Top 10 Bedding Colors to Go With Black Furniture (With Pics)

Black furniture in a bedroom is in itself a bold style statement. It is a modern and daring choice for bedroom decor for today’s people. If you have chosen this option, you must be thinking of combining it with other color schemes to create a beautiful, comfortable, and eye-catching interior for your room, right?

So, if you are figuring out what color bedding to use for an aesthetically pleasing outcome, don’t worry! Because we bring to you the top 10 bedding colors that go well with the black furniture or bed in your room and elevate your bedroom decor to a different level!

Trendy Bedding Colors to Go With Black Bedroom Furniture

1. White Bedding to Brighten the Space

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The heaven-made match of black and white is a super stylish and contemporary choice for an interior. And the best counteracting element to black bedroom furniture is white bedding, which must go into a space for sobriety and a bright flash! With this terrific contrast, your bedroom stands out brightly with a boldly sophisticated and distinctive attitude.

Although this is a striking combination, using plain white bedding against black furniture is not the only option. You can also add a glimpse of a neutral color like gray, brown, or beige that can go as a comforter and throw pillows to make a soft and soothing balance between extremes, black and white.

Moreover, along with a white bedsheet, dark colors like maroon or emerald green on pillows or blankets bring a modern art look that adds a tinge of life to the abstract black and white interior. It is better to use this option when you have light or white walls for a gripping tonal play.

Quick idea: If you desire neutral-looking bedding and furniture but still crave colors, satisfy this craving by using colorful wall art pieces like paintings and wall hangings. You can also lay a rug with the same colors as the painting for a more composed look. 

2. Tan Bedding For Softness & Warmth

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Tan bedding brings a relaxing vibe to the space along with the black furniture. The subtle contrast of tan and black is pacifying and pleasing to the eye, exuding a compassionate feeling in the room. The interior styles itself with a cozy cabin and slightly vintage decor after mantling this color palette!

Make the tan and black pairing more interesting by using splashes of white or black bedding elements along with a tan bedsheet. For this, you could add white bed pillows and a coverlet for a fresh, sophisticated, and modern makeover.

Otherwise, add black throw pillows and a quilt for a trendy, industrial, and cozy interior. Check out more throw pillow ideas for black furniture here.

On the other hand, combining a tan bedsheet with brown, greens, and cream bedding elements curates a natural, organic, and unique tropical interior. So, you can add dark green throw pillows and a comforter, especially with flower-leaf prints on them, along with plain cream bed pillows and a coverlet.

Quick idea: A black nightstand with black family photo frames and a tan coffee mug will add to the aesthetics of tan bedding and black furniture. In addition, a plant in the corner of the room brings life to the space.

3. Sober Gray Bedding for a Tonal Play

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Gray is the best bedding color combined with black furniture for monochromatic yet engaging visuals with a subtle tonal play. Gray bedding softens the dominance of black furniture, offering an industrial bedroom decor. To create a distinct contrast, use light gray for the bed sheet and comforter.

Further, a darker shade of gray can go as a coverlet and throw pillows that act as a bridge between a light gray bed sheet and black furniture, creating a modern, harmonious visual flow. You can either maintain this color scheme for continuity or add a pop of colors and exciting wall art in the room.

Alternatively, a white comforter and throw pillows with a dark gray coverlet and bed pillows over a light gray bed sheet will look equally engaging in a contemporary setting. White brings freshness to the muted grays and forms a more distinctive contrast with the black furniture, making the decor attractive.

Additionally, if your walls are light-colored, you can use black bedding accents with the gray bed sheet for elegant industrial decor. In general, neutral accent colors go best with gray and black as they retain the noir ambiance of your room. So, use the same color scheme for rugs and curtains, etc., for uniformity in design.

4. Black Bedding for Impressive Boldness

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Black bedding and black furniture are a bold and perfect choice if you aspire for an ultra-modern and fashionable ambiance for your black bedroom. With an awe-inspiring appearance and luxurious aura, this pair creates a determined and blithe atmosphere with a snug feeling.

