11 Exquisite Accent Chair Colors to Go With Brown Sofa

The earthy and neutral brown color blends with nearly any color to design a comfortable and warm living room interior. If you have a brown sofa in your living area, it is time to style it with a beautiful accent chair that compliments it and makes your space look more inviting!

Here, choosing the right color for your chair is essential to accentuate the otherwise inactive brown sofa and get the desired look to the entire living room. To help you do so, we are here with the top 11 trendy colors for an accent chair that elevate your interior decor. So, let’s take a look!

Trendy Accent Chair Colors to Use With Brown Sofa

1. White Chair for a Striking Contrast

Dolonm Rocking Chair Mid-Century Modern Nursery Rocking Armchair Upholstered Tall Back Accent Glider Rocker for Living Room (White)

Pair a crisp white accent chair with your brown sofa to brighten your room. This fresh combination of a brown couch and a white chair looks sophisticated and welcoming in your modern and contemporary interior with a stimulating, luxurious ambiance.

If your sofa is dark brown, a clean white chair is a striking contrast to it, creating an eye-catching craftsman-style visual. And if the couch is light brown, you will have a sober, decent, and airy space with a subtle contrast. Moreover, you can toss a dark brown accent pillow to elevate the chair.

In a compact living area, if you have a big, bulky English-rolled-arm sofa of any shade of brown, a lightweight white side or convertible chair is perfect for the space to appear spacious and minimalist. You can also add colorful throw pillows on the chair and the sofa for a vibrant Mediterranean look.

Quick idea: You can choose olefin fabric for the upholstery of a white accent chair as it is pretty easy to clean and bleach. Also, place a light brown coffee table between the chair and the sofa for subtle contrast and a cohesive look.

2. Yellow Accent Chair for Brightness

BELLEZE Modern Accent Chair Armchair for Living Room or Bedroom with Wooden Legs, High Back Rest, Padded Armrest, and Comfortable Cushioned Seat - Allston (Citrine Yellow)

A Warm brown sofa appears bright when paired with a bouncy yellow chair that creates a salient contrast making your room joyful and energetic. The combination of a dark brown sofa and a bright yellow chair creates an engaging, youthful, and vibrant atmosphere in your living room with a glamorous boho-chic style.

A minimal, global style, bright yellow accent chair looks fabulously balanced if you have a heavy chocolate brown chesterfield sofa in the living room. Furthermore, adding white, yellow, and brown pillows results in a cohesive coastal-chic look, and black, red, and orange will bring an eclectic contrast.

On the other hand, if you desire a dim, comfortable and subtle ambiance, pair a mellow yellow club chair with a minimalist mid-century modern light brown sofa along with soft pastel accents like beige, gray, etc. This combination results in a contemporary, smooth, and less vibrant interior.

Quick idea: With a dark brown leather sofa tossed with yellow plain or printed pillows, a bright yellow accent chair with a multi-colored throw pillow, and a gray patterned rug on the floor look appealing.

3. Hot Pink Accent Chair for Jauntiness

HOMCOM Retro Button-Tufted Royal Design High Back Armless Chair with Thick Padding and Rubberwood Legs, Crimson Red

Hot pink is an electrifying color. It cheers up the lonely brown and adds femininity to its masculine nature. A hot pink chair and a medium or dark brown sofa are a jaunty pair that makes your room look spicy, exuberantly vintage, bohemian, and vintage-modern with a pleasantly warm feeling.

A versatile global or bohemian hot pink chair will excellently work here if you have a dark or medium brown sofa. This minimalist style chair balances the radiant pink and a solid dark brown. Linen is the best fabric for the upholstery of an accent chair to introduce a soft, alluring texture in dark and bright visuals.

Furthermore, adding light-colored pillows lightens the decor and saves it from gaudiness. Also, you can add a white or cream-colored throw blanket on the chair to balance the hot pink. A printed, especially a zebra-patterned, white rug will complement the unique, electrifying look of the room.

Remember: This salient combination is the most suitable if you have white or light-colored walls in the room. Moreover, If your living area is compact, place minimum furniture with a hot pink accent chair and a dark brown sofa for a balanced, minimalist visual.

4. Maroon Chair for a Tonal Contrast

AcozyHom Modern Large Cotton Fabric Lazy Chair,Accent Contemporary Lounge Chair, Single Steel Frame Leisure Sofa Chair with Armrests and A Side Pocket, Brick Red

If you want your living room to look traditional and wise, placing a maroon accent chair with a brown sofa is a good idea! Both maroon and brown are mature shades. So, they are a compatible match adding depth to a space with a comfortable, soothing, and subdued feeling in a room.

