10 Stylish Bedding Colors That Go With Cherry Wood Furniture

As human beings, we are wired in a way to attract pretty things and favor beauty. And this reflects on our home decor and the spaces we live in. We don’t just live in it; we want to make sure it is functional but also aesthetically pleasing.

Similarly, we don’t just go out and buy furniture and bedding on the spur of the moment. It is crucial that the bedding we select matches the type of bedroom furniture we have at home.

When choosing a bedding color that will look good with cherry bedroom furniture, it is essential to consider how the furniture has a dark cherry-red color that deepens in color over time. Furthermore, cherry wood is flexible, easy to work with, and can be carved into any design.

So, considering the features of the cherry wood, we have our top picks for the bedding colors that go best with cherry wood furniture, including tips and FAQs to assist you in creating a classy bedroom decor. Let’s get going!

Exquisite Bedding Colors That Look Gorgeous With Cherry Wood Furniture

1. Pink Bedding

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Cherry wood furniture has a dark reddish tint which looks impeccable with warm pink bedding. This soft pink bedding combines with loud cherry-red furniture, creating a cozy and inviting environment.

Because bright pink will clash with dark red, creating a noisy and unpleasant setting unsuitable for the bedroom, opt for delicate baby pink. This combination stands out even more in a minimalistic setting, where basic soft pink duvet and cushion sets are paired with a light cherry wood headboard.

You can also include a simple printed throw pillow and a knitted beige throw blanket for more depth and individuality.

And to complete the look, a wooden finish carpet will be ideal against light accent colors on walls. Additionally, you can have wall decor that compliments the color scheme of the overall space. Furthermore, A dark furniture or dark color metal floor lamp with a woolen rug will give a striking effect to the room.

2. Crisp White Bedding

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White is, without a doubt, the best color that goes with cherry wood furniture. This combination works like magic because the contrast created by clean and inviting white with strong and intimidating dark red results in a perfectly balanced bedroom environment.

A slightly bluish-white comforter creates a sharp but warm environment paired with a cherry wood bed frame and headboard. This style can be further enhanced by adding simple darker blue flowers and motifs on the white duvet with a similar set of pillows and sham pillows.

Depending on the elements you use, you can create a cottage-style decor or a Scandinavian-style home with this combination. If you want a Scandinavian look, the idea is to keep the area basic and airy, with soft colors and minimal furniture. On the other hand, Puffy comforters and cushions with lots of wooden features are perfect for a cottage style.

Since cherry darkens over time, it is crucial to have lighter shades like beige, white or gray for bedroom walls. To make the cherry furniture eye-catching, you can even go for light accent color walls.

Quick Tip: Adding lots of cool colors in your room makes your cherrywood furniture pop, and adding warm colors supplements it.

3. Sophisticated Gray Bedding

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With gray bedding and cherry wood furniture, the trick is to use dark shades but still make them both stand out. That means you can go for a darker shade of gray with deep reddish cherry wood and create an intense but relaxing vibe.

To make this work, include hints of white flowers or abstract designs on your dark gray duvet and pillows and pair it with a white bed sheet or light gray solid bed sheet and throw pillows. And since the furniture is cherry red, have a matching upholstered headboard so that it feels connected and complete.

To brighten the space, go for light-colored wooden finish flooring and accent walls with big windows and sheer white curtains. You can further include decorative copper pieces and lighter cherry wood finish lamp stands or window frames.

Quick Tip: You can incorporate a bright white pillow sham set to highlight the dark gray bedding, which otherwise could be overshadowed by the vibrancy of deep cherrywood furniture.

4. Cohesive Red Bedding

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When paired correctly, red bedding and cherry wood bedroom furniture create the most outstanding and rich interior design. This cannot be achieved easily, but it is definitely workable.

The idea here is to use a light red duvet with black and white minimal patterns, like lines running in the middle, creating a level-like illusion and maximizing on cushions and pillows. This will produce a high-class yet warm environment with dark cherry wood bedroom furniture.

A simple but chic gray headboard against a light accent wall color will be perfect for this look. And this entire space will especially stand out in a room with a wood floor.

Furthermore, you can incorporate a gold finish decorative piece for the cherry furniture bedside stand. And for additional spice, you can go for wall art which supplements the style and color scheme of the room. Need more ideas? Explore some stunning colors that go with red here.

5. Classy Navy Blue Bedding

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Navy blue and dark red make a legendary combination, as they combine to create a powerful and beautiful bedroom decor that is hard to forget. This navy blue bedding and red cherry wood bedroom style look striking with a royal and majestic interior feel.

Go for a tall bed with heavily accessorized bedding and an intricate dark cherry wood headboard. The comforter could be dark navy blue with channel grid line work and hints of red on it. The pillow and sham sets can have different designs but similar colors. You can use a white bed sheet to balance out the loud bedding.

This entire space will look beautiful with french windows and sheer white curtains to brighten these bold colors in the bedroom. As for the walls, neutral colors will work best. Additionally, the light brown hardwood floors stand out with this combination.

6. Vibrant Yellow Bedding

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Yellow is such an exciting and bubbly color that it complements the posh and sharp deep cherry red exceptionally well. This contrasting combination creates an intriguing and exciting space. But you must ensure that you use a subdued yellow to avoid creating a loud contrast.

