13 Perfect Bedding Colors That Go With Oak Wood Furniture

Oak wood is a popular and highly favored option for bedroom furniture because of its durability and low cost. Moreover, it has a well-balanced color that is not as dark as walnut or as light as maple. And hence can be styled with different colors.

And many of us spend a lot of time and energy deciding on what color to choose for our bedding that’ll go well with the furniture and blend in with the mood of the space at the same time. And that brings us to why we must first understand the material and color of the bedroom furniture.

So, today we’re going to talk about oak wood furniture and the bedding that goes with it for an extreme home makeover. Here’s a list of 13 attractive bedding color options, along with additional tips and FAQs to help you choose the best decor for your bedroom.

Exquisite Bedding Colors That Look Perfect With Oak Wood Furniture

1. Somber and Calm Green Bedding

3 Pieces Green Duvet Cover Set Queen Size Army Green Bedding 100% Natural Washed Cotton 1 Duvet Cover 2 Pillowcases Ultra Soft with Zipper Ties for Him and Her-Full/Queen

Smoky green is a gentle mix of blue, green, and gray, which exudes a feeling of tranquility and calmness to the space. This soft and delicate color combines seamlessly with oakwood furniture creating a somber and comfy interior.

When the smoky green duvet and pillow set are paired with an ivory white bedsheet, the oakwood furniture is highlighted gently. Here, you can keep things minimal by having a simple, low wooden headboard and no additional accessory pillows.

This combination works for a bedroom with warm tones and wooden elements. Further, go for a dark hardwood floor and a white or beige table lamp, which perfectly complement the somber and quiet vibe of the space.

2. Rich Brown Bedding

Madison Park Quilt Traditional Damask Design All Season, Lightweight Coverlet Bedspread Bedding Set, Matching Shams, Pillows, King/California King (104 in x 94 in), Bellagio, Jacquard Brown/Gold

Brown has always been connected to nature and woods; thus, combining oak wood furniture and brown bedding makes sense. This union of neutrals results in a rich, welcoming, comfortable interior environment.

Here, since the colors are a little muted, you can take a step higher by introducing classic traditional patterns to the comforter and pillow sets. For example, you can use light brown as the base color with designs and patterns in dark brown.

To lighten the mood, you can even incorporate gold-colored accessory pillows that complement the rich vibe perfectly.

You can choose a stylish wooden headboard with carvings to supplement the rich bedding. Moreover, a brown fabric carpet will fit in here fabulously. This entire set will look even more charming in a bedroom with big french windows and white transparent chiffon curtains.

Quick Tip: Incorporating white accents in the space will brighten and make the space more welcoming, for example, white decorative pieces or even creamy white walls.

3. Ageless Gray Bedding

Lush Decor Vintage Chic Ravello, King, Gray

Timeless gray bedding with oakwood furniture together will make your bedroom look heavenly. Since they are both warm tones, neutral, and connected to nature, this pair works so well to create a clean and cozy space, perfect for the bedroom.

You should consider this blend if you want a modern interior design bedroom. For that, you can have a textured gray duvet with a matching pillow set and a white bedsheet that matches the sham set. In addition, using textures will add personality and give more depth to the space.

And since we are going for a modern look, you can have a light gray leather-covered headboard with contemporary art just above it. Further, you can have an elegant gray cotton curtain to add sophistication to the space.

This look will stand out more in a bedroom with dark hardwood floors and light accent walls.

Quick Tip: Another quick way to update your room is to add simple and classy-looking silver hardware.

4. Exciting Yellow Bedding

Girls Twin Floral Bedding Sets Twin Yellow 3 Pieces Cotton Flowers Duvet Cover Set with 2 Pillow Shams,Cute Comforter Cover Twin for Teens Adult,Floral Bedding Twin

Yellow for a bedroom is always a yes and even more so, along with oak wood bedroom furniture. This pairing is extremely youthful and fun, perfect for someone with overflowing energy and ready to take over the world and someone who likes a feminine touch in the space with loud energy.

You can go with a shiny yellow duvet or comforter. And white flowery patterns on the already sweet and fun yellow duvet are like a cherry on top. Along with it, you can also go for cute white throw pillows with your favorite quotes or patterns on them.

Here, you don’t have to have a headboard if you want to keep it casual and cute. Further, you can also have a dark gray bedsheet and an earthy-toned decorative piece on the bedside oakwood table to tone down the loud space.

Also, some knitted macrame art pieces in the room will blend in with the tone of the space.

5. Simple and Sweet Beige Bedding

ATsense Duvet Cover California King, 100% Cotton Linen Feel Super Soft Comfortable, 3-Piece Beige Bedding Duvet Cover Set, Durable and Easy Care, Simple Style Farmhouse Comforter Cover

Beige and oak wood furniture is a game-changer for a contemporary space with minimalism. This simple and soft palette is for someone who doesn’t like a blasting and loud environment, unlike the yellow bedding we talked about earlier.

