17 Bedding Colors For Purple Walls (Best Ideas With Images)

Purple is synonymous with luxury and regal elegance. The purple walls in the bedroom create a high-spirited space while also exuding a calm and relaxing character. However, being a unique idea, your purple bedrooms might need a magical touch.

But how? You may think. Well, when you talk about bedroom interior decor, you can’t miss the bedding. The right pairing of contrasting and coordinating beddings with your purple walls can bring a cohesive look and a natural elevation, filling your purple bedroom with soul.

Thus, we are here to make your job easier by providing the top 17 tremendous bedding colors that go with purple walls. Also, there are some great tips and FAQs to help you.

Excellent Bedding Colors For Purple Walls

1. Regal Plum Bedding for Light Purple Walls

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Plum bedding oozes a fantastic luxurious look with a soft character. When placed against light-shaded purple walls, this rich plum tone provides the needed oomph and a coordinating effect for a transitional look.

As both the colors belong to the same family, you will get a harmonious look in your bedroom. You can use light plum duvets and woven blankets over gray bedsheets and white comforters for a light and airy effect. Do not forget to layer standard cushions and pillow shams for loftiness.

However, if you want a deep and regal feel in your home, opt for a dark plum satin comforter over a classic white bedsheet with purple and blue patterned pillows and deco cushions. Further, add gold accent lighting to complete the color scheme.

Keep in mind that a light-colored headboard will suit light plum, and a dark wood headboard will look great with dark plum bedding.

2. Bright Yellow Bedding

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Yellow and purple are the most tried and tested color combination. This color palette exudes a colorful grand ambiance that perfectly fits the master bedrooms. Purple walls with yellow bedding are a match made in heaven to create a fabulous mid-century modern interior.

The key here is to go all out and loud. For instance, go with a bright yellow blanket and decorative pillows over a white bedsheet as the base. Then add touches of pastels and neutrals such as blush pillow shams and gray throw blankets for the needed balance.

To make the color scheme look even more alluring, add accents of teal, such as a teal carpet or hanging lights.

3. Plush Blush Bedding

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Blush bedding is a stunning soft addition to the rich and bold purple walls. It creates a welcoming ambiance with a high-end touch in the bedrooms. Also, blush gives a beautiful contrast to purple, creating a modern home interior.

You can use blush as an accent element by placing blush pillow shams over a beige bed sheet with dark purple euro cushions and blankets against a blue headboard. This will give you a minimal and balanced interior with dark purple walls.

However, for light purple walls, go for an all-blush look by placing blush duvets, blankets, and various pillows structurally over a beautiful white bedsheet. Here, play with textures and patterns to add depth to a simplified decor. You can do the same for dark purple walls to get a classic look.

4. Silvery Gray Bedding

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Gray bedding provides a silver lining and edge to the purple wall. It exudes the stark contrast and neutral break while also creating a trendy and unique style.

You can go with the most common look by going all-gray for your purple bedroom. Opt for a gray bedsheet, pillows, and blankets with touches of purple decorative pillows for a modern, royal interior.

But if you want a feminine touch, add textures like faux furs and frilly bedsheets and layer as many pillows as possible for a traditionally inspired look.

You can also use gray as accents by adding gray and blush deco cushions and a throw blanket over white bedding to achieve a stylish contemporary design in your purple bedroom.

5. Soothing Teal Bedding Against Dark Purple Walls

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Teal and deep purple are the most wonderful color pairings you will ever come across. They blend in flawlessly and seamlessly, creating a majestically regal and royal ambiance.

You can use teal for accents such as a teal blanket and decorative pillows over a classic white or a unique blush bedsheet for a contemporary look with a feminine touch. However, if you lean towards a dominant teal interior, go with plain velvet heavy teal blankets and duvets with blush and purple accents.

Or add a stunning teal floral bedding set for a high-end glamorous Hollywood interior decor. Finally, round up the look with lighter shade purple curtains for a needed collated feel. You can explore more curtain ideas for purple walls here.

But, instead of purple, if you have teal walls, you can do the vice versa, using purple bedding to achieve an engaging bedroom design.

Quick Tip: If you want to make your darkish-toned purple room look bigger and spacious, contrast them with soft tones such as white, light blue, and green elements. Also, lighter wooden trims in these bright rooms will make them look more spacious and welcoming.

6. Airy Lavender Bedding With Light Purple Walls

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Lavender is a stunningly soft and light color that spreads an airy character and vibe to the space. Especially when placed against light purple walls, it oozes a great monotone contrast, creating a bright tailored look.

A classic white and lavender color combination is perfect for a simple and instant accentuation. For example, you can add lavender blankets with lumbar pillows over white textured and patterned bedding against a white headboard and furnishings for a wonderful collated contemporary interior.

