Bedding Colors For Sage Green Walls (12 Options With Pics)

Sage green color walls have a grayish-green undertone that provides a beautiful airy ambiance to the bedroom. They ooze a beautiful calming and relaxing feel to the space, making it more homey and comfortable.

However, you can accentuate your already tranquil sage green walls and elevate them even more. How? you may ask. Well, the solution is to match a perfect color bedding to your walls. When the bedding and the room’s walls harmonize, the result is an aesthetically pleasing bedroom interior.

Thus, we are here to give you a helping hand by providing you with the top 12 enticing bedding colors with sage green walls that are ready to do the magic. In the end, there are some valuable tips and FAQs to help you further.

Exquisite Bedding Colors For Sage Green Walls in Bedroom

1. Monochrome Sage Green Bedding

Andency Sage Green Ruffle Comforter Queen(90x90Inch),3 Pieces(1 Ruffled Comforter and 2 Pillowcases) Vintage Ruffle Fringe Comforter, Farmhouse Rustic Microfiber Down Alternative Bedding Comforter Set

Sage green bedding provides a refreshing monotone against sage green walls. This, being a soft-toned color palette, is ideal for the bedrooms. In addition, this unique option will help you achieve a spectacular Pinterest-inspired look.

You can either go for similar sage shades for bedding as the wall for a unified, seamless look or pick one or two shades lighter or darker to create a magical transition.

To design with this monochrome palette, you can go for all-sage green bedding by placing sage green duvets and pillow shams over crisp white bedsheets and standard and deco cushions. Then, place a stylish white throw blanket over the duvet to bring the look together.

However, if you want the right color break, you can add neutral-colored elements like brown, beige, or gray decorative pillows and blankets to the sage green bedding. In the end, round up the look with sheer white curtains for the balance.

2. Gray Bedding For Neutrality

AveLom Seersucker Queen Comforter Set (90x90 inches), 3 Pieces- 100% Soft Washed Microfiber Lightweight Comforter with 2 Pillowcases, All Season Down Alternative Comforter Set for Bedding, Grey

Gray bedding is a stunning neutral addition to the sage green bedroom walls. They blend flawlessly together to give out a warm and cozy atmosphere in the room. Also, it’s a safe, neutral option that goes with nearly all the shades, so you cannot go wrong with it.

Both dark and light gray will work wonders here. You can use a dark gray as an accent element by placing a gray woolen blanket and a cute textured and patterned decorative throw pillow in the center over the white bedding. This arrangement will give you a classic transitional look.

However, if you lean towards a dominant gray room, place gray duvets, blankets, and euro pillows over a white bedsheet. Additionally, throw some other neutral-colored tan or taupe standard pillows and blankets to provide an accentuation.

This amazing neutral combination, especially against a beautiful gray headboard, will help you achieve a modern contemporary interior design for your master bedroom.

3. Burnt Orange Bedding For a Rustic Effect

Rust Pom Poms Duvet Cover Set Boho Style Caramel Ball Tassel Fringe Design Aesthetic Bedding Set 1 Duvet Cover 2 Pillowcases (Queen, Rust)

Burnt orange bedding provides a unique contrast and a tremendous visual appeal to the room. Especially when placed against a tranquil sage green bedroom wall, it oozes a brilliant naturalistic lived-in ambiance.

You can throw some great burnt orange duvets and pillow shams with other neutral gray and beige blankets and euro cushions. This will help you achieve a fantastic cottage interior for your space.

However, as the color already adds the needed oomph, you can opt for a minimalistic approach. Place a cute burnt orange patterned decorative pillow and a faux fur throw blanket over a beige and white bohemian bedsheet to complete the look.

But if you want an easy and quick method, get a burnt orange bedding set and place it over your bed. Tada! Your bedroom is picture-perfect ready.

4. Dreamy Pink Bedding

mixinni 3 Pieces Washed Cotton Duvet Cover Full Size Solid Pink Bedding Duvet Cover Set with Zipper Ties Girls Women (1 Duvet Cover + 2 Pillow Shams),Easy Care,Soft,Durable (Pink,Queen)

Pink bedding gives a refreshing touch and a charming vivid character to your bedroom. When put with sage green walls, pink bedding accentuates the space, creating a fresh dreamy space to relax.

The best suitable color options are light pink shades such as rose, pastel pink, and soft pink. So you can go with an all-pink color comforter, blankets, and pillows for a modern look.

But you can further elevate this bedding color by adding the right accent color pop. For instance, go with the most famous lemon yellow blanket or standard pillows to break the pinkish tone and achieve a quirky, playful interior.

