Top 10 Gorgeous Bedding Colors to Go With Espresso Furniture

Espresso is a rich coffee brown shade named after Espresso coffee. Whether you are a coffee lover or not, you at least love its color if your bedroom has coffee-colored furniture. This deep dark brown bedroom furniture elevates to a higher level when associated with matched rightly with other elements, especially bedding.

Though espresso is a neutral dark color, it is compatible with very few shades. So, selecting the right partner for your espresso furniture becomes essential. But don’t worry because we’ll make it easy for you with our list of top 11 color options for the bedding in your coffee brown room. Let’s get started!

Trendy Bedding Colors That Go Well With Espresso Bedroom Furniture

1. Tortilla Brown Bedding for a Subtle Contrast

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The grounded combination of tortilla brown bedding and espresso furniture is an easy-to-eye and familiar option that makes you comfortable in your bedroom. This warmly traditional color palette has a subtle contrast that creates monochromatic yet engaging tonal variation in the visuals.

If your bedroom walls are white, you can use a white comforter and bed pillows on the tortilla brown bedsheet that offers a flashing mid-century modern vibe with its delight. Furthermore, you can add an espresso color coverlet and throw pillows to maintain a homogeneous color scheme.

For a gray accent wall, add a dark gray coverlet and throw pillows with a tortilla brown comforter, bed pillows, and the bedsheet for a calm ambiance. In contrast, burgundy instead of gray looks trendy and dynamic if you have a cream accent wall in the bedroom.

If you wish for some non-neutral colors in your space along with neutral colors, white and gray, etc. you can use accents such as navy blue or emerald green coverlet, throw pillows, a rug, and wall art pieces to add an unexpected, creative tinge to the look with the Mediterranean feel.

Quick idea: If you use monochrome tortilla brown and espresso bedding in your room, you can lay a shiny black rug, fix black fixtures, and accessories on the light brown walls for a stylish look. Moreover, yellow lights create a chilling and dramatic mood in the room.

2. White Bedding for a Crisp Contrast

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Get a clean and luxurious ambiance in the room with striking white bedding, creating a crisp contrast with the espresso bedroom furniture. The plain white bedding looks obvious and disciplined yet creates a free-spirited and bright atmosphere. The space welcomes you with its minimalist and airy Mediterranean design style.

You can go for tortilla brown or cream comforter and bed pillows with the plain white bed sheet on your espresso framed bed. These bedding elements add a soft touch and tone downs the dazzling white and dark espresso with a contemporary, sophisticated touch. You will feel spirited yet relaxed in this bedroom.

Alternatively, you can add boldness with the black bedding elements among white and tortilla brown that elevate your industrial interior with eye-catching, contrasting color schemes. Whereas blue, soft yellow, etc., accents like throw pillows and a rug will give your room a vibrant, coastal feel.

Quick idea: The espresso and white combination is popular for the contemporary living room. So, you have a chance to create a theme color palette for your entire house interior design with espresso and white. 

3. Caramel Bedding to Elevate Your Interior

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The espresso color of your furniture elevates to a charming and moody look when paired with the caramel color bedding. The bedroom looks harmoniously poised with this monochrome color palette that adds a creative touch and brilliance to your decor in an Asian design style.

You can further enhance this Asian ambient atmosphere by using large show pieces.

If you desire a bright contrasting, zen wave in your room, you can add a white comforter and bed pillows for a striking farmhouse look. Moreover, white curtains and a rug enhance the flashing ambiance with a contemporary and positive aura.

Alternatively, black instead of white creates a boldly stylish industrial bedroom decor.

You can also add soft gray or thrive green bedding elements on a caramel bed sheet for a serene, rustic ambiance that soothes you. If you have gray or brown walls and are using gray or green accents, toss white throw pillows and a coverlet to freshen up the room.

4. Black Bedding for a Fearless Spirit

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Decorate your room with a stylish, bold, ultra-modern pair of black bedding with dark brown bedroom furniture. As a result, you achieve an aggressive black coffee look with an enclosed ambiance. Moreover, adding brown bedding elements on the black bed sheet will give a more composed eathy industrial decor.

If you have light walls, you can create an eclectic interior design by introducing white or cream throw pillows, a coverlet, and a rug in the room with black. Moreover, fuse old and new decor ideas; for example, you can use brown-colored vintage or black-colored modern accessories and show pieces.

Apart from this, you can also use navy blue, dark gray, or olive green velvet bedding elements with black bedding to complement the espresso furniture. Adding popping accents will create a dramatic and fashionable dark glamour ambiance here.

Moreover, If you have glossy walls in the room, you can add mirror-like metallic accents like a chandelier in the interior. Also, placing tempered glass table tops adds light to your dark glamour decor appealing visually and balancing the dark furniture and bedding.

Remember: Ensure enough natural and artificial light in a dark bedroom with black bedding and dark espresso furniture to avoid unpleasant, triggering visuals. 

5. Rustic Orange Bedding for Vibrancy

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Add some sizzling spice to your black coffee room with rustic orange bedding. Rustic orange brightens the undertone of espresso with its eye-catching vibrant contrast and styles your space in modern vintage decor. You will surely feel energetic and assertive in the room with this color scheme.

You can achieve a rustic style interior design by toning down the plain orange bedding using a gray comforter and bed pillows that make your room softer, neutral, and slightly sophisticated.

In comparison, cream-colored comforter and bed pillows on orange bed linen will look naive and maintain the monochromatic visual flow in your bedroom.

