13 Unique Bedding Colors For Blue Walls (Ideas With Images)

Blue walls ooze richness and luxury. Moreover, they personify calmness and serenity, making an excellent addition to the bedrooms. Blue comes in various shades like navy, light blue, baby blue, royal blue, etc., and each shade offers a persona and charm of its own to provide versatile interior styles.

But pairing the perfect color bedding with the right blue shaded wall can entirely change your interior game. It will not only look blended but also accentuate the bedroom space. So what are the perfect beddings colors for blue walls?

Here are the top 13 fantastic bedding color options for different shades of blue walls, along with some valuable decorating ideas, tips, and FAQs to make your decision easier.

Exquisite Bedding Colors That Go With Blue Bedroom Walls

1. Effortless White Bedding

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White is the best neutral color bedding. When paired with the blue, white will offer a calming, tranquil, and peaceful space for you to relax and renew. One of the fantastic perks is that you can use white bedding against various darker to lighter shades of blue.

When used in a bedroom with light-shaded blue walls such as light blue, cornflower blue, or baby blue, white bedding will provide a minimal and simplified touch, creating a crisp minimalist interior. Furthermore, a light wood headboard will give a more Scandinavian cottage home style.

But if you want a darkish aura to the bedroom, you can place white bedding with navy blue or cobalt blue walls. These bold colors ooze a rich texture and appeal, creating a striking contrast for a high-end modern bedroom.

As white bedding is already too plain and bare, add pops of color and patterns with standard and deco pillows. Or go for different textures and shades of white for an all-white look. But if you still feel it incomplete, add a colorful blanket over your bed.

2. Dreamy Blush Bedding for Navy Blue Walls

Intelligent Design Malea 3 Piece Shaggy Faux Fur Comforter Set Solid Plush Double Sided Box Quilting Design, Modern Casual All Season Quilt Bedding with Matching Sham, Full/Queen, Blush 3 Piece

Blush bedding will ooze a luxurious and feminine touch to the blue bedroom. Especially pairing blush bedding against a stunning navy blue bedroom wall will design a tremendous high-end Hollywood glam bedroom interior style.

As the navy blue walls take up much space and act like canvas, it is advisable to go for a more blush dominant bedding to break the darkish tone and create a vivid contrast in the bedroom. For instance, go with a blush duvet and velvet blanket with a touch of plain and floral blue standard and euro cushions.

This will help you achieve a gorgeous and well-balanced interior with enough oomph. Or you can simply go for a plain blush and white bedding set with a dark blue blanket for a minimal style. This will be best suitable with a neutral color headboard like a nice gray.

3. Neutral Beige Bedding

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Beige bedding provides a neutral touch to the blue walls. It synchronizes the interior and creates a complementary color scheme. Place the beige bedding against light blue or cornflower walls for a more elegant Scandinavian effect.

While working with beige bedding, play with different shades and textures. For instance, mix and match different light and dark shades of beige for cushions and blankets to get a collate appearance. Or add a tinge of patterns on decor and euro cushions to add some drama.

Also, you can even place a color cushion like a stonewashed blue or a black cushion for a needed contrast. Overall, this setting will help you get a cottage-style interior design with a modern touch.

4. Feminine Baby Pink Bedding against Baby Blue Walls

Decroom Lightweight King Comforter Set with 2 Pillow Sham - 3 Pieces Set - Quilted Down Alternative Comforter/Duvet Insert for All Season - Pink - King Size

Baby pink bedding is a stunning addition to your bed. It offers a light, airy and casual look to the space, creating a wonderful pastel element. When put against a baby blue wall, this color combination will result in a dreamy ambiance to make the room feel warm and soulful.

You can keep your baby pink bedding sweet and simple by just coordinating two colors, pink and white. Then, opt for a baby pink duvet with white standard pillows and a baby pink plain and patterned euro and boudoir pillows for cohesiveness.

Make sure to place these different pillows in a general triangular structure. This arrangement will look even more put-together and accentuated against a crisp white headboard. This soft bedroom color palette and style can be used in the children’s room too.

5. Brown Bedding for Warmth

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Brown bedding introduces a cozier and more comfortable aura in the bedroom. It adds a needed darkish neutral element to the blue walls and elevates the look. Also, brown bedding proves to be a dynamic and versatile option as it goes with all blue shades, looking excellent with each.

The key here is to match and contrast. For example, if you have a lighter shaded blue wall, go with layers of chocolate brown duvets and blankets over a white bed sheet, with soft blue and brown pillows arranged structurally against a dark brown headboard. This will help you achieve a coordinating Mediterranean look.