Furthermore, to break the monotony of gaudy black, you can use a tinge of white, gray, brown & gold for bedding elements. So, with a black bedsheet and white comforter bed pillows, you get a bright and crisp look in the black interior with a Hollywood glam and industrial style.

You can also use a black bedsheet with white prints or a patterned white comforter. This creates a proportionate palette of black and white in the room. If you have checkered black-white flooring, go with this black & white patterned bedding for a highly stylish interior.

In addition, brown bedding elements paired with black sheets bring in a chic, homey feel. Such as brown comforter and bed pillows, black coverlets, and throw pillows on the black bed sheet make the most stylish set. Plus, adding a white tinge brings interest, like white pull knobs on the black cabinets or a white rug on the floors.

You can also go with gold-colored throw pillows and coverlets on the black bedding for a vintage royal look. Moreover, Having yellow deemed artificial lighting elevates the mood of the space.

Quick idea: If you’re going with black bedding and black furniture, adding a chandelier of complementary color is an excellent decor idea to create a moody and classy ambiance. Moreover, black looks more elegant if the bedding is made of silk or microfiber.

5. Navy blue Bedding Color to Relax

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If you wonder whether two bold and dark colors like navy blue and black can go together, the answer is yes! The two colors can make your master bedroom interior calm, relaxing, and trendy when mixed and matched correctly.

Although navy blue is a dark shade, it has the potential to stand out distinctively against any dark furniture. Hence, you can go for navy blue bedding with your black bed or furniture in the room.

To style this bedding, you can start with a white coverlet and throw pillows on the navy blue bed sheet, adding white accents in the space to add contrast. This will offer a fresh, sophisticated vibe with American modern interior design. You could also use gray instead of black for a softer glam style.

Moreover, if you want more colors in your space, you can use muted shades like soft red, medium brown, dusty blue, and dark green for a wall color or wall accents. This English heritage color palette makes your room comfortable and charming.

Quick idea: Avoid using this bold color bedding in a compact room. Moreover, use bright-colored paintings as wall art on the navy blue or dark accent wall and place black cabinets with white pulls and a black bed frame with navy blue bedding against this wall.

6. Burgundy Bedding for An Attractive Decor With Black Furniture

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If you desire a glamorous, stylish space, combine deeper burgundy bedding with your black furniture. Although burgundy with black is a bit difficult to handle, this pair looks classy and cohesive in an art deco style with an appropriate design. Your room feels enclosed and sheltered with this stylish color palette.

Furthermore, gray is the best color for the bed pillows, comforter, and blankers, complementing the burgundy bed sheet and creating a pleasing contrast. This looks more harmonious if your room has light gray walls.

Apart from gray, the cream color is another gorgeous option for a coverlet and throw pillows which will add a loving touch to your bedding.

Remember: Only use neutral accent colors with this color combination of burgundy and black in your room. Moreover, if you have light-colored or white walls for freshness, this is a striking bedding color to use.

7. Cream Bedding Color for a Subtle Richness

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Bring cream-colored bedding into the space to introduce a loving and inviting atmosphere in the black furnished room. With this, your modern bedroom receives a slightly bright, delicate, and breezy feel.

Furthermore, adding neutral colors for bedding like gray and brown along with cream enhances the look of the space. These colors make the bedroom homier and warmer with a tropical and slightly Mediterranean theme.

If you have a brown wall and black cabinets, use a cream bed sheet and bed pillows with a light gray comforter and throw pillows.

On second thought, blue and green colors elucidate the tropical theme in the room. So, you can also use green throw pillows and a coverlet on the cream bedding. To tie this look, use green landscape paintings to decorate the walls. This looks cohesive if you have a brown wall, headboard, and a rug on the floor.

Need more ideas? Explore best rug options for black furniture.

Quick idea: The cream-colored bed sheet with brown patterns looks stylish. If the bed frame, a footboard, and a headboard of your bed are black, this bedsheet stands out even more. 