Or just place linen lavender duvets and pillow shams over beige and white standard pillows and bedsheets against a light-wooden headboard for a Pinterest-inspired Scandinavian-style cottage look. Do not forget to complete the look with an accent painting on the walls.

However, if you are not a lavender person, go with the alternative lilac for a similar look.

7. Navy Bedding for Rich Contrast

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Navy Blue bedding provides a stunning contrast to the purple walls creating a luxuriously rich aura. In addition, it exudes a warm character while making a high-end appearance. So this paring is best for a quick makeover and accentuation for your purple bedroom wall.

You can add a quilted navy comforter over a unique teal bedsheet with standard pillows. And round up the look using purple and navy blue euro and deco cushions placed in a triangular structure. You can even put them against an accent-colored green or yellow headboard for a quirky look.

However, if you want to keep things simple in your bedroom, go for all-purple bedding with a navy blue throw blanket and decorative pillows. Finally, add some golden hanging lights beside your bed and sheer white curtains to accentuate your modern bedroom. Indigo is also an excellent choice for this look.

8. White Bedding for Versatile Looks

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White is the most dynamic option for almost all wall colors. Especially for purple walls, it proves to provide a light contrast and a pleasant color break. Hence, you will get various interior styles with this color combo.

You can opt for a minimal and easy style by placing a floral white and purple bedding set for a gorgeous traditional look against a white headboard and white hanging lights.

Or go for a modern look by opting for an all-white patterned comforter, pastel yellow, and beige patterned pillows. Moreover, you can even place a beige settee with metallic legs as an accent piece to complete the look.

One of the additional perks of this combination is that it would work well in living rooms and children’s and teenagers’ bedrooms too.

9. Bold Black Patterned Bedding

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Black patterned bedding is an excellent addition to the room with rich purple walls. It guarantees a charming, clean-lined classical interior to your purple bedrooms. In addition, black adds a unique darkish hue, creating a great color pop.

You can go with a black and white floral bedding set against a black metallic headboard in a light purple bedroom for a classic traditional style. Or add an abstract black comforter over a blush duvet with rich silver and maroon pillows for a Hollywood glam look. And this will look even more cohesive with dark wood flooring.

However, if you want an ultra-modern look, you can go for striking purple and black geometric blankets and standard pillows. Finally, add a few black and white abstract paintings and purple faux fur carpets to round up the look.

But avoid plain black bedding set to restrain a gloomy and cramped feel in a compact bedroom.

Quick Tip: If you are confused about choosing the perfect furniture for your walls with purple paint, go for safer options such as metallic bronze and gold, white, black, or wooden furnishings.

10. Rich Brown Bedding Against Dark Purple Walls

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Brown bedding against a dark purple accent wall creates a warm, cozy, and comfortable ambiance in the bedroom. With deep contrast, this color combo exudes a perfect character for a modern, contemporary look.

You can go for all-brown bedding for a quick makeover. Or use it as an accent element such as brown blankets or pillows against a brown headboard. Also, it can lead to a dark interior, so add beige carpet flooring or throw pillows to create a balance. This look is perfect for cool winter settings.

Finally, complete the look by adding beautiful beige or tan curtains for an even more comforting and warm vibe in the bedroom.

11. Purple Bedding for Monochromatic Design

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If you want an all-purple chromatic touch to your bedroom, purple color walls with purple bedding are your go-to choice. The bedding will coordinate with the purple walls to bring a majestic out-of-the-box experience and a modern glam interior.

The key here is to go with the same shaded walls and bedding. For instance, go for solid purple bedding with touches of accent-colored elements such as white, teal, black, blush, yellow, pillows or blankets, etc.

Or, you can use different shades of purple for walls and bedding. For example, use light purple for walls, one or two shades darker purple for bedding, and vice versa for depth and definition.

However, you can also use purple as accents over different colored bed sheets, such as beige, white, teal, blush, etc., to mute and balance the purple tone in your bedroom.

12. Dazzling Hot Pink Bedding

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Hot pink bedding is a bright and ravishing option. When placed against purple walls, pink bedding oozes a fantastic contrast and a happening vibe. Also, both the shades exude a beautiful feminine and charming character into the space, making them a lovely, cheery combo.

Use pink as an accent element, such as plain or patterned pink pillows or hot pink woven blankets over all-white or light purple bed sheets. This will provide you with a classy, whimsical modern interior. However, avoid using pink as the base, or it will become too striking to the eyes.

Round up the look by layering light pink and white curtains for a needed depth and airy ambiance.

13. Neutral Beige Bedding

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Beige bedding is the best neutral option to tone down the bold purple hue in your bedroom. Beige provides a breathing space and a subtle color break when placed with purple walls. This combo will help you achieve a traditional royal look in your bedrooms.

It is best to use beige bedding as your canvas; layer a beige bed sheet with standard pillows, duvets, and blankets. This will look minimal and brighten the space instantly.