Avoid dark or bright pink shades as much as possible unless you want an eclectic, unorthodox loud home decor.

Quick Tip: If you are struggling to find the right bedding, there are some factors you can look for. Start with picking the size, and choose the material you are comfortable with. Next, pick your color scheme and choose the suitable pillows and blankets. This will make your design journey easier.

5. Basic Beige Bedding

mixinni Simple Style Solid Color 3 Pieces Beige Duvet Cover Set Queen Cotton 1 Duvet Cover 2 Pillowcases Soft Breathable with Zipper Ties-(Full/Queen, Beige)

Beige bedding is your go-to choice if you want to go back to the basics. When placed against a sage green wall, beige bedding is a match made in heaven. It oozes a soft tone that mutes the sage walls, providing a cozy and comfy aura.

You can match up dark and lighter beiges shades to create a lofty layered effect. For example, go for a dark beige bedsheet base with light beige duvets and standard pillows against a light-wooden headboard to get a cottage-style design.

Also, you can add other rich dark-colored elements like a green or a navy blue decorative cushion for a needed color pop. Here, as the color scheme is subtle, layering and adding the right pop of color becomes crucial. Finally, add beige and white curtains for a finished look. You can explore more curtain ideas for green walls here.

6. Cozy Blush Bedding

Bedsure Duvet Cover Queen Size - Queen Duvet Cover Set, Boho Bedding Queen for All Seasons, 3 Pieces Embroidery Shabby Chic Home Bedding Duvet Covers (Coral Pink, Queen, 90x90 inches)

Blush bedding adds the necessary oomph and a luxurious character to the sage green bedroom. It exudes the needed pinkish hues for the greens to provide a tremendous adventurous ambiance and yet looks sober because of its faded look.

You can go for a breathable style by adding linen blush duvets and pillow shams with various shaped decorative pillows for a stylish modern cottage design. Or add it as an accent element on your bed.

For instance, place a blush velvet blanket and decorative cushions and pillow shams with a touch of pink on the bed for a glamorous and charming contemporary interior. You can use sage green pillows to balance the entire look.

7. Tan Bedding For Warmth

AMWAN Jersey Knit Cotton Duvet Cover Set Solid Pumpkin Color Bedding Set Luxury Soft Knit Cotton Comforter Cover Queen Size 3 Piece Bedding Set 1 Duvet Cover 2 Pillowcases Full Duvet Cover Set

Tan bedding is a brilliant choice for the sage green walls. They provide the perfect contrasting tones to get a warm and balanced look. Furthermore, this color combination is a perfect go-to option to achieve a Mediterranean farmhouse and cottage interior.

You can opt for a sage green bedsheet, duvets, and standard pillows as the canvas. Then work with dark tan blankets and euro cushions and pillows shams to provide the needed layering and accentuation for an Instagram-able appearance.

Or else, get a modern touch to your interior by placing a linen tan duvet over a white striped bedsheet and pillows. Do not forget to incorporate dark tan element bedding rather than the lighter tan shades for a more intense look.

8. Striking Black Bedding

Andency Black Ruffle Comforter Set Full(79x90Inch), 3 Pieces(1 Ruffled Comforter and 2 Pillowcases) Farmhouse Shabby Chic Comforter, Vintage Soft Microfiber Down Alternative Bedding Comforter Set

Black bedding provides a stark contrast and a bold color break to the sage green paint on the walls. This arrangement will help you get a modern interior with a formal industrial touch. With this color combo, avoid going for an all-black look.

Instead, try to keep a balance in the bedroom area. Go with neutral gray bed sheets, comforters, and standard pillows as the base. Then add a woolen knitted black blanket and pillow shams as an accent element. You can use black wall art on your sage green walls to tie the look together.

And do not forget to place a white duvet to give light hues to the darkish color scheme. Finally, the layerings will add enough depth and loftiness to the space.

9. Bold Red Bedding For a Striking Look

Amazon Basics Ultra-Soft Micromink Sherpa Comforter Bed Set - Burgundy, Full/Queen

Red bedding provides a rich and bold color pop to the sage green master bedroom. It elevates the overall space and adds a ravishing and charming whimsical character, creating a Hollywood glamorous interior.

You can use it as an accent color by throwing red velvet blankets, euro cushions, and pillow shams on white floral bedsheets to get a stunning traditional style. But you can also go for red striped bedding set against a red, brown, or gray headboard for a transitional look.

However, if you want a feminine touch to your space, go with a red floral patterned bedding set and a red velvet accent pillow in the center over beige bedsheets.