8. Blush Pink Bedding As an Opposite Attraction

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Pink and black are extremely opposite colors that make an exciting pair together. The unusual combination of blush pink bedding against black furniture designs a fancy and retro-themed interior with a glamorous look.

Light pink bedding on the black bed adds an innocent flair to the space and a slightly vintage ambiance. With this color palette, you can choose a pink bedsheet, pillows, and a coverlet with a black comforter and throw pillows.

If you use white accents or have white walls, this combination will give you a bright and striking mid-century vibe. Furthermore, choose satin material for bedding to create charming and dazzling visuals.

Quick idea: Hot pink or black polka dots or stripe prints on pink-black bedding elements and accents in the room enhance the retro feel with a uniquely stylish appearance.

9. Pantone Green Bedding for Uniqueness

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Get a reposing and placid feel in your bedroom by designing panton green bedding against black color furniture. It creates tropical rooms with a soothing and natural atmosphere.

This rich color combination creates a modern bedroom interior with light-colored accents while it designs slightly retro, vintage, and art deco rooms combined with a dark color palette.

If you have a light-colored or white bedroom canvas, go for a gray, brown, or sage green comforter with a black coverlet and throw pillows for a trendy, crisp contrast between walls and bedding.

Whereas, if you have a black accent wall in the room as a backdrop for your black bed, use a panton green bed sheet with white or cream bedding elements and curtains for an airy look. Finally, add light shade fixtures in a room for a focus. Also, avoid a rug if your room is compact.

Quick idea: Green is assumed to be the best color to use in the living room. So, you can consider green and shades of green with suitable and varying color combinations to create a color theme for all your house interiors.

10. Yellow Bedding for Energy

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Bring an electric and energetic poise to your bedroom using bright yellow bedding that makes a strong color blocking effect with black furniture. To tone down the overwhelming look, add soft or neutral colors, like gray for bedding elements and accents, as an intermediate between black and yellow.

If you desire a less energetic feel with subtleness and sobriety, you can go for a pale yellow bed sheet and bed pillows and add a dark gray comforter and throw pillows. Pale yellow brings a soothing vibe to the interior with a modern and sophisticated look different from the resultant look produced by bright yellow.

Any yellow, bright, or pale goes well with black furniture if you have soft pastel light-colored or white walls. And if you have dark walls, balance them out with white bedding and accents like curtains; otherwise, the bedroom will lose its tonal play and look loud.

Do dark bedding colors go with black furniture?

Yes! It is unexpected, but dark color beddings like navy blue, Pantone green, brown, maroon, etc., for bedding look unified yet distinctive with black furniture in the room. You just need to add a tinge of light and bright colors for freshness, interest, and a pleasing look.

How do I choose a color for a comforter?

If you want a simple monochromatic visual, go for the same color as the bedsheet. And if you want an exciting play of colors, choose complementary or contrasting colors to the bedsheet, considering the wall and furniture colors.

Do black furniture and dark bedding work in a compact room?

Dark colors with black are a risky color palette for a compact room, making the room appear smaller and duller. But, if you insist on using it, use light, preferably white accents. Additionally, you can hang a large mirror on the wall and use glass elements to make the room appear larger.

Can I paint my wood furniture black?

Yes! If you have brown wood furniture in your bedroom and desire to make it black, follow the following steps and paint the furniture using black paint. Clean the furniture and sand with sandpaper. Then, apply a coat of black paint and let it dry. Send it again and apply a second blank paint coat. Once dried, sand again and apply a final coat. Finally, add topcoat protection and install hardware.

To summarize, black furniture stands out on its own but shines when combined with other colors in the bedding and the overall interior. Although neutral and soft colors are more popular, some dark and bright shades also do well with the ultimate neutral black. This makes it difficult to choose the best color, right?

But this list of 10 trendy bedding colors will make this decision a breeze. Just consider the styles, feel, and ambiance you desire and pick the best color. If you need more inspiration to decorate your bedroom with black furniture, explore some exquisite colors that go with black here.

Similarly, for more creative bedroom ideas with white furniture, explore some trendy bedding colors for white furniture here.