, and zen with shiny black stainless steel appliances.

A bright, neon shade of turquoise cabinet paint will add a high-end, modern finish to your steel cabinets, while a dark turquoise cabinet paint will curate a coastal home with wooden cabinets. Additionally, you can also play with polished chrome hardware and a rustic brown backsplash for a toned-down, new-classical look.

12. An Organic Green Cabinet Color

Green Cabinet

Green cabinets are trendy for transitional kitchens and add a stark but balanced contrast against black stainless steel cabinets. Green cabinets look more natural and soothing, and while bright shades of green curate a mid-century modern look, light shades of mint green or pastel green look more modern and eclectic.

If you have jet-black stainless steel appliances, add a bright leaf green or emerald green cabinet for a modern, cabin-style look. And, if you have black slate appliances, add a rustic olive or sage green cabinet for a cozy cottage ambiance. Alternatively, pick a shiny, lime green cabinet to steal the limelight for your kitchen island with a sober industrial design.

13. Lavish Blue-Green Kitchen Islands

Black Colored Handles

A deeper blue-green shade like Benjamin Moore’s ‘Hunter green’ is the top choice for regal, traditional interiors and a high-end feel with black appliances. This shade of dark green looks as formal as black but adds a luxurious touch that offers a stately mansion-like or colonial feel with your cabinetry.

A light, blue-green, or peacock blue cabinet looks crisp and serene, and hence, it is the best choice for a crisp Georgian look with jet-black appliances. On the other hand, a dark blue-green looks more stately and evokes a Baroque style look with shiny golden hardware.

14. A Funky Orange Color Cabinet

Orange color cabinets are playful and add a lovely pop of color against dark black appliances. While bright, yellowish-orange cabinets curate a stylish, fusion-style look, toned-down pastel oranges are your best bet for a soft, industrial kitchen design. Moreover, pick earthy brick orange cabinets to adorn a rustic farmhouse interior.

You can add a textured look to your steel cabinets by using an orange designer cabinet laminate like Wilsonart’s ‘Tangerine.’ But, if you have wooden cabinets, choose shades of dark orange cabinet paint for a warm, Mediterranean kitchen design. Alternatively, you can even use a vermillion orange cabinet paint for an eccentric vibe with jet black appliances.

Can You Use Different Kitchen Appliance Brands In A Single Kitchen?

Yes, you can surely use different kitchen appliance brands like GE appliance, Perlick, Sub-Zero, etc., in a single kitchen. However, make sure that larger appliances like your refrigerator, dishwasher, stoves, and ovens use the same appliance color to anchor your kitchen.

Are Black Stainless Steel Appliances Easy To Maintain?

Yes, black stainless steel appliances are naturally smudge-proof, stain, and fingerprint-proof, and hence, maintaining them is pretty easy, unlike white appliances.

Should You Use Black Kitchen Cabinet Hardware To Match Your Black Appliances?

You can use black cabinet hardware with light kitchen cabinet colors like white or cream. But it is best to use contrasting hardware like red or blue instead of black to add dimension to the space.

Black stainless steel appliances are a neutral staple and offer the flexibility to design different kitchen styles easily. Being formal themselves, they sync well with any cabinet colors that add a dramatic flair and a hint of a casual approach with them. Thus, black appliances look fresh and modern with accent color cabinets but take on a traditional look with rustic shades.

However, black appliances look their level best with white cabinets and offer a quick, flawless choice without much experimentation. But do white appliances match well with black appliances? Or are there any other cabinet colors that revamp them instantly? Go through our list of top 15 cabinet colors for white appliances to find out.

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