Inspired by modern minimalism, your room can have a simple beige puffy duvet with a pair of matching pillows and a plain white bedsheet, and that’ll do just fine with no throw pillows, accessories, or anything else. It may sound dull, but this combination looks chic and elegant with no clutter.

A wooden finish flooring and white accent walls will work excellently here. This style will look best in a space with big minimal windows and wooden elements. A little rug and a modern floor lamp will further accentuate the space.

Quick Tip: The best way to style a minimal space like this is to add a simple modern artwork framed.

6. Tranquil Blue Bedding

3 Pieces Simple Style Duvet Cover Full Size Solid Color Blue Bedding Cover Set with Zipper Ties for Him and Her (1 Duvet Cover + 2 Pillowcases),Easy Care,Soft,Durable (Blue,Queen)

The blue color never goes wrong for a bedroom. And pairing blue with soft and sober oakwood bedroom furniture produces a cozy and calm environment excellent for the bedroom.

With the color scheme, a matching plain dusty blue comforter and sham set with a beige pillow set and bedsheet creates a basic but classy-looking space. This simple, smart look is further enhanced by white accent walls and simple wood panels.

Include plant and green elements to make the place more alive since the bedding is dull. And a light gray wood floor with a rug will look impeccable here. And for the headboard, keep it lowkey and simple.

Go for a light brown oak wood bedside table, some gray-colored metal decorative pieces, and table lamps. Finally, finish off the look with simple pastel-colored curtains.

7. Purple Bedding for Royalty

Madison Park Palisades Comforter Set Modern Faux Suede Pieced Stripe Design, All Season Down Alternative Cozy Bedding with Matching Shams, Decorative Pillows, Cal King(104"x92"), Purple 7 Piece

Purple is not a favored color for the bedroom, but if we get the right shade and pair it correctly with the natural oak furniture, the aura it exudes is unmatched. It results in a royal, majestic yet comforting, and inviting space perfect for your master bedroom.

You can associate velvet material with purple to get a royal and luxurious look. For example, a velvety purple duvet with lighter purple borders and a matching pillow set with a lighter purple sham set will look perfect.

You can also go for a darker purple shade throw and decorative pillows. A gray bedsheet will be perfect here.

Moreover, your natural oakwood nightstand will look incredible with a crystal lampstand and brass hardware for the cabinets. As for the wall colors, go for ivory white paint and finish with dark-colored wood finish carpeting.

Additionally, you can add a sequence of picture frames matching the mood of the space to make it visually attractive.

8. Warm White Bedding

White Queen Duvet Cover Set 3 Pieces White Pom Poms Fringe Design Boho Chic Aesthetic Bedding Set 1 Duvet Cover 2 Pillowcases (Queen, White)

White color bedding with natural oak bedroom furniture will exude the most elegant and bright bedroom, excellent for boho chic. A plain off-white cotton comforter with tassels and pom-poms paired with its matching pillow set and beige crochet throw pillows over a beige linen bedsheet will give a clean boho vibe.

Apart from that, you can even throw a hand-tufted or knitted blanket darker than the duvet. This will make the bedding look balanced and complete.

A simple handmade oak wood nightstand with a ceramic vase will go perfectly with this vibe. For this particular color palette, an earthy tone setting is appropriate.

Additionally, you can have white curtains matching the warm walls and wood floors of the space. You can include a patterned rug and a pendant light to complete the look.

9. Calm and Posh Teal Blue

downluxe Lightweight Solid Comforter Set (King) with 1 Pillow Sham - 2-Piece Set - Green and Gray - Down Alternative Reversible Comforter

Teal blue, which results from green and blue, is a darker blue than cyan. This color works perfectly with oak wood bedroom furniture because they complement each other resulting in a calm, posh and delightful environment perfect not just for the bedroom but also for the living room.

Since this combination is more towards a darker color scheme, you can incorporate white color accents to brighten the space. For this, go for a grid channel duvet with white linen on the inside and a matching pair of pillows. A simple dark wood headboard will further create a sharp and simple bedroom vibe.

Incorporate dark brown metallic lamps and a coffee table to suit the room’s sophisticated environment. And finish off with beige paint for the walls and dark wood floors.

10. Comfy Burnt Orange Bedding

Burnt Orange Duvet Cover Queen Size, 3 Piece Boho Bohemian Farmhouse Pom Microfiber Bedding Comforter Cover Set, Soft and Lightweight Quilt Cover (90x90)

Who doesn’t love an excellent burnt orange with oak wood furniture? This combination is such a go-to. It is simultaneously fun, calm, and exciting and manages to not out shadow the rest of the space.