However, you can use beige as an accent color for blankets or deco and euro cushions. In addition, you can play with different shades and textures with beige for depth and definition. But if beige looks too subtle and light for you, tan is the next close call.

Quick Tip: If you want a relaxing and zen-like tranquil ambiance in your purple bedrooms, head towards the white, lavender, gray, beige, sage green, and light blue bedding. Complete the look with white furnishings and refreshing color carpets and wall decor.

14. Floral Green Bedding for Refreshing Touch

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Green bedding gives a striking contrast to the purple walls while providing a sophisticated character. Especially floral patterned green bedding oozes a creative close-to-nature ambiance in the bedroom, creating traditional as well as modern styles.

You can place floral green blankets and pillows over light purple, green, or white bedsheets as the canvas for a gorgeous creative interior. Or go vice versa and opt for a floral bedsheet with green and purple blankets and duvets over it. This combination is ideal for both compact and master bedrooms.

15. Sleek Blue Bedding

Lush Decor Vintage Chic Ravello, King, Stormy Blue

The different blue shades, such as light blue, cornflower blue, stone-washed blue, etc., provide a simple and clean-lined effect to the rich purple bedroom. When placed against purple walls, blue bedding oozes a subtle contrast to create a gorgeous put-together look.

You can go with patterned or textured blue bedding over a light blue or white bedsheet against gorgeous purple walls for a beautiful traditional interior. Or, add blue blankets with standard blue pillows and checkered euro cushions over a striped bedsheet for an Instagram-able modern look.

However, if you want to give a vintage edge to your bedroom, go with a blue bedsheet, comforter, and pillow shams with touches of purple decorative pillows in the center against a metallic headboard.

16. Ravishing Red Bedding

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Red bedding provides a bold and rich contrast to the purple wall color. With this pairing, you can achieve a harmonious color balance in the space and curate a bold and classy bedroom decor. As both the colors are bright and striking, go with red as an accent element for elevation.

Add red deco cushions and blankets over yet another accent-colored pink bedding for a glamorous interior. Or go with light red or peach bedding with touches of red faux fur decorative pillows here and there for a traditional style.

Make sure to layer as much as possible with various textures, designs, and patterns for creativity.

17. Fresh Turquoise Bedding Against Light Purple Walls

C&F Home Blue and White Turquoise Bay King Cotton Quilt Set Reversible Bedding Seahorse Turtle Beach Ocean Coastal King 3 Piece Set Blue

The accent color turquoise bedding provides a stunning, captivating color pop to the light or dark shaded purple walls. In addition, it creates a beautiful nautical edge to your room, exuding a calm and tranquil ambiance.

You can use turquoise bedsheets and standard pillows as your canvas and place pink duvets, blankets, and deco cushions for a collate appearance to achieve different interiors.

For instance, you will get a mid-century modern look against a white headboard and a traditional style with a metallic headboard.

Moreover, one of the perks of choosing this option is it oozes a princessy vibe that looks great even in your toddler’s bedrooms.

Quick Tip: If you want to add accent decor elements to your purple walls, go for paintings or wall art that compliment your bedding. Or keep it simple with a statement wall clock. However, go with patterned wallpapers if you don’t want to add anything to your walls yet need elevation.

Tips For Choosing the Perfect Bedding for Purple Walls:

  • Check the shades of your purple walls. For instance, with light purple walls, go with pastels like turquoise and lavender beddings for a collated appearance.
  • Check the darkness of your wooden furniture. For example, dark and rich color bedding such as navy or red compliments dark furniture.
  • Consider the kind of interior you want. If you want a bold interior, go with yellow, red, or navy blue beddings, but if you need a subtle interior, opt for soft colors like lavender, beige, tan, light blue, etc. 
  • Finally, make sure to check all the elements of your room so that the chosen color bedding goes well with everything in your purple bedroom.

Does purple go with wood?

Yes, the purple color goes well with wood, but it depends on the bedroom’s color scheme. For instance, you can go with dark wood furnishing if you have purple with red, teal, or yellow. However, for purple with turquoise or lavender, you can add light-wooden furniture.

What color accents go with purple walls?

If you want to add accents to the walls with a purple shade, you can go with bright yellow, rich plum, subtle blush, or bold green accent elements to upscale the entire look.

What neutral colors go perfectly with purple?

The best neutral color options that complement and blend flawlessly with the purple shade are white, gray, beige, and tan. These colors provide a stunning color break to the darker and lighter shades of purple walls.

Purple walls are a unique and creative approach to interior design. Having a statement of their own, purple walls add a luxurious, inviting ambiance to the bedroom. However, Too much purple can look off, so a perfect color bedding is needed to balance and accentuate it, making it look more organized and comfortable.

The given bedding color options will help you create your own beautiful and cohesive purple master bedroom. Now, blue is another classy color for walls in modern home decor. So, if you’re planning to paint your bedroom blue, don’t forget to explore bedding colors for blue walls here.