12 Exquisite Bedding Colors That Go Perfectly With White Furniture

Bedrooms are an integral part of a home. It serves several purposes but most importantly, it is a place of intimate rest and relaxation. Hence creating a peaceful and tranquil environment is an essential factor. And the choice of color in harmony with the room is key in obtaining that.

White, being a neutral color, can be paired with several colors. But not all color combinations work for a bedroom. In order to get a perfect bedroom look that has white furniture, the choice of color of the bedding is crucial.

So, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite bedding colors that work well with white. However, it’s not simply the color that will tie the overall look together. You’ll also find helpful tips and FAQs here.

Trendy Bedding Colors To Go With White Bedroom Furniture

1. French Gray Bedding For A Mellow Look

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French gray is a greenish-gray with hints of smoky tones. It’s a very subtle color, perfect for the bedroom with white furniture. The exciting thing about this color is that it changes from soft gray-green to silver-green during the day.

Your white furniture would look stunning with this bedding because the two shades excellently complement each other. You can use a lighter shade of french gray for the pillows and darker gray for blankets and duvets. This combination will look bright, vibrant yet subtle, when styled on a white bedsheet.

Furthermore, a regular wooden headboard would pull off an elegant minimalistic look with this bedding. But, if you want to create a grand impact, a mansion-style headboard can be a perfect fit.

Concerning fabric, plain quilting cotton is a good choice for gray covers or duvets for a soft feel, but you can also introduce velvet throw pillows to break the monotony of the plain texture, adding more exciting visuals. If you want your room to exude more royalty, go for silk pillows and blankets.

Finally, add a finishing touch with a fabric(specific) gray or beige carpet for an extra glamorous traditional style. This look can further be elevated with a touch of gold on the comforter or covers.

2. Black And White For A Perfect Contrast

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Black bedding is not a popular choice because people want something calming and soothing. But ironically, dark sheets and covers have been found to be quite relaxing and promote sleeping because they lessen the reflection of light.

Black color is known to be classy, extravagant, and modern. So if your interior style is more modern and refined, black and white is a wonderful choice. For this, white bedsheets paired with black duvets and pillows look just perfect. Covers with Marble-like patterns are another excellent option.

Since black in itself makes quite a statement, a lavish-looking headboard won’t be necessary. But if you must, a soft color like gray and blush headboard that matches the surrounding tone would work best.

Furthermore, to create a cohesive look, matching white throw pillows with the bedsheets and the regular pillows with the black duvets make a good combination. This combination works best for an interior design with muted color flooring, which balances out everything.

Quick Tip: Always go for a wide window when using dark-colored bedding because it could feel too cramped.

3. Soft And Comfy Pastel Blue Bedding

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Studies have shown that households with blue in their bedrooms receive good sleep because of their calming and peaceful nature. However, while this color works well with white, a toned-down shade of blue would be preferable since deep blue can sometimes come off as too vibrant for the bedroom.

Pastel blue goes excellently with both contemporary and vintage interior styles. Moreover, pairing it with its lighter shade gives a spotless look—for instance, darker blue patterns on the pastel or light blue duvets and covers give a pleasing bohemian vibe.

As for the materials, cotton or linen are the popular fabric choice for duvets because they are the most breathable fabrics. And for the headboards, a tufted faux leather is recommended. This is mainly for people who want a soft and comfy look.

If you have puffy and comfy bedding, you can have a more minimal headboard for balance. And, Pairing the carpet shade with bedding is also a good idea. Finally, hints of muted yellow for draperies will create an outstanding visual.

4. Gray And White For Neutral And Minimalism

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Gray on white is a classic minimal and contemporary pair. Being versatile, this color scheme allows you to play around with different shades, patterns, or styles.

Since the furniture and bedding are neutral, adding textures and patterns will make a significant difference to this combination. For example, you can throw a knitted blanket over a white tweed chair and some flowery or geometric motifs on the covers and comforters.

If you’d like to give a more feminine touch to the space, a little splash of yellows or pinks will be perfect, like a tinge of yellow along the borders of the duvets and pillows on white bedding. In addition to that, some wooden elements will make the space pop.

As for the headboards, a solid wood headboard with simple curves or a padded headboard with wooden framing is ideal with this bedding. Apart from that, wooden finish brown carpeting and wooden wall art go well with a neutral tone space such as this.

Quick Tip: Some green plants sitting around the corner will improvise the overall look of this slightly muted interior.