If you desire a dramatic and clever look in your bedroom, you can limit the colors to espresso and rustic orange for bedding. And introduce light-colored rug, curtains, and ornamentation in the accents, large show pieces, and decor elements that results in a creative Asian design interior.

Quick idea: In your Asian-style bedroom decor, you can have direct lighting or spotlights on the ornamented accents or the large show pieces placed in the room to highlight and make them noticeable.

6. Peach Bedding for a Soft Touch

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If you want a delicate, innocent, and straightforward space, peach bedding works best with your espresso furniture giving your room a subtle and decent look.

You can add a white or gray quilt and throw pillows for contemporary sophistication and a color variation. Moreover, espresso fixtures add interesting focal points if your wall color is light.

On the second thought, you can introduce a dark blue or maroon-burgundy coverlet and throw pillows on the espresso bed to elevate the room with a relaxing and casual bohemian style. Furthermore, lay the same-colored rug and add curtains for a cohesive interior design.

Quick idea: You can place a light wood coffee-colored nightstand or a bookshelf near the bed as an intermediate between plain soft peach bedding and dark brown furniture for a continuous visual flow.

7. Slate Blue Bedding for a Cool Ambiance

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Go for slate blue bedding in your bedroom, especially if your espresso furniture has a reddish hue. This harmonious color scheme sets a calm temperament in your space that creates laid-back vibes. As a result, your interior looks compact and cozy with a rustic interior where you feel secure.

Furthermore, adding a maroon quilt and bed pillows on the slate blue bed sheet results in your room’s elevated and interestingly mature ambiance. With this cool color palette, go for light, airy fixtures for a fresh tinge in a subtle yet prominent rustic and art deco indoors.

Alternatively, if your espresso cabinets are antique, adopt soft yellow, warm pink, or baby blue patterned bedding elements with the slate blue bed cover that designs a french country interior. Moreover, if your room has a lot of wooden elements, use rich-colored gold accents to accentuate the vintage-inspired charm of your room.

8. Light Olive Green Bedding for a Classic Touch

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Light olive green or green-gray shade is a natural partner of espresso, which complements its red undertone as they sit opposite each other on the color wheel.

Soft olive green bedding and espresso bedroom furniture make a relaxing and romantic mood with an effortless color flow in your classic interior. Moreover, velvet textile for this bedding adds luxury to the ambiance.

For more color variation, you can use a black or dark gray coverlet and throw pillows for some boldness in a dark, glamorous interior design. In comparison, dark blue or maroon bedding elements create a trendy and cozy English heritage style. Golden or white accents work perfectly for a bright tinge.

9. Red-brown Bedding for Dense visuals

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Red-brown or Mohagany and espresso are the color wheel neighbors forming a red-toned analogous color scheme. Chocolate-toned espresso furniture and red-toned brown bedding create a monochromatic, warm, and balanced interior.
Mahogany adds a depth to the room that looks adult and traditional.

You can pair an Ivory-colored coverlet and throw pillows with a Mohagony bed sheet and quilt. These two classic neutrals create a coffeehouse vibe and a simple, grounded appearance in your chic and modern interior. The room feels cozy with Ivory; if you have dark walls, whereas it feels soft and inviting if you have light walls.

Alternatively, for a luxurious and royal look, you can for a gold-colored coverlet and throw pillows that add a vintage flair to your room with a moody ambiance.

In addition, you can also use a black quilt and bed pillows with mahogany and gold for a highly stylish color blocking and bold look.

Remember: Add lightweight components or light accent colors to your densely dark and woody room to lighten the rich browns. Also, mahogany bedding looks more cohesive if your bed frame is also Mahogony-colored.

10. Macaroon Bedding for Sobriety

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Macaroon is a shade in between the spectrum of cream and yellow. It is a soft yet bright color for bedding that turns the profound espresso furniture welcoming, positive, and delightful. When you pair dark brown bed pillows and a coverlet with a macaroon bed cover, you get a sober modern interior with an easy, simple feel.

Additionally, if you desire an energetic wave in your bedroom, you can toss accentuating bright yellow throw pillows and a coverlet on the macaroon bed.

This combination contrasts sharply with the dark furniture designing a vibrant, eclectic, coastal interior. Moreover, lay a bright yellow and brown patterned rug for an attractive put-together look.

Quick idea: Use bright popping fixtures like a cherry red switchboard on the light walls for a contrasting, trendy, and stylish look.

What is Espresso wood and its color?

Espresso wood is a very dark brown-colored veneer used to laminate the furniture. Espresso is a color between brown and black spectrum, comparable to black coffee. It also has warm undertones of red. This color is detectable under direct lighting most of the time.

Does white look too bright with Espresso?

Not really, but to bridge the gap between the very dark espresso and crisp white, you can introduce intermediate colors like cream, beige or gray in the form of accents in a room. The color scheme will look more composed and balanced.

Can I use Mohogany and espresso color palette in a compact room?

Yes, if your room has light or white walls, go for it without hesitation. And if you have dark walls, make sure to have light-colored curtains, furniture hardware, a rug, etc., to create a visual flow. Moreover, good enough natural or artificial lighting is a must.

The espresso color looks excellent with only a few shades because of its red undertones and shiny surface. But at the same time, it also allows you to style your rooms uniquely.

So, decorate your bedroom interior with the ten fabulous shades we brought you to pair with dark coffee furniture and make your bedrooms stand out fashionably. If you need more bedding colors to go with dark brown furniture, we’ve got you covered!