This combination is ideal for a rustic industrial interior style. Go for a solid smokey yellow duvet with matching gray sham pillows and a gray throw blanket for an interesting visual. And a small and short headboard or no headboard will be pleasing for this industrial interior design.

Moreover, a rustic and minimal chair with a cane work backrest will be ideal for this look. And you can incorporate a cane floor planter and knitted wall hangings to make the space more welcoming and warm. Besides that, a brass pendant light and an open ceiling will be perfect for this space.

7. Subtle Blue Bedding

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Blue is absolutely a perfect color for the bedroom because of the calm and relaxing mood it exudes. This color will produce a clean and slick but classy look when it is paired with cherry wood bedroom furniture.

This combination works better if the shade of blue is less vibrant and more towards a lighter tone. And since cherry wood has a warm tone, the cool blue will contrast subtly and make the cherry color pop.

To style this bedding, go with a simple white bed sheet and throw a darker and light blue striped blanket along with light plain blue pillows and a white-blue sham set. And match your headboard color with the surrounding furniture for more coordination.

Since the mood here is fun and light, you can even go with a wall art decor of your choice to bring individuality and personality to the space.

8. Earthy Beige Bedding

Chic Home Josepha 3 Piece Pinch Pleated Ruffled and Pintuck Sherpa Lined, King Comforter, Beige

An earthy, neutral color like beige brings out the best in cherry wood furniture without it being concealed and overshadowed. This union results in a modern shabby chic interior style excellent for the bedroom.

When styling an earthy tone bedding with cherry furniture, the goal is to make the space appear subtle and muted but not flat and dull. And that can be achieved by using a dark cherry wood nightstand or shelves close by the muted bedding.

You can go for texture and frills rather than patterns for this particular bedding. And beige is the best color to introduce knitted textures and fringes on your blankets and covers. The same thing is used for the throw pillows but with a plain cotton pillow set.

A tall brass-colored metal bed with a curved headboard dressed with fringe blankets and throw pillows will look just heavenly. As for the bedroom walls and flooring, a darker shade color of the bedding with creamy white marble flooring and knotted rugs will be perfect here.

9. Sober Olive Green Bedding

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The pairing of olive green and cherry wood is the answer for someone who wants a mellow and somber vibe. But since they both are in the darker shade and exude sophisticated aura, it is crucial to find balance. For that, you can include light-colored elements in the space.

Go for an off-white bedsheet with an olive green duvet and pillows with channel grid linework. Keep the bedding restrained and simple as the colors are already deep and look cramped. To further lighten the mood of the space, go for a tufted off-white leather headboard matching the bedsheet.

For the cherry wood bedside table, a white table lamp with a ceramic flower vase will make the entire space homey and stylish. And to further make the room connected and put together, go for sheer white curtains and a white accent wall matching the headboard.

Furthermore, a wooden finish, light color carpet with a fur rug will go perfectly with the feel of the space.

Quick Tip: For a dark dominant room like this, go for light-colored bedroom walls and light wood finish carpet, so the space does not look cramped and small.

10. Light Coffee Color Bedding

Madison Park - Palmer 7 Piece Comforter Set - Natural - Queen - Pieced Microsuede - Includes 1 Comforter, 3 Decorative Pillows, 1 Bed Skirt, 2 Shams

This unique combination of light coffee with dark red cherry produces the perfect balance in the bedroom. In addition, they appear to be from the same color family with different shades and thus creating a harmonious gradation of colors.

This combination is ideal for giving your room a commercial, hotel room-like feel as they exude class and comfort.

The dark red cherry wood headboard and side tables perfectly complement the light coffee bedding. Further, pick a light duvet with darker shade linework and similar pillows. As for the throw pillows and bedding accessories, you can go for different designs with similar colors.

To complement the classy vibe of the space, incorporate heavy gold curtains and metal table lamps. To further accentuate the space, integrate light brown wall paint and textured carpet. Frequently asked questions.

How do you keep cherry red from turning dark red?

To keep your cherry wood furniture from turning dark red, you can avoid exposing the furniture to the sun or keeping it near the window for a long time because it oxides with UV rays. You can even apply coats of colored glaze for extra care.

Should I paint my cherry wood furniture?

Cherry wood color in itself is rich and beautiful, and it is a very durable and sturdy material that does not need extra process. So unless you don’t like the deep red color or your furniture is chipped off, it’s better not to paint it over and leave the natural color. But the choice is totally upon the user, as some people are more drawn to artificial colors, which will go better with their particular interior style.

How can you tell if you have cherry wood furniture?

Cherry wood furniture has a natural, reddish cherry-red color that deepens over time. Furthermore, they have fine-grain similar to that of maple.

As we know, cherry wood is one of the best woods to work with for our bedroom furniture because of its flexibility, durability, and beautiful, rich color. Being a sought-after material for the furniture, the color that goes with this material is also a commonly asked question.

And this list has the best colors that not only go with cherrywood but are also apt for the bedroom. So, pick your favorite color and start decorating your lovely bedroom now. And, if you need some creative bedding color ideas for espresso furniture, join us now!