5. Bold Navy Blue Bedding

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Navy blue is naturally dark, so it complements white flawlessly. And according to psychology, Navy blue evokes feelings of power and authority, which is why it’s highly recommended for the master bedroom or a giant spacious room, as it could easily overpower a smaller space.

Styling a navy blue sheet and pillows over a white upholstered bed gives a minimalistic and masculine look. The bed could be wooden with a Duco finish to give a clean gloss effect. Again to add more depth to the space, you can have a simple brown headboard paired with the side table.

Furthermore, Navy blue covers and pillows on a crisp white bedsheet are sure to give a competent, posh look. Finally, a textured white throw blanket would be appropriate for breaking the monotonous feel.

A wooden finish flooring and a rustic wood furniture piece would be the ideal choice, and in addition to that, you can have a 3D printed rug to go with it. This exceptionally works well in the navy blue and white-dominated room.

6. Sweet And Warm Peach Bedding

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If you’re into feminine and soft interior style, the combination of peach bedding and white furniture is the right choice for you. However, although this combination is chiefly associated with feminine and delicacy, it is still gender-neutral.

You can pair puffy peach covers with exciting textures and flares with floral printed throw pillows and wooden headboards for a warm farmhouse feel. On the other hand, for a minimal interior, use a reversible comforter with parallel sham pillows, and instead of a tall headboard, a simple headboard with white bedside cushions will work wonders.

And since both white and peach are light colors, they combine to create a clean and beaming look. This breezy combination is apt for a room with a dark shade of floor and white furniture. Since the canvas is bright and neutral, you can play around with textures and patterns of beddings for an interesting contrast.

Here, solid colors are advisable for a modern and chic but straightforward look because they exude an earthy tone. On top of that, handcrafted rugs and ceramics will add an eco-friendly and organic look to the earthy tones.

Quick Tip: Wooden elements on white and peach is a go-to combination.

7. Exciting And Energetic Yellow Bedding

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Almost every shade of yellow goes exceptionally well with white, especially for a bedroom interior. But some shade goes better with creamy white and some with proper white.

For a bedroom with a slightly grayish-white color, you can use a smokey tone, like toned down yellow covers and beige-white pillows. Here, you can further achieve a mature and mellow theme with minimal furniture and wide windows.

On the other hand, bright yellow represents youthfulness and energy. Yellow standard pillows and throw pillows with flowers and patterns will help break the boldness of solid yellow covers and add a flair to the room. Furthermore, dark blue designs on bright yellows are a classic combination that will work perfectly for this combination.

Additionally, the reversible comforter having white color on the inside and yellow on the outside will suit the room’s mood when there is plenty of white furniture. Diamond quilting designs on the comforters are commonly used for this setting where the bedding has no patterns or motifs.

Contemporary furniture with huge windows and chiffon curtains gives an airy and refreshing feeling. And, you can add a statement piece like a handcrafted table, nightstand, or floor lamps to top it all. Finally, you can have a planter to pull off the whole look.

8. Pleasant Dusty Pink Bedding

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Dusty pink is a sentimental and nurturing color, and it’s primarily associated with mature women. Styling dusty pink bedding with white furniture won’t be hard because they make such a fabulous pair.

For a white-dominated room, often dusty pink bedding alone cannot put together a finished look. So it’s advisable to incorporate hints of grays, such as gray throw pillows, gray cushions, or even gray headboards. For a more over-the-top look, go with silk or velvet covers with minimal royal motifs and matching pillow shams.

When choosing a duvet or a comforter, be mindful of the fillings, as some people are allergic to natural fillings. In this case, you could use synthetic materials like microfibre. Cotton sateen material is an ideal choice, especially for this color.

Furthermore, a dark-gray rug is a wise choice if the floorings are muted and close to the room’s tone. This combination will bring more life to the white and dusty pink space, which is already neutral.

Associating shapes like arch and curves with earthy tones is trendy nowadays. So you can have arched windows or mirrors, or even an arched headboard. This will add an aesthetically pleasing visual.

9. Bold And Confident Red Bedding

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Red is a bold and vibrant color; hence it is risky for bedrooms. But the good news is that styling it along with white furniture items would make it less eccentric. Moreover, white and red create a minimal and clean look. The trick here is to keep minimum items and lots of white elements.

If the regular red is too vibrant for you, go for maroon red. This color will deliver a posh traditional look. You can pair your maroon red duvet with creamy-white bedsheets and pillows. Sheer white curtains will further accentuate the look with this pairing.

You can incorporate textures to the covers or duvets for details and extra glamour. And to tone down the loudness of red, add hints of black elements like a black vase, black bed frame, etc. In addition to that, placing fabric rugs give a sense of warmth and coziness.