But if your walls are dark blue, you can achieve a combined cottage design home style by layering light brown blankets with dark blue pillows over a white bed sheet. In any case, this combination will transform your bedroom.

Quick Tip: While arranging your bedroom, placing cushions is one of the most critical jobs. The number of pillows depends on the size of the bed; the larger the bed, the more cushions. So, on average, go from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 8 pillows to get more sleeping space.

6. Sophisticated Gray Bedding with Navy Walls

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Gray is a beautiful smoky neutral shade. It balances out the interior and adds a neutral break to the blue tinge. Especially against dark colors such as a navy blue wall, gray bedding will work wonders, toning down the dramatic hues of the blue tone.

The most tried and tested bedding arrangement is going all gray. You can place blue and white plain and patterned standard witty boudoir pillows on a gray bedsheet and add a navy duvet or blanket to complete the look. This bedding design will look more industrial and cohesive with a gray headboard.

The gray and blue color scheme will create a calming and luxurious atmosphere in the bedroom. You can also add neutral beige or white curtains to add contrast, bringing all elements together to create a fantastic modern contemporary look.

7. Refreshing Blue Bedding for Monochrome Feel

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Blue is a tranquil color that fits most interiors. So, if you crave a tranquil, monochromatic bedroom decor, then blue bedding is your best bet. This chromatic color palette will help you get a fantastic transitional style. Moreover, blue bedding allows you to play with different shades to add depth and dimension to your room.

You can go all monochrome by using light blue bedding against a light blue wall. This will create a minimalistic contemporary style bedroom. Or you can go with the contrasting approach by placing soft blue bedding with dark blue walls and vice versa. This will result in a collated appearance with a subtle transition.

This option will look the best with patinated wooden furniture and headboard. It will add extra accentuation and a shabby chic touch to the interior. Also, make sure to go with white curtains for a put-together effect. You can explore more curtain ideas for blue walls here.

8. Bold Plum Bedding against Navy Blue Walls

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Plum bedding signifies luxury and oomph. It oozes warmth and rich contrast when placed against navy blue walls or any dark blue shaded wall. You can combine plum with blush, blue, and dark olive colors for a stunning coordinating and contrasting Jewel-style look.

Go with plum comforters and blankets for a dominant plum style. However, you can try different colors for the standard and euro cushions. Finally, play with texture and patterns for a more collated design for the bed. This will help you achieve an elevated Hollywood glamorous look.

Opt for the secondary color used in your color scheme for the curtains. For instance, if blush is your secondary color used in cushions, go with the same blush tones for your curtains to get a cohesive style.

9. Bright Yellow Bedding

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Yellow bedding is a vibrant option. It offers a bright visual appeal to the blue walls and brings enough color pop to the blue canvas. In addition, you can incorporate different shades of yellow with varying shades of blue to get the desired home style.

The key here is to contrast dark and light colors. For example, if you have dark blue walls, go with light yellow bedding with a few striped standard pillows and textured faux fur blankets on an upholstered bed to get a simplified modern look.

And, with light blue bedroom walls, you can add mustard bedding with neutral cushions and blankets on the white bedsheets. This will provide you with a wonderful Pinterest-inspired, toned-down contemporary style. Finally, add sheer white curtains as they make the safe option and soften the bright yellow.

Quick Tip: If you have a colored headboard, go with the same color bedding or a similar shade from the same color family in the color wheel for a collated look. Or, if you have a wooden headboard, consider the undertone of the wood and opt for bedding accordingly. 

10. Orange bedding for Vivid Look

Smoofy Boho Terracotta Fringe Tufted Soft Tassel Duvet Cover Set 3 Pieces, Bohemian Cute Microfiber Bedding Cover with Zipper Closure Modern Style for Men and Women, Queen Size

Orange is a strikingly bright, vivid color. Orange bedding can add the right color blast and contrast to the blue walls. It can accentuate the all-blue surrounding, take it to the next level and provide a contemporary look.

If you want to add bright orange bedding, you have to arrange it in a way that does not look too loud. For instance, go with orange as the accent color and use it in either cushions or blankets. Hence, avoid a bright orange dominant style.

However, if you desire an all-orange look, go with burnt orange bedding, as it is a toned-down version of orange. It will give you a perfectly balanced pop of color to the blue bedroom. Finally, go with burnt orange cushions, comforters, and blankets with a touch of neutrals to finish off the look.