As maroon is a dark shade, it makes an exciting contrast with light shades of brown. So, if you have a soft brown heavy sofa, you can choose a Papasan style maroon accent chair for a stylish visual. Go for a velvet upholstery for the accent chair as it looks shiny, adding liveliness to the plain chair.

Furthermore, toss dark brown, cream, or white pillows on the sofa and the chair. These accent colors make a tonal balance with maroon and brown and create a put-together look with an easy visual flow with a simple, contemporary, and civil ambiance.

Remember: Go for the pair of a brown sofa and a maroon chair, ensuring enough natural and artificial lighting to avoid dullness in the room. Also, the wall and floor color should preferably be white or light.

5. Cream Accent Chair for a Calm vibe

HomePop Swoop Arm Living-Room-Chairs, Cream Velvet

The cream is a neutral, soothing color that makes a perfect easy-to-eye match with brown. A cream chair makes a lovely contrast with a firm, formal dark brown sofa and exudes a traditional, calm and restful ambiance.

Here, a bulky cream lounge chair will look decent with a chocolate brown Bridgewater sofa. Furthermore, if your sofa is plain, you can create visual interest by choosing patterned or textured upholstery for your chair. Because it’s an accent piece, the patterns won’t be too busy and will look just right.

Finally, add complementary throw pillows – for example, brown throw pillows on your chair and cream color cushions on your brown sofa – to create a visually coordinated look. With this combination, gold-colored fixtures and accessories look highly rich and royal.

Quick idea: If you have a brown leather sofa, you can use jute upholstery for the cream accent chair and the pillows to have contrasting textures. 

6. Orange Chair for Some Spice

Artechworks Modern Velvet Barrel Chair Accent Armchair with Golden Legs for Living Room Bedroom Home Office, Channel Tufted Back Club Chair, Orange Caramel Color

Two opposites make an attractive combination! So, a high-spirited and extroverted orange chair surprisingly makes an exciting pair with a grounded and introverted leather brown sofa that turns balmy.

With the intense contrast of an orange accent chair and a brown couch, living rooms appear gorgeously rustic and abstract, with an exotic ambiance.

An orange chair with a light brown sofa will have a distinct contrast that creates craftsman-style decor with a spacious and airy feel in the interior. In contrast, orange with dark brown looks gorgeously dramatic, traditional, and slightly vintage, with a cozy atmosphere in the living area.

With a minimalist mid-century style sofa or a modern palette couch, Papasan or club-style bright orange accent chair looks stylish as they complement each other with their trendy looks. In contrast, a big bulky sofa is a good match for a simple side chair that balances the massiveness of the brown leather couch.

Finally, the addition of bright-colored accents like red and yellow elevates the room’s spirit with a creative, colorful ambiance. Also, an unexpectedly excellent black throw pillow and a rug are an exotic and bold contrast with an orange that turns your room dauntless.

7. Blue Chair to Soothe

Lifestyle Solutions Lexington Armchair, 39.8" W x 31.1" D x 33.5" H, Navy Blue

The Blue for the sky and brown for the soil are a natural yet unexpected and pleasing combination. Blue makes the reserved brown inclusive and welcoming. With a blue chair and a brown sofa, your space feels peaceful and secure with a nautical and abstract decor style.

A simple minimalist dark blue chair makes an intensely comfy enjoyable pair with a dark brown sofa. With this pairing, the addition of light blue color cushions on the couch and a white pillow on the chair looks interesting and nautical.

Along with this, a medium gray rug and curtains create a beautiful, soft-flowing visual that also looks modern. You can explore more rug ideas for a brown couch here.

Moreover, as the light brown sofa does not appear heavy and sturdy, you can go for a dark blue modern or club chair that looks weighty to balance the masses in the living area. Furthermore, adding a white throw pillow on the chair and light blue and dark brown cushions on the sofa look soothing and harmonious.

8. Gray Accent Chair as a Cool Element

Yongqiang Accent Chairs Set of 2 Living Room Bedroom Upholstered Tufted Curved Backrest Fabric Lounge Chair with Wood Legs Gray

If you desire a homey, comfortable, and neutral look, choose a subtle gray color for an accent chair with a dark brown leather sofa. Gray and brown merge easily, designing a modest, homogeneous, industrial living room. As both are neutral colors, any shade of gray goes well with any shade of brown.