Furthermore, adding greens like indoor plants or green artwork will work great since green complements both white and red stunningly. And top it off with different shades of red in the space and not just one shade.

Quick Tip: It’s safer to have plain red bedding and not printed one because it’s already a bizarre accent color for bedrooms.

10. Graceful Lilac Bedding

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Lilac is a soft, pale shade of purple, appropriate for women because of its graceful and feminine appearance. In addition, Lilac and white make a compelling warm, and soothing space. And for this reason, it’s suitable for the bedroom.

You can use white covers and duvets with lilac patterns, like minimal flower motifs, to create a sense of warmth and comfort in the space. This look would be perfect for a traditional villa house with wide windows and white chiffon curtains, letting in ample natural light. Additionally, a muted fabric carpet will make the place homey.

Incorporating fabrics like silk and velvet exudes a rich and posh look for a darker shade of lilac. For this, a tufted velvet headboard makes a significant difference in enhancing the look. Features like puckered diamond pintuck also give off a rich and exciting texture to the covers and pillows and the overall space.

Another way to style Lilac with white is to add another shade of purple. This can easily be achieved by adding a purple accent pillow or purple headboard among the lilac bedding.

11. Inviting And Mellow Sage Green Bedding

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Sage green, an earth-toned, grayish-green, blends brilliantly with white to create a mellow and homely feel. It’s perfect for a rustic and vintage style interior. But that doesn’t mean it’s not used for modern or contemporary styles too.

Sage green is related to an outdoor, natural, and soothing palette, so this option is majorly for someone who is very basic and loves nature. In addition, white and sage green gives off an exceptionally minimal and clean look to the space. In fact, it would work well for your kid’s bedroom as well.

You could go for a white headboard and white bed linen with a sage green patterned comforter and throw pillows for a simple, crisp look. But if you find white and sage green alone too dull, adding earthy brown or mustard yellow to the space gives a playful and exciting feeling.

You could do this in several ways. For example, you could have an earthy brown window frame or door frame for a room with an ivory white tone. To get a more tropical look, you could incorporate a tint of yellow and orange on a darker shade of green.

Quick Tip: Sage green and exposed brick walls are a perfect pair. And it goes better with earthy tones.

12. Emerald Green For A Luxurious Look

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Are you feeling bold and confident? Then this pick is for you. Emerald green is a fun and vibrant bright blue-green color. In ancient Greece and Rome, this color portrayed love and hope. When used correctly, this color eases stress because it is linked with nature and has a calming effect.

Emerald green gives off an exalted and majestic aura and is perfectly balanced with white. However, it’s vibrant and can be a little tricky, so you have to make sure the emerald is not competing but complementing the white by toning down the green for the duvets and going all out in the smaller pieces like a cushion and throw pillow.

If you’re not bold enough or embracing this combination for the first time, go easy. For example, keep the headboards and bedsheets emerald green and the covers ivory white with emerald green details and patterns. For this combination, silk and velvet fabrics are an excellent choice.

The dark, moody, and mysterious emerald is balanced so well by clean, open, and inviting white. Together they create a cozy and bold space. Also, go for a matt finish white or light accent wall to get the best result.

Quick Tip: The inclusion of brass and bronze with green bedding and white furniture gives a luxurious interior feel.

How do you style a room with both white walls and white pieces of furniture?

When your space is dominated by white, the trick is to break the monochromatic look, and for that, you can go for dark color carpet and contrasting color bedding. Apart from that, having an accent textured gray wall also helps.

Will a white comforter look good in a white room?

Yes, but it is advisable to have a toned-down white comforter with earthy toned pillows and bedsheets like brown or peach if you have a bright white room.

Which color curtains will go with the white wall?

It depends on the bedding color you have. For example, if you have a warmer color bedding go for warmer tone curtains, and if you have a cooler tone bedding, go for cooler color curtains. It creates a beautiful visual if your curtains and beddings are in a similar tone or coordination with your bedroom color.

Which material is best for covers and duvets?

Lightweight, wrinkle-free polyester, cotton sateen, cotton percale, and linen are the most preferred material choices for bedding covers and duvets.

White is a versatile color and could be styled with many different colors, but to get the ultimate desired look, we need to understand our style, the tone of white, and the amount of white in the space. Apart from that, it is essential to understand the room’s purpose.

The bedding colors mentioned above are sure to spruce up the white furniture in your bedroom and upgrade your entire home decor. So, you can choose any of those bedding colors and just relax! But, if you need more rugs ideas for your white Couch, we’ve got you covered!