11. Rich Patterned Red Bedding

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Red bedding is an undaunted bold-colored bedding idea. It can totally uplift your master bedroom design. However, when using a red color on the bedding, you have to be careful while incorporating it into your already bright blue rooms.

Avoid plain all-red bedding as it can prove to be too loud and striking for the bedroom. Instead, you can use bright red as an accent color on pillows, shams, deco pillows, or blankets against blue wall color for a mid-century modern style.

Or go with patterned red bedding set to balance out the look. Opt for floral, striped, or abstract red beddings for a happening design. This will offer you an ultra-modern stable bedroom interior. Also, the patterns add the needed statement to the blue and red color palette.

12. Intense Hot Pink Bedding for Navy Walls

Grand Linen Modern 7 Piece Oversize Bedding Hot Pink, Light Pink, White Pin Tuck Embossed King Comforter Set with Accent Pillows

Hot pink bedding oozes a vivid, rich, and bright contrast to the master bedroom with a blue canvas. When placed against the navy blue walls, it proves to be one of the best color combinations. You can get a glamorous modern home with this color palette.

However, since it’s a strikingly bright color, it’s best to use hot pink as the accent color on the bedding. For instance, add pink deco cushions and a small throw blanket over white standard pillows, duvets, and bedsheets for a balanced collated appearance.

Or, if you want easy decor, go with pink patterned bedding sets such as striped, floral, color block, or abstract bedding options. This will offer a stable look with a lively and peppy character. The pink and navy blue palette will provide the needed zing to your bedroom.

Quick Tip: There are generally three formulas to arrange cushions on your bedding. Always start with 2 or 4 standard sleeping pillows. The first formula is to add an extra long lumbar pillow in the center. The second formula is to add decorative pillows over a lumbar pillow. The third formula is to place 2 or 3 different sized and shaped cushions.

13. Natural Tan Bedding

Madison Park Cozy Comforter Set, Faux Suede Design, Deluxe Hotel Styling All Season Down Alternative Bedding Matching Shams, Decorative Pillow, Queen (90 in x 90 in), Tan 7 Piece

Tan bedding is a subtle and sober, neutral option. It provides the perfect color break and warmth to the blue walls. In addition, it is a dynamic option that blends flawlessly with most shades of bold blue.

For example, if you have dark-shaded blue walls, opt for all-tan bedding with pops of blue and dark neutral shades here and there. Then, add textures and patterns by using boho macrame and corduroy cushions for the needed extra oomph.

Moreover, if used against a blue headboard, tan bedding will look even more cohesive. The dark blue and tan color scheme will provide you with a stunning cottage design.

However, if you have a light blue wall, use tan with pops of pastel colors such as pink or yellow standard and euro cushions. This will brighten up the space, providing a contemporary look. Finally, go with white curtains to get a put-together appearance.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Bedding Colors For Blue Walls

  • Consider the headboard of your bed and decide on the bedding color based on the look you desire. For instance, you can go with beige bedding with blue walls if you have a beige headboard for a seamless look. 
  • Add bedding color based on the furniture around you. For example, if you have white furniture, go for pastel-colored bedding.
  • Consider the undertone of the flooring. If you have dark wooden flooring, opt for lighter color bedding for contrast and depth. 
  • Make sure to take into account the shade of blue paint on the walls. For example, if you have dark blue walls, it is preferred to go with light or pastel bedding for contrast.

What color sheets will go with dark blue walls?

You can add the most common crisp white bedsheet against the dark blue walls as it will brighten the overall appearance. It will tone down the darkish hues of the blue and provide the proper contrast. But, bed sheets in other soft colors like beige, light blue, blush, light gray, and light pink will also look gorgeous with dark blue walls.

What color curtains go with light blue walls?

You can opt for regular white sheer curtains as they make a safe option and also brighten up the bedroom, making it appear spacious. However, you can add a colorful character to the space by matching bedding with the curtains for a cohesive look.

What accent color beddings go with the blue bedroom?

Accent colors like yellow, pink, orange, and red are the most famous color bedding option for a blue bedroom. They add the needed color pop and offer a playful peppy character to the space.

Blue is a versatile color that comes in a variety of shades. Blue color oozes life and soul into the bedrooms when used on walls, creating a comfortable, tranquil character and vibe. The right color bedding can take the blue master bedroom to the next level by elevating the space.

The above-mentioned bedding and blue bedroom ideas will help you get your desired bedroom decor. Now, gray is another popular stunning color that looks peaceful in the bedroom. So if you’re planning to get a gray bedroom, don’t forget to check out these bedding color options for gray walls.