Quick Tip: If you have yet not decided on your wall color and want to match your comforter with it. Paint different color patches and try to match your ideal bedding and comforter color. However, if you’re going to experiment, opt for a reversible comforter for versatility.

10. Cheery Coral Bedding 

Mezzati Bedspread Coverlet Set Coral-Rose – Prestige Collection - Comforter Bedding Cover – Brushed Microfiber Bedding 3-Piece Quilt Set (Queen/Full, Coral Rose)

Coral bedding provides a perfect color break to the sage green paint color on walls, exuding a rich feminine character. This soft color pairing will give you a light and airy collated appearance and feel.

You can opt for a coral duvet and pillow shams over a cozy linen white bedsheet. Then, add a pop of accent color such as a mustard throw blanket over the bed for a cohesive cottage interior.

However, if you want a modern contemporary style, add a gray bedsheet as your neutral color base and play with white and coral pillows, comforters, and blankets. But if you are not a coral person, go with alternative peach or salmon color bedding.

11. Airy Light Blue Bedding

FACE TWO FACE 3-Piece Duvet Cover Queen,100% Washed Cotton Duvet Cover,Ultra Soft and Easy Care,Simple Style Bedding Set (Queen, Light Blue)

Light blue bedding oozes a refreshing, airy visual appeal. When paired with soft sage green walls, it blends seamlessly, creating a fresh and simplified idyllic ambiance and persona.

Since both sage green and light blue are calm colors, it’s best to keep your room minimal with this combination. Start with a crisp white bedsheet and place geometric, abstract, floral, or polka dot patterned comforters with striped and floral blue standard, deco, and euro cushions for an amazing traditional appearance.

Or add blue duvets and green blankets with a bunch of patterned blue and green cushions for a playful modern interior. These blue and green tones, especially sage green, lime green, and mint green walls, will best suit children’s bedrooms.

12. Organic Olive Bedding

MooMee Bedding Duvet Cover Set 100% Washed Cotton Linen Like Textured Breathable Durable Soft Comfy (Olive Green, Queen)

Olive green bedding with sage green walls provides a gorgeous green color palette. These coordinating tones work together to provide a beautiful depth and definition. When paired with the right secondary colors, you will get a wonderful Pinterest-inspired cottage design.

Layer and play with these different green tones. For instance, go with a beige bedsheet and place sage and olive green blankets and large euro pillows with a bunch of beige lumbar cushions in the center.

Or go for all-olive bedding by placing olive duvets, blankets, and pillow shams. In addition, add tan striped blankets and lumbar cushions for the needed color break. Finally, go with tan color curtains to finish off the look.

Quick Tip: If you want a coordinating bedroom, start choosing the primary color and the determined accent elements with neutral bases. In addition, apply the 60-30-10 rule for your walls, bedding, and flooring. Make sure not to overdo and complicate your design but leave it free-flowing.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Color Bedding for Sage Green Walls

  • Check the color of the wooden furniture. If it is lightly shaded, then opt for pastel and light-colored bedding.
  • Determine the type of interior you want. For instance, if you want a cottage style, go with rustic shaded beddings like burnt orange, Rusty Red, and olive color bedding elements.
  • Consider the flooring. For example, opt for warm and rich undertone bedding for dark wooden flooring to get a cozier appearance.
  • Also, consider the kind of room you are designing. For instance, if you want color bedding for the children’s rooms, go with blue bedding for sage green walls.

What color bedsheets go with sage green walls?

You can opt for classic white or beige beddings for a neutral base. Or go with other light or dark green shaded sheets for a monotone monochromatic appeal. However, if you want to break the light and pastel hues, add gray or darker shade patterned bedsheets.

How can I match my Bedding colors?

You can match your bedding colors by sticking to one primary color occupying much space. Then, with it, either add neutral or accent-colored elements to get your desired interior look. Alternatively, for an easier method, use darker and lighter shades of the primary color.

Should my bedding match my walls?

You can go with the same color bedding and wall colors for a chromatic effect, but it is not necessarily a rule. Hence, you can even opt for a complementary color from the color wheel that blends well with the wall color.

Sage green walls are known to provide an airy and light ambiance to the bedrooms, creating a tranquil and calming space to live in and relax. Complementary and coordinating color and patterned beddings will accentuate the space, giving a great visual appeal.

So the above-mentioned sage green bedroom ideas will help you design your desired sage green bedroom interior. But if you’re planning to paint your walls yellow, don’t forget to explore these top 16 fantastic bedding colors for yellow walls here.