The light brown oak wood furniture combines with burnt orange, resulting in the most welcoming space. This combination is perfect for creating a balance between minimalism and maximalism.

You can go for a basic burnt orange comforter with a matching sham set and white decorative pillows. You can also match your throw pillows with the bedsheet to create an exciting visual.

And if you feel that the bedding is too basic, you can always go for comforters and pillows with tassels. To complement this warm look with earthy colors, you can have a transparent white chiffon curtain and a light oak wood coffee table on the side, matching the creamy white walls.

11. Countryside Red Bedding

Woolrich 100% Cotton Quilt Reversible Plaid Cabin Lifestyle Design - All Season, Breathable Coverlet Bedspread Bedding Set, Matching Shams, Buffalo Check Red King/Cal King(110"x96")

Are you looking for a cozy and classy bedroom decor? This combination of red bedding with oak wood furniture is your answer. The warm mood created by dark red bedding and friendly oak wood bedroom furniture is unparalleled.

Since it’s for the bedroom, the tone of red should not be too loud and blasting; so you can go for a dark red or maroon reversible comforter with black stripes. And pair it with a matching pillow set, a white sham set, a bedsheet, and a wood-carved headboard.

Since the bedding is not really minimal, you can balance it out by using minimal-looking, modern oak wood furniture or white furniture pieces. This warm and cozy vibe will be apt for a modern villa house with wooden walls.

To complete the look, go for a woven rug over a hardwood floor and rustic-looking minimal decorative pieces.

12. Gold Bedding For Luxury

Chic Home 9 Piece Aubrey Decorator Upholstery Comforter Set and Pillows Ensemble, Queen, Beige

We’ve covered minimal to modern to country style interior, and now comes the luxurious, over-the-top looking bedroom. And what better way to enrich the look than gold bedding and golden oak wood furniture.

Here, you can go all out with the bedding. For example, on a puffy golden duvet, you can have royal patterns with a dark golden color and match the duvet with a similar set of pillow and shams. Introduce frill skirts for the bottom of the bed and throw some decorative and throw pillows with frills and flares.

A tall upholstered headboard with tufted diamond button effects will further enhance the richness of the space. You can also have a pastel blue accent wall with fancy wall scones to make the room enjoyable.

Finally, you can paint the frames of windows and paneling with white paint and match that with heavy white curtains.

Quick Tip: For a rich and luxurious bedroom like this, you can include a beautiful fireplace with a fancy mantelpiece and bookshelves on the side. 

13. Lovely Beige-Pink bedding

Madison Park Comforter Set-Textured Luxury Design All Season Down Alternative Bedding, Matching Sham, Decorative Pillows, Queen(90"x90"), Celeste, Pink 5 Piece

This combination is for someone with feminine taste. Beige pink is a soft, welcoming, and calming color that creates a perfectly subdued and mellow space when mixed with light oak wood furniture.

A soft pink duvet with tiny bright pink lines, matching pillows, and a light gray pillow sham will look incredible in your room. This arrangement can be used with an upholstered headboard with simple curves. And on top of that, you can have light-colored minimal oak wood furniture pieces like a coffee table to add visual interest.

This style will look even better with light gray walls or in a creamy white bedroom. And finally include some weaved wall hangings and rug. Additionally, you can also have some vintage-style mirrors to go with.

What are the different oakwood furniture available in the market?

Natural oakwood color ranges from a golden yellow to white tone to rusty red with a chocolate undertone. The most common one used in the furniture is a light yellowy-gold color or light brown.

What wall color goes with oakwood furniture?

This depends on the taste and mood of the space you want to create. For example, warm or cool colors that are a few tones lighter or darker than the oakwood tone will best accent the walls. But for a bedroom, neutral colors like beige and white work best. And gray and deep tones like yellow provide an exciting shade with the oak wood color.

What paint colors go with dark oak furniture?

For a relaxing mood, go for an earthy tone of green or blue, and to contrast, the oak wood furniture, go for a muted gray like Anchor Gray from Benjamin Moore or dark ivory white paint color.

Oakwood furniture has a warm undertone which is why it is complemented beautifully by warm neutrals like beige, white and gray. At the same time, it is contrasted exceptionally alluring by cool colors like blue, green, and purple and their undertones.

So it’s safe to say that oak wood furniture is versatile and can be styled differently for different aesthetics using the correct shade, whether you want to contrast or complement it. Just pick the right bedding, and you’re good to go!

And if you have rich cherry wood furniture in your bedroom, don’t forget to explore some pretty bedding colors that go with cherry wood furniture to update your bedroom.

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