A light gray club-style bulky accent chair is a good match with a Mid-century modern style medium or dark brown sofa. The heaviness of this chair balances the lighter gray and the minimalist sofa. For these furniture pieces, velvet works the best with its luster and smoothness.

Moreover, this color combination of dark brown and light gray creates a sober and soothing hygge and modern interior when combined with white accents.

In contrast, fresh lime green and bright yellow accent colors are a surprise package for an animated and transitional living area. This impassive gray-brown combo looks industrial with black accents.

Quick idea: Toss black and white stripe cushions on the dark brown sofa in front of the medium gray wall. Put a black throw pillow on the chair and a black rug on the floor to create a flowing industrial visual of a neutral color palette elevated by black.

9. Black Chair for a Fearless look

Yaheetech Faux Leather Barrel Chairs Comfy Club Chairs Modern Accent Chair with Sturdy Wood Legs for Living Room Bedroom Reading Room Waiting Room, Black,Set of 2

Black and brown make an outstanding combination that dominates the overall interior decor with a strong appearance. A reticent brown sofa looks dashing and heroic with an aggressive black chair. This vivid pair is a style statement for industrial and modern decor with a snug feeling.

For a salient contrast, a black color club chair is a good choice if you have a light brown sofa in the living area. But, as black and brown are gloomy shades, you must balance their tone with light and sober accent colors like white, cream, or gray for pillows and a throw blanket looking gorgeously Scandinavian.

Remember: Go for this combination only if you have light-colored walls and floors and a light brown sofa. 

10. Cinnamon Chair for a Resilience

Cinnamon is a medium shade of brown itself. It’s a perfect color if you want your space to be monotonously subtle yet have an interesting tonal play. A cinnamon chair and a brown sofa create a warm feeling in a cozy, sensible room with a resilient look.

Cinamon chair is a distinctive contrast to a light brown rather than a dark brown sofa. This pair adds an antique flair to your space with a coastal, sandy, and relaxed feel and works best with white walls and floors.

A curvy barrel accent chair, a straight geometric tuxedo, or a contemporary brown couch are a well-balanced and fabulous pair. If the sofa or a couch is cotton or jute, go for a satin chair to add a smooth texture.

Finally, adding dark brown, gray, white, and black accents like pillows, a rug, etc., will result in vintage industrial visuals. But, this pair is recommended only if you have a light wall color and furniture.

11. Green Chair for a Natural Touch

Novogratz Tallulah Memory Foam Chair, Green Velvet

Green brings a comfortable and caring feel to a space. Earthy browns and greens create an environmental palette that turns your room natural and homey. Light shades of a green chair and a brown sofa feel fresh and modern, while dark greens look comfy with bohemian and coastal chic decor.

This combination of a dark green chair and a dark brown sofa looks more stylish with a medium or dark color, like a medium gray wall as a backdrop. Furthermore, a royal chesterfield panton giant green chair will look antique with a dark brown bulky Bridgwater sofa, creating an empathetic yet rich space.

In addition, colorful floral light-colored pillows will add interest, and a stunning white rug will be a pack of surprises that elevates the entire look.

Quick idea: Use some green flowery plants with a green and brown color palette in the interior to add life to your living room! 

How to select a style of accent chair?

Consider the style of your sofa and other furniture. Decide if you want to maintain the same type or make a fusion of styles. If you go for a fusion, look for styles that are distinctively different yet fit harmoniously in the room. In addition, the type should also suit the color of the accent chair that you choose.

How to turn a dark brown sofa fresh in a compact room?

Dark colors with brown will make your room look more compact. Hence, go for light color accents and delicate furniture pieces for a spacious room with a minimalist look. You can also use white or light-colored antimacassar on a sofa to lighten its solidness. In addition, ensure good enough natural or artificial lighting.

How do I decorate my accent chair?

You can toss contrasting throw pillows on a chair. Use antimacassar for color and texture play. Place an accent table or coffee table with a beautiful table cloth and vase beside the chair. Also, keeping books, mugs, and a showpiece on a table adds life to the visual.

With all the color options mentioned above, you can explore and select a color and accent chair style to complement the stylish brown sofa in your living space. So, Grab the opportunity of decorating and styling your living room furniture and turn it into a beautiful art piece.

But if you need more ideas to complement your gray sofa, don’t forget to check out our list of accent chair colors for a gray sofa.